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Ridge: Do you remember anything about what happened that night?

Steffy: [ Groaning ]

Ridge: Do you remember the person that shot you?

Taylor: Honey, it’s okay if you can’t remember right now. The last thing your father and I want to do is cause you any more stress. We’re just– we’re just trying to figure out how you got here, baby. Can you remember anything that happened in il giardino?

Ridge: Anything? Anything at all?

[ Steffy groaning ] What are– I’m sorry, I can’T. What did you say? Who shot you?

Steffy: Ah… der. Ah– other.

Liam: Thank god steffy’s awake.

Paris: Yeah, you must be extremely relieved.

Liam: Oh. Beyond. I mean, it’s only one hurdle down, but, you know, it’s a big one.

Zende: I can’t even imagine, man. I’m so happy for my family.

Paris: Ah, especially ridge and taylor. They’ve been praying so hard.

Liam: Yeah, I mean, we– bridget did say that steffy’s condition is still serious, but regaining consciousness, that– that’s a big deal.

Hope: God, I really feel like there’s a real reason to hope now. And you can breathe a little easier. We all can.

Liam: Yeah. You know what’s funny? Is I’ve been so worried that this moment would never come, but in retrospect, it’s like, “oh, yeah, it’s steffy.” Like, of course she’s going to pull through.

Paris: Of course she is. She’s fierce. I mean, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hope: And she would never, ever leave kelly or hayes.

Zende: No, they need her too much right now.

Liam: All right, I just want scoop them up and squeeze them. I mean, I–I’m being realistic. I know steffy has a long ways to go, but, my god, she’s been given another chance, you know?

Hope: I love you too. Bye. Right, well, my mom is beyond thrilled, and she’d like to come to the hospital, but she, um, also wants to be respectful of this moment with ridge and his family.

Liam: Oh, yeah, I could see that. Well, steffy might be a little overwhelmed right now.

Zende: Yeah, let’s just be glad that they’re all in there and they’re getting to spend some time together.

Paris: Yeah. I wonder how much steffy is aware of what happened. Like, if she knows who shot her?

Ridge: Who shot you? Try to say it again, please.

Steffy: Ah… der.

Ridge: I don’t understand, I’m sorry.

Taylor: Okay, maybe we should just give her a minute, okay?

Ridge: No, see, she wants– she wants to say something. What is it? Honey, did you remember anything? Their face, maybe? You remember their face?

Thomas: Okay. Obviously, it hurts for her to talk, but maybe, maybe she could write it down?

Sheila: Clearly, she’s struggling. Thomas, you don’t want to do anything that’s gonna–

Ridge: Nobody asked your opinion.

Taylor: Okay, okay. She’s very fragile right now. We just need to give her a minute, okay?

Steffy: No… no.

Thomas: No, see? She wants to tell us something.

Ridge: Go ahead. Tell us. What do you– what do you know?

Steffy: Ot… her.

Ridge: I’m sor– what? I’m sorry.

Steffy: Need… water.

Taylor: Wat– water?

Thomas: She needs water. Yeah, okay.

Ridge: Yeah.

[ Water pouring ]

Thomas: Here you go, I got some water.

Taylor: Here you go. Can you hold it here, baby? Here you go. Here you go.

Ridge: Hey, take it easy.

Taylor: Okay.

Ridge: Anything? Do you know what happened? Do you– do you remember anything?

Unleash the freshness…

Zende: We are too. Okay, great. Yes. Spread the word. Thanks, carter, we’ll see you soon. Everyone at forrester is thrilled to hear the good news about steffy. Uh, any update while I was on the phone?

Liam: Uh, no. Oh, but maybe thomas knows. Hey.

Thomas: Hi, you guys are great for being here.

Paris: We’re just so worried about your sister. And– and carter’s on the way, too. How is– how is steffy doing?

Liam: She’s still conscious, right?

Thomas: Yeah, yeah, and she is a little out of it, though.

Hope: Well, I can imagine. She must be confused by everything that’s happening.

Thomas: Yeah.

Liam: Has she spoken yet?

Thomas: Well, yeah. I mean, she– she did ask for some water.

Hope: That’s great.

Liam: Hey.

Thomas: Yeah.

Paris: Okay. Yeah, that’s good. It might just take her a little while to get her bearings again.

Thomas: Yeah, they did say it could take some time.

Zende: How are your parents doing? I mean, this must be a huge weight off their shoulders.

