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Curtis: You made it.

Drew: Of course I made it! It’s an honor to be included. Oh, my goodness.

Portia: Hi.

Drew: Hi. Hi. What?!

Curtis: Hey, welcome to our new home.

Drew: I got to say, this is so beautiful. I’m a little jealous that I didn’t snatch it for myself.

Curtis: Hey, watch it.

[ Laughter ]

Portia: You’re just gonna have to settle for life at the Quartermaines’.

Drew: [ Laughs ] Yeah, but your place doesn’t come with nosy cousins, so…

Stella: [ Laughs ] Yes, Curtis and Portia will just have to settle for one nosy aunt instead.

Curtis: Well, remember, you said that, not me.

[ Laughter ]

Curtis: Drew, you remember aunt Stella.

Drew: Of course I do. It’s been a while, Ms. Henry. It’s really nice to see you.

Stella: You, too. I understand you’ve been through a lot since I saw you last.

Drew: Mm. Things are definitely improving. How’s everything at the hospital, TJ?

TJ: Hey, uh, you know, I was just regaling my family on the ins and outs of an ACL repair, so…

Drew: Yeah?

Stella: And I definitely want to hear more about it, especially the part where you may be closing in on a specialty.

Drew: There you go.

Stella: Excuse us.

TJ: I might.

[ Laughter ]

Drew: Alright, alright. Ahh, this is great, man. Hey. How’s Trina doing?

Curtis: Well, Portia and I are doing our best to support her. You know, Drew, those charges against her are insane. We’re gonna have to fight like hell until it’s over.

Drew: Yep. I’m sure it helps the people closest to her know the accusations are absolutely bogus.

Curtis: Unfortunately, the person Trina’s thinking about is the one person in her life that hasn’t realized that yet.

[ Grunts ]

[ Sonny sighs ]

Spencer: I was just finishing up. Unless you had more to say about your lecture. You know, the company that I keep and all that.

Sonny: I said everything I needed to say.

Spencer: Fine.

Laura: I certainly hope you had nothing to do with this video of Josslyn and Cameron.

Esme: Of course I didn’t. Why won’t anyone believe me?

Nikolas: We just have to let the police investigation run its course. In the meantime, I’m keeping an open mind.

Laura: My son has extended his hospitality to you. I hope you won’t betray that trust.

Ava: We already know the answer to that.

Nikolas: Ava. You’re back.

Ava: Live and in person.

Nikolas: You made your position about sharing a roof with Esme quite clear last night.

Ava: Since then, I’ve come to realize that some things are more important than my feelings about Esme.

Nikolas: What’s that?

Ava: This is my damn house, too.

Johann: [ Sighs ] You wanted to see me?

Victor: Mm, yes. Johann, uh, I need you to keep an eye on things here in Port Charles for me for just a week or two.

Johann: Where are you going?

Victor: I have some business to attend to overseas.

Johann: You’re leaving town just as Kurt has been exposed? Doesn’t that look like you’re fleeing the country?

Victor: Well, unless, of course, that’s exactly what I am doing.

Anna: Hi, Valentin? It’s me. I’m just calling because the last time we spoke, you said that you were coming back to town shortly, and I just was wondering if that was still the plan. Could you call me maybe, or text? I-I just — I have some things that I need to update you on before you come back. Okay. Bye.

[ Knocking ]

Dante: Anna, hey.

Anna: Hi.

Dante: Thanks for coming.

Anna: Thank you. Sam, your messages sounded so urgent.

Sam: Yeah, I think we finally uncovered something that could prove that Luke was murdered.

Anna: Okay, you have my attention.

Sam: Ever since drew and I ran into Victor on the docks, I’ve had Spinelli monitoring the dark web.

Anna: What did he find?

Sam: We’re working with a theory that Victor’s interest in drew was somehow connected to Luke’s death. I-I don’t know. We’re trying to make sense of all of it right now.

Dante: We’re trying to connect the two crimes somehow. It can’t be a coincidence that Luke was murdered, Victor returns, and the Ice Princess was stolen.

Anna: Right. The overlap is too much of a coincidence.

Johann: What do you mean that’s what you’re doing?

