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Victor: Come in. Hello, son.

Nick: I got here as fast as i could. Has anybody heard from victoria?

Victor: No. Not after she bolted yesterday, when she found out that ashland had been lying to her about his cancer.

Nick: I was really hoping she would reach out to one of us, but she’s not returning any of my calls or texts.

Nikki: We have to give her some space for now.

Nick: Mom, do you really think that’s the best plan here? I mean, we don’t know where her head’s at or how she’s dealing with any of this.

Victor: Well, I have it on good authority that she spent the night in a hotel.

Nick: Well, I was hoping you would say that, that your people are keeping an eye on her.

Nikki: She has a lot to deal with. Finding out that she’s been lied to about everything and that her marriage is a sham.

Victor: You know, I just have a feeling that she’ll come out stronger and wiser after all this. I’m concerned about what ashland locke will do.

Nikki: After that dramatic exit he made.

Victor: Yeah.

Nick: I think he just did that to buy him some time so he can plan his next move.

Ashland: It doesn’t matter what I say or how I defend myself against this attack. I wish it was enough for you… to know that I love you with all my heart. Because your love means everything to me. You have changed my life. But this — this right here… this is obviously never going to work. I’m done trying.

Victoria: Billy.

Billy: You look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Is everything okay?

Victoria: Yeah, of course it’s okay.

Billy: Alright, do you expect me to believe that and walk away? ‘Cause I think we both know that that’s not gonna happen, and i don’t think it’s about the kids because I just talked to them and they are loving school.

Victoria: I miss them so much.

Billy: Yeah, so do I.

Victoria: But I’m thankful they’re not here right now.

Billy: What’s going on, vick? Did ashland take a turn for the worse?

Sally: Oh, did you feel that? Looked at you and then the temperature dipped about 50 degrees.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Well, a lot went down last night. Things got blown wide open with him and victoria. Anger, recrimination, shattered lives. It’s a volatile situation and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Some people might look at what happened and think it’s time to panic.

Sally: But you see a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

Adam: Exactly.

Sally: I will grab us a table.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] You read my mind.

Ashland: You see, that’s the problem with living in a small town. You try to avoid someone, and there he is every time.

Adam: Well, I have a solution. Leave genoa city.

Ashland: Why would I want to do that?

Adam: Shame, embarrassment, being exposed. I mean, I can’t imagine there’s a whole lot of people that want you to stay. Even victoria has accepted the truth.

Ashland: Adam, you don’t want to toy with me today, believe me.

Adam: You know what? You’re right. I mean, why waste time with small talk when I would much rather make a deal. I brought in ensure max protein,

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Chelsea: Well, thank you so much. It was great seeing you again, and your thoughts were invaluable as always. So we’ll talk soon.

[ Sighs ]

Rey: Work meeting?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Rey: Well, judging by that smile, it must’ve gone well.

Chelsea: Oh, this smile isn’t a barometer of anything. I’ve been faking it for so long, my face is starting to hurt.

Rey: No.

Chelsea: Yeah, really. Watch.

[ Groans ] So much better. It gets so painful after a while.

Rey: [ Laughs ] I’m sorry, I’m sorry, i shouldn’t be laughing. That’s —

Chelsea: No, don’t stop on my account. It’s funny. The lengths we’ll go to to show the world we’re perfect and perky.

Rey: Oh, I know, right? It’s like those influencers on social media — not a hair out of place, every day’s a vacation in paradise.

Chelsea: It’s exhausting. I don’t know how they do it.

Rey: [ Sighs ] Right? I mean, who has that much time?

Chelsea: I’d much rather hang out with someone who’s seen me at my worst, who has zero expectations. Someone who’s totally authentic. Someone I can be 100% comfortable with.

Rey: I couldn’t agree more.

Nikki: We need to find a way to help victoria get through this while respecting her privacy.

Nick: We are all in agreement about that. My concern is her next move might be confronting ashland.

Victor: Whatever retaliation she comes up with is not gonna be punishment enough.

Nick: I still can’t believe that he could do that. That he could stand up there in front of all of us, in front of her family and her friends, and say those vows to her, to make her feel more loved and valued than ever and know that it was all a lie. I think it’s gonna take a huge toll on her to face him.

Victor: You know he’s gonna take advantage of that. You know that.

