Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, April 13, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Ashley, Billy, and Traci are shocked when Jack tells them Diane is alive and the details of how she faked her death. Jack wonders how he will find the words to tell Kyle and everyone worries about how Kyle will handle the news. Ashley, Billy, Jack, and Traci all agree that Diane can’t return to Genoa City.

Diane arrives in town and checks into the Grand Phoenix using her alias Diane Henson and Jack is unaware that she is in town. Ashland tells Adam he will think about his offer of 500 million dollars to leave town. Ashland talks to Victor later and asks him if Adam had his approval to offer him such a large amount of money to leave town. Victor has no idea about Adam’s offer to Ashland but he tells Ashland that he and Adam agreed on the amount of money and he wonders if Ashland will take the money and leave town. Victoria arrives at the office and Ashland tells her that Victor offered him a large amount of money to give up everything including her and leave town. Ashland asks Victoria if she thinks he should take the money and leave town.

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