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Chad: So I assume, since you’re still in salem, you took victor took up on his offer and you’re the new ceo of titan.

Sonny: Actually, I haven’t talked to will about it yet.

Chad: Are you afraid to tell him?

Sonny: No. No. Our babysitter’s at this vortex retreat in sedona, so will’s going at it solo with ari, and he’s got deadlines, so– no, I just don’t want to drop it all on him over a zoom call.

Chad: Well, then, why don’t you go home and tell him?

Sonny: Because there’s something I have to take care of here first.

Chad: What?

Sonny: Leo.

Chad: Leo? Sonny, come on. Have we not spent enough time and energy on– on leo?

Sonny: No, not enough. Not until leo stark’s life is as screwed up as he made mine. Only then will it be enough.

Gwen: Oh, my god, matty, that’s wonderful. You’re the best.

Leo: How true, how true. So I will see you soon, but I must fly. I have a million things to do, and god knows I knows at least two hours power napping before tonight.

Gwen: For goodness sake, we’re getting married. We’re not going clubbing.

Leo: The two are not mutually exclusive. Cheers, my love.

Gwen: Cheerio.

[Phone beeps]

Xander: What was all that about?

Gwen: [Sighs] That was my dear friend, matty. Guess what. He’s rented out the horton town square for the wedding.

Xander: No way.

Gwen: Yeah.

Xander: No, you must have to book that months in advance.

Gwen: Apparently there was some sort of a cancellation. I don’t know. Whatever. I mean, matty’s somewhat of a magician when it comes to event planning.

Xander: Can’t wait to meet this guy.

Gwen: Oh, you are absolutely going to love him. And I guess it means that you seeing me on our wedding day hasn’t brought us any bad luck.

Xander: Guess not.

Gwen: So, tonight, we will get married in the horton holy of holies, and we’ll start living the rest of our lives happily ever after.


Leo: Well, well, well. If it isn’t salem’s own marquise de merteuil.

Abigail: What are you talking about?

Leo: I’m talking about a conniving, back-stabbing little… word I refuse to use.

Abigail: I gotta go.

Leo: Not until you and i have a little tete-a-tete. Since I will be making my home here in salem, and as you and I will be co-salemites, I think we need to set some ground rules, and now is as good a time as any.

Jake: Okay. Here I am, awake.

[Sighs] And now I will try to get up.

[Groans] Nothing to fear but fear itself, right? All right.


[Exhales heavily] The pain is gone.

[Groans] And the pain is back. Ava? Ava, where the hell are you?

[Groans] I need your help. Ava? Where the hell did she go?

[Alarm ringing]

[Phone beeps]

Nicole: Guess we have to get up and work.

Rafe: We could sleep for, like, five more minutes.

Nicole: Or, alternatively, we could, um…

Rafe: Oh, good morning.

Both: [Chuckle]

[Door crashes open]

Both: [Gasp]

Nicole: Oh. [Gasps] Ava, what are you doing in our bedroom?

Ava: Formerly known as our bedroom. You didn’t think that you were gonna get rid of me that easily and I was just gonna let this go, did you? I mean, my best friend is screwing my boyfriend behind my back, and somehow it’s my fault.

Nicole: Ava, what do you want with us?

Ava: Oh, I think you know. You know, my first attempt at revenge– it was too complicated. It was just too… too cerebral. And then I woke up this morning with the blinding realization that I just need to get back to my roots, you know? Keep things simple.

Nicole: No. Rafe…

Ava: And now you die.

[Dramatic music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Chad: Sonny, I love you like a brother. Your enemy is my enemy. But you cannot, cannot ask me to go after leo again.

Sonny: You won’t have to, okay? Because this time, we are taking a different approach.

Chad: You’re saying “we.” I heard you say “we.”

Sonny: I know you still want to be a part of this.

Chad: No, sonny, I don’t still want to be a part of this.

Sonny: Unfortunately, we don’t have that much time, okay? Nancy signed the divorce papers, so legally, craig is free, and he and leo are planning on getting married as soon as possible.

Chad: Check and mate.