Nick: I just wish there was a way for me to get him out of town, you know, for good. Out of her life like he never existed so she can be done with him forever.

Nikki: I know, but, honey, she wouldn’t be done with him. I know you want to protect your sister from more pain, but that’s not the answer.

Billy: Look, we have been through a lot together, okay? Some crazy, roller-coaster type stuff, but there is one thing in our life that will always be constant.

Victoria: And what would that be?

Billy: I care about you and your happiness, and I always will.

Victoria: I suppose that’s why you felt like you had to blow up my wedding and humiliate me in public? Because you just didn’t think i was quite happy enough.

Billy: No, that was me worried that you were making a mistake, and if you’re talking about that video that proved ashland was a piece of work, i didn’t go through with that. I deleted that.

Victoria: Please don’t sit there and tell me how altruistic you were and that you’ve done everything out of the goodness of your heart. You had that article written about him because you wanted to wreck his reputation.

Billy: Vick, I did that to protect myself and my company, and for good reason. You know our systems were hacked.

Victoria: Oh, it’s never your fault, is it?

Billy: Everything in that article about ashland was 100% true. He did all those things. And yet I’m the one that took the hit. I lost my credibility and my job.

Victoria: You chose to walk away.

Billy: No, I swallowed all my doubts because I wanted to make sure that you were as happy as possible. And believe me, I wished — i hoped that I was wrong about him.

Victoria: No, you didn’T. No, you didn’T. You wanted all of those things to be true, that ashland couldn’t be trusted, that I had no business marrying him in the first place. And you warned me over and over again, but I ignored you. Well, congratulations, billy. You were right all along. How did olay top expensive creams?

Rey: So who was that anyway?

Chelsea: The woman I was just meeting with? Oh, she’s this fabulous fabric designer. She works with gorgeous materials. I have some ideas of patterns I’d like to use, so we’re hoping we can make some magic together.

Rey: Oh, that’ll be fun.

Chelsea: It should be, but i couldn’t even focus on anything she was saying, ’cause I was thinking about connor.

Rey: Everything okay?

Chelsea: What do you call when a kid you’ve known his entire life, that you love with your whole heart, you suddenly don’t recognize him anymore?

Rey: Oh, yeah, he’s doing that preteen thing. What’s going on?

Chelsea: I swear, rey, sometimes — no, no, no, sorry, you were here for a reason. I am not gonna dump all this on you.

Rey: Hey, hey, hey. I have a while before I have to head back to the station.

Chelsea: Oh. You’re just stopping by the spa for a little glow-up.

Rey: How’d you guess?

Chelsea: [ Chuckles ] Dropping in for a massage and pedicure?

Rey: Well, I wouldn’t say no to that, but actually I’m here to pick up a gift certificate for faith.

Chelsea: Oh, that’s sweet. Birthday?

Rey: The most difficult season in a high school senior’s life. Colleges are sending out their acceptance letters, and I figure if she gets into her top choices, it’s congratulations. But if not…

Chelsea: She can look forward to a day at the spa. That’s really thoughtful.

Rey: [ Chuckles ]

Chelsea: You’re a great stepdad.

Rey: Yeah, I like kids. I used to be one myself.

Chelsea: [ Gasps ] You don’t say.

Rey: What I’m saying is i have some time, and I’ve had a lot of experience with children and other humans, so…

Chelsea: So I can bend your ear?

Rey: Bend away.

Billy: Victoria, what did ashland do to you?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] It was all a lie.

Billy: What was?

Victoria: All of it. Everything. The cancer. Every moment we spent together. Every– everything. His deep love for me. Our connection. Every time I told myself that i was so lucky to be with him. Every time I defended him or stood beside him. All the times I was so terrified that he was going to die from the disease and all the nights and the days that I prayed we’d have some more time together — all of it.

[ Sighs ] It just feels like my whole world has fallen out from underneath my feet.

[ Voice breaking ] I’m — I’m so shattered.

Billy: Okay, I’m sorry, um… I just really need to understand what you’re saying here. Are you telling me that he lied about being sick?

Victoria: Yes, he did.

Billy: Oh, my god. I don’t even know what to say.

Victoria: I’m just so angry.

