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Jack: I thought I would’ve heard from kyle by now. He’s supposed to get back to me on when he can come to genoa city.

Phyllis: Oh, shoot, maybe he got caught up with something and he can’t make it.

Jack: Well, I will go to italy to talk to him if I have to.

Phyllis: No, no, we agreed that you didn’t want to do that. You didn’t want to leave the country with diane here.

Jack: If I want to be the one to break the news to him about his mother, I may not have a choice.

Phyllis: You really have to do it fast, jack. I don’t know if diane is gonna agree to your demand. She may jump the gun and tell kyle herself. She’s a loose cannon.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Jack: Look at you. Can you believe how beautiful my granddaughter is?

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, I noticed that the first time I met you.

Allie: Thank you.

Jack: She’s also smart. Did I tell you she’s getting her degree — a master’s — in chemical engineering?

Phyllis: Oh, wow, and that is very impressive.

Allie: Jack, please, I have not graduated yet.

Phyllis: No, you have to get used to it. I mean, your grandfather, he loves to brag about his family. It’s sort of the abbott way.

Jack: I’m sorry if i overstepped, I —

Allie: No, no, like I told you before, my dad was actually the same way. He used to make a big deal out of every a, every award and achievement.

Jack: That’s because every one of them is an achievement. I look at this as a gift. I can’t tell you how grateful i am that we’ve gotten to know each other, that… why do I feel like there’s something you’re not saying? If I’m going too far with this grandfather thing —

Allie: No, it’s not — it’s not you at all, jack. It’s me. There’s something that I think you should know.

Noah: So what’s up? What’s this big meeting about?

Sharon: Hey, noah, come on in. Join the club.

Rey: We’ve all been waiting to hear. Mariah’s not gonna say a word until everyone’s here.

Mariah: That is absolutely right, and now that you’re here, the only person we’re waiting for is tessa.

Noah: Hey, dad.

Nick: Hey.

Noah: You okay?

Faith: I think something’s up with our father. He hasn’t said any of his really cringy dad jokes in the last hour. You know that’s not like him.

Noah: Okay, so something is wrong.

Nick: Everything’s fine. It’s fine. Hey, why did the football coach go to the bank? To get his quarter back.

Noah: Yeah, you see what you started now?

Nick: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa! What happens if a snowman has a tantrum? He has a meltdown!

Sharon: Ah!

Faith: Enough.

Nick: Why? I got a “latte” more of those where they came from.

[ Laughter, groaning ]

Faith: Okay, we believe you. You’re fine. I never thought that I’d be saying this, but I’m glad you’re back to your old, normal, bad-joke-telling self again.

Mariah: [ Laughs ]

Tessa: Hi! Sorry, sorry I’m late. I got tied up.

Mariah: Yeah.

Faith: It’s fine. You’re here now.

Rey: We’ve been waiting. Just tell us the news.

Sharon: Can’t wait to hear.

Tessa: Okay, here it is.

Mariah: We…have set a wedding date.

Nick: Alright!

Sharon: Yay!

Nick: There you go.

Sharon: Yay!

[Music: “I swear”]

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Mariah: So the wedding date is may 13th.

Sharon: I assume you mean of 2023?

Tessa: No, we’re talking may as in next month.

Sharon: Oh.

Noah: Wow.

Sharon: Um…when you said there was no way you could make it by april — the date that you had originally hoped for — i thought you were going to postpone the wedding for a while.

Mariah: Yeah, that was the initial plan. You know, we were thinking sort of late summer, but tessa booked some amazing summer music festivals, like, all over the country.

Faith: Wow, that’s so cool.

Tessa: Thank you. So we didn’t want to wait to get married until after I was done.

Mariah: Oh, yeah, I’m ready to put a ring on that.

[ Laughs ]

Rey: You know, may 13th, that’s a friday. You know that, right?

Tessa: Yeah, no, I know. Isn’t it amazing? A friday the 13th wedding?

Rey: [ Laughs ]

Sharon: What kind of wedding are you planning? Please don’t tell me it’s going to involve hockey masks and machetes.

Mariah: No, we’re not planning on having bloody heads as our centerpieces or anything.

Rey: That would have been so cool.

[ Laughter ]

Mariah: Well, look, we — we already knew that we didn’t want our wedding to be conventional, so why not throw out superstitions and — and any negativity and, you know, i think getting married on this date says that we’re fearless.

