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Thomas: What you’re asking–

Sheila: No, what I’m asking is what’s best for everyone.

Thomas: Not everyone.

Sheila: Oh, let it go. Focus on your loved ones. Focus on what matters to you most: Your parents, your family. And they can have everything that you want for them. You just have to keep quiet. You don’t say anything, thomas. Not one word.

Steffy: Thomas? I want to find out what the hell’s going on.

Ridge: Yeah, it’s better, but it’s still not right. Try this here. Try and put this on. It’s good. Not it, though. Still something missing.

Eric: Belt the dress. It’ll make it, uh, bit more casual without losing any of this sophistication.

[ Ridge laughing ] Ladies and gentlemen, eric forrester is still the best in the business.

Eric: Thank you, thank you.

Ridge: This one? Yeah?

Eric: That’s it.

Ridge: All right. Excuse me.

[ Sighing ] Wow, you’re right. Thank you.

Eric: Perfect.

Ridge: And rebekah, thank you. You can leave that on. We’ll uh… yeah, it’s all we need today.

Rebekah: Thanks, eric.

Eric: Okay.

Ridge: What just happened?

Eric: She’s very flirty, isn’t she? I’m not complaining, it’s just interesting. Don’t tell quinn or she’ll have that young lady’s job.

Ridge: Quinn. That’s your wife. That’s right.

Eric: Yeah.

Ridge: How are you guys doing?

Eric: We’re fine, thanks for asking. How are you doing, son? Now that you and brooke are no longer living together?

Brooke: Ugh, why do I keep doing this to myself? I had the most amazing life with a man that I love so much, and I just threw it all away. What is wrong with me?

Hope: Mom, there is nothing wrong with you. You have to stop taking what happened and turning it back onto yourself.

Brooke: Honey, it is me. It is. I drank. I kissed deacon. I defended deacon when I should have been supporting my husband. This is all on me.

Hope: Okay, well, I– I don’t believe that ridge entirely sees it that way. He understands that alcohol did play a part. I mean, mom, his heart went out to you when you first told him about it. And he still loves you.

Brooke: Honey, look at the history. I’ve hurt ridge too many times, and every time I promise him it won’t happen again, and it always does. I mean, how can I expect him to believe me when I can’t even believe myself? That’s how I justified letting him go.

[ Sighing ] If I could just figure out what cost me my sobriety, you know, if I could just find that trigger. If I could do that, then maybe ridge and i could have a chance.

Ridge: How am I doing? Honestly, I don’t know.

Eric: You’re still staying at steffy and finn’s house?

Ridge: The guesthouse, yeah.

Eric: I know that must mean a lot to her and to thomas that you’re there. Taylor, too, of course.

Ridge: Well, she knows everything that’s going on. Taylor’s always been like an oasis to me.

Eric: She has always been there, hasn’t she?

Ridge: Yeah.

Eric: I think the world of her, you know? Your mother always did, too.

Ridge: She was mom’s choice for me.

Eric: Because taylor was, and is, a wonderful, lovely, principled woman. But we all know that brooke is the woman for you. I hate what this is doing to you, son. And I hate what it’s doing to brooke, too.

Thomas: You switched the champagne labels, sheila. You triggered brooke’s relapse.

Sheila: No, I did what nobody else had the guts to do, stand up to brooke.

Thomas: By using her addiction to alcohol against her?

Sheila: Oh, god. There you go again, thinking with your heart, not your head. What is wrong with you, thomas? You don’t even like brooke.

Thomas: That’s not the point. This is about–

Sheila: No, it’s about her betraying your father for the umpteenth time.

Thomas: A betrayal that was orchestrated by you.

Sheila: Yeah, that benefited you, that benefited your parents, and benefited your entire family.

Thomas: And yours. Don’t act like this was some selfless act, sheila.

Sheila: No, I never claimed otherwise. But if we can both win at the end…

Thomas: This isn’t a game, sheila. A marriage is at stake. People’s lives and happiness could be changed by what you’ve done.

Sheila: Yes. And maybe for the better. Taylor and ridge could be reunited, your family could be whole again because of me, thomas. You should be singing my praises, not contemplating ratting me out to your family.

[ Door closing ]

Finn: Babe? How long have you been home?

Steffy: Not long, why?

Finn: Ah, I was just– I was going to surprise you and have dinner ready for you when you walked through the door.

Steffy: Aw.

Finn: Ha ha. Is everything okay? You seem a little distracted.

Steffy: Uh, I’m sorry.

Finn: No, no, no, no. It’s okay. You don’t need to apologize, though, is something going on? Something wrong?

Steffy: I’m not sure exactly. It has something to do with um, my brother and your mother. When hurting feet make you want to stop,

Eric: Ridge, you know you have my support no matter… no matter what you decide about all this.

Ridge: I do know that, dad. Thank you. Not really sure how objective you could possibly be knowing how you feel about brooke.

Eric: I feel the same affection for taylor, I really do. They’re both remarkable women.

Ridge: They are. And very different women, bringing different things to my life.

Eric: And I think that’s something very important for you to remember. I know how much this time means to you, this time that you’re spending with steffy and thomas, and with taylor. You’re a supportive, attentive, loving father and grandfather. You can do that for all of them and still go back to brooke.

Brooke: Ugh! Oh, well. I never learn, do I?

Hope: Mom.

Brooke: No, it’s true. I hurt people, especially the people that I love. No wonder stephanie felt the way she did about me. I just tore through her family, ridge, eric, thorne. I can understand why she had so much contempt for me.

Stephanie: You know,

beneath that beautiful face and

body of yours is a really evil,

wicked, wicked woman

who forgot a really important

lesson in life: Evil

does not triumph over good.

