Days Short Recap Thursday, April 7, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ went to see Belle. She was excited that he was out of prison. He said he sent her a text about it. She didn’t notice it. She apologized for not seeing it. She said she was frazzled. He wanted to know why she was upset. She said Shawn got Jan pregnant. Shawn went to see Jan. She said she knew he would come when he found out she was pregnant. He said not to give him that. Chanel went to see Nicole to find out where Allie was. Chanel said Allie was missing. Allie let Johnny know that she was stronger than him. Johnny asked if anyone knew that Satan took over his body. She said no one until yesterday. She said his wonder twin had to interfere in her business. He wanted to know what she was going to do with him. Chanel told Nicole that she talked to Allie, but she hadn’t seen her. Nicole said she talked to Allie. Chanel said she had a bad feeling. She said Allie might not have gone to see Tripp. She said she might have gone to see her brother. Allie said she had things to do. Johnny said people were going to be looking for him. She wanted to know who. He said his wife would. She said Chanel wasn’t his wife anymore. She said he dumped her at a party while she was inside of his body. He said he loved Chanel. Allie said it didn’t matter.

EJ told Belle that it wasn’t Shawn’s fault that he slept with Jan. Belle said it wasn’t Shawn’s fault that he thought Jan was her, but it was his fault for lying to her for months. She asked EJ if he knew what it was like to have someone cheat on you for your worse enemy and lie to you about it. EJ said he did know. Jan told Shawn that she wouldn’t have slept with anyone else. He said she got herself artificially inseminated. She said she wouldn’t have done that. He said she was going to get a paternity test. She said she wasn’t going to do it. Aldevil told Johnny that Allie and Chanel had sex when he dumped her. She said Allie and Tripp are apart too. Belle apologized to EJ for not realizing he knew what she was going through. He said it wasn’t the same thing. She said her situation was more permanent. Shawn asked Jan why she wouldn’t get the test if she was sure he was the father of the baby. She said she didn’t want to put her baby through that. She said she didn’t want to do amnio because it was invasive. He said there was another way she could do the amnio. Aldevil told Johnny that Allie and Chanel were together. She said she had better things to do now that he knew what was going on. He wanted to know what she was going to do. She said she had to get the baby. Chanel went to the DiMera mansion to find Allie. She ran into Abby. Abby told her Allie was there. She said she wanted to talk to Johnny, but she ended up leaving. Chanel thought she might be with Tripp. Belle talked to EJ about her thinking she stopped Shawn from having sex with Jan. She said Shawn had a chance to tell him the truth, but he lied to her. EJ wanted to know what Shawn thought about this. She said Shawn thought the baby wasn’t his. Jan finally agreed with Shawn about doing the paternity test. She said she didn’t have anything to hide. Aldevil told Johnny that she was going to focus on Chanel. Johnny told her to leave Chanel alone. Chanel told Nicole that Allie didn’t see Johnny. Nicole said Tripp didn’t see her either. Nicole wanted to tell Rafe what was going on. Shawn told Belle that Jan took the paternity test. Belle was surprised that she agreed to it. He told her the results would be done soon. Belle continued to be nasty with Shawn about Jan’s pregnancy. The lab called Shawn while he and Belle were talking. He told Belle the baby was his.

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