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[Knock on door]

Nicole: Who is it?

Rafe: It’s me.

Nicole: Oh…

Rafe: Hey.

Nicole: Hi. Come in. Oh, rafe, I am so relieved.

Rafe: Oh. You’re relieved that it’s me.

Nicole: Yeah. Yeah. Look, I know–I know that I should not be paranoid, but I cannot shake this feeling that ava just wants to plot some revenge against us. In fact, you know what, it is not a feeling, because she said as much herself.

Rafe: Okay, would you–try not to worry, okay? Empty threats are ava’s M.O., And I’m sure it’s not gonna be long before she’s trying to torture someone else.

Jake: Bathroom’s all yours.

Ava: Mm. Thanks.

[Knock on door]

Jake: [Sighs] It’s gotta be for ben and ciara. Nobody knows I live here except… gabi.

Gabi: Jake, I– what the hell is she doing here?

Jake: What the hell are you doing here?

Gabi: I could ask you the same thing.

Jake: I freaking live here!

Gabi: No, don’t play games with me, jake–why is ava vitali in your bed?

Roman: Hey, you.

Kate: We need to talk.

Roman: Uh-oh. That sounds ominous. What’s on your mind?

Kate: Clyde weston. You need to fire that son of a bitch immediately.

Shawn: After all this time? What does jan want?

Belle: She had some news that she just couldn’t wait to share with me.

Shawn: Oh, what news?

Belle: She’s pregnant. And she claims that the baby’s yours.

Shawn: What? Oh my god.

Belle: But that’s impossible, because you two never slept together. Right?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Ciara: Ben. Ben. Hello. Ben.

Ben: Hey. Hi, baby. Sorry, I didn’t even hear you.

Ciara: Well, obviously.

Ben: Obviously. Obviously. Obviously.

Ciara: Oh my god, get off. Gross, you’re sweaty.

Ben: You know you like it. You know.

Ciara: Where’s clyde?

Ben: I’m flirting with my wife, and she’s asking where my dad is? Really? The honeymoon is definitely over.

Ciara: Stop.

Ben: I’m happy to say… that he’s at work.

Ciara: Since when does clyde have a job?

Ben: Since your uncle roman hired him.

Roman: Kate, the guy’s doing good work. I’m not gonna fire him.

Kate: The guy is dangerous.

Roman: Kate, I know exactly what clyde weston is capable of, okay? But I’ve made my decision, so as long as he can flip burgers, fry up some spuds…

Kate: Would you be serious, please? If you go through with this, before you know it, clyde is gonna be selling drugs out the back door of the pub.

Roman: Kate, come on. Not on my watch.

Kate: You’re right, not on your watch, because you’re gonna march back there to the kitchen, and you are gonna tell clyde that you made a mistake and he needs to be gone.

Clyde: Hey, did I hear my name?

Rafe: Thank you.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: So, where is everyone? Allie, kids?

Nicole: Well–thank you.

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: Holly and henry are asleep, and allie texted me earlier and said she’s not coming home tonight.

Rafe: What’s that all about?

Nicole: I guess she’s staying at chanel’S.

Rafe: Why?

Nicole: You are behind the times, sir.

Rafe: Hmm?

Nicole: Well, allie and chanel are officially… a couple

Rafe: What?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: Wait, so allie is dating johnny’s ex? Whoa. Man. You know, leave it to sami’s kids not to find a easy route to romance, huh?

Nicole: Okay, well, now, allie and chanel had feelings for each other long before johnny came into the picture. Just took them a while to admit it.

Rafe: Okay. I guess that’s something that you and I can relate to.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: Glad we finally figured it out.

Nicole: Me too.

Rafe: Yeah. So, allie’s gone. Kids are sleeping. Looks like we have the place to ourselves.

Nicole: Yes, yes, we do.

Gabi: So? Don’t everyone speak at once.

Jake: Freaking kidding me? Where the hell do you get off?

Ava: Okay, let me explain.

Gabi: Oh, this should be rich.

Ava: Well, obviously, you know that rafe and i split up.

