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Sheila: I tried, steffy. I really did.

Steffy: Let go of me.

Sheila: No. You let go of the idea that you have any say in this. You think I’m not welcome? You think I’m not going to have a place in my son’s life? My grandson’s? You think again.

Taylor: Thomas… I wish he’d ease up a bit.

Ridge: Honestly, I like the fact that our kids don’t hide their feelings.

Taylor: You do?

Ridge: Yeah.

Taylor: Hey, you know, they’re– they’re going to be fine, no matter what happens. You shouldn’t let any of that influence you. Their happiness doesn’t hinge on us being a couple.

Ridge: I like to pretend that it does.

Taylor: Oh, they’re just trying to heal the past. That’s all. I just– I wish thomas would focus on his future and maybe his own love life and stop focusing on ours.

Ridge: You mean like steffy.

[ Taylor chuckles ] Because she’s got the house and… husband, beautiful kids, and a lot of work here, but still finds time to meddle in our lives.

Taylor: I’m so proud of her.

Ridge: You’re proud of her for meddling?

[ Taylor chuckles ]

Taylor: No, for who she’s become. I mean, she has accomplished so much… not just here at forrester, but in her– in her life, in her– in her family. I was worried about her for a long time, ridge. She was stuck in that cycle with liam. The same one she watched growing up with me and you for so long. Still watching–

Ridge: Here we go.

Taylor: Well, it’s true. It sticks. She watched it as a little girl and then she got into it. The same thing with liam. I’m not worried about her anymore. She found finn.

Ridge: I– I couldn’t have found a better husband for her. You know, he’s perfect. Almost perfect, if it weren’t for his mother.

Finn: Come on, steffy, text me back. Il giardino? What are you doing there?

Nurse: Hey, finn, finally discharged the broken ankle. He swears he’ll never ski again.

Finn: Is– is dr. Becker still on?

Nurse: Yeah, scheduled all night.

Finn: Okay, just give him my apologies, but I need him to cover me for a while.

Nurse: What?

Finn: It’s important, okay? I’ll come back as soon as I can.

Taylor: Finn can’t choose where he came from. You know, sheila– sheila gave birth to him, she isn’t his mom, like li is.

Ridge: I know. Doesn’t make it any less disturbing that she likes to hang out and spend time with finn. And spend time with our grandson.

Taylor: I understand that. But if, you know, she truly changed,

Ridge: What do you– what do you– what? “If she truly changed,” you really believe that?

Taylor: You know, I– yes– no. But I’d like to. For finn’s sake.

Ridge: Okay, now it all makes sense. That’s why you invited her over for christmas eve. Well, no, I did that for finn, I just…

[ Sighs ] You know. I’m cautious any time we have interaction, my guard is always up. I can promise you that.

Ridge: All right. Because this– this reformed sheila, it’s not a real thing. She’s incapable of being a good person, she’s incapable of being a normal person. She’s as dangerous now as she’s always been.

Steffy: I– I don’t want to fight with you, sheila.

Sheila: No. Me neither, I– I don’t want anyone to get hurt. You know what I want? I want my son’s wife to accept me. To love me. Allow me in, please.

Steffy: Never!

Sheila: Steffy.

Steffy: No, you’re never going to be accepted. Never loved. Not by me. And certainly not by finn. Not anymore. Hi, my name is cherrie.

Ridge: You said you have these communications with sheila. How often does that happen?

Taylor: Well, that’s the thing, ridge, she’s– she just– she just shows up at my office, unannounced, and– and she wants to talk.

Ridge: She shows up at your office and she wants to talk. About what? What are you– she must have an ulterior motive. She must have something like that, right?

Taylor: See, that’s the thing. I don’t know, ridge. I– I know that she seems really happy about us, about the possibility of you and I getting back together.

Ridge: Stop. Wait, wait, wait. She seemed happy?

Taylor: No, she–

Ridge: Sheila doesn’t seem happy about anything because she’s a mean, nasty woman. She’s selfish.

Taylor: What could it be? Could– could sheila benefit from us being together for any reason? No, right? So what is it? So I’m thinking, and I was– maybe it’s because she shot me, and maybe she feels guilty and…. it’s absolving her guilt from–

Ridge: Why don’t you listen to anything I say? Why?

