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Carly: Thank you so much for coming by so quickly.

Sam: Yeah, of course. It sounded urgent.

Carly: It is.

Sam: Okay, are we talking NIna, the video, or as my mom would say, a fresh, new hell?

Carly: It’s the video.

Sam: Is Josslyn okay? I mean, I imagine with the harassment and online slut-shaming, it might

Carly: — It’s nonstop. And people are garbage.

Sam: Okay. How can I help?

Carly: You heard that Trina was arrested for making and distributing the video?

Sam: Yeah.

Carly: She didn’t do it.

Sam: Do you think she was set up?

Carly: I know she was — by Spencer’s girlfriend, Esme Prince. The problem is…

Sam: You need proof.

Carly: I need to know if the PCPD has any evidence against Esme.

Sam: And you’re asking me because…

Carly: Because you’re sleeping with a cop.

Dante: Officer?

Rory: Uh, yes, Detective?

Dante: Forensics is dragging their feet on some labs I’m waiting on. Can you do me a solid and get over there and light a fire under them for me?

Rory: On it.

Dante: Excellent.

Rory: Uh. Sir. Yeah.

Dante: Thank you.

Jordan: Detective Falconeri.

Dante: Present.

Jordan: He’s a rookie.

Dante: Yeah.

Jordan: He got out of the academy like 5 minutes ago. Cut him some slack.

Dante: Yeah. Okay.

Jordan: As I’m sure someone once did for you.

Dante: Ehh.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Arden: Commissioner Ashford.

Jordan: -ADA Arden. – [ Sighs ] What can we do for you?

Arden: Any new developments in the Trina Robinson case?

Jordan: Not yet, but we’re working on it.

Arden: Keep me posted. We’ve got a good case, but it’s mostly circumstantial. I need more.

Dante: You need more. You sound like you’re really going after Trina Robinson.

Arden: She secretly recorded people having sex and distributed the video without their consent. That’s revenge porn, Detective. She might have thought it was some kind of prank, but in reality, it’s a felony. One that I intend to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Dante: Hm. What’s up?

Jordan: Conflict of interest.

Dante: Oh, come on. We went through this. Yes, the victim is my former stepsister. Well, I know. We — we — we went past this, haven’t we?

Jordan: It’s not with you — me. My job as commissioner is to help the DA’s office put Trina away.

Dante: Right. So where’s the conflict?

Jordan: I don’t believe she’s guilty.

Ava: I-I hope you don’t think these pieces are going to sell for that. I-I will negotiate for a fair price, of course, and if — if you don’t like it, you’re free to find another gallery. Well, that’s what I thought. Right. Okay, I’ll — I’ll start working on the paperwork first thing in the morning. [ Sighs ]

Trina: Mr. Weaver, right? He’s always insuring his clients’ work as way over market value.

Ava: [ Laughing ] Trina, hi! I have missed you so much. Oh! What brings you by?

Trina; My job?

Ava: Really? I — you know, I don’t know why, but I just figured that y-you might be —

Trina: Hiding out? Yeah, that’s not really my style.

Ava: Ohh. Good for you.

Trina: Actually, um, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my mom and Curtis and his family, and his dad’s been really nice to me, too, you know?

[ Light rustling ]

Trina: And we’ve had some pretty good conversations.

Ava: I’m so glad to hear it.

Trina: [ Sighs ] I’m glad to be here. So why don’t you head home and, uh, I can stay and finish up?

Ava: Oh, that’s so nice of you. But, no, I — I’m glad to be here, too. I’d rather be here. [ Chuckles ]

Trina: Why? When you have a handsome husband waiting for you at Wyndemere?

Ava: Mm. He’s handsome enough. He’s also not alone.

Nikolas: [ Sighs ] [ Sighs ] Ava…you really know what makes me happy.

Spencer: Ava’s at the gallery. She asked me to tell you she’s working late.

Nikolas: Ah. Thanks for telling me, son. If this setup is your doing, I appreciate the gesture.

Spencer: No, though it is my style.

Nikolas: Well, if you didn’t go through all this trouble, then…

Esme: I did. It’s the least I can do for ruining your life.