Victor: I’m — I’m joking. Johann, I’m — I’m joking. Of course I’m not leaving town. No, far from it. Look, it’s legitimate business I have to take care of. I’ll be back before anyone knows I’ve even gone.

Johann: Mayor Collins, D.A. Scorpio, and Anna Devane all suspect we have something to do with the incident in Austria last December.

Victor: But of course we didn’t. And I have a hunch the authorities will soon find a much more credible suspect than either one of us.

Laura: Esme, let’s give Ava and Nikolas a few minutes alone to talk.

Ava: Thank you, Laura. We wouldn’t want to get the mother-to-be all worked up in her delicate condition, would we?

Esme: Turns out it was a false alarm. I’m not pregnant. But, um, Spence’s grandmother was right. No doubt you two have much to discuss.

Laura: Let’s go.

Esme: That was fast.

Spencer: Why are you in the foyer?

Laura: We’re giving your dad and Ava some privacy to talk.

Esme: Where were you?

Spencer: I was at the gym.

Esme: The gym? So that’s why you rushed out of here this morning? So you could get away from me?

Curtis: That’s the den.

Drew: Amazing.

Curtis: That’s the library.

Drew: Hey, have there been any more updates about Marshall?

Curtis: Uh, not since I, uh, found a hole in his story. You know, I asked Jordan to access some sealed arrest records, and she wasn’t going for it. I even reached out to Sonny Corinthos, see if he could use his resources to get the job done.

Drew: Well, I hope he turned you down.

Curtis: As a matter of fact, he did. Why do you make that sound like a good thing?

Drew: Well, not necessarily good. More neutral, I guess. But organized crime has been trying to make inroads since you own the club, right? It speaks well of Sonny that he turned you down. You don’t want to owe the mob any favors.

Curtis: Ms. Wu, there is no way I’m gonna allow illegal gambling in my nightclub.

Selina: It wouldn’t be illegal, nor would it be just any Friday night card game. We’re talking exclusive no-limits hold ’em where reputable players are vetted to ensure they meet the minimum bankroll.

Curtis: I’m quite sure The Savoy is not the only nightclub in town with a back room.

Selina: Well, those other places don’t have you, Mr. Ashford. You’re a well-respected man known for your integrity and with ties to the Police Commissioner.

Curtis: Um, yeah. Guess that’s probably best.

Selina: No frills. No distractions. The pungent musk of testosterone. Charming in its own way.

Sonny: What can I do for you, Selina?

Selina: I stopped by your office, but no one was there. I knew this place was right around the corner. So, I took a gamble that you’d be here.

Sonny: I’ve never, uh, took you for the gambling woman.

Selina: It has its time and its place.

Sonny: Is that one of the reasons that y-you want to see me?

Sonny: I like to keep certain aspects of my life private. This is my boxing gym… if you know what I mean. So if you want to make an appointment, we can have this conversation in my office.

Selina: I’m happy to reschedule, but on my end, the newly appointed Commissioner Ashford has been taking notice of my comings and goings. It might arouse suspicion if I were to stop by your office with any frequency. Here, I’m just a professional, potentially interested in a membership to attend a self-defense class.

Sonny: Make it quick, Selina.

Selina: My plan is to expand a fraction of my business in Port Charles. Gaming mainly, which doesn’t conflict with any of your business interest. I feel it’s been an underserved market since Luke Spencer moved away. I would start small once I’ve finalized the location, provided, of course, that I secure your blessing first.

Sonny: What if I say no?

Laura: Esme, I think you would be wise not to lose your temper, because it looks to me like you’re both going to be living here for a while.

Esme: Of course you’re on spence’s side.

Laura: No, I’m — I’m on the side of keeping the peace. I’m just saying, I think we all need to take a deep breath, step back from this moment a little bit, okay? In fact, why don’t you join Kevin and me for lunch? I think would be a good idea for you both to get out of the house while Nikolas and Ava talk.

Spencer: Thank you for the kind offer, Grandmother, but not today. I think that Esme and I have some things that we’d like to discuss, as well, right?

Esme: If you say so.

Laura: Okay. Well, if you change your minds, uh, you can always join me. Bye-bye, honey.