Gabi: Yeah. Yeah. He finally came to his senses. Wait–what the hell does that have to do with you being in bed with my boyfriend?

Jake: Ex-boyfriend.

Ava: Just kind of seemed like fate, you know? You screwed over jake, and rafe cheated on me, so what better way for jake and I to get over being leveled by the hernandez wrecking crew than some old-fashioned bada big, bada boom. Right, jake?

Shawn: So, jan said she’s pregnant.

Belle: And that it’s yours. A baby. But that’s impossible, right? You two never slept together, because I got there in time. So, she must have slept with a prison guard. Which, of course, she denied, because she loves to torture me, but… I don’t know, maybe–maybe when she woke up from the coma and started making all that trouble for everyone, she just slept with some random person. Either way, she is determined to pass this baby off as yours.

[Small laugh] I mean, of all the crazy things she’s ever done, this has got to be the craziest, because you would never, ever sleep with jan.

Shawn: Okay, belle, stop.

Belle: What?

Shawn: I did. I did sleep with jan spears. I was on an antidepressant,

Belle: You–no. No, I remember. I walked in and–

Shawn: No, and I thought– I thought it was you, belle. I mean, it was our anniversary. She was all over me. It was–it was your face. It was your voice. It was your body.

Belle: I think I’m gonna be sick.

Shawn: That’s exactly the same way that I felt when you walked in and I realized that the woman I just made love to wasn’t you. Belle, I swear to you I did not know that it was jan until that moment. You’ve gotta believe me.

Belle: Oh, I believe you.

Shawn: Oh, thank god.

Belle: Why the hell didn’t you tell me this months ago?

Ciara: My uncle roman hired your dad to be a short order cook? Why?

Ben: Well, because i explained our situation to him, and your uncle decided that he wanted to help.

Ciara: Mm. So, you thought it would be be a good idea for your fresh-out-of-prison father to work at my family’s restaurant.

Ben: Clyde’s got to get a job somewhere, right? If not, he’s gonna be in violation of his parole. You know that. Who better than an ex-cop to keep an eye on him?

Ciara: Yeah, I guess. It’s just, I’m really surprised that my uncle roman went for it.

Ben: Why? Because my dad terrorized half of the salem population?

Ciara: Well, yeah, there’s that–but clyde and kate used to be involved, and now my uncle roman and kate are back together.

Kate: Well, I see prison didn’t reform your tendency to eavesdrop on private conversations.

Clyde: Oh, I’m not eavesdropping–just came in to tell the boss that I finished up in there. Got the dishes all stacked, floor’s mopped. It’s clean as a whistle–you can check it out if you want.

Kate: Ha! I wish we could say the same thing about you.

Roman: Thanks, clyde. I’ll take your word for it.

Clyde: Sure.

Kate: I wouldn’t take his word for anything.

Clyde: Kate, I get it that you’ve got your issues with me, but you know, I got a bone or two to pick with you as well.

Kate: Excuse me?

Clyde: I seem to recall that the last time we met, you shot me.

Kate: Yeah. Well, that was a flesh wound. And that was because you were trying to kidnap my great-grandson. Your great-grandson, too, roman.

Clyde: How is the little tyke?

Kate: Seriously? You’re going to let this happen? You’re going to employ the guy who tried to steal allie’s baby?

[Kate scoffs]

Gabi: What is the matter with you, jake? How could you sleep with that lowlife bitch?

Ava: Pardon me?

Jake: Ava, what the hell are you doing?

Ava: No, it’s okay, baby. I think that gabi has a right to know we’re together now.

Gabi: No, no, no, no, there is no way in hell that you’re together. No way you touched her!

Ava: Oh, he did.

[Whispers] And it was amazing. Isn’t that right, jake?

Jake: Ava.

Gabi: I’m gonna kill you.

Jake: No, no, no. Gabi. Gabi. That’s enough. Both of you. Nothing happened. She’S…messing with you.

Gabi: Nothing happened?

Jake: Zip.

Ava: I was just having a little fun. And the look on your face, well, so worth it.

