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[Phone beeps]

Gabi: Hey, yeah, send her in.

Kate: Hey, sorry I’m late. I had breakfast with will and arianna this morning. He’s taking her back to arizona.

Gabi: Yes, I’m aware. I’m her mother.

Kate: Yes, of course. So what’s this about? I have an important meeting. I don’t have much time.

Gabi: This won’t take very long. You’re fired.

[Knocking on door]

Jake: Yo, hey.

Ben: Jake, what’s going on?

Jake: Did you talk to susan? Did she confirm that johnny’s possessed or what?

Ben: I’m sorry, man, we meant to call you earlier, but there was–

Ciara: Yeah, there’s been a lot going on, including an exorcism.

Jake: What?

Ben: Yeah, dr. Evans called last night, and apparently she and john were finally able to get rid of the devil for good.

Jake: So we were right. The devil was in johnny.

Ben: We were wrong. The devil was in belle.

Shawn: How you feeling?

Belle: Oh, I have a splitting headache, and I don’t know why.

Shawn: What do you remember about last night?

Belle: Not much. I remember you taking me to the car and driving and then putting me to bed. Were my parents there?

Shawn: Yeah.

Belle: Doing what? Did something happen?

Shawn: Your father performed an exorcism.

Belle: Oh, my god. My mom was possessed again?

Shawn: No, no, this time it wasn’t your mother.

Belle: Well, then who was it?

Shawn: Belle… honey, it was you.

Johnny: Hey, uncle chad, you have a second?

Chad: It depends. Do you want to apologize? Tell me that you got it now? That you know that gabi was using you to get me booted from dimera?

Johnny: It’s not about gabi.

Chad: Okay.

Johnny: It’s about my dad.

Chad: Well, what about him?

Johnny: Do you remember during his trial when you walked into the witness room and saw him kissing abigail?

Chad: How could I forget?

Johnny: Right, well, turns out that wasn’t my dad.

Susan: Oh, elvis! My sweet, sweet boy!

Ej: Mother, mother, oxygen. Oxygen, mother.

Susan: Oh, I’m so sorry. I missed you so much. And seeing you in here when you haven’t done a darn thing, it just breaks my heart.

Ej: I knew this would upset you; that’s why I said you didn’t have to come.

Susan: Oh, but I did, you see, I have some wonderful news. You’re not gonna have to sing “jailhouse rock” much longer because your mama is here to set you free!

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Ej: Set me free?

Susan: Yeah, that’s right. I have a plan.

Ej: I hope you’re not thinking of breaking me out of here.

Susan: Oh, heavens, no. That would be illegal. No, my plan is 100% legit.

Ej: Well, in that case, I’m all ears.

Susan: All right, you see, we’re gonna get your conviction overturned, okay?

Ej: How?

Susan: Well, I think it’s what they call “ineffective assistance of counsel,” which means that your lawyer screwed up big time and gave you pathetic, pathetic defense.

Ej: I know what it means, mother, but it’s not true. Belle is an excellent attorney. She gave me superb advice that I failed to heed at every turn.

Susan: Oh, well, belle may be a fine, fine lawyer but the devil sure as heck isn’T.

Belle: So you’re saying that my head hurts because johnny had to knock me out? And then I was sedated and tied to a bed?

Shawn: Yes, that was only to keep everybody safe until your dad got back to salem so he could remove satan from your body.

Belle: And all of this started at the exorcism?

Shawn: That’s when the devil jumped over to you.

Belle: So I have been possessed since christmas. Did you have any idea?

Shawn: No, no, I had none. All right, last night the devil said something about keeping a low profile until he’s finished his work.

Belle: His work?

Shawn: I think he was just biding his time until my sister gave birth.

Belle: Oh, my god. Ben and ciara. So all this time, I have been plotting to steal their baby without even knowing it.

Ben: It turns out that belle was the one who was possessed.

Jake: Doesn’t make sense. We were convinced it was johnny.

Ben: I know we were, but then susan went and confronted the guy and she said she felt nothing, no bad vibes, nothing.