Spencer: Oh, I’m super gross, Grandmother. You don’t want to touch me.

Laura: [ Chuckling ] Okay. That’s very thoughtful of you.

Spencer: I love you.

Laura: I love you. Try to be kind to each other.

Spencer: Okay. See ya.

[ Door closes ]

Spencer: I left because I had a lot of thinking to do.

Esme: I suppose we both did. I mean, we’ve said some horrible things to each other over the last few weeks. Because you’ve been falling in love with another girl, or are you gonna keep denying it?

TJ: How are you?

Trina: I mean, I’m compartmentalizing. Yeah, nothing’s really happening with my case today, so I’m just staying focused in the present.

TJ: Mm.

Trina: I mean, it is a housewarming party, right?

TJ: Right, right.

Trina: That’s what I’m supposed to say. “Enjoying the house.” But really, I just want to scream, you know, that I’m framed and I’m innocent. I want to say that in person. I-I want to say it on Twitter, on TikTok, but I can’t say that because every time I do say I’m innocent, people think somehow I might still be guilty.

TJ: I get it. I was, uh… I got accused of doing something I did not do when I was about your age, actually, and it’s — it’s not to the same degree as what you’re facing, but I know how it feels to be wrongly accused and how being passionate about defending yourself could turn into this nonsensical feedback loop.

Trina: Thank you for saying that. It’s so strange to feel my life spiraling out of control when I didn’t do anything wrong.

Stella: You know, you and Curtis buying this house together really caught me by surprise. Back in my day, people didn’t move in together so quickly.

Portia: Really?

Stella: I-I’m not judging. Times change. And at my age, you learn you have to seize your happiness wherever you can find it.

Portia: Is that code for telling me maybe that you’re happy for us?

Stella: I’m just reiterating what I told you over the holidays. I misjudged the connection that you and Curtis have. Really, it was just me projecting my concerns over Curtis moving on too quickly after… he signed the divorce papers. And…

Portia: Stella. Are you okay?

Anna: It’s really interesting that you would make that connection because, uh, Laura, Robert, and myself, we do believe that the Ice Princess is connected to Victor’s return to town, and, uh, unfortunately, Luke’s death, most likely.

Dante: Well, according to my mother and — and Ned, Tracy was pretty blindsided when the WSB told her that her diamond was fake, that the real Ice Princess was swapped out before Luke was killed.

Sam: Well, the simplest of theories, Luke was killed to prevent him from catching on to the swap.

Dante: Right, but that doesn’t explain the theft in the first place. No one steals the Ice Princess so they can put it in their own collection on display. They steal it so they can sell it to someone else.

Anna: Yeah.

Sam: Unless they want to sell it for a whole lot of money.

Dante: That’s when Spinelli got a hit this morning.

Anna: Oh, yeah?

Sam: Yeah.

Anna: What is it?

Sam: The black market auction. The description pretty much speaks for itself.

Anna: Yeah. “What remains of what was once the largest uncut diamond in the world.” We found it.

Nikolas: You’re right. This is your home as much as it is mine, and that is why I am so glad you Came around to the idea of remaining here. Despite your reservations about Esme, you have to look at the bigger picture. I mean, whatever she may have done, she doesn’t deserve to be on the receiving end of Sonny’s wrath.

Ava: Oh, Nikolas, once again, you are listening with your heart instead of your ears.

Nikolas: How so?

Ava: I never said I’ve come around to anything. Esme is a liar and a cheat. She’s a conniving reptile who framed Trina, who’s practically a daughter to me. I will never be okay with Esme living here, but I’ll be damned if I let that off-brand sociopath drive me from my home and marriage.

Portia: Stella?

Stella: [ Sighs ] Sorry. I just got lost in thought. And I’m glad you didn’t listen to me when I was being overprotective of Curtis.

Portia: [ Chuckles ] Well, for what it’s worth, I certainly understand the impulse.

Stella: You’re scared for Trina.

Portia: Of course I am. I’m worried that her entire future will be completely destroyed, if not seriously tainted over something that she absolutely did not do.