Tessa: And, you know, i haven’t really ever told anyone this, but 13’s my lucky number.

Faith: But I am worried. No offense, but this sounds like a really bad idea.

Allie: It’s about diane. I went back to the house yesterday to see her.

Jack: Yeah, I was afraid of this. Did she reach out with some excuse that she needed to see you?

Phyllis: I bet she pulled out all the stops to convince you that she could be trusted.

Allie: No, no, that wasn’t the case at all. It was my idea to go see her. And don’t worry, I have not forgotten how she used me to get to you, jack, or how upset she made you. It was just that I felt like i deserved some answers, and i wanted to talk with her when i was less upset.

Jack: Well, that makes sense to me.

Allie: And I had some questions about you and your family. To be honest, I just — I wanted to hear a different side of the story about the abbotts. I hope that doesn’t offend you, jack.

Jack: No, not in the least.

Phyllis: I can’t imagine what she said to you.

Allie: Oh, uh, nothing negative, except when it came to her own mistakes.

Jack: So what exactly did she say to you?

Allie: Um, she mostly talked about kyle, with nothing but high praise and admiration. I mean, from her description, my uncle sounds like a pretty remarkable young man, even if he’s not that much older than me.

Jack: Kyle is pretty remarkable. I’m very proud of the man he has grown into.

Phyllis: That’s the abbott family pride.

Jack: I would love for you to get to meet kyle someday soon.

Allie: Yeah, I’m looking forward to that. Got to see if he lives up to the hype.

Jack: As luck would have it, kyle is coming to genoa city soon. I would be thrilled to fly you there, where you could meet him and all of the other abbotts. I’m steve, I lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo

Tessa: Well, you know, friday the 13th isn’t necessarily unlucky. In chinese culture, the number 13 is considered very lucky. It means defiantly vibrant and assures growth.

Mariah: And, you know, that describes us perfectly. I’m defiant, she’s vibrant. We’re ready to grow.

Nick: Yeah, but faith may be onto something. I mean, even if you’re not superstitious at all, do you want to set a date where it could possibly give the guests the heebie-jeebies?

Tessa: Look, we respect and appreciate all your concerns, but this day, our wedding, is going to be the beginning of an amazing journey for us, and it’s going to be filled with good luck and good fortune. I just know it.

Noah: Well, I, for one, am behind it 100%. It’s a daring idea and, dare i say, a great one.

Mariah: Thank you, noah, for being supportive.

Sharon: It’s not about not supporting you it’s about wanting only the best for you. Everyone here wants you to have the wedding of your dreams.

Allie: Yeah, maybe a trip to genoa city could work. It really depends on school and finals.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, I get it. We’ll play it by ear. No pressure at all.

Phyllis: Uh, allie, I just want to ask you a question, if you don’t mind. What else did you and diane talk about?

Allie: Not much, really. Uh…she wanted to know about my past, but I didn’t really feel comfortable opening up to her about that.

Phyllis: That’s wise. That’s wise. That’s wise. Trust your instinct on that, because diane has a way of taking any little personal tidbit about your life and turning it into a bomb so it explodes all over the place.

Allie: It’s weird ’cause i trusted her at first, you know? I mean, she was the reason i reached back out to jack. I don’t get it. I just — how could someone be so friendly and kind and caring while at the same time she was trying to manipulate me?

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, but, see, that’s what diane does so very well. She’s very, very good at pulling people into her web.

Allie: Yeah, but I do think some of the things that she was saying, she was sincere about it. Listen, after my talk with her yesterday, things actually made a lot more sense. Diane loves her son deeply. She admits that she made a terrible mistake and she really wants to fix it.

Phyllis: Mm, mm, but see, that’s the thing. It wasn’t just one mistake. It was like so much.

Jack: Let’s let her finish.

Allie: I guess what really struck me about diane was how much she loves her son. I mean, it’s part of the reason that I went over there in the first place. Her desperation for a connection to her family was just… I don’t know, it really spoke to me. The loss of my father has — has left this huge void in my life, and that’s why I’ve been trying to get to know the abbotts.

Jack: I hope you know how very grateful I am for that.

Allie: But diane went as far as buying a house in the hopes to reconnect with you and your son. Jack, listen, I agree it’s a very strange way to go about it, but there couldn’t be any intention behind that besides love.