[ Inhales sharply ] I’m angry and I — I feel so regretful of the months that i directed that anger at you and nick and anyone that told me that ashland was gonna betray me.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ] I was angry at you for taking something away from me, something that I never had. This great love. The truth of all of it was just too much for me to even contemplate. But mostly, I’m so angry at ashland. I’m so angry at him, and I’m even more angry at myself for believing in him.

Ashland: What could you possibly have to offer that i would be interested in?

Adam: If you walk away from victoria and from newman/locke and you make a clean break, then newman media will not make it its mission to publish article after article about your cancer fraud. There will be plenty of people that are willing to go on the record with their anger and their outrage. Personal accounts of people that have been affected by cancer and are really suffering and will explain why you are the lowest of the low.

Ashland: You think I don’t know how to handle bad press?

Adam: [ Chuckles ] I’m thinking about harrison and how these lies will affect your son.

Ashland: Harrison is being raised by his biological father in milan.

Adam: You and I both know that biology doesn’t make a parent. That kid is the most important thing in your life. That is the only person that you truly care about. Everything you’ve done, everything that you have created is for harrison. Now, given the cold and calculated way you handled victoria, I know that you’re hoping everybody will assume that you feel the same indifference towards harrison, but you’ve shown yourself to be a patient man. You think long-term. You claim that you sent harrison away so you could shield him from witnessing your decline, and I got to say, it was a nice touch. But the truth is you wanted him packed away somewhere safe in case something went wrong. And it has. Now, I know what it’s like to want to shield your kid from the sins of your past. For me, it was just one article, and I had the newman resources and power to mitigate the damage that it caused. That’s the same kind of power and resources that is gonna be unleashed on you, and they will be relentless. Unsparing. And the fallout? Well, you can kiss your reunion that you wanted with harrison goodbye.

Ashland: I don’t respond well to threats.

Adam: Oh, you thought that was a threat? No, no, no, no. It was just a carefully considered offer. See, we know what you did and why you did it. And make no mistake, we have the proof. Now, I’m just trying to find a workable solution.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

Nikki: Ashland needs to leave of his own volition, because if we try to force him out, he will come back even stronger. If victoria needs to confront him in order to find closure, we just have to let her do it.

Nick: You know, there’s another possibility that we need to be prepared for. That this latest revelation about ashland does not change victoria’s mind about him.

Victor: And I refuse to believe that she’d continue to ignore the obvious.

Nick: Dad, it might be easier to support and defend him than to accept what he’s done. You know, that she’s not the love of his life, she was just a way for him to get his hands on newman enterprises.

Nikki: Well, we have to protect victoria somehow. So what’s our next step?

Billy: What is his endgame here? I mean, how does anyone pretend to be dying to get what they want?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I don’t know. I mean, all the evidence points to him lying about his cancer because he wanted people to sympathize with him and not see him for the shark that he is, so he could infiltrate newman.

Billy: So this is about your company?

Victoria: He wanted this merger from the day he stepped and he saw me as the way in. So he took advantage of my love and my ambition. I mean, I’m the weakness that he exploited.

Billy: Hold on a second here, okay? You stop that because you are not weak. You have never been weak. He is a parasitic son of a bitch that let his friend die and stole his name, and I wish that I could say I was surprised by this, but I’m not. It’s just confirmation of exactly who I thought he was the whole time.

Victoria: I should’ve listened to you.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Look, you’re not gonna get “i told you so” out of me, okay? Vick, I am so sorry that you are going through this. You don’t deserve any of this.

Victoria: I just can’t get the last time that I — I saw him out of my head. He told me how much he loved me and how profoundly I’ve changed his life. But I could see it in his eyes and I could hear it in his voice. He was trying so hard to convince me that everything he did was good and true. But then it happened, it’s like the mask just dropped away and i saw him for the monster that he is. And then I realized that everything that my family told me about him was true.

Billy: So what happens now?

Adam: Personally, I admire the sheer audacity of you pulled off, how you were able to do something so cunning and deceitful and just cruel. I mean, lie after lie about your past was exposed, and you were still able to get the newmans to sing your praises. I mean, sure, there were some people that had their doubts about you, of course, but you were able to get victor to see you as a younger version of himself. Overcoming an abusive father and a difficult past and then building an empire — I mean, yeah, sure, lies were told, documents were forged, inheritance were stolen, but those things, they happen. All of that could be overlooked because you made victoria so happy. And you were so convincing, you made her believe that you guys had a love that nobody could understand. It was you and victoria against the world. It was masterful. But, as a newman, I have to do my part to protect the family and the business. And let’s face it, you have nothing to defend yourself with.

