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Curtis is joined at the Metro Court by Drew. He shows Drew the house keys for his new home with Portia. Drew congratulates him and says that’s worthy of a toast. Curtis tells Drew he is finding it hard to concentrate on the future when Marshall’s past keeps getting in the way. Drew has information in an envelope on discrepancies in his father’s past. Drew tells Curtis that if he does not want to see the information in that envelope, that is his decision. Curtis opens the envelope, and he and Drew begin to review it.  Curtis learns that Marshall was never in witness protection. Drew asks Curtis, now that he has this information, what does he plan to do with it?

At General Hospital, Marshall tells the staff that he is having trouble with his medication and can’t reach his doctor. When Sonny walks into the lobby, Marshall’s attention is drawn off of his conversation with the staff and immediately on to Sonny. Marshall takes exception to Avery being seen by T.J.  Marshall tells Sonny that G.H. is full of doctors and that Sonny should find another one to treat his daughter. Marshall doesn’t want his family mixed up with people like Sonny.

Sonny joins Ava and asks her what has happened. Ava says that Avery had a fall at the playground. Sonny tells Avery that T.J. will be treating her and that he would trust T.J. with his life.

Carly takes Josslyn to Alexis’ office, where they are joined by Elizabeth and Cameron.  Alexis plans to lay out the ways in which The Invader will help Josslyn and Cameron tell their stories. Alexis asks Carly and Elizabeth to step outside while she speaks to the kids. Carly and Elizabeth go to the Metro Court to have drinks, and while there, Elizabeth tells Carly she did a great job raising Josslyn. Carly looks genuinely touched. Elizabeth says that she admits she originally wanted Cameron to be with Trina. Elizabeth says that she was worried that Josslyn would be too much like Carly.  Carly laughs and says that Cameron is a great kid, too, and that she admires the way Elizabeth taught him to respect women.  Carly says that the way she and Elizabeth spoke to each other when they were younger… it all seems a bit tame compared with what Josslyn and Cameron are going through. Carly says that it seems like the universe is dishing out some serious karma.

Nikolas drops by Laura’s apartment to see if she needs any help with Spencer’s homecoming from Spring Ridge. Nikolas wants to make sure everything is set. Laura says that Spencer has only been gone a month, but that if she is to be perfectly honest, Spencer should not even be coming to Laura’s place to live. Laura insists that Spencer’s home is at Wyndemere with Nikolas — Nikolas pushing Spencer to come home would be the worst thing possible.

Esme decides she’s leaving and announces her intentions to Nikolas and Laura.  Nikolas leaves to pick up Spencer from Spring Ridge while Laura speaks to Esme. Laura knows that Victor is attempting to use Esme to influence Spencer, and she offers Esme a deal: If Esme will help them with their concerns, Laura will overlook Esme’s bad decisions.

Nikolas arrives at Spring Ridge to pick up Spencer and finds him playing a game of chess with Ryan Chamberlain.  Nikolas asks Spencer why he was spending time with Ryan, and Spencer says it was no big deal.  Harmony (who had been acting as Ryan’s intermediary during the game) tells Ryan that the next time he wants to use someone to be his lackey, he should find someone else.  Ryan communicates to Harmony that one day he will free her from her servitude the only way he knows how.

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