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Victoria: I don’t know what to believe anymore, nicholas. It can’t be true, can it?

Nick: Sounds like you’re having doubts about ashland after all.

Victoria: I’m not saying that.

Nick: But it seems like something may have shifted.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] This is just all so crazy.

Nick: Vick, you were so certain before. And I know you’re a very analytical person. You wouldn’t do something without having good reason. So did some new information come to light, something that made you change your mind?

Nate: You’ve left me no choice. I have to inform victor and victoria of what I’ve learned.

Ashland: But you don’t have anything on me.

Nate: Those scans that show you’ve had no signs of cancer are pretty damning.

Ashland: You’re not a radiologist. You’re not an oncologist. Maybe you’re wrong.

Nate: There’s no record of you ever even having one chemotherapy appointment.

Ashland: So your proof is a lack of information.

Nate: Look, I don’t take any pleasure in doing this, but the newmans deserve to know the truth.

Ashland: I would suggest you think long and hard before you do anything rash.

Nate: Are you threatening me?

Victor: I can’t believe that you blame victoria for this entire mess.

Adam: She let this shark in. And she continues to defend him, even in the face of the overwhelming evidence of his deception. So god knows what he’s gonna do next if we don’t stop him.

Victor: Son, we all have been manipulated one way or the other and deceived by that bastard. Okay? And we’ve all been fooled by love, haven’t we? Do I need to remind you that you were involved with a woman who accused you of attempted murder?

Adam: Okay, the difference is I walked away from chelsea when I found out what she did. And she was never a threat to the family business.

Victor: We all had compassion with what you went through, including victoria. Kindly extend the same courtesy to her, alright?

Adam: Victoria deserves much better than ashland, and I’m very sorry that she can’t see that, but since she can’t, we may all suffer from her blind loyalty, and I don’t think there’s a problem in being honest about that.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Victor: Son, we all have things we can accuse each other of. Stop pointing fingers at victoria.

Chelsea: I made some great connections in new york. I was able to source some very unique fabrics and also find some very promising manufacturing options, so we might even be able to get our line out earlier than anticipated. Isn’t that great?

Chloe: And I — I know it’s a little ambitious, but if you’re willing to put your marketing resources behind it, then we are excited to make the push. So what do you think?

Lauren: [ Sighs ] I’m sorry. I didn’t hear a word you saiD.

Chloe: Oh, um…any news about michael?

Lauren: [ Sighs ] Not a word. I don’t know if I can take it much longer. I promised kevin that I wouldn’t file a missing persons report until tomorrow, but I don’t know if I can wait. I know something’s wrong. Something is definitely wrong. Homegrown tomatoes…nice.

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Victoria: I have made the mistake of confiding in you before, and you betrayed me.

Nick: Let’s not point fingers, okay? I’m just here to listen.

Victoria: Why would I give you more ammunition to criticize my husband?

Nick: Because the way you’re talking, it makes me feel like you’ve learned something new. Now, I don’t want to force you into anything, vick. I’m just here because I love you and I will support you, no matter what.

Victoria: How am I supposed to believe that, when you have outwardly and repeatedly acknowledged that you hate my husband?

Nick: I’m also not here to judge anyone, but I know you and I can see that you’re struggling with something, and I get it. I’ve been there, not wanting to believe that the person you love could betray you like that. Trying to make sense of it can tie you up into knots. It makes you want to reject anything and everything that anybody has to say to you, to ignore all the evidence that’s staring you right in the face, because that is what our hearts and minds do. We can’t help it. This also might be something that you got to deal with on your own, and I get it. So you tell me as little or as much as you want. I’m not gonna fight you on it. I’m just here to listen, that’s it.

Ashland: You misunderstood me. I’m not trying to threaten you in any way whatsoever. I’m just asking you to think through the ramifications before you make some kind of an accusation. For instance, do you really want to risk your friendship with victoria by hurting her this way?

Nate: I won’t be the one hurting her.

Ashland: Nate, it pains me to think that you’re buying into this smear campaign against me.

Nate: This isn’t a smear campaign. It’s something much worse. It’s one thing to dismiss claims from a former disgruntled doctor at that clinic, but after what i found, I’m disgusted by what you’ve done. The levels of manipulation. I can’t believe I ever called you a friend.

Ashland: We are friends.

Nate: It was all a part of your scam. I’m enraged that I was taken in like that.

Ashland: I wasn’t conning you when I asked you to be my best man. I wasn’t working some kind of an angle when I offered you a job.

Nate: So what do you call it, huh? An attempt at buying my silence?

Ashland: I would never hire anyone I didn’t genuinely believe in to work for my company. The business means too much to me. You know that.

Nate: Right, it’s so important to you that you fake having cancer so you can get your hand on the newman side of it.

Ashland: No, that’s what somebody’s trying to make it look like. I keep telling you that. If anyone’s being scammed here, it’s me.

Nate: I can’t believe you still have the gall to try to convince me that you’re the one being set up. It’s not gonna work.