Sonny: You know what the sad part is? Chloe’s seemingly decided there’s nothing else she can do about it.

Chad: Maybe because there’s nothing she or anyone else can do about it.

Sonny: But I’m not so sure about that. And neither is brady. See, he came to me last night with some very interesting information, information that I think could spell the end of the leo stark reign of terror.

Abigail: Why do we need ground rules, hmm? I say we just both stay as far away from each other as possible, and that suits me fine.

Leo: You know, it was right over there where you did your insipid little monologue about how your husband had the hots for me. Trust me, katharine cornell you are not, but you are conniving, manipulative, spiteful. So don’t play lady of the manor with me.

Abigail: Don’t you think you calling me manipulative and conniving is sort of a pot/kettle moment? Don’t you remember blackmailing sonny into marrying you?

Leo: See, that is what I am talking about. I am tired of the lot of you flinging my past in my face. It’s not like you all have lived blameless lives.

Abigail: I never said that I did!

Leo: Yeah, when I met your husband, you two were separated, you were living in boston. How would you have felt if someone took advantage of that situation and insinuated themselves into his bed?

Abigail: You did try to take advantage of that situation, only you didn’t insinuate anything. You actually crawled into his bed while he was asleep and then tried to take advantage of him.

Leo: What I tried to do does not matter because it didn’t work and he only has eyes for you, which is how I feel about craig and how he feels about me.

Abigail: Okay. So that’s your story, and you’re sticking to it?

Leo: It’s not a story, it’s a beautiful reality. And our joyous double wedding is going to be the happiest day of his previously drab, humdrum life.

Abigail: Double wedding?

Leo: Mm-hmm, I’m sharing my special day with my bff.

Abigail: You actually have a friend?

Leo: Yes, you snide bitch. Her name is gwen, and she’s fabulous.

Abigail: Her name is gwen?

Leo: Mm-hmm. Very welsh, kind of mystic. Though her last name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Abigail: Oh, it doesn’t happen to be “rizczech,” does it?

Leo: Yes. My god, I hope she takes his name.

Abigail: Okay. So you and gwen are bffs. You know, if you think about it, makes a sickening sort of sense.

Xander: Gwen, we can’t possibly get married today, can we? I mean, what about the cake, among many other things?

Gwen: Well, I already told you, I ordered one from sweet bits, and i told them no bloody filling.

Xander: Thought you liked filling.

Gwen: I meant–never mind.

Xander: What about the wedding invitations, flowers, all that kind of stuff?

Gwen: Well, matty’s already taken care of all of the arrangements. And I suppose the bright side of not really having friends is you don’t really have any guests to notify, so–

Xander: What about my tux?

Gwen: We’ll rent one.

Xander: Your dress?

Gwen: I’m on it.

Xander: What about your dad? I mean, he’s my best man, and I told him the wedding’s next week.

Gwen: I already spoke to him last night after you did, and he’s already booked a flight this morning. He’s on the plane as we speak.

Xander: Hmm. Well, I guess everything is ready.

Gwen: Except for maybe the groom. Xander, you’ve come up with about 16 different reasons not to get married. Are you getting cold feet, darling?

Rafe: Put the gun down, ava.

Ava: Oh, make me.

Nicole: Rafe!



Rafe: What is it, honey?

Nicole: I, uh–it was, um– it was ava. She came in here with a gun, and she wanted to kill me.

Rafe: No, no. Hey, you just had a nightmare. It’s okay. Don’t worry, okay? Nobody is going to come barging in here, okay?

Nicole: Okay.

Rafe: Don’t worry.

Nicole: [Gasps]

Gabi: Oh, for god’s sake, don’t shoot! It’s my 3:10, no-exit-in-sight,

Rafe: What the hell are you doing?

Gabi: Your job for you. You’re so lucky that you have me an assistant. Nicole, I am so sorry for barging in like this. Okay, come on.


Nicole: What are you doing, a deposition?

Gabi: Shh. You’re gonna want to hear this.

Ava: Once you say rafe hernandez planted this evidence on you, there is no way he can come back from this. He’s going down.

