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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander wanted to know if Gwen would go with him to see Rolf. She didn’t want to go. He thought she didn’t want to see her get better. She wondered why she would want her to get better because they would get back together. Xander knew it was difficult. He said their love didn’t come along often. She didn’t think their connection was as strong as his love for Sarah. He said he loved her now. She said that she was his fiancee now, but wondered what would happen if Sarah got her memory back. Gwen wanted to know if he would choose her if Sarah got her memory back. He wished he had an answer for her. He didn’t blame her for being upset. He felt he had to see things through with Sarah. Craig walked in his hotel room and saw Leo in bed with Chad. Chad didn’t intend for Craig to find them. Leo said he did. He said he texted Craig to come home so they could have a threesome. Craig was shocked. Leo thought it would bring them closer together. Craig started to like the idea. Chad got out of the bed. He said he didn’t sign up for that. Leo knew because he recognized Chad and Abby’s bad acting a mile away. Craig wanted to know what he gained by trying to break up their relationship. Chad told Craig that he was trying to help his friends. They wanted Craig to open his eyes to Leo’s ways. Chad walked out of the room. Craig thought Chloe was behind the plan. Leo wanted to convince Chloe that he loved him. Craig told him there might be a way to convince her. He asked Leo to marry him. Chad ran into Xander and Gwen. He told Xander that he planned on talking to Rolf about the antidote. He walked off looking at his phone. Xander thought Chad was the best person to get Rolf to make the antidote. Gwen hoped Chad was successful. She said she would help him if Chad couldn’t come through for him.

Maggie thanked Tony for moving in the Kiriakis mansion for Sarah. She was grateful that Anna went along with the plan. Tony said Anna was more than willing to help out. Anna walked in and said that wasn’t true. Sarah walked in and told Anna that she and Tony were back together in every way that mattered. Anna went off on Sarah until Tony got involved. Maggie took Sarah out of the room. Tony and Anna were alone. Anna told him that he belonged to her. Tony said Sarah’s condition was temporary until there was a cure. Anna wondered what would happen if they didn’t find a cure. She refused to let another woman steal her husband. He got mad and said he wouldn’t go to bed with her. He wanted her to go home. Sarah met with Tony after Anna left the mansion. She tried to take him to her bedroom. He told her they would be in separate rooms. She wanted to know why they were sleeping in different beds. He told her that he was still married. He said that Anna could take him to the cleaners if he cheated on her. He wanted her to be patient with him. She was willing to be patient if that meant Anna would be out of the picture. Chloe was worried that her father would be upset with her about Leo. Brady thought Craig would be grateful eventually. Brady said he was grateful to her. He couldn’t imagine his life without her. He leaned in to kiss her, but she backed away. She thought John and Marlena would walk in and see them. Brady didn’t think it would be the worst thing for them to see. He wanted to go to his bedroom so they could be alone. He wanted to be with her, but he understood if she thought he was going too fast. She said he wasn’t going too fast. They went to his room. Later, Chloe got a message from Chad. He told her that he failed at his mission. She was afraid that her father would be mad at her for nothing.

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