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[ Elevator dinging ]

Ridge: Hey.

Taylor: Hey. Ah, thank you.

Ridge: So you did find some clothes in the office, all right?

Taylor: I did.

[ Both sighing ]

Ridge: Any update?

Taylor: They’re still in there with her.

Ridge: Okay.

Taylor: She made it through the night, though.

Ridge: Hm, so steffy. Sure you don’t want to go home? Get some rest? I’ll be here.

Taylor: I am not leaving her not a chance.

Ridge: Liam’s still here too

Taylor: Hm.

Ridge: Their relationship’s not what it used to be, obviously, but– he still loves her very much.

Hope: Not sure if you’re hungry, but I brought you this, just in case.

Liam: Oh, that– thank you.

Hope: I also brought you a change of clothes. Uh, I– I’m just trying to help somehow.

Liam: No, you are. You very much are. Um… so here’s where we are. Steffy, um, she’s in critical condition, but she’s hanging in. And I just– I don’t know, I just keep thinking about the kids. Kelly and hayes. They just lost finn. Like what– what they’re going to lose their mother too? No.

Thomas: There you are. You ran off before we could finish our conversation.

Sheila: I didn’t run off. You got called away by your family.

Thomas: Yeah, because my sister’s fighting for her life, and we’re trying to figure out why. You never answered my question. Did you have anything to do with what happened to steffy and finn?

Were you involved in the shooting?

Hope: The kids are doing okay. Everybody’s pitching in.

Liam: Mm hm. God, if you could see her, in there, just hooked up to those machines. No, it’s like– she just looks so vulnerable. And that’s eerie, because that’s not her. You know, with all that– all the life and energy drained out of her. It’s just– it feels, it’s wrong.

Hope: Can’t imagine what ridge and taylor are going through.

Taylor: Bridget. Anything?

Ridge: Hey. Any changes?

Bridget: There’s been no improvement, um, her condition remains critical. She’s still unresponsive.

Taylor: But she’s fighting?

Bridget: She is. I wish I had better news. We just have to give steffy time to heal, and then we’ll see.

Ridge: Thank you.

Taylor: Yeah, thank you.

Ridge: Brooke, I–

Brooke: How’s steffy?

Ridge: Oh, good doctor.

Brooke: Oh, honey.

Bridget: I promise I’ll come back and talk to you. I just need to update steffy’s doctors.

Brooke: Of course.

Ridge: We’ll be here.

Brooke: I’m so sorry, for everything. How could this happen?

Thomas: Are you the reason that my sister is fighting for her life? And why finn–

Sheila: You think I wanted this? That I wanted this? My son is dead, thomas.

Thomas: I’m not trying to be cruel. We are all devastated about finn. But I have to ask sheila, and you know why. What you did to brooke, that proves you aren’t a changed person. The police asked me if I knew anyone who hates my sister enough to shoot her. Are you that person, sheila? Good checkup?

Hope: Hey. You feel a little better?

Liam: Um, you know.

Hope: Yeah, um. Liam, steffy is a fighter. She’s going to get through this and she’s going to recover and she’s going to be there for her kids. And in the meantime, hayes and kelly, they have us. They have all of us.

Liam: Yeah. No. Yeah, you’re right.

Hope: Look, I’m going to do everything I can for them, for steffy, for the kids, for her entire family, because we are all connected. I mean, disagreements, ha– hard feelings aside, it– none of that matters now. What matters is that we’re there for each other because that’s the only way we’re gonna get through this, together. Hey. I got you.

Taylor: Hey, brooke. Thank you for coming by. I appreciate your concern.

Brooke: Yeah. You know, I was up all night. I thought about calling, but I figured you were going through so much. So.

Taylor: Yeah. Uh, is there anything I can do? Maybe with the kids? Did anybody talk to finn’s family yet?

Taylor: Yeah, well, li was here last night, um, she was beside herself.

Ridge: And sheila showed up. Made things worse.

Taylor: Yeah, she just wanted to see finn one last time.

Ridge: Li wouldn’t allow it.

Brooke: Oh. Well, as much as I despise sheila, she must be going through hell.

Taylor: Yes, she is. She just wanted to go back and– and stop the shooting from happening, like we all were. I’m– I’m gonna go check on thomas, give you guys some time to talk. I have my phone.

Ridge: Yeah.

Sheila: The idea of steffy in there, clinging to life scares me just as much as it scares you. And finn, the way he lost his life. It makes me sick. Look at me. I– do you really think that I could shoot my own son? What kind of an animal would that make me, thomas?

Taylor: Sheila. Thomas. What– what’s going on? What’s– what’s happening here?

Thomas: I asked if sheila was responsible for what happened to steffy and finn. Johnson & johnson is building a future

Hope: Do you think we should ask ridge or taylor if there are any updates?

Liam: I kinda think they would call me if anything happens because they know how worried I am.

Hope: Yeah. You know, I know steffy and I have had our differences throughout the years, and there have been times that I thought we might always be at odds, even lately. But… I don’t know, all throughout that time, I always respected her as a mother, admired her work at the company and… I was so thrilled for her when she met finn and– now her whole world is shattered.