Gabi: Shut up. Okay. If nothing happened, then why is she in your bed? Hmm?

Ava: [Giggles]

You never know

what opportunities

Nicole: So, how was the rest of your day, after I saw you? Anything new on eli’s shooting?

Rafe: No. No, I wish there was. You know, it’s the damnedest thing, right? Because everything is right there. Drug dealer shoots eli, then kills himself. Except…

Nicole: The answers only raise more questions.

Rafe: Exactly. My gut’s telling me that there is a hell of a lot more there, and I promised lani that I would find the answers.

Nicole: I can’t imagine what lani’s going through. And I am so glad she has you.

Rafe: Yes. And her family’s great. Eli’s family. I mean, they’re strong and supportive. But… promised her I would find out what really happened. I gotta do it.

Nicole: And I know you will.

Rafe: Oh, here’s something interesting. Shawn had to arrest anna dimera for attacking sarah horton with a syringe.

Nicole: [Laughs] I’m sorry. What?

Rafe: Yeah. Seems that sarah has gone delusional from a drug that kristen dimera gave her, and now she thinks that she is tony’s ex-dead lover.

Nicole: Okay. That’s it. It’s official. Your day wins the crazy.

Rafe: Oh, well you did have to take the haymaker from ava.

Nicole: Yeah. True.

Rafe: So, how was the rest of your day? Everything okay at basic black?

Nicole: Well, no brawls, so that’s a plus. But I did have to spend several hours on the phone with my lawyer because it seems a few fashion sites are knocking off our originals, so we’re just, you know, weighing our options as to how to stop them.

Rafe: Oh. Well, you’re formidable, so they better be ready.

Nicole: Thank you.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. What?

Nicole: You know, it’s just, here we are, talking about our day, what you did, what I did. Like a normal couple.

Rafe: Yeah. Well… I guess that’s exactly what we are.

Ben: Kate is the main reason why clyde came to salem in the first place. I mean, she tracked him down because she had an issue with my sister being rafe’s therapist, and she wanted to cause trouble for him, so I think, really, the main reason why she was even dating my dad was to get under jordan’s skin.

Ciara: I just, I still can’t believe that kate dated some…

Ben: Redneck hillbilly drug dealer from the ozarks?

Ciara: Well, I was gonna say jerk, but yeah, sure.

Ben: Is that what you were gonna say? Is that what–

Ciara: Easy. Easy. And you know what, I bet you she regrets it now, considering all the hell that clyde brought into this town.

Clyde: You know, I never intended on kidnapping your great-grandson. It’s just, I got stuck in the middle of something, and I didn’t see any other way out. I mean, that little henry is just so damn cute. And ben was hurting so bad after losing ciara, I thought, hey, you know, that little kid’d be perfect for my boy.

Kate: What–[Huffs] So that’s your idea of good parenting–gifting your son with a stolen child?

Roman: Clyde, tell me you do realize just how wrong that thinking was.

Clyde: Oh, I do. Absolutely. I swear, I have learned the error of my ways. And besides, now that ben and ciara are having their own child, I don’t need to kidnap young’uns anymore.

Kate: [Exhales]

Jake: You know, gabi, not that it’s any of your damn business, but I invited ava to stay here with me.

Gabi: Why? Why? Why does she have to stay here with you?

Ava: Because I didn’t have any place to go after your brother blew up our relationship.

Gabi: Bull! Ha. You’re the fricking princess of the vitali crime family. Don’t tell me you don’t have dirty, dirty money stashed around somewhere.

Ava: Gabi, you know I gave up that money for tripp. You do know that.

Gabi: Of course, because you’re so reformed.

Ava: Exactly.

Gabi: I would not believe one word that comes out of this skanky lying mouth of yours.

Ava: Okay. You know, I really don’t care what you believe, sweetheart. But it is almost my bedtime, so why don’t you just go bye-bye?

Gabi: Did you really ask this bruja to stay here with you?

Jake: I did.

Gabi: Great. Great. Now you can ask her to leave.

Belle: You let me believe that nothing happened between you. Why would you do that?

