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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe found Lani praying at Eli’s side. She didn’t know what she would do without him. He told her not to lose hope. She thought it could go on for a long time. She didn’t know what she would do for childcare while she was with him. She considered hiring a nanny, but Abe assures her that the family would be there for her. She knew taking care of twins would be a handful. Abe thought Paulina could use help with them. Paulina was watching the twins when TR showed up. He thought she might have needed help. She didn’t want his help at first. He enjoyed being around his grandchildren. He wanted to prove to her that he could be trusted. Abe knocked on the door. TR answered the door. Abe wanted to see Paulina. TR read his emails while they talked. Abe warned Paulina that having TR there was a mistake. They went back and forth about it when TR stopped them. Abe told him about his issues with him. TR assured him that Paulina didn’t have anything to worry about from him. She assured Abe that she would be fine and said he could go. Abe stared TR down once more before he left.

TR thought Abe was jealous of him. Paulina knew that Abe didn’t trust her so they didn’t have a future. TR told her that he wanted to prove to her that he changed. He wanted to be in her life. He was willing to do whatever it took to be in her life. She said that sounded good, but she didn’t know if she believed him. He hoped she would see that he’s changed. Beth was at the station with Rafe. She wanted to sign her statement, but he wanted to go over a few things first. He wanted to make sure the things she said about TR were right. She said they were right and she signed the statement. Later, Rafe went to the hospital to check on Eli and Lani. He assured her that he would find out who shot Eli. He believed there was more to the story. They talked about why Eli was in the park. They talked about the shooting and how the guy overdosed right after it happened. They realized that Eli was the only one who knew what happened. Rafe left to find out about the dealer. Rafe went to see Paulina. He met TR and told them that he was reinstated as Police Commissioner. TR listened while he was talking to Paulina. Rafe told her the drug dealer only sold drugs. He said he never took them. He wondered how he died from a drug overdose. Nicole ran into Abe. They talked about TR being in town. She knew Abe was uncomfortable seeing TR with his grandchildren. They talked about TR’s girlfriend saying that he never used drugs or hit her. Abe said he didn’t trust him. She mentioned how her father was abusive and said he changed. She knew that he never did. Abe told her that he couldn’t talk about his concerns because he wasn’t with Paulina anymore.

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