Stella: [ Sighs ] I know as a parent, every fiber of your being wants to fix all her problems. But there’s just so much you can do, and that feeling of helplessness makes it all the more terrifying.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Stella: I thought you were keeping this small, just Drew and family. Who else did you invite?

Curtis: No one.

Selina: I must have gotten the wrong impression from our previous conversation. I thought that you were on board with cooperation between our two families.

Sonny: I’m all for the spirit of cooperation, but we — we were discussing access to the docks. You never once brought up bringing gambling to Port Charles.

Selina: It’s an area where our families’ interests don’t overlap. We wouldn’t be in competition, as you keep your gambling interests offshore. And as this is your territory, of course I would offer you a percentage of the profits.

Sonny: Alright, sounds reasonable, but, you know, my terms still stand. No drugs at all.

Selina: Understood.

Sonny: Yeah, and — and I’ll — I’ll let you know about my other terms. But let me just say one thing. If I find out that there’s any drugs or anybody dealing drugs during the games, I will shut it down. Alright? No second chances.

Selina: I agree to your terms. And I believe we have a deal.

Anna: This diamond that’s up for auction, it has to be the Ice Princess.

Dante: Right. So now we just got to figure out who’s selling Luke’s prized possession.

Sam: Maybe the same person that killed Luke.

Anna: And whoever that person is, I believe it’s gonna lead us right back to Victor.

Sam: We’re gonna have to prove that we have possession of the necessary funds before we’re able to make a bid. They’re not gonna give us the location of the auction.

Anna: Right, well, they do that partially because they want to weed out any law enforcement.

Dante: [ Scoffs ] Not much point in showing them our bank accounts anyway.

Anna: You know, when duke died, he — he left me a rather large sum of money, which I’ve always felt uncomfortable spending because of the ambiguous ways it was acquired. But I put some aside for Emma and Noah’s education, and then the rest I turned into cryptocurrency in case one day I’d have to investigate cyber-crimes.

Sam: Wow. I mean, that’s totally up to you. It does seem tailor-made, though.

Anna: Unless we meet the threshold, we’re not gonna be invited to this auction. And I can tell you the Ice Princess brings some rather unsavory characters out of the woodwork. We should do it. Yeah.

Sam: Yeah?

Anna: Yeah.

Sam: Okay. Thank you.

Jennifer: Well, I shouldn’t be here much longer, darling. No. I have very important business to attend to.

Curtis: Marshall, what, uh, brings you by?

Marshall: I heard you were having a housewarming to celebrate your new home. Did I get the wrong date?

TJ: I invited grandpa to join. You know, since it’s mainly a family gathering.

Curtis: Yeah, come on in.

Marshall: Thank you. Stella.

Stella: Marshall.

Spencer: My feelings for Trina are complicated.

Esme: So let me see if I have this straight. Your feelings for Trina are complicated. So you simplify things by believing the worst of me, which I guess would free you up to believe the best of Trina. But now what, Spence? You know I’m not the one responsible for that horrible video. Does that mean there’s a path forward for us? Or I could just leave Port Charles. I can just hope that my executor of my trust fund takes enough pity on me so that I can maybe, just maybe walk away with enough for a plane ticket and an apartment somewhere on the continent, because now that there’s no baby, there doesn’t seem to be anything keeping us together anymore.

Spencer: Esme, wait, please!

Portia: How are you doing? You feeling okay? You eating?

Trina: [ Sighs ] I’m embarrassed about what has me down the most. Which is? Joss and Cam think I’m innocent. You and dad know that I’m innocent. Ava does, too. And I’m even starting to get a feeling that Commissioner Ashford knows in her heart that I’m innocent.

Portia: Well, honey, that should make you feel more loved, more supported.

Trina: It does, but it’s like why can’t I stay focused on that? Why am I stuck on this one person who might think I’m guilty? The way Spencer looked at me in the interrogation room, it really hurt me when he asked if I was the one that betrayed Joss and Cam.

Portia: Honey, honey. Uh, part of growing up is learning the pain of putting your faith into someone that doesn’t give it back to you. Now, I know. I know that it hurts like hell. But it’s also going to teach you who your true friends are in this life.