Taylor: What are you– I’m listening.

Ridge: She’s not- she’s not– she doesn’t feel guilt for anything. She likes causing pain. You know this. She thrives on it.

Taylor: She does, and she did. But she wants to change. And, you know, I’m a psychiatrist. It’s what I do. So I want to see people change. I believe that people can, ridge.

Ridge: I know.

Taylor: I mean, even sheila.

Ridge: You believe in a lot of things, don’t you? And you should. Maybe… unicorns and… gold at the end of the rainbow. I like it, but when you believe in sheila, you got to be very, very careful, you got to promise me that.

Taylor: I promise, ridge. But not around unicorns–

Ridge: Can we just be serious for a second?

Taylor: I am serious. Unicorns are harmless.

Ridge: It’s not a joke!

Taylor: I’m not trying to make a joke about it, ridge. I know that sheila is dangerous. I know better than anyone, okay? I know firsthand what she’s capable of. Not only that, but she’s finn’s birth mother. We share a grandson. I’m on high alert.

Finn: Il giardino? Why won’t you text me back?

Sheila: I’ve disappointed

you enough, son.

And I promise, you are never

going to hear anything

about me that would

let you down again.

Steffy: Brooke’s new year’s

eve, the booze, kissing deacon,

inviting deacon into

my father’s bed?

That was all set in

motion by your mother.

Finn: You’re evil, mom. You’re never going to change. Getting brooke drunk. You just better stay away from my wife.

Sheila: You know I can’t let you say anything–

Steffy: No, don’t you dare. Don’t you take one more step!

Sheila: You need to know what happened. What I did to brooke.

Steffy: Finn already knows.

Sheila: Then I’ll just explain it to him.

Steffy: You don’t have to explain it to him, you’re never going to see him again.

Sheila: We can keep this between us, just the few of us that know, we can put this behind us. Let your parents get back together again. If you feel like we need to say something later down the line, then fine. After taylor and ridge are married and brooke has moved on. We’ll just wait.

Steffy: No, I’m– I’m not letting my parents start a life together based on a lie.

Sheila: Would you stop being so high and mighty? Just think about what you’re going to be giving up. I did this for you… for your family. This is the best chance that you have.

Steffy: No, you’re a liar. You did this for yourself. You did this because brooke put her foot down about hayes being in your life.

Sheila: Well, that was just an added bonus. But what difference does it make? Because the outcome is the same. Ridge left brooke for your mother.

Steffy: And I’m supposed to be thanking you? You psychopath, you set this all in motion. You know who I should be thanking? Brooke. Who stood up to you!

Sheila: Whoa, whoa, whoa, now all of a sudden you’re team brooke?

Steffy: I’m on anyone’s team but yours. Anyone who’s willing to join me to get you away from finn and my son!

Sheila: The losing team. No one… is ever going to keep me away from finn and hayes. Not even you… steffy.

Why hide your skin if dupixent

Taylor: You know, I’m sure it bothers steffy on some level. Finn.. being a part of sheila, sheila being a part of hayes’ life.

Ridge: I’m not– you know, I know she thought about walking away from it. And nobody would have blamed her. But she didn’t, because she sees finn for who he is. You said before, he’s not just his dna, he’s a good guy.

Taylor: He really is a good guy. And I’m just so happy. Steffy– steffy’s so fulfilled, you know? With everything. I’m just– I’m so happy for her.

Ridge: So am I.

Taylor: You know what, I– I actually– I think it’s just going to get better and better. I can see it, ridge, I– I do. She has this great career. She has a great business partner. She has a– a loving family, her children are wonderful and– and she and finn, oh, they’re such a great team together. They really are. A doctor and a fashion designer? What a great match.

[ Laughs ]

Ridge: Okay.

Taylor: I’m just so happy. I mean, this is everything I’ve ever wanted for her, ridge. Everything.

Steffy: I feel bad for finn. He thought this was all a misunderstanding, that I was wrong about you. But once he hears what you’ve been saying… how you’ve been talking to me, he’s going to hate you as much as I do.