Phyllis: Um, yeah, hey, well, she’s — she’s really good at putting on an act, and that’s usually when she’s planning something diabolical.

Allie: But, jack, listen, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we would be if we met while my father was still alive. Maybe, just — just maybe, diane deserves that same chance that you’ve been asking for.

Jack: Allie, I have fallen for diane’s emotional pleas myself in the past. She’s very good at this. She gets you to thinking she’s a friend, start to trust her. You start thinking, “wow, she has my best interests at heart,” and then, ultimately, you find out this is all about her. It’s all for her.

Allie: But isn’t it just — isn’t it possible that she’s telling the truth this one time? Couldn’t she have changed in all of these years? She seems genuinely ashamed of who she was, and honestly, it sounds like she’s had a really hard time with it.

Jack: I can understand your believing her claims. You haven’t had the experience with her that we have.

Allie: But maybe — maybe we should give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she really does want to make amends with her son. And if there’s any chance that she’s telling the truth there, doesn’t she deserve that chance?

You never know

what opportunities

Jack: Allie, I respect your kindness, your sense of optimism, and you’re partly right. But in the end, this is a decision kyle’s going to have to make. Kyle will have to decide whether or not he’s going to give his mother a second chance. So I’ve reached out to him.

Phyllis: Quite nobly, I might add.

Jack: And asked him to come to genoa city so that we could talk, so that I could tell him what I’ve learned. It’s not gonna be an easy conversation. A lot has happened. Kyle has spent a lot of his life struggling with his mother’s death. It’s gonna be a real shock to him.

Phyllis: And he’s very, very smart. I’m sure he’ll make the right decision.

Allie: And what about you, jack? If kyle accepts his mother back into his life, will you be able to forgive and forget?

Jack: To be honest, I can’t imagine a scenario in which i could ever forgive diane for what she’s done. It’s hard for me to ever believe that she is a changed woman.

Phyllis: Yeah, and I feel exactly the same way, by the way. That woman is dead to me.

Allie: Wow. I mean, I saw how angry you were when you first saw her, and then I heard her version of what happened with kyle, but I guess I still don’t have a full sense of what she did to both of you.

Jack: That is a story for another day.

Phyllis: Yeah, for another day. Listen, can I ask you a question, allie? Um, yeah, did diane come to you and, you know, suggest that you try to convince us to forgive her for everything that she’s done?

Jack: I think allie’s motives were all her own.

Phyllis: No, I know that. Allie’s motives are her own. I’m just talking about diane.

Allie: No. No, no, no, phyllis. That wasn’t the case at all. Diane did not ask for help, at least, you know, not outright. I came here completely on my own.

Phyllis: See, but that’s perfect diane manipulation.

Allie: I was not manipulated. Okay? I came here for the same reason that I came to see diane, which is to get to know my father’s family. Diane only said that she wished there was a way out of this. I mean, she realizes what she’s lost and she regrets it deeply. Jack, she really seems to want to do better.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Kyle is my son.

Jack: You said yourself he’s a grown man. He has built a wonderful life with his family. You think I’m gonna let you destroy that? Poison his life in italy? No. Never. So you go back to your new and improved life. I’ll go back to genoa city and forget this ever happened.

Diane: But you won’T. You can’T. That’s not the man you are, jack. You love kyle with your whole heart. And half of him is me.

Jack: He grieved, diane.

Diane: [ Exhales sharply ]

Jack: Cried himself to sleep night after night. His mother died. She was killed. He was lost, confused. Heartbroken. He had his mother ripped from his life. I know this because I was there. I held him. I tried to comfort him by telling him it wouldn’t always hurt so much, that I would always be there to protect him. Why would I stop doing that now?!

Diane: Our son needs me in his life. He deserves his mother.

Jack: A real mother. Not you.

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Jack: And you sure as hell don’t deserve him.

Allie: You’re doing all this to be with your son again.

Diane: I failed him. I should have healed myself so i could look after him sooner. But at the time, I just wasn’t capable of that. And I-I can’t go back in time, but I can move forward. You know, speak to him, at least. To see his face would be magical. And if I had the chance to hold him again…

Allie: You love him that much.

Mariah: But, mom, this is our dream wedding.

Tessa: Yeah, it’s everything we want. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Mariah: Of course not. Just as long as we have friends and family celebrating our love.

