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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Shawn went to the Horton house early by himself. He let Doug and Julie know that Belle might not be going to the gender reveal party. Julie was shocked when he told her what happened with Jan. He told her what the devil did so she understood his situation. She thought Satan enjoyed making people miserable. John was surprised when Belle showed up at his place drunk. She said the devil made her do it. John wanted her to tell him what happened. She let him know that Jan was pregnant with Shawn’s baby. He was beside himself. He didn’t think the devil could hurt his family any more than he did.John couldn’t believe Shawn didn’t tell Belle what he did with Jan. He didn’t think it mattered how she found out the truth. He told her that hiding at his place wouldn’t solve her problem. He asked her if she was ready to give up on her marriage. He reminded her about all of the obstacles he and Marlena faced together. He believed that she and Shawn could overcome their obstacles too. She told him that a baby was involved in their situation. He told her that Shawn doesn’t love Jan. He said their love would help them overcome their problem. Paulina noticed that Chanel was upset. She told her that Allie broke up with her out of the blue after her visit with Johnny. Paulina planned to give Allie a piece of her mind. Chanel didn’t want her to do that. She didn’t want her mother fighting her battles for her. She told Chanel that she couldn’t let Allie get away with hurting her like that. She wanted to know if Chanel was angry about it and she said that she wasn’t upset. She told her that she was sad. She told Paulina that Allie said the same thing Johnny said to her. She started crying and wanted to know if there was something wrong with her. Paulina assured her that she wasn’t the one with the problem. She said the twins were the ones with issues. She assured Chanel that she could do better than them. She said that she didn’t just lose a girlfriend. She lost a best friend and a partner at the bakery. Paulina wanted her to be proud of herself.

Aldevil arrived at Ben and Ciara’s place with the gender reveal cake. She said when she cuts into it that it will be a moment no one will forget. Allie told Ciara that she broke up with Chanel and she was surprised to hear that. Allie said she was going to quit the bakery to focus on other things. She told Ciara that she was excited to meet her baby. Aldevil told the baby that she couldn’t wait to get to know it. Ben arrived and Aldevil said it would be a party they wouldn’t forget. The guests arrived for the party. Shawn’s family noticed that Belle wasn’t with him. He told them it was a long story. Aldevil arrived with the cake as well as with Ben and Ciara. She apologized for the delay, but something happened at the bakery. She told everyone that she quit. She didn’t want to talk about that because she wanted to get started with the gender reveal. Marlena talked to Shawn and said she would try to convince Belle to come to the party. She went to call Belle to find out if she would be there. After her conversation, Marlena told him that Belle wasn’t feeling up to the party. Roman wanted to check on Allie, and noticed that she wasn’t acting like herself. She assured him that she was okay. It was time to cut the cake. Ben and Ciara cut the cake, but blood came out of it. Julie screamed while they were cutting the cake. Allie smiled while everyone else was horrified about the cake. Allie wanted to know what was wrong. She touched the liquid and said it was cherry. She blamed it on Chanel. She said that she grabbed the wrong tube when she broke up with her. Ciara knew that Aldevil saw the sonogram and wondered if that meant she was supposed to have a girl. Aldevil wondered if she really wanted to know that way. She said she could bake another cake for her. Ben told her to just tell them what they were having. She told them they were having a boy just like they wanted. Everyone started celebrating the news.

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