Sheila: Why? Why do you have to fight me? Why can’t you just accept me and care for me the way I want–

Steffy: I don’t want anything to do with you, sheila! Knowing that you’re thinking about me, my family, that is my worst nightmare. You– you’re– you’re sick. You’re unhinged. You shot my mother. Maybe she can forgive you, but I can’T. Now, you need to stay away from us. You should be behind bars.

Sheila: I served my time.

Steffy: It didn’t do you any good. You didn’t come out a better person. You just fell back into your old ways. You hurt people to get what you want. You hurt brooke to have access to finn and hayes. Access you’re never going to have.

Sheila: Because you say so?

Steffy: That’s right. Finn is my husband, hayes is my son, I’m in control.

Steffy: So know when to give up.

Sheila: Never.

Steffy: Everyone’s going to know what you did, sheila. Everyone’s going to know the truth.

Sheila: Oh, it’s not going to happen. Steffy, I can stop you.

Steffy: From going to my father? Not a chance.

Sheila: I will… if I have to. You know what it’s like, you’re a mother, you’d do the same. Finn means everything to me. I love him more than life itself. You’d do it. You do anything in your power to protect that relationship with your child.

Steffy: That’s what you don’t get, sheila. You don’t have a relationship. Not with finn. Not with hayes. You’re never gonna see them again.

[ Echoing ] You’ll never see

them again. Never.

You’ll never see them again.


Never again.

Never again.

Never again.


[ Gunshot ]

Sheila: No! No! When tough pain hits,

Ridge: You talked about steffy having a good business partner in me, but the truth is, she is ready to run this company on her own.

Taylor: Oh, come on, like– you and your dad will be roaming these halls ’til the day you die.

Ridge: Maybe even after. I mean, why not? My mom’s got the house covered. Maybe we should be haunting these– these little hallways here.

Taylor: Yeah, you’re good at ghosting. So…

Ridge: Oh, here we go again.

Taylor: What? My point is this. It’s time for steffy to take over. I know she can do it. It’s a nice feeling. She is one hell of a leader.

Taylor: Yeah, she’s– she’s one hell of a woman, isn’t she? She has the strongest spirit. She really does. She’s gone through so much and she– she always rises to the top. Never fails. I am– I am just so proud of her and for the life that she’s creating. Our girl, our girl, her future is so bright.

Ridge: I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Steffy: Finn! Finn! Oh, my god! Oh my god! There’s so much blood! Finn! Oh my god!

Sheila: God, what’ve I done?

Steffy: Finn, talk to me, please talk to me.

Sheila: I didn’t see him. I didn’t know he was here.

Steffy: God, finn, can you hear me, please? Please, finn! Finn! Finn, ple– please, breathe, baby, breathe. Breathe. Oh, god, please, please, breath.

[ Finn gasping ] Oh! Oh! Oh, oh, baby. Oh, my god. Finn! Finn! I’m gonna get you help, okay?

Finn: What– what happened?

Steffy: I’m gonna get you help.

[ Finn mumbles ]

Steffy: Oh, god, oh, god. You need to call for help, sheila! You need to call now!

Finn: Stay here with me. Just be– stay here with me.

Steffy: Hang in there, okay? Hang in there. We got you. We got you, okay? I got you.

Finn: I love you.

Steffy: Baby, I love you. You’re gonna get through this. Okay? You’re gonna get through this. So blessed to have… to have you… and make sure… make sure hayes…

[ Breathless mumbling ] Our life is… I love– I love you, steffy. I’ll always, always-

Steffy: I love you.

Finn: I’m gonna love you for–

Steffy: No, no, no! No, finn! No! No, no, no, no, no, finn! No, no, finn, no, no. I need you. I need you. Hayes needs you, he needs his daddy! No! No!

[ Steffy sobbing ]

Sheila: Finn, baby!

Steffy: Your only son.

Sheila: I didn’t know– I didn’t know he was here.

Steffy: You were going to kill me. You’re a monster! You’re going to prison for the rest of life.

Sheila: You put your phone down.

[ Key tapping ] Put the phone down! Don’t do it, steffy. Don’t you dare!

[ Steffy sobbing ] Because this is my secret.

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