Tessa: The location and theme, it’s just icing on the cake.

Mariah: Yeah. We just want the people who matter to us there supporting us, you know? The flowers can be wilted. The — the officiant can be grumpy. The halls can be drafty. We don’t care!

Noah: Yeah, but we all know you can do better than that, and you will. By the time this is time, friday the 13th will symbolize joy, love, good times. And if you guys aren’t sick of hearing my input, I do have one more idea. Fair warning, it is a little off-center.

Mariah: Well, that’s kind of exactly our brand.

Tessa: Yeah, we’re open to anything.

Noah: Well, I remember you talking about theatrics, music, something retro, so…

Tessa: [ Gasps ] Oh, I love it. ’70s glam.

Mariah: Wow. Wow, I mean, this has everything. I mean, this is theatrical and colorful.

Tessa: It’s — it represents individuality and freedom.

Mariah: Noah, you nailed it. Oh, my gosh, you really nailed it.

Faith: This is way before my time. What’s so glam about the ’70s?

Sharon: Well, nobody here is old enough to have memories of that decade, but, I mean, I’ve heard a lot about it. It was the decade where the attitude was “if it feels good, do it.”

Rey: I’m sure you’re familiar with the clothes everyone wore back then.

Faith: Kind of. I’ve seen old movies and tv shows.

Mariah: Bell bottoms, feather boas, sequins.

Tessa: You know, crop tops, bright colors, patterns.

Faith: You know, I have seen some awesome retro videos online that I can use for inspiration. The fashion was beautiful.

Nick: If you guys are expecting me to dress up like ziggy stardust for your wedding, probably gonna be busy that day.

[ Laughter ]

Sharon: You can come as bryan ferry.

Nick: I could get on board with that.

Tessa: I mean, besides, anything bowie related, all the rights go to mariah.

Mariah: Mm-hmm. Well, wow, okay. We have a date.

Tessa: Mm-hmm.

Mariah: We have a plan.

Tessa: Wow, it’s all coming together.

Mariah: We are really getting married.

[ Laughs ] Johnson & johnson

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Allie: Oh, shoot, I have to get back to class. Uh, when are you guys heading back to genoa city?

Jack: Well, actually, we haven’t firmed up our plans just yet.

Allie: Yeah, I’ll be pretty busy next week, so I don’t think I’ll have much free time anyway. Um, that is, if you guys were planning to hang around to spend more time together.

Jack: That’s good to know. Actually, I probably have to get back to genoa city. There are other people I have to let know that diane is alive. But listen, the offer I made to you, to fly you out to genoa city, that’s a standing offer. I’d love to do that.

Phyllis: Yeah, you should take him up on that offer. It’s a good one.

Allie: Thanks, jack. I really appreciate the invite. But I think — I think I have to think about it for a little bit.

Jack: Yeah, I get it.

Allie: I’ll check —

Jack: Genoa city will be there waiting for you whenever you’re ready.

Allie: There is something that I’m curious about.

Jack: You can ask me anything.

Allie: Are you guys together?

Phyllis: Uh…uh…why — why do you think that?

Allie: Well, just when i first met you guys, you said you were friends, but then I sensed this, I don’t know, incredible closeness between you guys. And, I don’t know, you’re here now in la. You must have dropped everything on a moment’s notice to be here for jack when you thought he needed you. That’s a pretty strong friendship.

Phyllis: It is.

Jack: Yeah, it is.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

Allie: Oh.

Jack: Everything alright?

Allie: I got a text from diane.

Phyllis: Oh. Oh, wow. Look at that. Of course you did, of course you did.

Allie: She wants to know if we can meet at the house later today.

Phyllis: Okay, well, that’s how she starts. Just so you know, that’s how she starts. She’s seducing you into trusting her.

Jack: I can’t tell you how to handle this woman anymore than i can tell kyle. But a word of warning — proceed with caution.

Phyllis: Extreme caution.

Allie: I think I’m gonna take your advice and be careful.

Jack: I’m glad to hear that.

Allie: [ Sighs ] Alright, well… thank you, jack.

Jack: I am a phone call away. You have my number.

Allie: Bye, phyllis.

Jack: Bye. Damn diane. She is insisting on dragging my granddaughter into her mess. I told her to stay away from her.