Trina: It’s funny ’cause I don’t even think Spencer really believes that I’m guilty. I think he wants to believe it so that he can make his messed-up situation with Esme easier to accept. But that’s always been Spencer’s problem. He wants to do what’s right, but when it really matters, he does what’s easy.

Johann: I hope you keep looping me in. The more I know, the more I can help you.

Victor: That’s a very kind offer, Johann. But in this case, the less you know, the better. Oh, would you excuse me?

Laura: Hey, Trish, when you get a chance, will you get me an iced tea? Thank you.

Victor: Mayor Collins. Dining alone?

Laura: No. I’m meeting my husband for lunch. He’s just running a little late.

Victor: Ah, patient in distress?

Laura: None of your business.

Victor: Well, since Dr. Collins is delayed, perhaps I can offer you a drink.

Laura: Hmm. I don’t think there’s a martini dry enough to make that offer enticing.

Victor: Ouch! Oh, that hurt.

Laura: By the way, I heard what you said to Spencer regarding Esme’s possible pregnancy. She’s not, by the way.

Victor: Oh, well, that is certainly a relief. But, uh, what exactly did I say to Spencer that upset you so much?

Laura: You offered to “handle it for him.”

Victor: Well, I’m sure you’ll agree that Spencer, while a fine young man, is hardly mature enough to raise a child on his own. Unless, of course, it’s okay with you that he and Esme are tied to each other for the rest of their lives.

JENNIFER: I know you don’t see the value in this auction that I am attending, my dear. Seems wasteful to spend the millions we’ve acquired thus far on something so extravagant. But this belonged to my dear late ex-husband, and though I am committed to moving on with my life, I do owe it to him and to myself to make sure that his most treasured possession stays with someone who cared so very deeply much about him. The Ice Princess simply belongs with me. I mean us.

Sam: We’re done. All we have to do is wait and see if we were admitted to the auction.

Dante: You okay, Anna?

Anna: Yeah. You know, Luke was so instrumental in bringing duke home, I’d like to think that wherever duke his, he’s smiling knowing that his estate is going to a good cause.

Dante: Hmm. You know, you’re putting up a fortune in crypto. Maybe before we go ahead, you should think about the fact this might not have anything to do with Luke’s death or Victor Cassadine. I mean, you said the inspector was some fanatical true believer of some cause, right?

Anna: Committed to the point of taking his own life. Whatever the inspector believed, he — he thought that his goals were noble and justified to orchestrate this horrible tram car crash that cost so many people their lives.

Sam: Well, the theft of the Ice Princess could have been motivated financially, don’t you think? And not politically?

Dante: Or they go hand in hand. Or maybe Victor was exploiting a true believer for his own cause. I mean, the sale of the Ice Princess could fund Victor’s belief or cause for a lifetime. Not that he let on to having a belief any higher than himself other than his family.

Anna: That we know of.

Marshall: Drew, I know I haven’t given you an answer about the position you offered me. Hope you don’t think I’m stringing you along.

Drew: Hmm. Do you mind me asking what the delay is about?

Marshall: Eh, the band picked up some more gigs, and I started to wonder if being a jazz concierge for Aurora might become a conflict of interest.

Drew: Oh.

Marshall: Last thing I want to do is keep the job from somebody else who might need it more than me.

Drew: Well, we’re still interviewing other candidates. Just keep me posted, okay?

Marshall. Will do.

Drew: Great. Excuse me, guys.

Marshall: You got some nice friends, Curtis. And a really nice partner. [ Laughs ]

Curtis: Yeah. Yeah. I’m a lucky man. In fact, Portia and I were thinking about taking a vacation.

Marshall: Mm.

Curtis: After we settled in the house. And, uh, I guess all that’s gonna have to wait until we get this situation with Trina resolved.

Marshall: You got to take care of your family, man. Got to put them first. Don’t make the mistake I did. So, uh, where were you planning on going?

Curtis: Portia’s always wanted to go to Buenos Aires.

Marshall: Hmm.

Curtis: Ever been there?

Marshall: [ Clears throat ] Ah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, I have. That was a long time ago. I’m sure the city’s changed a lot since I’ve been there. You know what? If you’ll excuse me a second, I got to check out that view.

