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Update written by Dustin-Shane Merrill

Drew dropped by Curtis and Portia’s new home for a small housewarming party. After Drew said hello to everyone, Drew and Curtis broke away from the group to chat. Drew saw Trina come into the living room, and asked how things had been going. Curtis explained that Trina had a lot of support, but she couldn’t seem to get past the impasse in her relationship with Spencer..

Drew and Curtis’ conversation shifted to Marshall. Curtis admitted that he had reached out to both Jordan and Sonny for assistance to try to get Marshall’s sealed records, but both had turned him down. Drew thought it had been for the best, especially with Sonny, because Curtis didn’t want to owe the mob any favors. T.J. checked in on Trina and she opened up about the frustration she felt over being falsely accused of betraying her friends. T.J. empathized because he had a similar experience when he was Trina’s age. Trina spoke of the unfairness of having your life spiral out of control when you haven’t even done anything wrong.  Stella seemed to admit that she thought Curtis and Portia had moved in far too soon.  Portia made it known that she had learned her lesson about taking things slow and had recently decided to grab onto her happiness and never let go.  There is a moment where Stella seems a bit off.  Portia notices it, but Stella explains it away as just being lost in thought.  Moments later, Marshall arrives. Curtis was surprised to see his father, but T.J. stepped forward and explained that he had invited Marshall to the gathering, since it was mostly family. After Marshall exchanged greetings with everyone, decided to talk to Drew about the job offer that Drew had made him by explaining he has been doing multiple gigs and didn’t want to take a job away at Aurora Media from someone who had a greater need for it.

After Drew walked away, Curtis asked his father if he had ever visited Buenos Aires by pretending that Curtis and Portia were thinking about a trip to the city. Curtis was curious if Marshall had ever been there. Marshall acknowledged that he had been, but it had been quite a while. Uncomfortable with the topic, Marshall excused himself to check out the view outside. Stella joins Marshall on the terrace.  Stella saw a prescription bottle in Marshall’s hand and angrily confronted him about popping pills, but he assured her it was heart medication. Stella warned Marshall that he had been taking a big chance and that the truth might get out, but he assured her that he would not let that happen. Stella conceded that she was in way too deep to go back on her word to Marshall, but she wanted Marshall to promise that he would not let things blow up in her face. Stella did not want to jeopardize her relationship with her family. 

Portia checked on Trina. Trina admitted that the look on Spencer’s face when he’d confronted her in the interrogation room had hurt deeply. Portia told Trina she knew it hurt, but it also taught her who her true friends were. Trina explained that she didn’t even think Spencer believed she was guilty, but it was the only way Spencer was able to accept his nightmare of a relationship with Esme. Trina admitted she truly believed Spencer wanted to do what was right, but he always seem to take the easy way out.

Portia suggested that everyone gather for a family photo. Stella’s expression was filled with concern again. Portia called Stella over, but seconds later, she collapsed.

At the gym, Spencer was working out when Sonny emerged from the locker room. Spencer asked if his uncle intended to continue his lecture, but Sonny promised he’d said everything he had to say. After Spencer left, Sonny smiled to himself.

A short time later, Selina entered the gym. Sonny made it clear that the gym was his private space and not a place to conduct business. He advised Selina to make an appointment, but she admitted that Jordan had been breathing down her neck. Selina worried about how it would look if she were spotted at Sonny’s office. She said she thought the gym was a better idea, since it was a public place. Selina explained that she wanted to expand in Port Charles by getting into the gambling business. She reminded him that it wouldn’t conflict with any of his businesses in any way. Sonny was not pleased because Selina had never mentioned gambling when she had asked Sonny for access to the docks.  Selina assured Sonny that he would get a cut of the profits. Sonny reminded Selina that he expected her to stick to his original terms because he did not want drugs moved through his territory. Selina and Sonny shook hands on it.  Afterwards, Selina mentioned that she had heard about Sonny’s divorce, but Sonny refused to discuss it. However, he did tell Selina that Brick had been selected as Jason’s successor. Selina was pleased, and she admitted that the timing was good because she believed there to be a new crime family in Port Charles.

At Wyndemere, Laura broached the subject of the sex tape and hoped that Esme had nothing to do with the video of Cameron and Josslyn. Esme denied any involvement and was frustrated that no one believes her. Nikolas suggested they let the investigation run its course. Laura warned Esme not to betray the trust that Nikolas had extended when he had opened his home to Esme. “We already know the answer to that,” Ava said from the doorway. Nikolas was surprised by his wife’s unexpected return. Ava explained that she’d had a change of heart, “This is my damn house, too,” she said. Esme was clearly filled with rage, Laura suggested that both she and Esme step out to give Nikolas and Ava some privacy. Ava agreed because she didn’t want to get the “mother-to-be” all worked up in her delicate condition. Esme informed her that the pregnancy had been a false alarm. After Laura and Esme left, Nikolas insisted that — despite what Esme had done — Esme did not deserve to be on the receiving end of Sonny’s wrath. Ava accused Esme of being a liar, a criminal and a master manipulator who had framed Trina. Ava insisted that Trina was practically her daughter, and Ava would never be okay with Esme living at Wyndemere. However, Ava refused to let Esme, who she referred to as a “sociopath” drive her from her own home. Nikolas was disappointed that Ava hadn’t had a change of heart about Esme. Ava informed Nikolas that she intended to move back in, but she would not be sharing a bed with Nikolas until Esme was out. Ava intended to keep her eye on things until Nikolas could see the truth about Esme.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Victor read a text message that said, “Get it done. There’s too much at stake.” He put his phone away when Johan joined him. Victor explained that he would be leaving town for a couple of weeks and that he needed Johan to keep an eye on everything. Victor insisted it was a business trip, and he doubted that anyone would notice he was gone. 

Victor saw Laura arrive at the bar and asked to buy her a drink.  She declined the offer. Victor realizes during their conversation that while their methods were different their goals were similar for their families.  He asked Laura to imagine a world where they were no longer enemies and instead worked together for a common goal.

Anna knocks on the door of Sam’s penthouse.  Sam and Dante had been waiting for Anna because they had news for her. Dante and Sam believed they had uncovered proof that Luke had been murdered. Sam revealed that Spinelli had been monitoring the dark web ever since Drew’s run-in with Victor on the docks. Dante didn’t think it was a coincidence that Luke had been murdered, Victor had returned, and the Ice Princess diamond had been stolen. Anna agreed that the events had to be connected.

Sam pulled an auction up on her laptop, and Anna read about “the world’s largest uncut diamond.” Anna was certain it was the Ice Princess, and she agreed with Dante and Sam that the seller was likely Luke’s killer — who would lead them straight to Victor. Sam explained that to gain entry to the auction, they would need to show that they could participate in the bidding. Anna realized that Sam was right. Anna confided that Duke Lavery had left Anna a sizable inheritance, but she had never touched the money because of the ambiguous ways that Duke had accumulated his wealth. Anna decided to use the cryptocurrency to secure a place in the auction. Sam went to work setting everything up. In the hallway, Anna called Valentin, but the call went to voicemail. Anna explained that she had to leave town, but she was concerned because she hadn’t been able to reach him.

In French Polynesia, Jennifer Smith sat at a table on the beach, sipping a tropical drink as she spoke to a mystery person on the phone.  Jennifer ended the call and ordered another drink. Suddenly, Valentin approaches her table. He was dressed in a white naval uniform and sporting a mustache. He addressed her in French then switched to heavily accented English as he offered to buy her a drink and asked if he could join her.

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