Gabi: Yeah.

Rafe: Oh, my god.

Gabi: Hard evidence that ava set you up. Rafael, what are you waiting for? Arrest her!

Jake: Where the hell you been?

Ava: I went to the store. You got a refrigerator full of beer and condiments, and you got, I don’t know, two tea bags in the cupboard.

Jake: I’m a bachelor. What can I say? You know, when I woke up and saw that you weren’t here, I was worried you were up to no good.

Ava: Oh, yeah? What did you think I was gonna do? Think I was up to killing– killing rafe and nicole? Eh. Don’t think it didn’t cross my mind. But, instead, I’ve decided to take my rage out on some eggs and make a nice frittata.

Jake: Hmm, actually sounds pretty good.

Ava: So you got a frittata pan?

Jake: I’ve got a microwave.

Ava: You got any pans at all?

Jake: I can probably dig one up for you, but I’m gonna need something from you first.

Ava: What’s that?

Jake: I need help up. I can’t move.

Ava: [Sighs] Come on.

Jake: [Groans] Easy. Yeah.

Sonny: Okay, so listen to this. Chloe and brady overheard leo on the phone, gloating about his victory. Sounded like he was talking to some, like, an old crony.

Chad: Okay.

Sonny: And the person that he was talking to was named, wait for it…

[Beats a drumroll] Jackie.

Chad: Jackie cox?

Sonny: Yes! Leo’s source who was supposed to lead will to the emerald.

Chad: The source that mysteriously went missing when we tried to track it down?

Sonny: Exactly! Now I’m starting to think she was staying out of things on purpose.

Chad: Do you think that she and leo were working all along on a plan to–to switch out the emerald?

Sonny: I’m not sure, but they were attached at the hip when they came to the apartment! They mentioned the reward money together, so maybe, if they were working together then, maybe they’re still working together now!

Chad: Working on what?

Sonny: I don’t know! I don’t know! But if leo’s trying to bilk craig out of his money, if this all some sort of scam, which of course it is, I would be willing to bet a metallic opera glove that jackie cox is in on it. And I also think she could be the key to getting craig to see the light.

Leo: So how do you know gwen?

Abigail: She is my half-sister.

Leo: Really? I find that hard to believe. Gwen’s fun.

Abigail: Oh, yeah, she’s a barrel of laughs. You know, when you get a second, ask her the very hilarious story of how she systematically tried to destroy my life. It’s a knee-slapper.

Leo: Well, knowing you as I do, I’m sure she had a very good reason.

Abigail: How do you know her?

Leo: Intimately, but not carnally. I charted our horoscopes once, and it was fated that we would meet and fall instantly, madly, deeply, and platonically in love.

Abigail: Okay. Allow me to be more concrete. Where did you meet her?

Leo: In philadelphia. My god, it was like running into cher at a tractor pull. There was me, her, amongst hordes and hordes of philly fans. I knew I loved her before I even saw her. From across the room, I heard that glorious accent say in this clarion voice, “you can call that a cheese steak, but that yellow mucus is not cheese and that piece of rubber is not steak.” We saved each other from drowning in a proletariat sea of mediocrity.

Abigail: Pity.

Leo: You know, I can read people, and I sense that you and gwen are not close.

Abigail: Boy, you’re uncanny.

Leo: Well, that’s fine by me. Means you won’t be coming to our weddings, won’t be raining on anyone’s parades.

Abigail: Oh, au contraire, cookie, I will be there with bells on. I’m the matron of honor.

[Tense music]

Xander: I’m not having second thoughts about marrying you. I am having second thoughts about getting married on the spur of the moment in an event planned by someone else in a double wedding with strangers.

Gwen: Matty’s not a stranger. He’s my friend, with a very rich fiancé. And since you and I can’t afford a yucky rubber chicken buffet dinner on our own–

Xander: I am sorry about that, I am. I do want you to have the wedding of your dreams, which you absolutely deserve.

Gwen: Xander, could we just talk about the elephant in the room here, please? Can you just tell me, is this about the wedding, or is this about sarah?