[ Water splashing softly, bell clanging in distance ]

Alexis: Harmony?

Harmony: Alexis. What are you doing here?

Alexis: I was waiting for the launch, uh, to go over to Spoon Island. What are you doing here, sitting out here all by yourself, alone at night?

NIna reeves was pregnant and in a coma. She couldn’t consent to an adoption. I wonder how much the wealthy heiress will pay for this information.

Alexis: Harmony.

Harmony: [ Breathes sharply ]

Alexis: Hello? Obviously, something is bothering you. Whatever it is, you can tell me about it.

Michael: So, I see you made good on your threat.

Nina: I’m just simply exercising my rights as a grandparent. Why? Did you think I wouldn’t?

Brendan: Help me out here. That elegant woman talking to the unhappy couple. Is she who I think she is?

Waiter: Yep. NIna reeves. Editor-in-Chief of Crimson Magazine.

Nina: You left me no choice. You drew a line in the sand. And you, of course, are standing by his side.

Willow: Of course I am. Because I love Wiley.

Nina: And so do I. And I’m willing to prove it. Are you?

Sam: Okay, that was direct, even coming from you.

Carly: I’m sorry, but this whole situation has got me —

Sam: Cutting to the chase? I get it. Okay, so I’m going to do the same thing for you. No, because Dante and I aren’t just sleeping together. We’re in a relationship.

Carly: And I’m all for it.

Sam: Because you think you can get me to spy on him?

Carly: No. I’m happy for both of you. The spying is an added bonus.

Sam: [ Sighs lightly ] Okay. I know that Dante is not the lead detective on the case.

Carly: Okay, maybe not, but joss is involved, so Dante has had to take a personal interest in the case.

Sam: Yeah, but he’s not gonna discuss that with me.

Carly: Come on, are you saying that Dante always leaves his work at the precinct?

Sam: Look, I know as much as you do. The PCPD is following the evidence, and it led them to Trina. What else do you want me to say?

Carly: The evidence is wrong.

Dante: Well, anyone who knows Trina knows that she didn’t do this. Unfortunately, so far, all the evidence we have points to her, so hopefully the newbie comes back with something that can help us out.

Jordan: And by “us,” you mean…

Dante: Team Trina.

Jordan: [ Sighs ] We can’t be “Team Trina.” We have to be objective.

Dante: Officially, we are.

Jordan: And if the labs come back and they’re not what we’re hoping, we still have to hand them over to the ADA.

Dante: Yeah. What is up with her? Has she got it in for Trina or something?

Jordan: [ Sighs ] Honestly, it has nothing to do with Trina. Arden’s a crusader. She doesn’t care who the defendant is. If the evidence points towards their guilt, they’re guilty.

Dante: [ Sighs ] And if it doesn’t? She’ll drop it. So we need to find evidence that exonerates Trina.

Jordan: And we need to do it soon. Trina’s trial is coming up. Arden is a skilled prosecutor with a strong record of convictions. Trina could go to prison for a crime she didn’t commit.

Trina: So Spencer moved back to Wyndemere? What about Esme?

Ava: She’s there, too.

Trina: I see. So, um… they kissed and made up now that she’s having his baby?

Ava: No. E-Esme is not pregnant.

Trina: Like it matters. I knew they were going to get back together. After Spencer said that he did believe that I was the one that made the video, it was only a matter of time.

Ava: You know, from what I can see, Spencer and Esme are far from back together.

Trina; Oh. Well… whatever. [ Scoffs ] She’s still living with him now, right? [ Chuckles ]

Ava: A-about that… if anybody’s to blame for bringing that alley cat into the house, it’s not Spencer.

Trina: Then who?

Ava: You’re looking at her.

Nikolas: You haven’t ruined my life.

Esme: Haven’t I? You and Ava were planning to renew your vows.

Nikolas: We still are.

Esme: Oh, thank God. I know how much the ceremony means to you both. To make a fresh start and celebrate having the kind of love that, um, anyone would envy. But now you and Ava are fighting because of me, because my presence here is unacceptable to her.

Nikolas: [ Breathes deeply ] That may be true. But it’s not gonna hurt my marriage to Ava.