Ashland: This isn’t over. And I am not giving up on victoria.

Adam: Ashland, you are a lot of things, but you are not delusional.

Ashland: We’re done.

Adam: You know, those articles I was talking about, they’re being fact-checked right now.

Ashland: [ Groans ]

Adam: I would not waste my time with the false bravado. So, you have my number.

Ashland: Hmm. Oh, by the way, don’t you ever talk to me about my son again ever. Everyone has a style…

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Chelsea: One minute, connor’s hugging me, telling me he wants to cook with me and watch movies, and the next, I’m the enemy. To be ignored and avoided at all costs. It’s like everything I do is wrong or embarrassing or ridiculous.

Rey: Fun times.

Chelsea: Yeah. But, you know, I can’t say i blame him. He had his heart set on adam and I getting back together, and that didn’t happen. Oh, and top of it, now he’s telling me that he misses all the sports he was playing at boarding school. Apparently, walnut grove isn’t focused or competitive enough. It’s like he had this vision of what his life was gonna look like when he came home, and none of that’s happened.

Rey: Mm. That’s got to be frustrating.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Rey: Of course, I’m not speaking from personal experience, since my life’s been without disappointment.

Chelsea: Of course, of course, join the club. Me, too.

Rey: Have you thought about sending him back to boarding school?

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] I would hate it. But if that’s what’s gonna make him happy, how can I say no?

Rey: My opinion?

Chelsea: Please.

Rey: I think, as a parent, you got to think long-term. And right now connor is looking to fix things. Sometimes a change feels like a solution, but often it’s just a distraction.

Adam: How much could you hear?

Sally: Not one word. But I could tell it was high-stakes.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sally: Your body language gave it all away.

Adam: How?

Sally: Well, the more confident you got that you were gonna win, the more chill you looked.

Adam: Yeah?

Sally: Yeah, it was pretty clear how ashland felt about what you said and how you said it. He had no intention of leaving when we showed up, but after you went and talked to him, he could not get out of here fast enough.

Adam: You see, this is why i wanted to let you in on what’s going on at newman, because you’re intelligent, observant. You understand the game. You understand me.

Sally: Well, that is what a good coo should do.

Adam: So, um, here’s what i was talking to ashland about. Turns out he’s been lying about his cancer diagnosis, and we have the proof to back it up.

Sally: Oh, my god.

Adam: Yeah, you’re probably wondering why he did it, unless you’ve already figured that out.

Sally: Newman enterprises.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] You’re good. He was using his illness to win victoria’s trust and sympathy, so he was faking an illness to rush her into marriage and claim that they had to take advantage of the little time they had left.

Sally: Must have taken a ton of planning. All the lies he had to juggle, the people he had to convince, all the ways it could’ve gone wrong.

Adam: Well, there were plenty of warning signs along the way. You know, things kept coming up from ashland’s past, but he was able to use those revelations and his alleged terminal illness to sell that he was a changed man.

Sally: And content with cheering on victoria’s success from the sidelines.

Adam: Until his miraculous recovery that he received from his treatment in peru.

Sally: Which he used to persuade victoria to make him co-ceo of newman/locke.

Adam: Yes, bingo. Mission accomplished. I mean, imagine the fallout when this blows up. I told him what a series of articles might do if his son was to find out, what harrison would think to find out the kind of man that his father really is.

Sally: And what’d he say about that?

Adam: Well, he acted like it didn’t bother him, but I could tell that he was plotting his next move. I hope that he will realize he’s out of options and he will cut his losses.

Sally: Well, you know, he’s a ruthless businessman, I’m sure he’s able to compartmentalize his feelings about his son.

Adam: I don’t know. I think the stuff about his kid finding out the truth really got to him. I could tell. Question is, how is locke gonna play this?

Billy: What the hell is he up to? Honestly, I mean, this can’t be about money, right? He’s got enough money and wealth to buy and sell most small countries on the map, so what does he want?

Victoria: Not me. That’s clear now.

Billy: Well, he’s an idiot. Before the merger, he was top dog, he was king of the world at locke communications group. And then he merges with newman, he’s got to share all his shiny new toys. Unless his plan, vick —

Victoria: Unless he planned for something to happen to me when he was in a position to take over the company.

