GH Short Recap Tuesday, March 22, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Epiphany tells Marshall and Portia she is going to take the MCATS to try and get into medical school. Portia tells Epiphany she will mentor her and also help her study for the MCATS.

Maxie and Finn both try to get Brook Lynn and Chase have to admit they have feelings for each other, but Brook Lynn and Chase say they are fine being friends.

Lucy and Maxie pick one of the songs Brook Lynn wrote for their IPO launch party and they want Chase to sing the male part of the duet.

Dante tells Sonny about Josslyn’s video and asks him not to get involved and let the police handle it.

Britt offers Brad a job as a clinical patient advocate but Aunt Salina tells Brad that he already has a job working for her.

Drew calls Curtis to tell him that he found some irregularities in Marshall’s background check.

Finn and Elizabeth decide to move forward with their relationship and face any problems together.

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