Esme: But you’re sleeping in separate rooms.

Nikolas: So? Couples fight. They sleep in separate rooms. Despite our present difficulties…

Esme: In other words, me.

Nikolas: …Ava and I are rock solid, and nothing or no one’s gonna come between us. And you, Esme, are not going anywhere.

Spencer: Father’s right. We need to keep you safe.

Esme: Even though I’m not carrying your baby?

Nikolas: Either way, you wound up in Sonny’s crosshairs.

Spencer: Which means you need to stay here. For now.

Esme: For now. As a guest and… nothing more.

Harmony: I always come here.

Alexis: Alone? At night?

Harmony: Yeah, I just, you know, I come and look at the boats and breathe the night air and just — I don’t know — reflect.

[ Water splashing softly ]

Alexis: Well, your reflection doesn’t seem to make you very relaxed.

Harmony: Well, when you live my life, reflecting isn’t always a party.

Alexis: [ Sighs ] Fair enough. [ Sighs ] So, I think I-I might know something about what you’re thinking about.

Harmony: You do?

Alexis: Carly mentioned that you approached her about a job.

Harmony: Yeah. [ Clears throat ] Yeah. Guilty as charged.

Alexis: That’s a good idea. You tell me what you were making at Spring Ridge, and if Carly can pay you more, you can quit your job.

Harmony: Maybe. Then I could be out of your house and your hair sooner.

Alexis: Harmony, I told you you could stay there until you make enough money to get your own place.

Harmony: Yeah, but even so… no, there’s just — there’s too many memories at your place.

Alexis: Yeah, you recruiting my daughter in my house. Trying to get her into Dawn of Day is — is not a pleasant memory for either of us.

Harmony: Yeah. It’s just that the past is never really the past, right? Somehow, it has a way of catching up with us.

Brendon: Do me a favor — take my picture and try to get Ms. Reeves in the shot.

Michael: Willow doesn’t have to explain anything, especially to you.

Willow: If anyone has something to prove, NIna, it’s you.

Nina: Willow, that’s exactly my point. How am I supposed to prove my love for my grandson if I don’t have a chance? Listen, you have the power to do that, Willow. Let’s just stop fighting before we take it in front of a judge. Let’s reach a compromise.

Willow: Oh, and by “compromise,” you mean that you win.

Nina: Wiley wins. More family, more love. And at the end of the day, isn’t that the only thing that matters?

Brendan: Did you get Ms. Reeves in the shot? Yes, you did. And the couple, too. Who are they, by the way?

Waiter: Uh, that’s Michael Corinthos and his girlfriend, Willow.

Brendan: Willow Tait? I can’t wait to send this to my wife. She’ll be over the moon.

Waiter: [ Chuckles lightly ]

Alexis: Who do you think you’re talking to? My past hasn’t exactly been a picnic. But at some point, you have to learn to put it behind you. And I am learning to do that, and maybe you can let me help you do the same.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Carly: I have known Trina since she and Josslyn were in junior high. Cameron and Trina helped Josslyn mourn Oscar. Trina was Josslyn’s rock. She is kind, loving, and smart.

Sam: And Esme? Clearly, she’s smart enough to frame people.

Carly: She’s smart. She’s overconfident. She practically called me a slut to my face.

Sam: Okay. Uh, what was she thinking?

Carly: She was thinking that Nikolas, who had just walked in the door, was going to run to her rescue if I got mad, and that’s exactly what happened.

Sam: And Esme — she is a manipulator who knows how to play people.

Carly: Oh, yeah. Josslyn said she was pulling strings the whole time the five of them were at the cabin. I’m telling you, Sam, Esme made that video, loaded it onto the phone, and then dropped that phone in Trina’s bag to frame her. And if Esme gets away with this, who’s she gonna go after next?

Jordan: Arresting Trina was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. She was completely blindsided, came willingly to the police station, and genuinely wanted to cooperate. It’s clear to me that Trina’s innocent.

[ Knock on door ]

Dante: Yeah. Come in.

Rory: Detective. Mm. Here’s the forensics report you asked for.

Dante: Excellent, Rory. Thank you very much.