Jake: Okay, I sure as hell got bad vibes, like, a lot of them. Look, I know susan’s been there for you guys with her visions and whatnot, but she’s wrong on this. I’m telling you. I am convinced the devil was in johnny and working to tear me apart from the woman I love.

Kate: Is this a joke?

Gabi: I’m dead serious.

Kate: You can’t fire me.

Gabi: I just did. And if you’re wondering why, it’s because you’re a disloyal bitch.

Kate: Excuse me?

Gabi: You made your feelings clear, and I’m doing the same. I can’t have somebody working under me whom I can’t trust.

Kate: Okay, look, we’ll just discuss this over lunch because as I said, I have a very important meeting. I’m in the middle of a negotiation for a new acquisition–

Gabi: Johnny will take it over.

Kate: Ha! Now I know you’re joking.

Gabi: No, not even a little. You’re done, kate. So why don’t you go back, pack your stuff, and get the hell out? It’s my 4:05, the-show-must-go-on,

Gabi: What are you waiting for? I said leave.

Kate: Fine, I’ll go. But the minute I walk out that door, you’re screwed.

Gabi: I’ll be fine.

Kate: Mm-hmm. Well, to be a successful ceo, gabi, you need allies. And right now there’s no one here that you can count on. Chad hates you. Ej’s in prison. You blew it with jake, which was absolutely predictable. You are all alone.

Gabi: I’m not alone. I have johnny.

Kate: For the moment.

Gabi: What does that mean?

Kate: Isn’t it obvious? I mean, he ousted his uncle, he blew up his sister’s engagement, he dumped his wife at their wedding reception. How long do you think it’s going to be until he turns on you?

Chad: The person I saw kissing abigail was belle? How is that possible?

Johnny: Well, technically, it wasn’t belle. It was the devil. She’s been possessed since christmas. Apparently, when my uncle eric, was performing the exorcism on my grandmother, satan jumped into my aunt.

Chad: My god. And john did the exorcism this time?

Johnny: Yeah, yeah. He got rid of the devil for good, but before that, belle confessed what she did to abigail. Other people heard it, too. I mean, ask shawn if you don’t believe me.

Chad: So belle morphed into ej so I could see him make a play for my wife, why?

Johnny: Well, I asked satan that myself. And he said it was to rip apart the family, turn brother against brother.

Chad: And he knew that it would work because of ej’s history with abby.

Johnny: Look, I know that my dad has done some bad things, including kidnapping my mother, but he did not force himself on abigail. Just thought you might wanna know that.

[Tense music]

Ej: Oof, poor belle, that must’ve been terrifying for her.

Susan: And nobody would’ve known that satan snuck into her if it wasn’t for yours truly.

Ej: Is she all right?

Susan: Oh, well, she will be. I mean, mr. John black and dr. Marlena evans, they are taking very good care of your daughter.

Ej: They did an exorcism?

Susan: Well, mr. John black, he sure knows what he’s doing. I mean, he is an expert exorcist. Try saying that three times.

Ej: And you’re sure it was a success?

Susan: Yeah, oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I mean, the devil is back in hell where he belongs, and belle brady, she’s gonna be just fine.

Belle: I just can’t believe that I’ve been plotting to steal ben and ciara’s baby. That’s our niece, our nephew. What? What is it?

Shawn: What you just said reminded me of something. A few weeks ago, ben and ciara, they gave me an envelope with a printout of a sonogram that contained the baby’s gender and, I mean, they gave it to me because they wanted to be surprised, so I told them I would hold on to it.

Belle: And?

Shawn: And if the devil was after their baby, don’t you think he would want to know what’s in that envelope?

Belle: Well, where’s the envelope?

Shawn: I put it right here for safekeeping.

Jake: All right, look, it’s just all these bizarre things started happening, and every single one of them benefitted johnny and messed with me and gabi.

Ciara: What kind of bizarre things?

Jake: The meeting that i that I supposedly had with maggie kiriakis where gabi overheard me saying I was using her, right? Or how about the documents that I supposedly signed trying to steal gabi’s shares out from under her? Or how about the text messages that maggie, again, supposedly sent saying that we were working behind gabi’s back?

Ciara: And you think that johnny is behind all these things?