Liam: We’re gonna help her pick up those pieces, though.

Hope: I mean, we will, but, my god, liam. What she’s waking up to, the man that she loves is dead. All– all of their plans, that amazing future that they had in front of them. And you always just think that you have more time.

Liam: It’s not going to be easy on her. But first things first. She’s got to wake up.

Brooke: I brought you a change of clothes, if you need them.

Ridge: Ah, thank you.

Brooke: I can only imagine how upset and angry you are right now.

Ridge: I’m upset. And I’m scared, too, because that’s my little girl in there and she’s fighting for her life. And everyone’s really nice, and they’re all working really hard, but I– I don’t know what I should be doing.

Brooke: Well, there’s not much for you to do right now. You just have to be here for steffy and for taylor.

Ridge: Yeah. I keep telling myself that the– the worst thing can’t happen because it’s already happened with pheobe. Well, it can’t happen again, right? It can’T. Not with steffy, I can’t– I can’t lose steffy.

Brooke: Ridge. I’m still your wife. If you need anything, I’m here for you. Okay? Just know that.

Ridge: Thank you.

Taylor: Thomas. Thomas. Thomas, I– I can’t believe you’re suggesting that–

Sheila: Neither can I. But sometimes people do crazy things when they’re desperate. Especially when they think that they may, uh, never see a loved one again. I– you’re all mourning finn. And you’re scared for steffy. Wondering if she’s going to wake up again and– let’s remember when she does, if she’ll remember what happened.

Taylor: Sheila, you don’t need to think about that–

Sheila: No, but you know what? I can’t stop. I keep picturing it. And– and I wonder how this could have happened. How life could be so cruel. What was finn doing in that alley? Why was he there? I finally got to meet my son. The reason that I– I came to la, to meet him. Tell him how proud I was of him. Spending christmas eve was– it was so incredible. I’ll never forget that. That brought me so much joy. We were so close. We were so close. And now he’s just been ripped away from me forever.

Taylor: Sheila, I am so sorry–

Sheila: No, no, no, no. You can’t help me, taylor. My son is gone. He’s gone. And I’m never going to get to see him again.

[ Taylor sighing ]

Taylor: Thomas. You don’t have to like her. Nobody does. But we are all struggling right now, okay? I need you to think about that. Hold– I’m gonna check on her.

[Sfx: Chicken clucking]

Liam: Has anybody said anything to the kids?

Hope: No. No, not until we find out more. The important thing is that no matter what happens, they will be surrounded by people who love them. And we will help them through this because that’s what steffy and finn would want.

Liam: Yeah. You know, it’s funny how one minute everything’s fine. And the next… and you know, you know something? You know what’s crazy is that this is exactly the kind of situation that finn would deal with all the time at work. And then there’s steffy, you know steffy–

Hope: Who has had her share of loss and tragedy as well. And now this.

Liam: And she was finally on the other side of all that. She was happy. She was actually happy. You know, she was in a good place in her life. And then what, some– some random monster just decides to take it all away. And we– we don’t even know for what? Like what? Cash? A couple of credit cards?

Hope: Well, they won’t get away with it. They won’T.

Liam: Yeah. I know. I just– I can’t even think that far ahead until steffy is out of the woods. I just– I hate this feeling. I hate this feeling of trying to remember the last conversation I had with her. Like, I’m– I’m sure, you know, I’m sure it was something to do with kelly, like arranging a pickup or scheduling or whatever. But, like, what did I say to her? Was it enough? Should I have said more? Should I have–

Hope: Hey, hey. Steffy knows that you care about her and kelly. She knows how much of a devoted father you are.

Liam: I know, I just– all last night, I was sitting here with these memories, just stuck with all these memories of things that we did and places we went together and and the truth is, even if steffy pulls through, nothing’s going to be the same ever again.

Ridge: Thank you. Taylor come back or no?

Brooke: Oh, no. What did the nurse say?

Ridge: Uh, bridget is consulting with some other doctors and they’ll let us know.

[ Brooke sighing ]

Ridge: Hey.

Thomas: Hey.

Brooke: Thomas. I’m so sorry about steffy, finn

Thomas: Thanks.

Ridge: Your mom went to look for you.

Thomas: Yeah, uh, she’s with sheila right now. She’s– sheila was all upset. She’s trying to help her. Sheila ran off. Uh, mom chased after her. It’s weird. I– sheila’s always the one that’s hurting people. But this time, she’s in pain.

[ Gunshot ringing ]

Sheila: No!

Sheila: Finn! Why? I didn’t even know you were there. I didn’t want to hurt anybody. I just wanted to be loved. Why couldn’t steffy give me a chance? I just wanted to be with my son and my grandson. All the horrible things that I’ve done in my life. But this… taking my own son’s life.

Finn: All my life,

I’ve wondered about

meeting you.

Today’s the day.

Sheila: I can’t go on without you. I’m coming. I’m coming, finn.

Taylor: Sheila! Don’t do it. Don’t jump. Don’t!

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