Rory: Uh, anything else?

Dante: No, not for now. I’ll, uh — we’ll let you know. Could get used to this.

Jordan: Rory’s a good kid.

Dante: You want to do the honors?

Jordan: [ Sighs ] [ Sighs ]

Dante: How bad is it?

Jordan: Bad.

Trina: Wait. So it was your idea for Esme to move into Wyndemere?

Ava: Mnh, it was definitely not my idea. [ Chuckles ] I-I was just so outraged by your arrest that I — I sought out Avery’s father.

Trina: You went to Sonny?

Ava: Yeah. Well, I wanted to voice my concerns about what Esme was doing to Josslyn and to you, two young women that Sonny and I, respectively, love like our own daughters.

Trina: Okay. A-and then what?

Ava: Sonny arranged to have a private chat with Esme.

Trina: Oh, my gosh. She must have been petrified.

Ava: Yeah. One can only hope. Anyway, unfortunately, it backfired, and Nikolas came to Esme’s rescue, and then Spencer asked if the two of them could — could move in, and then Nikolas agreed without even mentioning it to me. And there’s just one small consolation, which is that I can keep an eye on Esme. And you might be interested to know that she has her room and Spencer has his.

Trina: Well, what about you and Mr. Cassadine? Are — are you okay?

Ava: Mm. That depends on what you mean by “okay.”

Trina: Ava… no. [ Sighs ] Don’t tell me you two broke up because of me.

Harmony: Alexis, I really have to go.

Alexis: No. Harmony, stop doing that.

Harmony: I can’t.

Alexis: No. You need to stop doing that. Obviously, s-something in that text upset you, and you don’t have to tell me what’s in it, but you do have to tell me what I can do to help you.

[ Water splashing softly, bell clanging in distance ]

Harmony: [ Voice breaking ] Thank you. But there’s nothing anyone can do.

[ Air horn blows ]

Harmony: The launch is about to leave. [ Sighs lightly ]Go be with your nephew.

Carly: Yeah, but Harmony said something else that was really strange. She said she owed NIna.

Nina: We can do this without the lawyers and the judges if you’ll just meet me halfway.

Willow: I see what you’re doing, NIna. Trying to divide and conquer.

Michael: And it’s not subtle.

Nina: No, I’m just trying to plead with Willow, because between the two of you, at least Willow might have a little bit more compassion.

Willow: Well, whatever it is you think you’re doing, Michael and I are together on this.

Nina: Alright, is this what you want? I didn’t ask for a fight, but I know how to finish it.

Michael: You know, you may have Scott on your side [Chuckling] And you may even have my father, but we have resources of our own. Look, you might want to quit while you’re ahead, because I promise you, NIna, this — this is not gonna be pretty.

Brendan: Excuse me. NIna reeves? I can’t believe what a lucky break this is.

Nina: I’m sorry, but we’re in the middle of a conversation.

Brendan: Oh, no, you don’t understand, Ms. Reeves. The lucky one is you.

Sam: Well, if you’re right about Esme [Sighs] Then she needs to be exposed. I would say the sooner the better, but I can’t ask my boyfriend for privileged information.

Carly: I figured. [ Sighs ] But it was worth a shot, right? [ Chuckles ]

Sam: Yeah. I mean, I probably would have done the same thing.

Carly: Does this mean I don’t have to apologize?

Sam: Were you actually going to?

Carly: [ Laughing ] I don’t know. Sam, look, I-I don’t — I don’t claim to be objective. I don’t. My daughter was publicly humiliated and violated, an innocent young woman is gonna take the fall, and it’s only going to encourage Esme even more.

Sam: Do you really think she’s that dangerous?

Carly: I do now. Sonny had Esme brought to his office for a little chat. Nikolas and Victor showed up to rescue her, and now she’s checked in at Wyndemere.

Sam: Well, it’s one thing to have Spencer and Nikolas snowed, but Victor?

Carly: Do you think he believes her?

Sam: I don’t know. Victor doesn’t believe anyone. And if he finds Esme useful, then it could be a whole different kind of dangerous.

Carly: Right. So will you ask Dante if he knows anything?

