Days Short Recap Monday, April 4, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

The devil admitted to Allie that he was in Johnny’s baby. He confessed to everything he did. She said it explained everything. She said it explained the way he treated Chanel and broke up her relationship. Sarah went to see Xander. She told him she wanted to get a divorce. He said he was the man she loved. She told him she wanted to end things with him. He said she was the love of his life. Gwen walked in while he was talking. Chad told Abby that he got the serum from Rolf. Anna ranted to Abby about Tony not telling Sarah the truth. Abby told Anna that Chad had the serum from Rolf. Anna was happy. Allie told the devil that she wouldn’t let him hurt Johnny. She tried to get Johnny out of the devil. Johnny was able to hear her. She told him to fight so they could get rid of the devil. Anna went to the Kirakis mansion and told Tony and Maggie that Chad got the serum so she could back to herself. Tony told Anna that Sarah was gone. Xander wanted to know how Sarah knew Gwen. Sarah said she knew her as Gwen Davies and was working with Alex. Gwen said she was Xander’s fiancée. Sarah wanted Gwen to convince Alex to get a divorce. Abby saw Allie at the DiMera mansion. Allie had the devil in her.

Abby wanted to know why Allie was at the mansion. Allie said she was looking for her brother. Maggie called Xander to find out if he saw Sarah. He said he did. She wanted him to convince Sarah to come home. He said he didn’t think she would listen to him. He had an idea that would get her to come home. When he got off the phone, he signed the divorce papers. Xander and Gwen talked about her seeing him with Sarah. She said he felt sorry for her. He said he didn’t. She said he should feel sorry. She said Sarah was the love of his life. He said things were complicated. He said he thought the woman he loved didn’t love him anymore. He wanted her to put herself in his shoes. She said he didn’t love her the way he loved Sarah. Sarah told Tony that Alex signed the divorce papers. Tony said Anna signed the divorce papers too. Anna was shocked that he said that. Gwen wanted to know what Xander would do if the serum didn’t work. She asked if he would let go of Sarah. He said it wasn’t a fair question. He wanted her to bear with him. He said he loved her and she was his best friend. He said he would let go of Sarah and marry her. Tony told Sarah they could get married today. Sarah was excited. She wanted Maggie to marry them. He said Marlena could do it. He suggested getting a blood test. Abby told Allie that it didn’t appear as if Johnny was there. Allie told her that she was fighting with Johnny and they would work things out. Maggie, Anna and Xander went to the hospital. Chad told them about the serum. He said it could take years for it to work.

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