Xander: [Sighs] No. This is not about sarah. Maggie’s taking care of her now. She’s getting the best treatment in the world. And now it’s time for us to have our life. Our life together.

[Romantic music swells]

Medusa lived with a hideous curse.

Jake: [Sniffs] That–that was delicious.

Ava: Thanks. Okay, and you look like you’re trying to perform a levitation trick.

Jake: I kind of am.


Ava: Hey, okay, all right, you know what? Enough, enough. Tonight, I am in the air mattress. You’re taking the bed. I feel horrible that I did not insist on it last night.

Jake: And, what, have you wake up tomorrow morning feeling the way I feel right now? No way.

Ava: Well, see, that’s not going to be a problem. Because I’ve been taking yoga for years. I can touch my nose to my toes.

Jake: I bet that comes in handy.

Ava: Hmm, you know, maybe we should get you into a yoga class.

Jake: [Scoffs] Me, yoga? No freaking way.

Ava: What? You afraid of a little downward dog?

Jake: Oh, now that sounds a little–

Ava: Oh, come on, no, no, no. You get your little mind out of the gutter, no.

Both: [Laugh]

Jake: What I need is to get my ass out of this chair. Huh?

Ava: Okay. Looks like this is a case for emergency measures. All right, come on.

Jake: Go easy on me.

Ava: One, two…

Chad: So if– if jackie cox has information that can be used against leo, how do you propose we get it?

Sonny: It’s funny you ask. So I asked will for some professional advice, and he said, get this–

Chad: “Start with google.”

Sonny: Wait, how’d you know?

Chad: I’m also married to a superstar reporter, remember?

Sonny: Right. Okay, so let’s see. Um… jackie…

Chad: It says jackee. Start over.

Sonny: Right. Right. Okay, here we go. Uh, jackie cox. Oh, see, she has her own website. Um, it says here she’s based in new york. It should be easy to track her down.

Chad: She does stand out in a crowd, doesn’t she?

Sonny: And I could ask my uncle vic for his jet. I mean, now that he wants something from me, he’d be willing to give me the moon. We could be in and out of there in, like, a couple hours.

Chad: There you go with the whole “we” thing again.

Sonny: I need you to come with me, chad. I need my wingman.

Abigail: So you and craig are having a double wedding with gwen and xander.

Leo: I think it’s going to be mind-blowing.

Abigail: Has anyone ever told you how most salem weddings end up?

Gwen: Hi!

Leo: Hi.

Gwen: You know matty?

Abigail: Uh, I know him, and he was just telling me all about your very exciting double wedding.

Gwen: I know, I’m sorry. I was gonna phone you. Did he tell you that it’s tonight?

Abigail: [Laughs shortly] Uh, he did not, no.

Gwen: Yeah. Well, it is. I hope you’re free.

Abigail: I am. However, there happens to be one new little wrinkle. Leo here hates me.

Leo: Pas vrai! There is nobody I’d rather have there to witness my connubial bliss than you. Hey, where’s that handsome husband-to-be?

Abigail: Oh, he’s right behind you.

Xander: Gwen, I called, and your dad’s flight is right on time. What’s this sneaky little bastard doing back here?

Leo: [Gasps] You didn’t tell him?

Xander: Tell me what? Wait, what’s going on here?

Gwen: I’m not quite sure. Xander, this–this is my friend, my really good friend, matty cooper.

Xander: This isn’t matty cooper! This is leo stark!

Leo: One and the same. I have to say, it’s wonderful to see you again, looking fantastic as ever.

[Uncertain music]

Still struggling with ibs-c, mike knew he needed a plan.

Rafe: Okay, well, thanks, I’ll keep you posted.

[Phone beeps] Huh. Well, trask is on board with filing charges. Once the warrant goes through, we bring ava in.

Nicole: Did she ask any questions about the tape?

Rafe: Oh, yeah, she asked plenty of questions, and I pleaded ignorance.

Nicole: I’m surprised she actually wanted to do this. I mean, she’s the one who prosecuted that trumped-up case against you. She’s gonna look like an idiot when it comes out that ava played her.