Chelsea: So how do you suggest I focus on long-term solutions with connor?

Rey: Just listen to him. Don’t rush in to anything.

Chelsea: But for a kid his age, a few weeks feels like an eternity.

Rey: That’s the thing, he’s acting like a kid, which he should. And I was raised by a single mom. I remember that I felt like i always had to take care of my mother. Things are different for connor. His dad is in his life, and he doesn’t feel the pressure of having to take on the responsibility of being the man of the house.

Chelsea: Which is why he’s fine leaving me and going back to boarding school.

Rey: He’s confident you’ll be okay without him. It’s a compliment to your parenting.

Chelsea: Well, I’m just trying to do a better job than anita. You saw firsthand what that was like.

Rey: Oh, you’re doing a great job.

Chelsea: Don’t say it if you don’t mean it.

Rey: I do. Don’t forget, I spent a lot of time with you and connor. I’ve seen how much he trusts you, how he feels safe enough to express how mad or frustrated he might get. He knows he can throw anything at you and you can handle it. He knows he can be himself without you judging him.

Chelsea: Given everything I’ve done, I’m not really in a position to judge anybody about anything.

Rey: Whatever the reason, it’s a big deal. He knows that he can come to you with anything, even the idea of going to boarding school. He’s a lucky kid. Did I say something wrong? Chelsea?

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Adam: Let’s make a list of cons by exposing ashland’s lies and that he can be tried in the court of public opinion.

Sally: Worst-case scenarios.

Adam: Well, if the world finds out about ashland’s trojan horse infiltration of the company, it could make the leadership at newman look stupid for falling for it.

Sally: Which is probably why ashland hasn’t given up and gone away.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sally: At least not yet.

Adam: We need to make him want to leave. We need to increase the pressure on him.

Sally: Any ideas?

Adam: Well, nobody wants to acknowledge victoria’s complicity in this mess, even if it is unwitting. She put the family company in jeopardy and she allowed herself to be completely taken in by him.

Sally: And you are the only one brave enough to admit that.

Adam: Mm-hmm. I just only hope that when the dust settles, my father faces the fact that his precious daughter put everything that he created, the legacy that he built, at risk.

Sally: Which definitely won’t bode well for victoria’s future at newman.

Adam: He can’t keep someone on like that. It’s not good for the company image, and he’s certainly got to have doubts about her judgment now.

Sally: Yeah, he’s gonna need someone to take over, someone he can trust.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Victoria’s in pain and we are plotting to take advantage of her downfall. Are we the worst?

Sally: Not in the least. This is a very necessary conversation. It is logical and practical because somebody has to keep their eye on the ball.

Nikki: There is no way that victoria will stay with ashland. I refuse to believe that.

Nick: Well, I don’t think we can just hope for the best. I mean, look at her history with the guy. Any time anyone raises any concerns about ashland, vick runs to his rescue.

Nikki: So what are you proposing?

Nick: I don’t know, mom. We need some contingency plan in case ashland does something unexpected.

Nikki: I mean, she couldn’t go back to him. Could she? I mean, after admitting that she knows ashland has been lying? What she needs right now is our support.

Victor: I got to be honest with both of you. I’ve had my doubts about ashland locke from the moment he stepped foot in our lives. I don’t trust him. But I let things be because i knew that he was making victoria very happy. She was in love with him. Now all I want to do is give her a big hug and make that excruciating pain she must be going through go away. But you’re right, sweetheart, we have to give her her own space. She needs to work out this whole problem on her own.

Nikki: I totally agree with you.

Victor: Yeah. But I want you both to know that I have my people keeping an eye on her. They know where she is at all times.

Billy: Has ashland ever done anything or said anything to you that might come across threatening or dangerous?

Victoria: No. I don’t think so.

Billy: I hate this.

Victoria: Why? Because you told me that I shouldn’t marry him and I didn’t listen to you?

Billy: No. No, I hate the fact that you even have to consider that he might be capable of doing anything to you to get you out of the way.

Victoria: I don’t know what he’s capable of, billy. I don’t know what he’s thinking or what he’s feeling.

Billy: He’s not feeling anything good, because he’s a heartless bastard.

Victoria: I don’t suppose you want to reconsider your stance on saying “I told you so”?

