Days Short Recap Monday, April 18, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Leo was upset that he was given a prenup. He couldn’t believe he got it on his wedding day. Craig walked up to him and noticed how angry he was. Leo shoved the papers at Craig. He told Leo that he never saw the papers before. He wanted to know who sent them if he didn’t do it. Chloe arrived and said she did it. Leo was upset at Chloe. He glared at her while she offered him a pen to sign the papers. Leo yelled at Chloe, but Craig told him that he should sign the papers to put an end to everyone’s suspicions. He asked Leo to sign the papers. Leo read the papers and found out he would get nothing if they got divorce. Leo signed the papers. He hoped that proved to Chloe that his love for Craig was real. Chloe gave in and said she would be happy if Leo makes her father happy. She rolled her eyes while she hugged Leo. He wanted to take the papers to Justin.

Gwen talked to Gabi about her upcoming double wedding. Gabi was happy for her. She badmouthed Leo when she found out she was having a double wedding with him. She was surprised that Gwen asked Abby to be her matron of honor. Gabi was happy that she got Ava arrested. Gwen was scared when she heard that. She thought about her last conversation with Ava. Ava told her that she better not go to jail or she would sacrifice her to be free. Abby met with Ava in the interrogation room. She wanted Abby to get her a deal with Trask. Ava said she would reveal who attacked her the night she was taken to DiMera Island. Later, Abby came back and told her that Trask won’t give her a deal because she framed the police commissioner. Ava was a bigger fish than who assaulted her. She told Abby about the other crimes since she assaulted her. She said what the person did would make them a bigger fish than her. Ava wasn’t going to talk until she got a deal. Abby said they were at a standoff. She was about to leave when Abby said it was Gwen. Abby demanded more information about Gwen. Ava wanted an immunity deal first. Abby rushed out of the room. Gwen walked into the police station wearing a coat and hat. She was headed towards the interrogation room when she stopped short. Abby ran into her after she left the interrogation room. Abby glared at Gwen.

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