Jake: Look, I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how any of this could’ve happened, right? And, like, how could gabi and I be so happy one minute and then just done the next? And the moment you guys told me that johnny could be possessed, that was the moment all this started making sense. It’s the only thing that made sense. It had to be johnny. We treat our faces to the best skin care.

Ej: You want me to argue that I deserve a new trial because my attorney was possessed by the devil?

Susan: Mm-hmm.

Ej: The judge will never buy it.

Susan: Well, why not? It’s the truth.

Ej: Because it will be seen as a stunt, a desperate attempt by a desperate man to get one over on the court.

Susan: But you’re not a desperate man. You’re an innocent man. And there’s gotta be something that someone can do to clear your name.

Chad: My god. Father. I sent ej to prison for something thought he did to abigail, and it wasn’t him.

[Line trilling]

Kate: Hello?

Chad: Hi, I need to see you as soon as possible.

Kate: Oh, I’m right here. I guess you heard the big news. Gabi fired me.

Chad: No, I hadn’T.

Kate: Ah, it’s fine. Two more days there and I would’ve quit anyway.

Chad: Gabi and johnny are going to run the company into the ground. I mean, it’s a joke. Gabi in charge and my nephew on the board. Speaking of johnny…

Kate: Yeah, what’s that?

Chad: You should sit down.

Demon johnny: Poor chad. He must be feeling so guilty right now. All because I told him that the person he saw locking lips with abigail wasn’t ej, it was belle brady. I’ve already convinced half these idiots that belle’s been wreaking havoc this whole time and not johnny dimera. It should be a breeze to get the rest of them to buy it, too.


[Tense music]

Johnny: Well, now that I’ve planted the evidence to make belle look devilish, I can finally satisfy my curiosity about the bun in ciara’s oven. Are we having a boy or a girl?

Surprise, surprise. That’ll work.

Belle: I must’ve opened the envelope. I swear though I don’t remember doing that.

Shawn: Because it wasn’t you, all right, it was the devil. He must’ve been curious about what the baby’s gender was for whatever sick plan that he had.

Belle: But still–

Shawn: But now he’s gone. Okay, he’s gone.

Belle: I still think that you need to go and tell ciara. Really, and I think you need to do it right now.

Shawn: Are you sure that you’re gonna be okay alone?

Belle: Yeah, I’ll be fine.

Shawn: Okay, I’ll be back.

[Soft music]

Ciara: You’re right. All those things did benefit johnny, but belle still could’ve been behind them. I’m thinking johnny was in the right place at the right time. He took advantage of the rift belle created and tried to move in on your girlfriend and your family’s company.

Jake: So johnny’s a user and a jerk but not the devil?

Ciara: Exactly.

Jake: You could be right. But I gotta be sure.

Ben: Where are you going?

Jake: Getting to the bottom of this once and for all.

Is now a good time

for a flare-up?

Ciara: How is belle doing?

Shawn: She’s fine physically, but she’s a little concerned about the things she might’ve done to hurt the people that she loves, which is why I’m here. Look, you guys remember the envelope, the sonogram that you gave me because you didn’t want to know the gender of your baby?

Ciara: You opened it?

Shawn: No. The devil opened it.

Ciara: Oh, my god.

Shawn: Yeah. Listen, I know that you two want to keep this a surprise, but I’m trying to keep belle calm, so is there any way that you can–

Ciara: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, just leave it here with us.

Shawn: Thank you. Look, I gotta get back to belle. I know this is gonna make her heart feel good to know that you’re okay.

Ciara: Give her all of our love, okay?

Shawn: Take care of my sister.

Ben: Yes, of course, always. Let us know if you need anything.

Shawn: I will.

Ciara: Love you.

Jake: Look, I’m really sorry to bother you. I know you just went through a pretty terrible experience.

Belle: Yeah, it’s fine.

Jake: Well, listen, the last thing I want to have you do is relive any of it, but I do have a personal stake in what happened.

Belle: What do you mean?

Jake: Well, I’m trying to get to the bottom of something. And I need your help. See, if it turns out that my suspicions are correct, then I can help you out, too.

Johnny: Good morning, madame ceo. How’s your first day on the job?

