Days Short Recap Wednesday, April 13, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander talked to Maggie about getting married to Gwen. Maggie didn’t understand why he would marry Gwen. He said his love for Gwen is different from his love for Sarah. He explained to her why he wanted to marry Gwen. Gwen asked Abby to stand up to her for her wedding. Abby was confused as to why she would want her to stand up for her. Sonny talked to Chad about Victor wanting him to be CEO. Chad wanted to know why he would want to uproot his life like that. Sonny said he wanted his advice about. Sonny told him why he would want to do it. Xander told Maggie that he would have moved heaven and earth to find Sarah if he known she didn’t leave him for Rex. Maggie said no one knew, but she was grateful that he and Abby found her. Xander said he felt like he was abandoning Sarah. Maggie didn’t want him to feel guilty about abandoning Sarah. Maggie said she was the one who abandoned her. Abby wanted to know why Gwen wanted her to stand up at her wedding if she thought she was trying to break up her relationship with Gwen. Gwen said she did it for their father. She said Xander wanted Jack to be his best man and she thought it would be nice to have Abby there. Gwen said she saw her wedding as a way for them to move closer. She thought they would have a chance to be real sisters and family. She said it was the only thing she wanted. She asked her to do it for their father if she wouldn’t do it for her. Abby agreed to do it. Leo told Craig that he didn’t like Chloe after what she did to try to break them up. Craig told him he had to get over it because she was his daughter. Leo thought Chloe might come around after he signed the divorce papers. They said they loved each other. Brady and Chloe tried to convince Nancy not to marry Leo. Nancy said everything Leo did hasn’t convinced Craig not to marry him. Chloe and Brady said they needed proof. Nancy said she wasn’t going to do it. She said Craig deserved it.

Chloe apologized to Nancy for what she asked her to do. Nancy told her she promised Craig an easy divorce so he wouldn’t fire Marlena. Craig and Justin showed up at the pub. They were ready to sign the papers. Maggie told Xander that it was her fault that Sarah was the way she was for not getting her in a facility sooner. She told him she wanted Anna to pay for what she did. Chad walked in on Gwen and Abby hugging. Gwen said she would let her tell Chad the news before she left. Chad wanted to know what was going on. Abby told him she agreed to be Gwen’s maid of honor. Xander and Gwen met at the Salem Inn. He told her Maggie was going to take Sarah to Florida so she could get better. Gwen said Sarah might be able to lead a normal life. He asked how it went with Abby. Gwen said she was going to do it. He was happy for her and how far she has come. Chad didn’t understand why Abby agreed to be Gwen’s matron on honor after everything they have been through. Abby said she did. She said she used Jack to get her to do it. Chad said she could change her mind. He said no one would blame her. Brady and Chloe ran into Leo. Leo wanted to get along with her for Craig’s sake. Nancy was upset with Craig when he said told her what his lawyer said about their divorce. She wanted to sign the papers and get them over with. Chad told Abby that he went to see Rolf. He said Rolf didn’t know why the antidote didn’t work. Abby said it worked out for Gwen.

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