Phyllis: But nobody stops diane. Nobody does. Nobody tells her what to do.

Jack: Want to bet?

Sharon: Well, I’m happy that you guys have decided on a date and a theme, but I am a little bit worried about the timing and pulling this all together.

Mariah: No, I have no doubts that this is gonna come together. I mean, with this team behind us, there is nothing we can’t do.

Tessa: Yeah, and since noah has the design covered, I’m thinking maybe we can split up some of the planning.

Mariah: Mm-hmm.

Faith: I volunteer to be the wedding cake taster.

Mariah: And I want to find a theater and just make this rock and roll vibe.

Tessa: Yeah, and I’m already thinking of a playlist for the reception.

Sharon: You know, speaking of the reception, what kind of food would be appropriate for this?

Rey: Well, if you’re sticking with that ’70s theme, fondue for sure.

Faith: Does melted cheese really fit with the glam, though?

Nick: Sounds messy.

Rey: It’s just a thought, bro.

[ Laughter ]

Sharon: Hey, nick, remember when your frat threw that ’70s party?

Nick: Oh, yes.

Sharon: And I remember i found costumes for us at a second-hand store.

Nick: Yeah, it was an amazing time. Uh…until your platform shoe broke and then you sprained your ankle.

Sharon: Yeah, and then you carried me home.

Tessa: Oh, how romantic.

Nick: Epic party. Cops came three times.

[ Laughter ] Yeah.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ] Jack.

Jack: What are you up to? Why are you still trying to manipulate my granddaughter? For copd,

Chelsea: Hi.

Sharon: Chelsea. Come and join the wedding planning fun.

Chelsea: I am so sorry. I didn’t realize this was a family gathering. I just came to talk to rey about his trip to chicago with connor.

Mariah: It’s not really a party or anything. We’re just throwing around ideas.

Faith: Thinking of ways to make the happy brides’ special day even happier.

Chelsea: That’s right. It’s so exciting. Congrats again. You know, I used to have a bridal line, so if you need anything, feel free to reach out. I’d be honored to contribute to the festivities.

Tessa: Oh, that’s so sweet. Thank you, chelsea.

Chelsea: Well, congrats again. Rey, I will be in touch to finalize the details.

Rey: Uh, chelsea, hold up. They don’t really need my help in there. Wedding planning isn’t really my forte. So I have some time. What’s up?

Chelsea: I have some good news.

Rey: Yeah?

Chelsea: My business trip to new york got postponed, so I can take connor to chicago.

Rey: Oh, that’s great, that’s great. Although I have to admit, I was looking forward to hanging with the little dude and going to a hockey game. But I’m sure he’d much prefer being with his mom.

Chelsea: No. No, no, no. Not so fast. I have more good news. I got an extra ticket. I mean, I doubt our seats will be together, but that does mean the three of us get to go. Unless, of course, you have a problem with that.

Mariah: Mom. Are you sure that you’re okay with our plans?

Sharon: Well, I mean, I have to admit, I had a moment of doubt, but this idea is so inspired. And really the only thing I’m concerned about is the time frame of it all.

Mariah: Really? Is that your only concern? ‘Cause I am your first daughter to get married, so I don’t know, maybe you’re hoping I was gonna wear one of your dresses or something.

Sharon: That thought crossed my mind.

Mariah: I just want you to understand that I’m trying to make this personal to tessa and me, you know? I want this day to show who we are as a couple, as soulmates.

Sharon: And I love that. This day should be everything that you and tessa want it to be because it’s your special day. And it’s gonna be something that you remember and you treasure for the rest of your life. And this idea is just so the two of you, so I couldn’t be happier or more proud.

Mariah: Well, I am going to be very proud to have you standing by my side.

Sharon: Well, I will be crying happy tears right through my glam makeup whenever, wherever, however my daughter marries the love of her life.

Diane: What exactly has allie accused me of? I think that’s fair to ask.

Jack: This isn’t about accusations. This is about facts.

Diane: Well, then could you share those facts with me?

Phyllis: Oh, please stop acting so rational. We know you too well.

Jack: I told you to stay away from allie.

Diane: She came to me. It was her choice.

Jack: That young woman just lost her father.

Diane: Yes, and now she has a grandfather, with cousins and aunts and uncles.

Phyllis: Gifts bestowed by you, the fairy godmother.

