Days Short Recap Monday, March 21, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad thought about Will and Sonny’s suggestion that he seduce Leo. He wanted to know if they were crazy. They just wanted him to seduce Leo long enough so Craig would catch them together. Chad didn’t see why he should help Craig realize he had a bad boyfriend. Will wanted Chad to do the plan for Sonny. He said it took long for him to get over what Sonny did to him. Sonny didn’t like how he was doing the same thing to someone else. Chad thought Sonny was out for revenge and not to help Craig. Chad agreed because his family was big on getting revenge on people. Leo insulted Nancy while he was trying to convince Craig to take Kayla’s job. Craig told him not to insult his wife. Leo apologized and said that Nancy was making him look bad in New York. He thought they could make a new life in Salem. Craig wasn’t interested in a life in Salem. He didn’t want to go back to being a social climber. Craig wondered why Leo wanted him to be chief of staff so badly. Leo told him about all the things that happened while Kayla was chief of staff. Leo said the hospital needed him. Craig started to consider going after the job. Kayla was on the phone defending Marlena when Abby showed up. She told Abby the board wanted to fire Marlena. Abby said she was there because of Sarah. She felt guilty because she left out the syringe for Kristen to use on her. Kayla said it was Kristen’s fault. Kayla wasn’t sure if she was losing her job. She thought someone else was going to take her job. Abby got a call from Chad.

Abby arrived at the Kiriakis mansion so Sonny and Will told her about the plan to trap Leo. She wasn’t thrilled about it at first, but she agreed to go along with it. They called the hotel and found out Leo and Craig weren’t at the hotel. Chad and Abby went to the hotel and staged a fight. They noticed Leo was eavesdropping on them. She pretended to be mad that Chad only lit up when he was around Will, Sonny and Leo. Leo was shocked when he heard that. Leo approached them so Chad introduced them. Chad stared at Leo until he walked away. Chad and Abby realized their plan worked. John told Marlena that he wanted her to leave the room so he could perform an exorcism on Belle. He wanted to make sure the devil didn’t want to jump into anyone else. He wanted to do it by himself. Marlena said that the devil could jump inside of him too. He showed her the medal he was wearing and assured her that he was safe. She refused to leave his side. Belle stirred and called out Johnny’s name. Jodevil called Shawn and they rushed into the room. Shawn leaned to Belle as Jodevil touched her leg. She opened her eyes and they were yellow. Shawn backed up from her. Belldevil sat up on the bed. She was still tied so she couldn’t move. The devil said they turned into EJ and forced the kiss on Abby. Johnny went after her for turning his family against each other. Shawn and John pulled him off of her. John said this was why he didn’t want anyone in the room with him. Jodevil wanted Marlena and Shawn to hold John’s medal while he performed the exorcism. John held the medal over Belle’s body. Shawn and Marlena put their hands on top of her body. Jodevil watched the exorcism outside of the room. Belle opened her eyes and called out to Shawn. She wanted to know what happened. Marlena assured her that she would be okay. She said the devil was gone forever. Shawn held Belle in his arms. Jodevil continued to listen outside of the room.

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