Sam: Didn’t you just not apologize for that? I don’t like the idea of spying on my boyfriend, and I don’t want to risk my relationship and end up… ugh.

Carly: Like me?

Sam: No, that’s not… [ Scoffs ] Carly.

Carly: It’s okay. You can say it. You have someone in your life, and I don’t.

[ Telephone rings in distance ]

Jordan: These results alone aren’t damning, but on top of everything else…

[ Papers thump lightly ]

Dante: It’s not looking good for Trina.

Jordan: So here’s what we’ve got. It started with the video, the illegal recording of Joss and Cam.

Dante: [ Sighs ] Which could have been achieved any number of ways. Uh, the person who shot the video didn’t necessarily even have to be in the same room as the camera.

Jordan: Then we find the phone inside of Trina’s bag with her fingerprints all over it.

Dante: [ Sighs ] Well, they made it to look like Trina’s phone so she could have touched it who knows how many times before she realized it wasn’t hers. Now the records show that someone used the phone to make an online purchase using one of Trina’s credit cards.

Dante: So? It is easy to steal credit card information.

Jordan: The purchase was a download from a fine arts website — some images by the artist Richard Molyneaux.

Dante: You know, I got to go with my gut, and it’s saying that she’s been framed.

Jordan: To us, but to Arden, this is as close to a smoking gun as she’s gonna get. This may be the thing that convicts Trina.

Ava: Nikolas and I are having a, um… an extreme difference of opinion.

Trina: Because you’re siding with me against Esme?

Ava: Because Esme is a conniving little snake!

[ Thumps ]

Ava: And because I was furious that Nikolas gave the okay for her and Spencer to move in without even asking me.

Trina: How furious?

Ava: I briefly considered moving out.

Trina: Ava.

Ava: I-I said “briefly.” After I cooled down, I changed tactics. Now I’m back home. I’m keeping an eye on Esme, and I’m still able to keep Nikolas at an arm’s length.

Trina: What does that mean?

Ava: Separate bedrooms.

Trina: I’m sorry, but… it sounds like you’re giving Esme and Spencer exactly what they want.

Alexis: Hey!

Spencer: Aunt Alexis!

Alexis: Hi, Spencer.

Spencer: Hey. How’s it going?

Alexis: Good.

Spencer: [ Sighs ] Your timing couldn’t have been better. Things have been more than a little tense around here.

Alexis: Mm. I take it some crisis has forced you to share digs with your father?

Spencer: Actually, I decided to move back in.

Alexis: Really? So you and Nikolas are on the mend?

Spencer: Not exactly.

Nikolas: [ Sighs ] I wonder what’s keeping Spencer.

Esme: Mm. Maybe it’s Ava?

Nikolas: Ava has a key.

Esme: Right. [ Chuckles ] Of course. How stupid of me. Mr. Cassadine, I just want you to know that… I really feel for you. Your situation.

Nikolas: Do you, now?

Esme: I do. And I know that as long as I remain in this house, it’s putting a —

Nikolas: Stop right there. You are staying on this island where it is safe.

Esme: But —

Nikolas: I — that’s final.

Esme: Well, if you insist.

Nikolas: I do.

Esme: In that case, um, there’s no reason for me to stay here in the main house. I could always just fix up the old gardener’s cottage, cook my own meals. Ava would never see me.

Nikolas: I appreciate the offer, but that’s not necessary.

Esme: Better that than to watch you suffer. I mean, maybe it’s because… …even though my adoptive parents did their best, I never felt like I truly belonged. That’s why I hate to see your family in pain.

[ Door opens ]

Spencer: Look who’s here.

Alexis: Nikolas, as usual, you’re full of surprises.

[ Door closes ]

Nina: I’m sorry, but as you can see, we’re in the middle of a very important conversation.

Brendan: And I’m sorry to interrupt, but when I saw you all together, Michael Corinthos and Willow Tait, right?

Michael: Yes.

Brendan: Wow. If you only knew what this means to me. But it could mean even more to you.

Willow: [ Sighs ]

Michael: Well, it sounds like you’re selling something.

Willow: Like a bridge or some really great swamp land. [ Chuckles ] Mister…?

