Y&R Short Recap Friday, April 8, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Lily persuades Billy to suppress his instinct to protect Victoria and not try to help her with the Ashland situation.

Victoria tells her family that her plan is to allow Ashland to plant evidence to make it seem like Adam framed him and planted evidence to make it look like Ashland was faking his illness. Adam persuades everyone that Victor should let him remain temporary CEO so that Victor can pretend to fire him once it is discovered that he “framed” Ashland. Michael tells everyone that once they can prove Ashland was involved in illegal activities, the Newman Locke board can fire him.

Adam gets an alert on his phone that someone has broken into his computer. Adam gives Ashland remote access to his computer so Ashland can plant the fake evidence against him. Adam heads for his office. when he arrives Sally is outside his office door and he tells her he wants to take her to lunch. Once Adam and Sally are alone he tells her the plan. Sally tells Adam that if his family doesn’t show him the respect he deserves there are several ways he could mess up Victoria’s plan.

Nick arrives and asks Adam to be the better man he claimed he wanted to be when he donated his kidney to Faith. Nick asks Adam to think of what is good for their family and go against his instinct of doing what will benefit him the most.

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