Shawn: I’m-I’m so sorry, belle. I just, I-I was–I was embarrassed, and I was–I was ashamed. I mean, it was our anniversary. I–

Belle: So, you lied to me? You held me, and you told me that you would never betray me, while you were lying to me?

Shawn: I didn’t know how to say the words. Okay? I was afraid that if I said those words out loud, that it would be real. Oh my god, jan spears? I didn’t want to do that to you. I didn’t want to do that to us. And I just–I just wanted to forget that it ever happened.

Belle: Well, we can’t do that now, can we? Not with a baby on the way.

Unleash the freshness…

Belle: Do you have any idea what it was like to be blindsided by jan spears like that? To have her come at me, gloating about your night of passion and this secret you two shared that you didn’t have the courage to tell me the truth?

Shawn: I wanted to protect you.

Belle: You humiliated me. We have always been a united front against that woman. And this time, I was on the outside. And jan was thrilled. It’s like she won, right? She has you and this secret and your baby. This is everything she’s ever wanted.

Shawn: If I had any idea that this was gonna happen–

Belle: What? That your little secret would be exposed?

Shawn: You know, maybe–i don’t know, maybe jan’s lying. I mean, how do we really know that she’s pregnant?

Belle: Well, I asked her. And she grabbed my hand and made me touch her stomach. She is definitely pregnant.

Shawn: Well, maybe it’s not mine. I mean, like you said–like you said, maybe she slept with somebody else.

Belle: Or maybe she’s actually carrying your child.

Shawn: Well, there is no way in hell that I’m gonna believe that without proof. I’m gonna have her take a paternity test.

Kate: Roman, are you hearing what he’s saying? He’s making jokes about kidnapping children.

Clyde: Hey, I’m sorry. I did not mean to offend. It was just my lame attempt to lighten the mood here a little.

Roman: Very lame. Considering you’re a parolee and I’m former law enforcement.

Clyde: That’s right, boss. And no more jokes, I promise. I’ll do whatever I have to do in order to keep this job. As you know, one step off the straight and narrow, and my parole officer’s got me right back on the train to statesville.

Kate: Well, that sounds like the perfect solution to me.

Clyde: Listen, I know I’ve given you all good reason not to trust me, but I’m a changed person. I swear that on the life of my unborn grandchild. I work every day to be a better man, one that that child can be proud of. And who knows, you know, someday, if I’m successful, maybe you and i could give it another go.

Ciara: Well, at least there’s no way that clyde would ever hit on kate. I mean, last time she saw him, she shot him, so I don’t think he’s gonna wanna have anything to do with her now.

Ben: I don’t know. My dad’s always loved a good challenge.

Ciara: Well, let’s hope that he focuses more on making a wonderful impression at his new place of work.

Ben: Yeah.

Ciara: Ben.

Ben: Yes?

Ciara: You need a shower.

Ben: Okay, you might be right.

Ciara: I am.

Ben: Well, maybe… you could join me.

Jake: You and I broke up, gabi, so you have no say as to what goes on here or any other area of my life.

Gabi: Can’t you see ava’s using you? I mean, I’m just trying to stop you from being a chump.

Jake: She’s not going anywhere. Unlike you, she’s an invited guest in my home.

Gabi: Can’t you see she’s doing this to get under my skin?

Jake: Oh, it’s all about you, gabi, isn’t it?

Gabi: How do you now see that she has an agenda?

Jake: What was your agenda when I walked in on you and johnny about to have sex?

Gabi: Are you kidding me? I told you that was a mistake. Okay? I thought you betrayed me.

Jake: But I didn’T. And instead of coming to me and talking to me about it, you assumed, and you betrayed me! So, we’re done, gabi! Get out!

Gabi: Jake, but I–

Jake: What? What? You what? What do you want? Why are you even here?

Gabi: Do you mind? Could you–can I please speak to jake alone? Would you mind?

Ava: No. I don’t-I don’t mind at all.

Jake: Gabi, whatever you gotta say, say it and get out.

Gabi: Jake. Please. I want another chance with you.