Brendan: Byrne. Brendon Byrne. Green Light Investments. Given the success of Crimson, I came to town hoping to make Aurora media one hell of an offer — and trust me, it could be a real game-changer for all of you.

Sam: I wasn’t implying that you didn’t have anyone in your life. And I’m really sorry if I made it sound like that way.

Carly: It’s okay. You didn’t. Divorcing Sonny means letting go of a lot. But it also means being open to a new future with new possibilities, right? [ Chuckles ] But right now, I’m focused on my daughter and clearing Trina and getting the goods on Esme. But not at the expense of your relationship with Dante. So I’m sorry. Please forget that I asked. Okay?

Sam: Okay. Anything else I can do to help?

Carly: You did help. You let me vent. And, clearly [Chuckling] I needed to. Now, go. Go. ‘Cause I know Dante would love to see you.

Sam: Alright. You know, tonight’s going to be a tossup between me and pizza, but I do want you to know that Josslyn’s going to be okay. And so will Trina. But Esme?

Carly: She won’t. Damn straight. [ Sighs ]

Dante: Alright, so we get this file to Arden, and then what?

Jordan: Up to now, we’ve followed the evidence.

Dante: Well, look where that’s gotten us so far.

Jordan: Now we do what you suggested.

Dante: Oh, one of my brilliant ideas?

Jordan: [ Scoffs ]

Dante: Which one? I mean, there’s so many to choose from, it’s tough to narrow it down.

Jordan: We follow our instincts, our gut — specifically yours.

Dante: Sounds good. Where do you want me and my gut to start?

Jordan: With Esme Prince. She’s a classic mean girl. Petty, vengeful, but very thorough. I don’t think she’s an evil genius by any means, though I could be wrong.

Dante: And what’s your gut saying?

Jordan: It says be careful. Don’t underestimate her. We might only get one shot to nail her, and we need to do it soon. Otherwise, Esme might just pull this off.

Trina: Think about how this whole thing started. Spencer and Esme wanted to separate you and Nikolas.

Ava: We are not separated.

Trina: Just sleeping in different bedrooms? I’m sorry. Was that disrespectful?

Ava: No. Not when it comes from a place of caring.

Trina: Ava, look. You have something real with Nikolas. You can’t jeopardize that.

Ava: Maybe Nikolas should have thought of that before he welcomed Esme into our house without my consent.

Trina: I’m sure Esme manipulated him into it. That’s what she does. I’m sure that she is loving every minute that you and Nikolas are fighting over her. Please, Ava. You can’t give her the satisfaction. If you want to help me, show Esme that she’s not going to win. Show her that your marriage to Nikolas is stronger than her schemes.

Alexis: Esme, Spencer tells me that you’re crashing here now.

Nikolas: Not crashing. She’s our guest.

Alexis: For how long?

Nikolas: Indefinitely.

Esme: I am so grateful for Mr. Cassadine’s hospitality. You’ve been on quite a journey yourself.

Alexis: Have I?

Esme: Well, since Thanksgiving. Thanks again for including me and Spence, by the way.

Alexis: Actually, you and Spence were the least of my problems that night.

Esme: And now look at you. I mean, between that amazing interview with Josslyn and Cameron and those headlines with Trina, you’ve made The Invader a must-read.

Alexis: Mm. I’m sure that The Invader and I will have a lot more to say on both those subjects as the story unfolds.

Spencer: If you’ll all excuse me, I need some air.

Nikolas: Son… we have a guest. Aunt Alexis knows how much I love her and cherish our one-on-one time, which I’m sure we’ll have soon enough.

Alexis: Absolutely. I love you, too. Can’t wait to catch up.

Spencer: [ Sighs ]

Esme: I’m sure you two have plenty to catch up on. If you’ll excuse me.

[ Door opens ]

Esme: Spence, wait! Was it something I said?

Brendan: Why don’t the four of us sit down and discuss my offer?

Michael: Look, I-I don’t do business in restaurants, especially with a complete stranger who is offering a deal that’s “too good to pass up.” So, look, why don’t you send your proposal to the CFO of Aurora? And, uh, if it can be vetted, I’ll look it over.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Michael: Now, if you’ll excuse us.

