Days Short Recap Wednesday, March 23, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi stopped herself from making out with Jodevil. He told her that he wanted her and wasn’t holding back. He knew she wanted him too. He wanted to know if she wanted him too. She said she found it impossible to resist him. She gave in and kissed him. Jodevil took off his shirt and unzipped her dress. Jake walked in on them and demanded to know what was going on. Gabi pulled up her dress. Jake told her the devil morphed into him to make her think he betrayed her. Gabi couldn’t believe he used the devil as an excuse. Jodevil admitted that Belle was possessed by the devil and morphed into him. She wanted to talk to Jake alone. Jake yelled at her for not trusting him. She apologized to him and asked him to forgive her. He told her that she got what she wanted. She wanted to be in charge of DiMera Enterprises. He walked away from her. Shawn told Belle that she morphed into Jake. He also told her that she morphed into EJ to assault Abby. Belle wanted to know what she did. He reminded her that the devil was responsible for what happened. He told her what she did. She couldn’t believe how many people she hurt. She didn’t think she could live with herself if something happened to EJ while he was in prison. She checked her jacket for 666 marks and saw they were gone. She decided to visit EJ.

Chad told Kate that no one would believe the devil framed EJ. She said they had to convince Belle that she did it. Clyde tried to leave the visitor’s room when EJ stopped him. EJ remembered that he was the one who had him shot. Clyde said he didn’t know what he meant. EJ knew it was him. Clyde admitted it and that made EJ madder. Clyde said he was alive so he had no reason to be mad. EJ told him that he lost everything that mattered to him when he shot him. Clyde didn’t feel sorry for him. He wanted to know what he planned on doing about it. EJ planned on telling the parole board about his role in his shooting. Clyde warned him that he would be there to ruin his life if his parole is denied. Chad went to see Belle, but Shawn said she went to see EJ. Chad wanted her to know that he didn’t blame her for anything. Kate called and asked for a copy of the report on Philip’s case. She said she hired a private investigator. Shawn left to take care of it. Chad waited for Belle. He downloaded EJ’s fake paper trail to Belle’s laptop. Chad went back to the DiMera mansion and gave the drive to Kate. She was going to destroy it and wait for Belle to find it. She wanted her to find it and admit to framing EJ. Belle went to see EJ. She told him that she was the reason he was in prison. He was confused by what she was saying. She told him how the devil morphed into him to kiss Abby in front of Chad. EJ didn’t blame Chad for wanting him to go to prison. She promised she would get him out of prison. She got an alert on her phone that Clyde made parole.

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