Days Short Recap Tuesday, March 22, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate went to Gabi’s office to find out that she was being fired. Kate told her that she needed a friend at the company since she alienated everyone. Gabi told her that she had Johnny. Kate wondered how long it would be before he turned on her. Jodevil told Chad that Belle turned into the devil and turned into EJ to kiss Abby. Chad was upset by that news. Jodevil walked out of the room. Chad couldn’t believe he sent his brother to prison for something he didn’t do. Kate saw Chad and told him that she was fired. He told her that it was the devil and not EJ kissing his wife. He wanted to make things right with EJ. He wanted to confess to the planted evidence. He was willing to do it even if it meant he would go to prison too. Kate wanted to pin it on the devil. Shawn told Belle about her exorcism. She couldn’t believe she was possessed since Christmas. She found it hard to believe that she was plotting to steal Ben and Ciara’s baby. He remembered that he kept the report that contained the sex of Ben and Ciara’s baby. He was confused that the devil didn’t want that information. He took the envelope and found out it was open. Belle was surprised. Shawn knew it wasn’t her fault. He said it was the devil and not her. He left to tell Ciara.

Jodevil thought about the evidence he planted at Belle’s house to make her look guilty. He looked in the envelope and found out the sex of Ben and Ciara’s baby. He was happy about what he saw. Jake went to Ben and Ciara’s place to see them. They talked to him about Susan’s theory about the devil being in Belle and not Johnny. Jake thought Johnny’s behavior was strange enough that he was the devil. He left to get to the bottom of it. Jake went to see Belle. He asked her about the day he had a meeting with Maggie. He said if she could prove that she was somewhere else at the time, it would prove that she wasn’t the one who morphed into him. She looked for her calendar in her pocketbook and found Maggie’s phone. He told her that he got a message from Maggie making it look like he was conspiring against Gabi. Belle cried and admitted it was her. He knew she was upset but he said it would help his relationship with Gabi. Jake brought up the petition to steal Gabi’s shares. Belle opened her laptop and saw that she had a petition. She assumed she forged his signature. He was happy because that would clear him with Gabi. He told her that it wasn’t her fault. He left the house. Jodevil went to Gabi’s office. She told him that she fired Kate. She wanted to know if she could trust him. He assured her that he wouldn’t stab her in the back. She wasn’t sure if she believed that. She wanted to know what he really wanted. He said he didn’t want anything but her. He thought they worked well together and believed they should move things to the next level. She wanted to know what he meant by that. Susan went to see EJ in prison. She told him that Belle was possessed. She thought his conviction could be overturned. He didn’t think that would do him any favors. Clyde walked in the room. She said he was a bad man. Clyde used the phone. She warned EJ to stay away from him. She thought Clyde was hiding something.

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