Brendan: I’ll do just that. I have a feeling we have much to discuss. Ms. Reeves. Ms. Tait.

[ Elevator button clicks ]

Brendan: You know where to reach me.

Willow: Mom. Do you know that guy?

Sam: Excuse me, officer. Can you let detective Falconeri know that Sam McCall is here?

Rory: Absolutely.

Sam: Thanks.

Dante: Hey, Sam.

Jordan: Hey, Sam.

Sam: Hi.

Dante: I was, um — I was gonna call you like half an hour ago, maybe even about an hour ago. I don’t know. But I meant to call you. [ Breathes deeply ]

Sam: Long day?

Dante: Yeah, yeah. But it’s better now that you’re here.

Sam: I’m sorry I have to take your top cop away from you, but he is in some desperate need of pizza, aren’t you?

Dante: Mmm.

Jordan: [ Scoffs ] You eat pizza?

Dante: I do. Actually, you know, forget pizza. Let’s do something more fancy.

Sam: Why? What’s the occasion?

Dante: You know, I’ll tell you later.

Sam: [ Chuckles ] Okay.

Dante: [ Chuckles ] Hey, Rory, can you, uh, email that file to ADA Arden and cc me, and then log it in the Trina Robinson case file as new evidence?

Sam: New evidence?

Ava: As much as I would love to pin all the blame on Esme, ultimately, it’s a matter of trust — or lack of it — between Nikolas and me. It says something about our marriage — doesn’t it? — That — that he didn’t come to me before opening our home to Esme and Spencer?

Trina: Well, did you go to him before you turned to Sonny?

Ava: Well, I wasn’t inviting Sonny to live with us. [ Chuckles ] But I see your point.

Trina: I just think [Sighs] The more you and Nikolas get in your respective positions, the more room Esme has to maneuver.

Ava: Thank you, Trina. I appreciate your insight… and whatever happens next, that’s between Nikolas and me. And in the meantime, you and i need to discuss ground rules.

Trina: Why do I need ground rules?

Ava: No, not you, honey. No.

Trina:[ Sighs ]

Ava; Spencer. If it makes you at all uncomfortable supervising him, I’ll go to Scott. I’ll ask him to go back to the court and find some other way for Spencer to complete his restitution.

Esme: It’s such a beautiful night. Reminds me of the night we met, when I saw you wandering around the garden at school, looking so sad and alone… and so handsome. And I said…

Spencer: “How can anybody be sad on a night like this?”

Esme: The garden’s just starting to bloom. There’s a crescent moon in the sky. What do you say we…

Spencer: I still need more time. I’m catching the launch into town.

Esme: I’ll go with you.

Spencer: No. It’s not safe for you, remember? Besides, I’m going to the gallery.

Esme: To see Trina.

Spencer: No, to see Ava.

Esme: Why not just wait for her to come home?

Spencer: Because you can cut the tension around here with a knife. I need to get out of here, and I’m going to make it clear to Ava that I’ll make restitution with her some other way that is not working with Trina.

Alexis: Now I know why you’ve been avoiding me.

Nikolas: I haven’t been avoiding you. Of course not.

Alexis: And while you haven’t been avoiding me, Esme and Spencer have moved in and Ava’s moved out?

Nikolas: Ava has not moved out. What did Spencer tell you?

Alexis: That you have a long-distance marriage. That she stays at her end of the hallway and you stay at your end.

Nikolas: [ Chuckles ] That is hardly long distance.

Alexis: Oh, these hallways, that’s a — that’s a big hike. Why is Esme here?

Nikolas: Because Sonny threatened her.

Alexis: [ Scoffs ] Really? Did you actually hear the threat?

Nikolas: I saw how terrified Esme was.

Alexis: She was terrified?

Nikolas: What would you have me do? Hmm? Let Sonny lean on an innocent girl who has done nothing wrong?

Alexis: My sweet, sweet Nikolas. Where do I begin? We are clearly talking about two different Esmes.

Nikolas: So it’s okay for Ava to believe in Trina, despite overwhelming evidence, but I’m wrong to suppose that Esme might deserve a second chance?