Curtis: [ Sighs ]

Marshall: Oh, man.

Stella: What exactly do you think you’re doing?

Stella: You really think it’s wise to bepopping those pills so openly?

Marshall: Curtis is already aware of my heart medication. That’s all these are.

Stella: I had to wonder if there’s something else. You’d be taking a big chance that could make the truth come out.

Marshall: I wouldn’t do that, Stell.

Stella: Listen to me, Marshall. I’m in this way too deep to go back on my word to Irene now. And I need to know that this will not blow up in my face. My relationship with Curtis, with my family cannot be collateral damage.

Marshall: Stella, I appreciate all you’ve done for Curtis during my absence. But if anyone is his or TJ’s family, it’s me.

Selina: I was sorry to hear of your divorce from Carly.

Sonny: Don’t do that, Selina. We’re not gonna go there, I’ll tell you that.

Selina: Family is so important. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be a huge disappointment. I have a few in my own family whose loyalty leaves much to be desired. That is why our chosen families are so important.

Sonny: Alright, you know what? This is as good a segue as any. I’m gonna tell you myself, okay? I have found Jason’s successor. Brick is gonna be serving as second-in-command. He’s gonna be doing Jason’s day-to-day management.

Selina: I’m quite fond of him.

Sonny: Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Selina: This is good news. Especially given the rumblings that I’ve been hearing. No doubt you have, as well, about a new family that has been amassing power on the West Coast under the radar.

JENNIFER: Beyond the sentimental value of the ice princess, acquiring it will send a message to the entire underworld that we are a major force to be reckoned with, which will enable us to expedite our program and our operations at a much brisker pace than originally planned. We’ve already expanded through much of the west coast without drawing too much attention from the other families. If I win this auction, it will only be a matter of time before we can start moving east and strike right at the heart of Port Charles.

Anna: So, we placed Victor’s assistant, Johann, in Austria at the time of the tram car crash, and he has shown undying loyalty to Victor, far more than just a salary alone would justify.

Sam: Well, it depends on how big that salary is.

Dante: Maybe we got to figure out what’s near and dear to old Johann.

Anna: Yeah.

[ Computer beeps ]

Sam: Okay.

Anna: Well?

Sam: The crypto account passed the test. We’ve been invited to join the auction of the Ice Princess.

Laura: I don’t want to get into this with you, especially not in public.

Victor: Can you honestly fault me for trying to look out for a family member’s needs, hmm? For — for offering to take care of this problem?

Laura: I know all too well what it means for a Cassadine to handle a situation. I’d like something better for those two kids and for Nikolas.

Nikolas: So you haven’t had a change of heart?

Ava: No. But I will do whatever is necessary to protect those I care about. And that includes protecting you, my love, from your own worst instincts. And if anybody gets kicked to the curb, it’s gonna be Esme, not me.

Nikolas: Esme moving out isn’t an option since you decided to sic Sonny on her. You knew damn well what he’s capable of if he believes someone hurt his family.

Ava: Have you forgotten what I’m capable of? What you’re capable of? Or have you already rewritten our history into some sweet fairytale? You’re so much smarter than this. And honestly, it pains me to see you falling for “poor abandoned waif” act.

Nikolas: So is this you looking out for me and Trina, or is it you keeping your promise to my mother that you would look out for me because I’m so naive and I don’t know better? It’s so insulting.

Ava: Enough. We can go back and forth like this as much as we want. But really it comes down to this. As long as you are choosing to protect Esme, we will not be sharing a bed.

Nikolas: Is that an ultimatum?

Ava: What if it is?

Nikolas: Well, then I’d remind you I don’t respond well to ultimatums.

Sonny: Yeah, Brick mentioned something months ago about the rival family from the west coast. I haven’t heard anything since.

Selina: In my experience, people who can amass power under the radar do the most damage. They’re not our problem today, but one day, they will be.

Sonny: Well, I guess it’s — it’s a good idea that you and I are in, you know, the same corner.

Selina: You have my word that I will keep you in the loop with whatever I hear if you do the same.

Sonny: Deal.