Brooke: She really did despise me. And I gave her every reason to. Oh, she would be mad at me if she knew what I did to ridge this time. How I hurt him, how I let him down once again. And I– I don’t even know why.

Sheila: Okay, you might not like my methods, but you cannot argue the results. Ridge left brooke, and he is safely in the bosom of his family with your mother.

Thomas: For which I should be eternally grateful to you.

Sheila: Yes, you should be. But right now, I just want you to focus on your father and the years of humiliation that he has been through all these years with brooke. And then I want to ask yourself just one question: How much more disrespect should he and your family take? Please, just help me. Help me free ridge of brooke once and for all.

Finn: Thomas and my mother?

Steffy: Thomas hasn’t been acting like himself, especially when it comes to our parents. Like, my dad is living here, my mom and my dad, they’re getting closer.

Finn: That’s something thomas wants.

Steffy: Yeah, like, he should be happy, but instead he’s like, stressed and worried, like he’s carrying around all this weight.

Finn: Then he should be happy.

Steffy: Then why isn’t he? And now to find out that my brother is meeting up with your mom? Like, what is going on? What is thomas up to? I brought in ensure max protein,

Finn: Like, does thomas know that you saw him with sheila?

Steffy: No.

Finn: Well, then how did you

Steffy: I–I heard him on the phone at the office. And when I questioned him about it, thomas wouldn’t open up. And then when he left I um… I followed him.

Finn: To?

Steffy: Il giardino. That’s where he met up with sheila.

Sheila: Your family’s well-being is in your hands. You can choose a future where ridge and taylor are reunited, where ridge never has to suffer the pain and angst that brooke has brought into his life, a future where taylor and ridge grow old with one another. You can do this, thomas. You can rid brooke from your father’s life, from all of your lives permanently if you just keep our secret. Keep our secret. If you wimp out– just don’t wimp out! If you do, I promise you’re going to hate yourself forever.

Ridge: Thank you, dad, for your honest advice. I know you always want the best for me.

Eric: I do, but I will always believe that brooke is absolutely your destiny.

Hope: How about we go for a drive, mom? Or a walk? I mean, anything to get you out of the house because you’ve been cooped up inside, pacing around, berating yourself, and that’s not good.

Brooke: You know, I know why stephanie fought me so hard. To keep me out of ridge’s life. Because she knew it wasn’t good for him. She knew I’d keep hurting him if she didn’t stop me.

Stephanie: You have

systematically chipped away

at the integrity of

our family over these years.

You’ve besmirched our name,

tainted our reputation,

and brought nothing, nothing

but scandal and misery to us.

Brooke: You know,

stephanie, you talk about

integrity and honor.

But what kind of a person

finds pleasure in

somebody else’s misery?

Stephanie: Well,

you tell me, miss.

Didn’t taylor beg you to

leave her family alone?

You knew the heartbreak

you were putting her through,

and you didn’t care.

You didn’t care at all.

You saw an opening and

you took it, and you drove

that woman right to the edge.

Brooke: I don’t need

to justify myself to you,

not after what you did to me.

Stephanie: I was

protecting my family.

Brooke: By corrupting mine!

Stephanie: Well, honey,

you reap what you sow.

Brooke: Hah! You think

I brought this on myself?

Stephanie: Yes.

You told me that you would

destroy my family and

there wasn’t anything

that I could do about it.

Well, you were wrong.

I didn’t have to do something

about it because ridge

came to his senses.

And now they all see you for

exactly what you are,

and they don’t want to have

anything to do with you.

You’re finished, brooke.

You’re finally finished.

Brooke: I regret letting him go. But I do love ridge. I always will. Maybe stephanie was right all along.

[ Brooke sighing ] Nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard.

Finn: Maybe thomas and sheila just ran into each other at il giardino?

Steffy: It wasn’t like that. They weren’t sitting at a table. They weren’t by the bar.

Finn: Well, where were they?

Steffy: They were in the alley behind the restaurant.

Finn: That’s weird.

Steffy: You know what’s weird? My brother can’t stand sheila. But yet there he was, with sheila, alone. Like, they were very intense, but I don’t know what they were talking about. Like, what would my brother have to discuss with her? Why would he do that? What is going on with my brother and your mother?

Sheila: You can do this,


You can rid brooke from

your father’s life, from all of

your lives permanently if

you just keep our secret.

Brooke: Stephanie was unrelenting. There’s nothing she wouldn’t say or do to keep me out of ridge’s life.

Stephanie: Like I’ve tried

to teach you ever since

the first miserable day

that you walked into my life:

My family stands for integrity,

and honor, and love.

That’s how we have

survived your craziness

all of these years.

And now it’s over, it’s over.

And I get to say with

a delicious little smile

on my face: I won.

I won.

[ “I won” echoing ]

Brooke: She knew me better than I know myself. I gave up the best man in the world, all because of that one night. That one night, hope, that cost me everything.

Hope: Mom, ridge loves you.

Brooke: Well then why would I do that? Why would I hurt him again like that? I mean, first there was bill, and then there was deacon. I mean, what is wrong with me? I have a serious flaw in my character. And stephanie saw that. That is why she did everything she possibly could to get rid of me out of her life, out of ridge’s life. And now he is. I mean, he’s over at steffy and taylor’S. I set him free, and I told him I’d make the divorce easy. I don’t know why I did that. I don’t want a divorce. I don’t want to spend one more day without him.

Hope: Tell him what’s in your heart.

[ Brooke sighing ]

Brooke: I can’T. I can’t eat or– I can’t sleep. I– I can’t do anything without you, ridge. I made a mistake by sending you over to taylor’s and steffy’S. I never should have let you walk out that door. But I did. But it’s not what I want. I want to be able to work through this, and I, I believe it’s something that maybe we can do together. I need you to come home. Come back to me, ridge, please. Come home.

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