Y&R Short Recap Thursday, April 7, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Billy and Nick worry that Victoria won’t be able to get Ashland out of her life.

Chance finishes all the paperwork to rejoin the police department tomorrow. Chance admits to Rey that he feels like an outsider in Dominc’s life because Abby and Devon have a much stronger bond with him. Rey admits to Chance that he also feels like an outsider when he sees Sharon and Nick and their children together as a family.

Adam persuades Victor that they should combine the Newman Media and Locke Communications streaming platforms in order to compete with the bigger more well-known streaming platforms.

Victoria persuades Ashland that she believes he is innocent and she will not stop until she finds the proof that Adam framed him. Victoria calls Adam, Nick, Nikki, and Victor to her office and she gets ready to tell them her plan to take care of Ashland. Ashland breaks into Adam’s office puts some gloves on and gets ready to plant some evidence to make it look like Adam framed him.

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