Selina: Good. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Sonny: [ Scoffs ]

Drew: I’m so happy for you guys. I gotta get going, but this place is so beautiful. Bye.

Portia: Bye.

Drew: Good to see you.

Curtis: Yeah, man, I’ll walk you out.

Drew: Thank you, thank you. See ya, guys.

Portia: Before anyone else leaves, why don’t we take a family photo? Our first get-together at the new home?

TJ: That’s a great idea.

Curtis: Sounds good.

TJ: We can use my phone.

Portia: Come on, Trina. Come in. You sit right here. On the chair.

[ Chuckles ]

TJ: You got to get in closer.

Marshall: Alright.

TJ: There we go.

Portia: Oh, wait, aunt Stella. What are you doing? Get over here and get in this picture.

Curtis: Come on and join us, Auntie. Auntie. Aunt Stella. Aunt Stella!

Ava: So that’s it? You won’t listen to reason.

Nikolas: Neither one of us is listening to reason. You’re ignoring evidence and you’re trusting your gut. And I’m trusting mine.

Ava: The way I see it, you’re trusting a girl who torched my car, who stalked and terrorized me. We all know how twisted Esme’s mind is. I trust Trina with all my heart.

Nikolas: I’m not saying Esme’s completely innocent. Far from it. But the evidence is pointing to Trina, not Esme.

Ava: Nikolas, evidence can be planted. We both know that.

Nikolas: Spencer wants to protect Esme. I want to stand by my son. Do not put me in a position where I have to choose you over my son. I’ve already done that once. It didn’t turn out well. Don’t back me into that corner again.

Ava: Well, we have nothing left to discuss.

Nikolas: So that’s it? Nothing has changed since last night? You Came all this way to tell me that you’re not moving back?

Ava: No. I said we won’t be sharing a bed as long as Esme is here. However, Wyndemere belongs to me, too. I’m not gonna let Esme take it away from me. And there are plenty of guest rooms and cottages on the property for me to stay in while I keep an eye on things. At least until you open yours.

Esme: Come on, Spence, let’s just rip off the band-aid and be done with this.

Spencer: I don’t want you to leave.

Esme: I don’t want to leave, but I don’t want to be roommates. I want to be us again.

Spencer: I’m not there yet. But if you stay, we can figure it out. One step at a time.

Victor: I also want more for Nikolas and Spencer, more than I was ever offered by my family.

Laura: If you’re going for sympathy now, you’re really wasting your time.

Victor: I know you think I’m heartless, Laura, but you’re mistaken. I care deeply about what the next generation is gonna have to endure. You and I both want to leave them a better world. We may differ on our methods, but surely our interests are aligned.

Laura: I may need that drink after all.

Victor: No, I-I mean it. I’m deadly serious, Laura. Just think about this possibility. Imagine a world where you and I stop being enemies, and instead we work together toward a common goal.

Sam: The auction is being held at a hotel in French Polynesia.

Anna: Okay, great. Can you send me the address? And I have a WSB alias that’ll get me there undetected. In the meantime, why don’t you have Spinelli help you do a deep dive on Johann, see what you can turn up. I’ll be in touch.

Dente: Okay. Anna, Anna, Anna. You got be careful. You’re going into a den full of millionaires, mobsters, and megalomaniacs.

Anna: I’ll do my best.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door Closes ]

Anna: Valentin, it’s me. Um, I’m going out of town, so I won’t be here when you come back. [ Sighs ] I-I have to be honest that I’m really starting to get worried with the fact that you are completely unreachable. Okay. Bye.

Jennifer: I’ll let you know how it goes. Every detail. Mmm. I’m ready for another.

Bartender: You got it.

Man: S’il vous plaT. Madame’s next drink is on me. Hello. This chair, is it taken?

On the next “General Hospital” —

Curtis: I’m calling 9-1-1.

Willow (to Harmony): Any hope for a civil relationship is dead.

Michael (to Smoltz): The only thing I want to hit you with is an offer.

Alexis: You think I’m gonna agree to that?

Valentin (to Jennifer): I would like nothing more.

Victor (to Laura): I’m more committed than you’ll ever know.

Sonny (to Nina): Defense is easier when you see hit coming.

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