Gabi: Well, I fired kate, so I’d say it’s off to an excellent start.

Johnny: Didn’t you used to be friends?

Gabi: Yeah, before jake and before she backstabbed me at the shareholders’ meeting. Why, do you have a problem with me giving her the ax?

Johnny: No, no, not at all. You’re the boss.

Gabi: You know, she thinks I can’t do this job and that I’m bad for the company. If I let her stay, I’d be worried she could turn on me at any time.

Johnny: Well, you shouldn’t have to work with anybody you can’t trust.

Gabi: Agreed. Which brings me to my next point. Johnny, can I trust you?

Kate: So it wasn’t ej who kissed your wife?

Chad: Right, it was belle, who was possessed at the time, obviously. Apparently, the devil admitted it last night before the exorcism.

Kate: Oh, my–I… okay, so why did satan make a pass at your wife?

Chad: According to johnny, it was to turn one brother against the other. And it worked. At ej’s trial, I was gonna testify that i planted the evidence against him, and then the devil made me change my mind.

Kate: Oh, my god, I’m sorry. Seriously, chad, it’s awful.

Chad: I was gonna set ej free, and I got played.

Kate: Look, you just have to take it easy.

Chad: I knew it wasn’t him that kidnapped sami. I knew that it was lucas, and i only helped with the frame-up because I wanted him to lose his job, but then when I heard that he was gonna get ten years, I couldn’t keep quiet, and I sure as hell can’t keep quiet now.

Kate: What you have to do is just like slow down–

Chad: My brother is serving a sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. What I need to do, kate, is make it right.

Ej: Mother, I love that you care so much, but as an experienced attorney, I can tell you that this devil possession argument is a total waste of time. I’m afraid it’s going to be a while before I get out of here.

Clyde: Well, if it isn’t my favorite cellmate? And who might this lovely lady be?

Ej: This is my mother, susan banks.

Susan: I know who you are. I saw your picture. You’re ben weston’s daddy. And you are a very bad, bad, bad man.

Clyde: Well then, I guess the pleasure’s all mine, ma’am. But I am expecting a call from my lawyer, so I guess I’ll just go wait over there.

Ej: That wasn’t very nice.

Susan: Elvis, elvis, you gotta listen to me. You stay away from that man. I mean, far, far, far away.

Your mission:

Ej: I can’t stay away from clyde; he’s my cellmate.

Susan: He’s done terrible things.

Ej: This is prison, mother. Everyone in here has done terrible things. But if I’m going to survive in here, I need someone to have my back.

Susan: Ooh, he’s got a secret.

Ej: [Sighs] What?

Susan: Clyde weston is hiding something from you. I can just feel it.

Ej: Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.

Susan: Well, I was gonna go back and see roger, but I’ll stay if you need me, honey.

Ej: That’s very sweet, but I can take care of myself.

Susan: Oh, I know you can. You’re a big boy. And I know that you’re gonna find a way to beat this bum rap, and get yourself out of this cursed place, and get back to your beautiful life. Oh, son. Oh, I just love you so much.

Ej: I love you, too. I love you, too. Mother?

Susan: What?

Ej: Mother.

Susan: Oh, oxygen. Gotcha, all right. I’m gonna go now.

Chad: I can’t let ej stay in prison knowing what I know. I have to get him out.

Kate: [Sighs] So what are you gonna do?

Chad: The same thing that I was gonna do before, say that I planted the evidence without implicating lucas. And, yes, I know that I’m gonna get charged with perjury.

Kate: And then you’re going to end up behind bars, too. Come on, chad, I know that you feel awful. I know that you do. But you’re gonna feel a million times worse if you’re separated from your wife and children. And, besides, honestly, looking at it, I mean, if the situation was reversed, do you really think that ej would do the same thing?

Chad: It doesn’t matter. What’s right is right. I have to call trask.

Kate: Okay, just wait, just wait. I think there may be another way.

Jake: See, I’m wondering if it was you who morphed into me for that meeting that i supposedly had with maggie.

Belle: When was it?

Jake: February 2nd.

Belle: I think I was at the prison with ej that day.

Jake: What time?

