Days Short Recap Friday, April 8, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Shawn and Belle argued over his affair. He said he didn’t know he slept with Jan. He said he thought it was her. He said he wasn’t the first person to cheat in the marriage. He said when he slept with Jan he thought it was her. When she slept with Philip, she knew what she was doing. Abby told Chad that Allie was missing since yesterday. She said she saw footprints going towards the crypt. She wanted to check to see if Allie was in there. EJ went to see Clyde. EJ wanted to change their arrangement. He said one of them had to disappear. He said he left last time so now it was Clyde’s turn. Clyde wanted to know how he was supposed to live when he left town. EJ said he would make sure he would survive. Ben walked in while they were talking. Belle told Shawn that he had a lot of nerve to bring up her past mistakes when he was having a baby with Jan. She said she apologized for those mistakes. He said he apologized for the mistake too. Aldevil told Chanel what she was doing. She said she was thinking. She told Chanel that they shouldn’t see each other anymore. Johnny tried to get out of the crypt. He saw Tony and asked him to get him out. Tony said he couldn’t do it because he was Andre.

Aldevil told Chanel that she didn’t want to hurt her brother. Chanel said she didn’t care for her brother. Aldevil said she didn’t expect her to understand what goes on between her and her brother. Johnny told Andre that he was dead. Andre said after everything he went through he had the nerve to question what was happening. Andre said the devil sent him there to deal with him. Abby told Chad that she was glad Allie was okay. She said she hoped Johnny was too. She said EJ could deal with it. Chad was surprised that EJ was out. Clyde told Ben that EJ was offering him a job. Ben wanted to know why EJ would offer him a job. Clyde said they were in prison together. He ended up turning down the job. Belle told Shawn that he and Jan having a child. She said that child was going to tie him to Jan for the rest of their lives. She said she didn’t know if she could live with that. Ciara interrupted them while they were talking. Belle left them alone. He told Ciara she wasn’t the only one having a baby.

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