Thomas: Yeah, they– they’ve been by her bedside this entire time.

Paris: I’m sure she could feel them. All that love from everyone surrounding her. Rallying for her.

Thomas: Yeah. I mean, she could definitely use as much positive energy as possible.

Hope: Well, I know I– bridget said she was still being closely monitored.

Liam: But they– but they’re saying that the worst of it is over, right?

Thomas: Yeah. I mean, she– she won the battle, but there’s a whole war, you know, so you just have to help her through it all and– and hope that there aren’t any more surprises.

Taylor: You just need to take it easy, sweetheart. I mean, you’re– you need to rest so your body can heal.

Ridge: Anything you want, anything we can get you?

Taylor: You know what might be great? You know those–those ice pops that she used to like?

Ridge: Oh, yeah. It would melt all over the back seat of the car, remember those? Purple ones.

Taylor: Yeah. Oh, honey. I mean, I’m sure your mind is going a million miles a minute right now, trying to process everything and all these questions being thrown at you. But the most important thing right now is for you just to– just relax, to– to breathe. Don’t push yourself, okay? The doctors are giving you medicine to– to keep you calm, but no opioids. Are you in any pain?

Steffy: Mm-mm.

Taylor: Okay. We’ll– we’re going to stay on top of that.

Ridge: That is vip treatment you’re getting from dr. Taylor hayes.

Taylor: You’re going to be fine, sweetheart. Your dad and I are making sure you get excellent care.

Bridget: How’s our patient?

Taylor: Oh, she’s– she’s tired, but she’s alert.

Bridget: Steffy? Hi, honey, it’s bridget. How are you feeling?

Steffy: Okay. Do you know why you’re here?

Steffy: Shot.

Bridget: That’s right. Listen to me. You are doing very, very well. I’m pleased with the progress you’re making.

Taylor: She’s really not saying much.

Bridget: It’s such a good sign, how responsive she is. It– it’s pretty much what I would expect at this stage in recovery.

Ridge: I asked her if she can recall anything of that night. She can’T.

Bridget: That– that’s not surprising.

Ridge: No?

Taylor: No, but, uh, I think maybe she might have repressed the traumatic memory.

Sheila: So, is– is there a chance that she’ll never remember what happened that night?

Bridget: She may not. This could also just be temporary. Uh, sounds and images might come back in grainy little snippets. But on the other hand, they might come back very vividly, just flooding her memory. It’s extremely hard to predict the situation, but I will order a– a neuro consult asap.

Taylor: No, I think it’s probably a good idea for us to give her a healthy amount of space.

Bridget: That’s smart. Her brain and her body is extremely fatigued.

Taylor: You know, if I know my daughter, and I do, she’s going to want justice. Whoever did this, she’s going to hold them accountable, but as her mother, right now, all I care about is that she’s awake. She– she’s back with us.

[ Ridge chuckling ] If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Thomas: Bottom line is, as of now, steffy is stable. She’s hanging in there.

Liam: I mean, I’m– I’m optimistic, obviously, but I’m also very aware of the 800 other things that could mess up her recovery.

Thomas: You and me both.

Paris: Yeah, I– I think we’re all feeling like that. Hopeful, but scared.

Thomas: But, you know, steffy would say, uh, to– to keep the positive energy. Right? Keep our chins up. That’s what she would tell us to do. Because you know what? There’s a long road ahead, but she can use it.

Paris: Well, we will do anything to help get her out of here.

Zende: And tell her that everyone at the office was celebrating when they heard she’d woken up.

Thomas: Ah, she’ll love to hear that.

Liam: So, did– I mean, does she have any recollection or memory of what happened, or who did this to her?

Thomas: I mean, my dad’s been asking her questions, trying to spark that memory, but she’s really groggy. As of now, steffy doesn’t remember anything.

Bridget: Her reflexes are good, her blood pressure’s stabilizing. I am going to order another infusion of antibiotics.

Taylor: So, steffy’s condition is improving?

Bridget: Well, all I can say is she’s stable at the moment. I know you all are very, very concerned. And I’m not saying that there won’t be complications or challenges in the future, but she’s responding so well to treatment.

Taylor: It’s wonderful. It’s wonderful.

Ridge: Thank you, bridget, for everything.

Taylor: Yes, thank you so much. Finn would be so happy to know that his wife is being cared for by such a great doctor.