Belle: After noon.

Jake: All right, well, the meeting with maggie was in the morning, so, I mean, if you can prove that you were somewhere else at that time, then maybe we can prove that it wasn’t you you who morphed into me, that it was johnny.

Belle: Okay. Well, let me check my calendar.

Jake: Thanks.

Belle: What the…

Jake: What, it’s not your phone?

Belle: No. “If found, return to maggie kiriakis.”

Jake: Oh, my god. Maggie supposedly sent me a message after that meeting that made it look like we were conspiring behind gabi’s back. She swears she didn’t send it.

Belle: Yeah. It looks like it was me.

Jake: Look, belle, I’m sorry, I know this is all very upsetting to you, but if this is true, you have no idea what this could mean for me and gabi.

Johnny: You don’t trust me?

Gabi: Well, kate reminded me that you’ve stabbed a lot of people in the back, including your uncle, your sister, and your wife. So how do I know you won’t do the same thing to me, that you won’t use me, and get ahead, and once you do, cut me loose?

Johnny: I would never do that.

Gabi: Given what you’ve already done, I’m a tad hesitant to just take your word on it. So my question is, what is it you really want?

Ben: Guess I should probably put that away, huh?

Ciara: Wait, wait, wait. Before you do, should we look?

Gabi: Do you want to be ceo of dimera?

Johnny: Maybe, someday. I told you that.

Gabi: No, no, no, you told jake that when we were plotting behind his back.

Johnny: Look. I’m gonna be tied up with my movie for a long time. And even if I wasn’t, you’re the ceo of dimera. I kind of helped with that, you know?

Gabi: Yeah, maybe that was part of a bigger plan. Pretend you’re satisfied with a seat on the board, but really you’re plotting behind my back to get rid of me so you can take over.

Johnny: You’re very suspicious.

Gabi: Oh, I’m sorry, did I hurt your feelings?

Johnny: No, not at all. Because I can completely understand where all this is coming from. I mean, you loved a man, you trusted him, and he lied to you. He used you. He stabbed you in the back. I’m not jake.

Gabi: You hurt people you supposedly care about.

Johnny: Yeah, yeah. Look, I turned on chad because I wanted you to have this job. I spoke up about allie because I thought that her fiancé had a right to know that she slept with my wife. As for chanel, she and I would’ve never, ever lasted. She wants my sister, always has.

Gabi: If you knew that, then why’d you marry her?

Johnny: We were in italy. We got swept up in the moment, you know? As soon as we got back home, I realized she wasn’t the woman for me. You are.

Jake: I swear I did not sign that petition to steal gabi’s shares.

Belle: You know, I’m dimera’s general counsel, and I keep a copy of all the company’s legal documents on my laptop. Let’s just take a look.

Jake: What, what is it?

Belle: I created that petition. I must’ve forged your signature on it. Jake, I’m so sorry, I really–i don’t remember doing that. And I think it’s pretty clear that johnny wasn’t the one causing all those problems for you and gabi. It was me.

Jake: All right, well, look, it wasn’t your fault, right? And, honestly, you’ve done me a huge favor. Now I can go to gabi and prove to her that I didn’t betray her.

Belle: Glad I could help.

Jake: Look, I know this was not easy for you. And I need you to know I’m really grateful. I hope you feel better. I’m gonna take this back to maggie.

Belle: Yeah, just tell her I’m so, so, so, so sorry.

Jake: Belle. You’re one of the good ones. You got nothing to be sorry about.

Clyde: So that was your mama? Not exactly what I expected.

Ej: She’s a bit eccentric, but she loves me very much.

Clyde: She don’t think much of me though.

Ej: She’s just protective of ben and ciara, especially now that they’re expecting.

Clyde: Well, I’m the first to admit I wasn’t much of a daddy to ollie growing up, but, you know, we worked things out. He knows he’s got nothing to fear from me anymore. And neither do you, by the way, no matter what your mama says.

Ej: You heard that, huh?

Clyde: Yeah, but it don’t matter none; I’m in a very good mood.

Ej: I’m guessing the call with your attorney went well?

Clyde: That’s right. I may be getting out of here sooner than anyone expected.