Rafe: All the more reason that she wants to take ava down.

Nicole: Yeah.

Rafe: Hey. You want to take ava down, too, don’t you?

Nicole: Of course I do. I’m just still worried about it. You said that tape might not be admissible in court, and if we go after her and she wiggles out of it, she might be even more rabid than she already is.

Rafe: Doesn’t matter. It doesn’t ma–listen. Ava, when she’s still out there, she’s gonna keep making threats. She’s gonna keep giving you nightmares. That is no way for us to go through our lives now, is it? No. Now, listen to me. I am not gonna let her ruin what we have waited so long to find. Okay?

Nicole: Okay.

Both: [Chuckle]

Jake: [Groaning] Oh yeah, that’s the spot, that’s– do it harder. Harder! Give it to me. Baba booey, harder. Oh, yes.

Gabi: Hello? Anyone home? So, ava, I see you’re earning your keep.

[Awkward jazz music]

Chad: So you want me to drop everything, go to new york with you so we can maybe track someone down who maybe has information that–that– that maybe will bring down leo?

Sonny: I know it sounds crazy, but it would just take a couple hours.

Chad: No, look. Sonny, I–I know that this is personal to you, but I thought that we agreed that it wasn’t healthy to keep obsessing about leo like this.

Sonny: We didn’t agree, and I’m not obsessing!

Chad: No? You just said that chloe, craig’s daughter, has accepted the fact that craig and leo are getting married. And if craig wants to screw up his life, that’s his business.

Sonny: You’re wrong. Okay? It’s all of our business.

Gwen: You two know each other?

Xander: Could say that.

Leo: You’re doing the nasty with xander cook? I hate you.

Gwen: Why?

Leo: Okay, I don’t hate you. I’m just envious. I used to have the biggest crush on him. You still haunt the occasional dream, but now I only have eyes for craig.

Gwen: Oh, come on, you little sneak, you know you don’t have a chance with xander. He doesn’t play for your team, darling.

Leo: He almost did.

Gwen: What are you saying?

Leo: Oh, don’t worry, nothing happened.

Xander: If you’re quite done, you know, strolling down memory lane, you want us to have a double wedding with him?

Leo: Oh, and craig. There will be four of us.

Xander: Yeah, I don’t think so.

Abigail: I wish I had some popcorn.

Gwen: What?

Xander: You heard him. He was just, you know, coming on to me.

Leo: Even his vocabulary’s butch.

Gwen: Okay, look, so leo fancied you, what, years and years ago? He’s moved on; so have you. It is really that big of a deal?

Xander: Yes, gwen, it is a big deal. I’m not doing this.

Unleash the freshness…

Gabi: So much for just giving ava a place to stay.

Jake: Not that it’s any of your damn business, but I threw my back out.

Gabi: Doing what?

Jake: Sleeping.

Gabi: Oh, so that’s what you’re calling it now.

Jake: You know what, gabi? You’re lucky I’m telling you the truth, because if my back wasn’t killing me right now, I would take your interfering ass and throw it out on the curb, where it belongs. Who the hell do you think you are, barging into my place like this?

Gabi: Someone looking after your best interest. That woman there is poison.

Jake: My best interest, really? What, did you have my “best interest” in mind when you screwed me to the wall in dimera? You know what? Ava, call the cops. Tell them somebody broke into my apartment.

Gabi: The door was unlocked, okay? Actually, I’m just here as a courtesy call.

Ava: Oh, so this is ’cause you’re always so courteous and all, right?

Gabi: I just wanted to let you know that I’m not gonna interfere and cause any more trouble for the two of you.

Ava: So this is you not causing trouble?

Gabi: You’re right. You’re right! I overreacted when I saw you straddling him and him begging, but jake, listen, when I first found out that ava moved in here, I really did think that she was just doing it get under my skin, but I’ve decided to not let my hatred of her get the better of me.

Ava: Until you actually showed up here?

Gabi: No, no, I actually believe the explanation.

Jake: That’s new.

