Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, March 22, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Nate is conflicted about the fact that he had to bend the rules ethically to find out the truth about Ashland. Nate is sure that he did the right thing in giving Victor Ashland’s medical information in order to prove that Ashland was lying about his illness.

Devon and Lily tell Nate that they are going to merge their two companies and make him a job offer. Nate tells Devon and Lily he will think about the offer, but he has to get over his feelings about a mistake in judgement before he can consider the job offer.

Ashland asks Victoria to go with him to Tuscany so they can get away from all the pressure in Genoa City.

Victor promises Lauren that he will find Michael and asks her not to involve the police.

Nick has an idea to stage an intervention for Victoria and show her the evidence Nate gave them and force her to face the truth about Ashland.

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