Diane: [ Scoffs ] Okay, allie had questions about her family, which I answered in the most positive way possible. I told her how loving the abbotts could be and what a good guy kyle is.

Phyllis: That’s not the point.

Diane: Then what is?

Jack: It’s about you texting her to meet you here now. What is this? What, is it collection time? You haven’t done anything out of the goodness of your soul. What, you said some nice things about the abbotts and you want something. What is it? You used her to get to me. Wasn’t that enough? Now you have to exploit her some more.

Diane: Don’t underestimate her. Allie is smart and kind. I mean, clearly there has been pain in her past, but there’s no bitterness in her. You should be proud, jack, and you should trust her to make her own decisions.

Phyllis: Don’t tell jack how to feel, please.

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Jack: The deal was I was gonna reconnect you with kyle. I agreed to that. That’s it. That’s enough. You stay away from allie.

Diane: Jack, why are you still so angry with me? You can hate me and still admit that having allie in your life is a blessing.

Jack: Yes, pat yourself on the back for what a lovely thing you did. Leave her alone now.

Diane: Well, what about kyle? Are you going to go back on your word now and say that you won’t reach out to him on my behalf?

Phyllis: Jack doesn’t play games. That’s something you do.

Jack: I have already reached out to kyle and asked him to come home to genoa city, where, as carefully as I can, I will tell him that you are alive and living in los angeles. I will give him your contact information, and it will be up to him, only him, to decide whether to reach out to you.

Diane: But he doesn’t know anything else. Just — just that it’s a visit.

Jack: I have gone to great pains to avoid setting off any alarms. He has no idea what he’s walking into.

Diane: Well, maybe — maybe once he knows, he can forgive me. Okay, maybe not at first, that’d be too much to hope for, but maybe he’ll give me the chance to explain, to tell him how much I’ve always loved him.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah. Sure, you’ve always loved him. You ditched him when he was a child, and now you want back in his life. He should jump at the chance to talk with you.

Diane: Kyle is like his father. He has love and forgiveness in his heart, even for terrible betrayals.

Jack: I hate like hell that kyle has to decide whether or not to forgive you, but it’s clear you’re not gonna give him any choice. All I can do is be there to support him. The last thing I want is for his heart to be broken. Sadly, that’s all you’re capable of.

Diane: [ Sighs ] My moderate to severe plaque psoriasis…

Rey: I don’t want to intrude. I’d just be a third wheel in your mother-son time. I know how much connor treasures his time alone with you.

Chelsea: Oh, no, no, no, no. No, no, you’ve got it all wrong. When I first told connor that i would be taking him to chicago, his first question, “yeah, but rey’s still coming with us, too, right?”

[ Laughs ] He really wants to watch this game with you. You’ve become his new best friend. Please don’t let him down.

Rey: I’d be happy to go with you.

Phyllis: Well, you handled that masterfully, really. Everything that diane was throwing out there, I would’ve lost my mind. I was about to, but you were good.

Jack: As long as she stays away from allie this time.

Phyllis: You know, even if she doesn’t, I believe that allie has a good head on her shoulders. I mean, I think she did realize that we wouldn’t have warned her about diane if we didn’t have good reason.

Jack: Given that, I think my next move is pretty clear. It’s time to go home. Allie made it clear she’s not gonna be available in the next week, and I have to get back to jabot. Kyle has been covering for me ever since I got here.

Phyllis: Yeah. But, um, I mean, you — this was a good trip with allie, at least. I mean, you got somewhere with her, right? You made progress.

Jack: Yeah, we did. I wish she’d been more specific about her timeline for coming out to genoa city.

Phyllis: It’s okay. You’ll have a lot of opportunities in the future to bond with her.

Jack: Boy, I hope you’re right. Listen, I know you’re probably tired of my saying this, but thank you for being here to support me. Thank you for coming all this way just to check on me.

Phyllis: I’m happy to do it. I know how difficult this has been for you. And now, with diane jenkins in the mix — oh, I can’t even believe that.

[ Sighs ] No one should have to go through this alone.

Jack: Well, thanks to you, i don’t have to.

Phyllis: We’re always there for each other when it counts, aren’t we? Um…I think we should discuss how we’re gonna tell everybody in genoa city that diane is alive, considering half of the population there wanted to kill her.

Diane: Yes, I would like the next available flight from los angeles to genoa city.

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