Bridget: It’s my pleasure, my job. I– I’m just so grateful I could be here for her. I will keep you all updated.

Taylor: This is everything I’ve been waiting for!

Sheila: We, uh, shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves because steffy’s condition is still touch and go. But I’m so happy for you, taylor.

Taylor: Thank you. All these hours that we’ve been waiting here, just hoping and praying that she’s going to be okay.

Ridge: All right. I have to tell you something. I may have made a deal with the big guy upstairs, and there might be a price to pay, but I’ll do it gladly.

Taylor: Oh, ridge. We are so blessed. We– we really are. You know, I’ve been– I’ve been trying to stay positive, I– I really have, you know? But I– every hour that passed, I kept thinking. I don’t know. I got scared that maybe steffy wasn’t gonna wake up, that maybe we weren’t gonna see her again–

Ridge: No, no, she is, she’s here, right? She’s gonna be okay. I can feel it in my bones. How are we going to tell her about finn? What are we gonna say?

Ridge: We’ll just– we’ll have to be strong for her– we have to. We’ll just have to be there for her. Hey. Our hearts go out to you, and I hope you find peace and calm in… how you’re dealing with finn’s death, but, uh, it’s time for you to go.

Taylor: Hey–

Ridge: It’s family business.

Sheila: It’s just– I– I really thought that–

Taylor: Ridge. It’s okay. She can stay. Sheila is the grandmother of steffy’s child. She’s a part of us. She belongs here.

Frank is a fan of fast.

He’s a fast talker.

Liam: Uh, hi– hey. We were hoping we might get to see steffy for a minute.

Nurse: Sure. She’s asleep. Just press the call button if she needs anything.

Hope: Thank you.

Liam: Okay, yeah. Thanks. Hey, steffy. It’s liam.

Hope: And hope.

Liam: We, uh– we heard the good news. Just wanted to come see for ourselves, and, uh, look at that. You actually came back to us. You’re going to be back to your old self in no time.

Hope: And– and we know you’ve already been through so much already, and you’re probably exhausted. But, uh, zende and paris were here at the hospital and they want you to know that everyone from work is thinking about you and sending their love and– and so does my mom.

Liam: Yeah, um, yeah, I’m also– I’m sure you’re, uh– you’re gonna be thinking about the kids. So, I want you to know they’re great. They’re doing totally great. Nothing to worry about there. Kelly and hayes have been loved and cared for and they’re going to continue to be until you can get out of this bed and do it yourself, which is going to happen in no time. You’re going to be back on your feet. So, you just keep doing what you’re doing. You fight the good fight. Get better. Okay? All right.

Hope: You get your rest now.

Liam: Yeah.

Ridge: Wait. You’re saying she’s– she’s a part of us? She should stay? Is that– is that what–

Taylor: That’s what I’m saying.

Ridge: Huh.

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, if you just let me explain–

Ridge: No, let me explain something. I don’t wanna be the bad guy here. She’s not part of our family.

Sheila: My son is dead–

Ridge: I know he’s dead! I know that. Finn was a good kid. We’re all going to mourn him. You– you can mourn him in your time, with your friends, your family, not ours. We need to focus on steffy. Everything we have is going to go towards her. And you know what? I don’t think she’d want you here.

Taylor: She– she would. She would, if she knew what just happened, ridge. Something you don’t know. I have– I have to tell him. Ridge, something– something happened, uh– sheila was in a very, very dark place. Finn’s death profoundly affected her.

Ridge: Of course, it has– I’m not saying it hasn’T.

Taylor: I was worried about sheila. Something was– was really wrong. So, I went to look for her. And I found her on the roof.

Ridge: You– you were gonna end your life, you were gonna jump? Really?

Sheila: I– I’m not proud to admit that.

Taylor: Something happened up there. Something happened up there, ridge, she– sheila saved my life.

Ridge: What does that– what does that mean, she saved your life?

Taylor: She saved my life.

Ridge: How?

Taylor: She was– I don’t– she was about to jump. She was about to jump off the ledge. And– and I rushed up to her. And I– I don’t know what happened, but I slipped and I fell off the roof. Don’t drop me! And I was– I was– I was literally dangling off– off the ledge. And I– I don’t know how she did it, but she… no, don’t drop me! She found the strength to grab my arm and pull me back up onto the roof. Sheila saved my life, ridge. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her.

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