Jake: What?

Gabi: I… I want another chance with you. Please.

Trelegy for copd.

Rafe: Allie and chanel really did perfect the horton family doughnut recipe.

Nicole: Yeah.

Rafe: Mmm.

Nicole: Well, you got a little sugar right-right here.

Rafe: Thank you.

Nicole: You’re welcome.

Rafe: This is nice.

Nicole: Yes, it is.

Rafe: Well, it took long enough.

Nicole: I thought we weren’t gonna beat each other up about wasting time.

Rafe: Okay.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. Besides, it wasn’t so bad being just friends. I think duke would agree, if he was still here.

Rafe: Oh, duke.

Nicole: Poor duke. You know what?

Rafe: Hmm?

Nicole: Come to think of it, I think one of tony dimera’s wives actually wrote a song about friends realizing that they wanted to be lovers.

Rafe: Yeah?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: Well, to be honest, I knew that I wanted to be way more than just friends with you a long time ago. I mean, you were still–you were still married to eric. No, I respected your marriage, and I will say it became more difficult when he decided he wanted to plant himself halfway around the world for almost a year. It was, uh, hard to stay away.

Nicole: Well, while you were respecting my marriage, I was making the colossal mistake known as xander cook.

Rafe: Well, I made one too. And for once, I should have listened to my little sister and stayed away from ava.

Ava: Gabi, I have seen some sappy love scenes in my day, but this one, it’s giving me a sugar rush. You know what, you should–you should audition for your boy toy’s new movie.

Gabi: Go to hell.

Jake: Enough. You honestly think, after all the crap you’ve pulled, I’d be crazy enough to go back to you?

Gabi: Well, I mean, you and gwen–

Jake: Me and gwen what? What does this have to do with me and gwen?

Gabi: Well, we kind of had some cocktails.

Jake: You and gwen.

Ava: Okay, now this is really getting interesting.

Gabi: Yeah, and she mentioned that back when you were a couple you’d have these huge blowups, and then you’d break up and make up, get back together again.

Jake: Oh, yeah, and you thought this would be the same, that I’d just–[Whistles] Forget everything you did?

Gabi: No. I told you I was sorry. I told you I was wrong and that I would do anything to fix this. Please.

Jake: You know, gabi, a wise man once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We’re done.

Gabi: Jake, I-I–

Jake: I think you should go.

Gabi: You want me to leave? Okay, I’ll leave. I’ll leave as soon as that bitch admits what she did to my brother.

Ben: We could help each other get all those little hard-to-reach places. Like this.

Ciara: Uh-huh.

Ben: And like this.

Ciara: You make it very hard to say no.

Ben: That’s the idea.

Ciara: But I am going to heat up the short ribs that grandma julie sent me home with.

Ben: You spoke to julie.

Ciara: Yes. Yes. I saw her, and we discussed the details for our gender reveal party tomorrow. And baby, I am so excited. I can’t wait.

Ben: I cannot believe we’re honestly going to finally find out if we are having a little boy or little girl.

Ciara: I know. And it seems like just yesterday we were making this little miracle baby.

Ben: Yeah. I mean, maybe we could remake that little moment of making the miracle baby.

Ciara: Hit the showers, weston.

Ben: Aww. Okay, coach. Damn. All right.

Ciara: Mmm.

Ben: Ciara, I know that you’re uncomfortable with my dad staying here. I’m just really banking that this whole job situation works out, and eventually he’s gonna convince his parole officer that he can live on his own. And everything will be okay.

Ciara: I really hope you’re right, ben.

Kate: So, are you okay with that? Him flirting with me right in front of you?

Roman: No, I am not okay with that.

Clyde: Whoa. Whoa, whoa, wait, wait–you two are a thing?

Roman: Yes, clyde, that is a fact. We are a thing. So, if you’re gonna work here, you better damn well respect that. Do you understand me?

Clyde: Hell, yes. I’m very happy for you both. And really grateful for the opportunity you’ve given me to prove myself.

Roman: Okay. You said you’re done cleaning up the kitchen.

