Days Short Recap Friday, April 1, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi was surprised to find Jake packing up his things. She couldn’t believe he was leaving like that. She apologized for hurting him. She blamed it on the devil. He was upset about how she handled everything. He said the situation meant all he’ll ever be to her was a carbon copy of Stefan. She denied it, but he told her they were done. He told her they couldn’t fix it. Ava overheard Nicole leaving a romantic message for Rafe. They ended up arguing until Ava slapped her. Nicole slapped her back. Jake saw them and broke them up. They went back to arguing until Nicole walked off. Ava told Jake about what happened with Nicole and Rafe. He apologized to her and told her about his breakup with Gabi. He wanted to take her to the pub to get some ice for her face. They wanted to swap stories about breaking up.

Nicole met with Rafe and told him what happened with Ava. He wanted her to call him the next time that happened. She said she called him. He apologized but he was working on Eli’s case. Later, TR tried to make it look like the drug dealer shot Eli. Rafe told him the reasons why the case didn’t sit well with him. Paulina wanted to know if he thought someone else shot Eli. He said something didn’t feel right with him. He said he talked to Beth, but she didn’t give him any insight as to why Eli was at the park. TR got upset while Rafe left. TR met with Beth at his hotel room. He wanted to make sure that she kept her mouth shut. She told him that Johnny was asking her a lot of questions about why she was casted as Celeste. She assured him that she didn’t tell him anything about him. He hoped she was telling the truth and that Paulina believed he’s changed. He said that he would call off the movie if Paulina thought he didn’t change. Beth realized that he wanted to be with Paulina because he wanted her money.

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