Billy: You don’t deserve this. You deserve to be happy, especially after everything i put you through.

Victoria: It’s totally different because you are a very good man, despite all your flaws.

Billy: Which are legion.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Yes, they are.

Billy: [ Exhales sharply ] Yeah, we joke and we laugh a little bit, but it’s true. It’s taken me a long time to deal with some of my more stubborn demons.

Victoria: Oh, well, at least you acknowledge them and decided that you want to change your life, and now you’re doing the work to make it happen.

Billy: I’m trying my best.

Victoria: You know, we might disagree a lot and we might butt heads from time to time, but i know that when it really matters…

Billy: You can count on me. You can trust me with anything. Be ready for whatever life throws your way.

Rey: Chelsea, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. What did I say?

Chelsea: Yes, all the right things.

Rey: Those are good tears?

Chelsea: Yeah. [ Chuckles ] Yeah, I just — I can’t tell you how many times I feel like I’m failing connor, you know? Like he deserves better than me. I just love him so much.

Rey: I can tell.

Chelsea: I just feel like I’m always doing something wrong. You know? I just want to give him all of the love and care, nurture him so much. It just seems like it’s never enough.

Rey: You know what I see when I look at him? A happy, healthy kid.

Chelsea: Despite his mom.

Rey: Because of his mom.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Well [Sniffles] I don’t think anyone has ever felt that connor was the lucky one to have me, but when you say it like that, i actually start to believe it, just a little.

Rey: Yeah, believe it a lot. You are raising a happy, funny, talented kid. You’re doing a great job.

Chelsea: Well, thanks, rey. You are just what I needed today.

[ Chuckles ] One day, I hope I can return the favor.

Rey: I didn’t look at it as a favor. I enjoy talking to you. You got a big heart. You’re fun, and you are completely unpredictable.

[ Chuckles ] In a nice way.

Chelsea: Well, I feel the same way about you. Minus the unpredictable part.

Rey: Yeah, nobody’s ever accused me of being that.

Chelsea: Well…I trust you. And you’re really easy to be around.

Sally: Look, victoria is nursing a broken heart after her show-stopping wedding in tuscany and the jaw-dropping merger, so while her parents and her other siblings are coddling her and running to her rescue, focusing on her emotional wellbeing, who will keep their eyes on the bottom line, put out the fires before they begin and hold everything together while our leader’s world is falling apart?

Adam: The two of us.

Sally: That’s right. We will make ourselves invaluable, irreplaceable, and unforgettable. Let the employees of newman turn to us to make things right and teach our competitors that we are the ones to fear and show your family who’s the one who really belongs in the driver’s seat. And it all starts right here, right now. What do you think? Why are you smiling at me like that?

Adam: You are…exactly what I have always needed.

Nick: You summed up the frustration we’re all feeling perfectly, dad.

Nikki: I just hope victoria doesn’t think that we blame her for any of this. Hopefully she’s finding a way to forgive herself and figuring out how to remove ashland from her life.

Victor: Once she does, we’re gonna have to figure out how to sever all his ties to our company.

Nick: That is not gonna be easy. ‘Cause gaining control of newman enterprises was his main objective all along.

Victoria: I should get going.

Billy: Well, there’s got to be something I can do to help.

Victoria: You’re sweet to offer, but it’s alright. I’ll figure out what I have to do.

Billy: Of course you will, ’cause you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Victoria: I’m not really feeling that right now.

Billy: You will. You’re gonna be okay. And until then and afterward, i will be here for you, no matter what. Anything you need, okay?

Victoria: Thank you. Actually, talking this through with you helped a lot, and there is something I need for you to do for me now.

Billy: Name it.

Victoria: Just keep this conversation between the two of us.

Billy: What conversation?

Victoria: Thank you, billy.

Ashland: Victoria… I’ve been looking for you everywhere.

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Ashland: This means the world to me. You have no idea.

Nick: What the hell?

Ashley: Long lost granddaughter appears out of nowhere when jack is reeling from the death of his estranged son? Honestly, phyllis, I’m surprised to learn that you’ve been encouraging jack to pursue this relationship. What were you thinking?

Jack: I was hoping that maybe spending a little time together might be good for both of us.

Lauren: [ Gasps ] Michael.

Michael: Hello, gorgeous.

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