Ben: Do you wanna look?

Ciara: Do you wanna look?

Ben: No…

Ciara: No, okay.

Ben: I guess I should probably put this thing away somewhere where we’re not gonna be so tempted.

Ciara: And where’s that?

Ben: I have no idea, but I will figure it out.

[Knocking on the door] Hey, susan, hey.

Susan: I just came to say farewell.

Ciara: Oh, you’re leaving?

Susan: Oh, well, the devil is gone now, and your baby’s safe. So my work here is done. And I just can’t wait to go see roger and get back to memphis.

Ciara: Yeah, well, I mean, thank you so much for everything.

Susan: Oh!

Ben: We really appreciate it.

Susan: Oh. Oh, sweet lord in heaven, I know what that is!

Ciara: You do?

Susan: I do, I do, yes, yes, yes, oh! Ciara and ben weston, it’s my distinct honor to announce to you that you’re gonna have a bouncing–

Ben: No, no, no!

Ciara: No!

Ben: Susan!

Ciara: No!

Limu emu

Susan: Oh, why are you yelling at me? I mean, haven’t I used my gifts for the good? And haven’t I protected you both from the devil at every turn?

Ben: Yes, you have, susan. We’re not angry with you.

Susan: You were not using your inside voices just now.

Ciara: No, I know. We’re sorry. We just–we wanted to stop you before you told us whether the baby was a boy or a girl.

Susan: Oh.

Ben: Yeah.

Susan: I see, I get it. I get it, oh, my god. You want it to be a surprise.

Ciara: Yeah.

Susan: Oh, don’t you worry, don’t you worry. All right, from this moment until the moment that bundle of joy springs forth from your womanly undercarriage, my lips are sealed.

Ciara: Okay.

Ben: Thank you, susan, thank you.

Susan: You’re welcome, you are so welcome–you know what? I gotta shove off now, so…

Ciara: Bye, susan.

Susan: Bye!

Ben: Bye, susan. Good to see you.

Susan: Good to see you.

Ciara: Well, babe, I love that woman, but that is not how I wanted to find out.

Ben: Agreed.

Ciara: Yeah.

Ben: How do you want to find out?

Ciara: Mm. I think I have an idea.

Belle: Were ben and ciara upset about the sonogram?

Shawn: No, not at all. They’re just really glad that you’re okay now. You are okay, right?

Belle: Yeah, I mean, I’m still a little shaken up.

Shawn: Did something happen when I was gone?

Belle: Jake dimera stopped by. Apparently, your sister and her husband aren’t the only couple I’ve tried to cause trouble for.

Johnny: I don’t want anything but you, gabi. We’ve already gotten everything we want. And we got it by working together. And together we can do so much more. Clearly, you’re attracted to me. I know when you were with jake, you were fighting it, but he’s out of the picture now. I’m getting divorced. We’re both single, available, hot. I think it’s time for us to–

Gabi: To what? To take this relationship to the next level?

Johnny: Yeah.

Gabi: And what level is that, johnny?

Jake: Maggie? Maggie, you here? Guess not. Dear maggie, found your phone. Call me to discuss. Jake.

Gabi: You think just because we’re single and hot–

Johnny: No, come on, gabi, we have so much more in common than that. We’re both ambitious, ruthless, incredibly passionate. We both go after what we want, and as I’ve said, what I want is you.

[Tense music]

[Cell phone buzzing]

Chad: You know a way to clear ej without incriminating me or lucas?

Kate: I think so.

Chad: Okay, I don’t know see how we can pull that off and keep everybody’s hands clean.

Kate: Well, i didn’t mention everyone. I mean, someone’s going to have to take the fall, just not you.

Chad: Okay, I’ll bite. Who?

Kate: I say we pin the crime on the devil.

Ej: You’re getting out of here?

Clyde: I got my hearing moved up. I’m before the parole board this afternoon, which means I may have spent my last night in prison.

Ej: You seem confident.

Clyde: Oh, man, I’m looking forward to a fresh start. It’s gonna feel real good walking out of here knowing that I paid for all my crimes.

[Tense music]

Anything wrong?

Ej: It was you.

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