Gabi: Even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t intervene because you have your lives to live, and I’ve got mine.

Jake: What’s the catch?

Gabi: What do you mean? What–

Jake: Well, gabi, this is very unlike you, right? Playing it cool and all. It makes me think it’s a trick. We won’t see that the other shoe is about to drop.

Gabi: What other shoe would that possibly be?

[Pounding at door]

Rafe: Open up. Police.

[Pounding continues]

Jake: [Groans]

Sonny: You know what? You’re right. This isn’t your problem. You don’t really care about leo or this whole craig wesley fiasco. I’m sorry I bothered you.

Chad: Sonny. I don’t care about leo… but you’re my best friend. I care about you. So let’s go find ourselves a drag queen.

Sonny: [Laughs] Thank you. Look, I know it seems like I’m over the top about all this. I know, I know, but… if I know leo, and god help me, I know leo, he is champing at the bit to get craig’s ring on his finger, okay? And once that happens, it’s gonna be hell of a lot harder to get rid of him.

Gwen: Xander, are you saying that you’re not going through with the wedding?

Xander: No, I’m– I’m saying I’m not going to stand up at an altar with, or a bloody yoga stand, with this, this– god, I have so many pejoratives running through my head, I can’t even pick one.

Leo: Ooh, pejoratives. Been snuggling up to your thesaurus, have you?

Xander: Look, I don’t get it. Why are you so dead set on doing this today?

Gwen: God, you do have cold feet.

Xander: No, I don’T.

Abigail: You know, this looks like it’s gonna take a while, so why don’t you give me a call, let me know if the wedding’s on or off? I’m really fine either way.

Gwen: I’m sorry, look, I didn’t know that you had a beef with him.

Leo: Hmm. Interesting choice of words.

Xander: Just watch it, okay?

Leo: No, I’m not gonna watch it. Can we have a very brief reality check here? You were the one who led me on. You took advantage of my interest in getting to know you better to find out what leverage sonny had, which you then used toward your own nefarious ends. He drugged me, led me to believe we slept together, when in reality, he was down the hall, getting the colored lights going with lady sarah horton. You used me. I’m the one who shouldn’t be able to abide having you at my wedding. But having found my own true love, I have a newfound ability to forgive, forget, transcend.

Gwen: Look, xander, if leo can put what happened in the past in the past, I mean, can’t you too, for me?

Gabi: Oh, hi, rafe.

Rafe: Oh, fancy meeting you here.

Jake: What the hell’s going on here?

Ava: I think the other shoe is dropping.

Rafe: Yeah, you know, I could’ve sent an officer to do this for me, but I wanted to do it myself. Ava vitali. Yeah. You’re under arrest.

Ava: Oh yeah? For what? Wearing a mask in public?

Rafe: No, for the framing of– well, me actually.

[Dramatic music]

Looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone?

Sonny: Wait, no, no, no.

Abigail: Sonny, what’s up?

Sonny: Hey, I just came to ask chad for a little favor, you know?

Chad: He wants me to go to new york with him to see if we can get jackie cox to spill what she knows about leo.

Abigail: Really?

Chad: Yeah. You want to come with? It’ll only take a couple hours. Maybe you get a good story out of it.

Abigail: Oh, I don’t think I can do a story about leo stark, as I am now personally involved. And I got a lot to do before tonight, so–

Chad: Why, what’s tonight?

Abigail: Gwen and xander are getting married, and I am now the matron of honor, and sonny, brace yourself.

Sonny: Me? Why?

Abigail: It’s a double wedding between gwen and xander and leo and craig.

Sonny: Tonight?

Abigail: I know, it’s hard to believe, but leo and gwen are apparently bffs. Birds of a feather.


Gwen: Xander, look. After all this time we’ve waited, I just want to be your wife.

Xander: Right, but is this really your idea of a dream wedding?

[Soft music]

Gwen: Yes. Yes, it is. Xander, as you know, I–I don’t really have many friends. And leo is the only person besides you who really knows me and actually still likes me.

Leo: I’m sorry. “Like” is too tepid a word. Je t’adore.