Clyde: I did. And if there’s nothing else, I think I best be getting home.

Roman: I think that’s a good idea.

Kate: God, that man. Now do you know why I want you to get rid of him?

Belle: And what if jan won’t take a dna test?

Shawn: Then we’re gonna know that she’s lying. I’ll go to the prison first thing tomorrow morning. Look, it’s been a long day. What do you say we head in?

Belle: Not together.

Shawn: What?

Belle: I’m not sharing a bed with you tonight.

Shawn: Don’t you think that this is a big extreme? I mean, I can sleep in claire’s room if you need space.

Belle: You can sleep wherever you hell you want. I’m leaving. I can’t be in the same house with you right now.

Shawn: Oh, come on, belle. You’re acting like this is my fault, when it isn’T. You know that it isn’T. Jan violated me. I thought I was having sex with you.

Belle: I know that. I know that jan violated you, and that you had no way of knowing that it was me.

Shawn: So what’s the problem?

Belle: The problem is you lied to me. For months.

Shawn: Look, I’m sorry.

Belle: Yeah, I’m sorry, too. I’m sorry that you didn’t consider that this could be the outcome. I’m sorry that you didn’t trust or respect me enough to tell me the truth, so I didn’t have to hear it from jan spears. So that I didn’t have to find out that you are gonna be a father again from jan spears.

Shawn: Belle, please.

Belle: I’m going to my parents’.

Nicole: I could do this forever.

Rafe: Maybe we should. We could just cut out the entire world, right? Except for you, me, and, well, the kids, of course. No more shootouts. No more mob princesses. No corporate crimes of fashion or syringe-wielding socialites. Just us. You and me.

Nicole: That sounds like heaven.

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: Can I tell you something?

Rafe: You can tell me anything.

Nicole: You know, I think the reason I didn’t admit I had feelings for you for so long was because I thought maybe if it didn’t work out, then I’d lose my best friend.

Rafe: Hey. How about I make you a promise? Okay?

Nicole: Okay.

Rafe: You could never lose me. No matter what.

Nicole: How about we take this to the bedroom?

Rafe: Okay.

Nicole: Okay?

Kate: Roman, I’m telling you, you are making such a huge mistake here. Men like clyde weston, they don’t change, okay? He terrorized the town. He terrorized our family. And there is nothing about him, not at all, that’s saying he’s anything other than the snake he’s always been. What? Don’t you shush me. What? What are you doing? Hmm?

[Beep, music plays]

Roman: No more talk about clyde weston. I just want to dance the night away with the woman of my dreams.

Ava: Why the hell would I frame your brother?

Gabi: Same reason you do everything–because you’re a lying bitch.

Ava: Okay. I know that you tend to idolize the guy, but we all know he’s a cheater. He cheated on me, with nicole. He cheated on hope with sami. And, you know, just like you were about to cheat on jake with his nephew. So, like brother like sister, I guess.

Gabi: All right, that’s it. Get out of the chair so I can kick your ass.

Jake: All right, no, no, no. All right. All right. That’s enough. Both of you. Stop. Gabi, get out. Now.

Gabi: I’m gonna go. I’m gonna go, but you know what, this is not over. Not by a long shot. I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Ava: You want to talk about it?

Jake: No, actually, I don’T.

Ava: Suit yourself.

Jake: Why’d you have to push her like that, huh?

Ava: Come on, jake, she makes it so easy.

Jake: Whatever. Let’s just go to bed.

Ava: Good night, jake.

Jake: Night, ava.

[Bluesy music]

[Couple giggling]

Tears in my heart

of hearts

I always knew

you were the one for me

and I

for you

I always knew

in time

you would be mine

oh oh oh oh

oh, please make believe

we are the sun

you were the one for me

and I

for you

I always knew

in time

you would be mine

oh oh oh oh

oh, please make believe

we are the sun

behold the shining arc

the light

of our love

I always knew

that I’d be with you

and in time

you would be mine

oh oh oh oh

you would be mine

Ben: Hi.

Ooh ooh

mm mm

ooh hoo hoo


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