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Update written by Dustin-Shane Merrill

Valentin and his French came in handy in French Polynesia. He used it on Jennifer Smith and she pretty much fell for it. They went back to her room and he watched her put something in the safe. Then, while she showered he did everything he could to crack the code and open that safe as Jennifer described her entire shower to him in intimate detail. Of course, the minute he got the safe open, Jennifer caught him.  Valentin told her he dropped his cell phone and had to retrieve it.  She seemed to buy it.

After getting off the elevator in the Metro Court restaurant, Michael and Willow are immediately served with papers to appear in court. Nina has decided to play hardball. Michael and Willow discuss the lawsuit, when Harmony arrives. Willow and Harmony agree to allow Smoltz and Michael time to discuss a mutually beneficial agreement which will allow all parties to avoid court. 

Michael thought of the perfect way to get Smoltz to drop the charges against him. He told him he would give him a first-person story about Sonny’s romance with Nina as well as an account of all Nina did to his family, including kidnapping Avery right out of Ava’s womb. Might Nina’s best friend Ava have something to say about that? 

Over at Sonny’s office, Sonny and Nina spent time together as Sonny tried to explain that maybe Michael thinks she is just like Nelle and that is why he doesn’t want her near Wiley. Sonny said that he can see all of Nina and knows she is not like Nelle and the pair kissed, but Sonny got a business call that had to be handled.

Back at the Metro Court, Harmony asked Carly for a job and told her all about going to bat for Nina, full disclosure and all. Carly was struck by Harmony saying she felt she owed Nina, information that Carly quickly relayed to Alexis.

When Harmony and Willow had a chat, Harmony ignored her phone as she did when with Carly, but finally got a text from Brendan telling her he will call her daughter next.

Although Stella Henry fainted, she was fine and it turned out to be a panic attack. Stella then called Marshall and warned him to stick to his story about his past because the truth can never be revealed or Curtis might not forgive either of them. Curtis later called Selina Wu to take her up on her offer.  Curtis agreed to provide the Savoy for Selina’s high stakes card game, provided she incurs the expenses for the security and ensures that there are no drugs coming into his club.

Scott goes to Sonny’s office to inform him that he is going to call Sonny as a character witness.  Sonny tells Scott that he underestimated him.  Sonny then tells Scott he is going to get exactly what he has coming.

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