Gwen: Je t’aime assui, cheri. Yes, xander, this is my dream wedding. To be loud and raucous in the horton town square, just four people saying, “I don’t give a damn what anybody else thinks because we are in love, and we are going to be happy in spite of all of you.” Yes, that is my dream wedding.

Leo: The party will be loud and raucous. The vows will be solemn and incredibly moving.

Xander: Is this really want you want?

Gwen: It is really what I want.

Xander: Then let’s do it.

Gwen: [Chuckles]

Leo: Ugh, I could cry.

Chad: Double wedding?

Sonny: Talk about wretched excess.

Abigail: Xander looked like he’d been punched in the gut.

Sonny: Wait, I’m–I’m sorry, if leo and gwen are best friends, maybe she knows what he’s up to.

Abigail: I don’t know. She didn’t even know he was in town until yesterday. So, sorry, I wish I could go with you to new york, but I promised I’d stand up for her, and I think it’ll mean a lot to my dad.

Sonny: It’s tonight? Clock’s really ticking.

Abigail: I don’t know. Like I said, I was there when xander found out he was gonna be sharing his wedding day with leo, and he didn’t look happy about it. So I can’t say for sure that he’s gonna go along with it.

Sonny: Here’s hoping.

Jake: [Grunts] You just gonna stand there and gloat?

Gabi: Admit it. You tried to make me jealous by having ava move in here.

Jake: I was helping out a friend.

Gabi: Your old mob boss? She’s friends to no one.

Jake: Better friend than you are. Get out.

Gabi: Well, it looks like you got the whole bed to yourself tonight. Better watch that back of yours.

Jake: You’re gonna want to watch yours too.

Gabi: What is that supposed to mean?

Jake: When ava beats these charges, my “old mob boss” is gonna be pretty upset with you.

Trelegy for copd.

Abigail: Good luck, guys.

Sonny: Gross.

Abigail: And no three-somes, okay?

Chad: Oh, no, we’re just a couple of best friends looking for a drag queen.

Sonny: Shut up. Thank you so much.

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Oh. Can you do me a favor, okay? If there’s anything you can do to stall the wedding–

Abigail: I will do my best.

Sonny: Okay.

Abigail: But I think even if the fab four do tie the knot, or knots…

Chad: Ha, ha.

Abigail: Call me a pessimist, but I don’t think either one of those marriages is gonna last.

Sonny: I hope so. Come on.

Gwen: Right, well, we’d best get a move on, ’cause dad’s flight is landing soon. Actually, could you pick him up? ‘Cause I have a million things that I have to do.

Xander: Of course. Yeah, I’ll be right back. Hey, I’ll see you at the altar, “matty.”

Leo: It’s leo. Leo stark. My god, you are a lucky woman.

Gwen: I know. Don’t I know it? Right, well, I do have to go, because I really do have a million things to do, so… abinto, my darling.

Leo: Je t’adore.

Messenger: I just heard you say you’re leo stark?

Leo: That’s right.

Messenger: I was just on my way to the inn to deliver this.

Leo: What the hell is this?

Messenger: No idea.

[Tense music]

Leo: “In the matter of…” oh, my god. It can’t be. It is. It’s A… prenup.

Rafe: We do have ironclad evidence against you. So your man flipped, said you strong-armed him, and we got it all on tape.

Ava: I want my phone call.

Rafe: Fine.

Ava: Privacy, please.

Rafe: No problem. Less time I spend with you, the better.

[Phone rings]

[Uneasy music]

Gabi: To me. Nobody, not the cops, not five mob families have been able to do what I did without breaking a sweat. To taking down that mafia princess once and for all.

[Phone rings]

Abigail: Unknown number? Hello? Who is this?

Ava: It’s ava vitali.

Abigail: Ava? What do you want?

Ava: I have some information I think you might find quite interesting.

Nicole: Yeah, I’m gonna need those sales reports by this afternoon. Okay, thanks, andy. You’re a doll. Okay, bye. Excuse me, can I get a double espresso?

Eric: Coming right up.

[Dramatic music]

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