Alexis: We’ll get to that. Right now, I’ve come to talk about something else.

Nikolas: I am more than happy for a subject change.

Alexis: What’s going on here has nothing to do with Esme or — or — or Trina or Ava or anybody. It has to do with you and your cassadine DNA.

Nikolas: What about it?

Alexis: In the brief time that you knew your father, he was always trying to control you, and now you are doing the exact same thing.

Willow: Mom, I asked you a question. Do you know that guy?

Harmony: Who? The man who just passed? No [Sighs] I think I was just in his way. He said — he said, “pardon,” and just — he kept going. [ Scoffs ]

Carly: Harmony? I thought you left.

Carly: I did. Yeah, I’m supposed to meet Alexis here, but I-I think she’s late. You know what? I-I left my phone in the car, so I’m just gonna — I’m gonna go get it.

Carly: Hey. What’s going on?

Michael: I’d rather tell you in private.

NIna: Oh, no, let me — let me tell her, Michael. So, Carly, Michael and Willow refuse to compromise, so they leave me no choice. I hired a lawyer, Scott Baldwin — I’m sure you know him. We’re going to court so I can guarantee that I get to see Wiley as much as you do.

Carly: [ Mouths word ]

Trina: We don’t have to decide if Spencer’s gonna work at the gallery right this second.

Ava: Are you sure?

Trina: [ Breathes sharply ] I’m sure you should go home and go work things out with your husband. I’ll finish up here.

Ava: Oh, Trina. What would I do without you? [ Chuckles ]

Trina: Okay, go, and show Esme that she can’t come between you and your man.

[ Both chuckle ]

Nikolas: I appreciate your concern, but I am nothing like my father. If anything, I’ve bent over backwards not to repeat the same mistakes with my own son.

Alexis: How’s that working for you? Not that I’m judging. You sure about that? Yeah, I’m judging. And, you know, given the mistakes that I’ve made, I’m really in no position to do that.

Nikolas: Oh, don’t let that stop you. We cassadines are firm believers in double standards.

Alexis: It’s what we do. You are right about one thing.

Nikolas: [ Breathes sharply ] One whole thing? Ah, a banner day.

Alexis: You do not have your father’s cruel streak. What you have is an open wound where your childhood used to be. And forcing things on Spencer isn’t going to fix that. And the more you dig in, you’re going to drive him away and end up lonely and unlovable, just like your father.

[ Bell clanging in distance ]

Brendan: No wonder you like it here in Port Charles. You meet all kinds of interesting people… like NIna reeves and Willow Tait.

Harmony: I am begging you — please stay away from my daughter.

Brendan: Willow isn’t really your daughter — she only thinks she is. Poor NIna has no idea.

Harmony: Why can’t you just leave us alone?!

Brendan: More than happy to, if you play it smart and pay up.

Harmony: Don’t worry. You’ll get what’s coming to you.

Carly: So much for Wiley’s best interests, huh?

Nina: Having his grandmother — this grandmother — in his life is in Wiley’s best interests.

Carly: Wiley barely knows you. He doesn’t miss you. This petition is all about you. You want access to Wiley so you can fill some hole in your life, and Wiley’s interests be damned. But you know what? Have at it. Do your best. ‘Cause I am confident that Michael and Willow will have no trouble defending their rights as parents to exclude you from Wiley’s life.

Nina: Just like I was excluded from my own daughter’s life. You remember my daughter, don’t you, Carly? And I’m sure there’s a judge out there that will sympathize with that.

Michael: NIna.

Nina: [ Sighing ] Oh, God.

Michael: One last — and I mean last thing — whoever we get as a judge is going to get to know the real NIna Reeves.

Jordan: It was good to see you, Sam. You guys have a great night.

Dante: Um, thank you. Yeah, we will. And — and we’ll, um, continue this tomorrow, yeah?

Jordan: Sounds good.

Dante: Alright.

[ Police radio chatter ]


Spencer: Ava?

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Josslyn (to Cameron): Did you hear that?

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Dante (to Sam): I’m gonna make sure the right person is punished.

Nina: Tell me you’ll accept Sonny’s offer.

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