Ashland: Victoria loves me. She believes in me. She’s not going to accept this lie, even if it does come from, well, first victor and now you.

Nate: You can’t just talk your way out of this one with the newmans. You were never sick. And victor’s not the one to be manipulated.

Ashland: We’re done here. I can prove my innocence. And when I do, you’re gonna wish you never doubted me.

Nate: Ashland.

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

Nate: It’s time for you to come clean. If you don’t tell them, I will.

Sally: [ Sighs ] Hi, sharon. Can I get a big cup of your strongest coffee, please?

Sharon: Uh, sure. So…how’s your new job going? Must be, um, very different for you being coo. It’s a lot of responsibility.

Sally: You’re right, yes. It should be a lot of responsibility, which is why i should be included in more closed-door meetings.

Sharon: Newman family closed-door meetings — what a surprise.

Sally: Hey, can I…buy you a coffee? I just would love to get your thoughts on working with my new boss since you know him quite well.

Sharon: I have to admit that I’m curious, so I suppose i could have a coffee with you. What kind of thoughts were you looking for?

Sally: I just want to be the best, most supportive coo that adam could have hoped for, and, I don’t know, I was thinking you could give me some insight on how his mind works.

Sharon: You need help navigating the newman dynamics.

Sally: And I get the sense that you know adam better than most, and you certainly have a history with the newmans.

Sharon: Okay, look, here’s the deal. I will, um — I’ll have coffee with you on these conditions. Don’t expect me to praise or badmouth adam. And I’m certainly not going to reveal anything about my personal past relationship with him. Understood? Your heart is at the heart of everything you do.

Sally: I’m not trying to dig into adam’s past or anything like that. I’m honestly just trying to find more ways to support him. You know, insight.

Sharon: Is that all?

Sally: The truth is I really like the guy, and I think he’s pretty special, and too few people seem to see that, but i know that you are someone who does. So you can tell me to back off if you want, but, yeah, I want to know what you think and i hope you know I mean well.

Sharon: Well, you’re right about one thing. I am one of the few people who has seen the good side of adam. I’ve defended him. Sometimes to my detriment. Supporting him has not always been a popular thing to do.

Sally: [ Scoffs ] Well, I don’t really care about that. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not terribly popular around here myself.

Sharon: Perhaps that’s part of your attraction to him.

Sally: I’m just talking about our working relationship.

Sharon: So there are both personal and professional aspects of your relationship with adam.

Sally: [ Chuckles ] It’s not really relevant to this conversation.

Sharon: Yeah, and that makes things more difficult for you.

Sally: Actually, it doesn’T. I just mean that I understand people who are misunderstood, which is why I think I can be an effective business partner for adam.

Sally: Well, he must agree, since, on paper, you’re not exactly the obvious choice for the coo job.

Sally: Well, I’m not really having any difficulties with the workload. But there is one piece of the puzzle that has me stymied. Victor.

Sharon: Victor does hold a lot of sway over all of the newmans. But I doubt that you’re going to crack that code. What exactly is it that you’re concerned about?

Sally: I’m just worried that adam’s gonna keep making decisions based on pleasing his father and not on what’s best for himself.

Adam: Fine. We can debate victoria’s culpability in this mess some other time. The point is, we need a plan “b” to oust ashland since she is determined to stand by her man.

Victor: As I told you, I sent nicholas to try to get through to your sister.

Adam: Mm-hmm. And given how receptive she was last time nick tried to raise red flags about the guy, do you really think she’s gonna listen now? We need a back-up plan to the back-up plan. And I have one.

Victor: Hmm. I’m listening.

Adam: I think that we should leak the story to the press that ashland faked his illness to take over control of newman/locke. And this time, the story will be true because we have the evidence to prove it. And we can just let it play out. Okay? It is a win-win. It’ll solve the problem of victoria blaming any of us for forcing him out of the company or out of her life. And once the story comes out, the negative publicity will simply drive him away.

Victoria: I’m sure that dad told you his theory about how ashland masterminded this massive lie in order to gain control of newman/locke. Has he shown you the evidence that supposedly proves that?

Nick: I saw the video of the doctor from that clinic in peru claiming that ashland was lying about being sick. What do you make of it?

Victoria: Ashland claims that it’s a disgruntled former employee.

Nick: I’m asking what you concluded from it, not about ashland’s explanation.

Victoria: Honestly, I haven’t concluded much. If dad is right, then ashland’s love for me is false and manipulative. And, honestly, that’s a thought that I don’t even want to entertain. Ashland, he claims that he’s being slandered, but he has yet to indicate that he is close to uncovering who’s behind it. He just keeps going back to this outlandish notion that somehow our father is responsible.

Nick: Really?

Victoria: He even went so far as to say that he thought dad was the one setting him up and that this has all been a part of his grand plan to take back control of newman/locke.

Nick: And do you believe that?

Victoria: That seems far too easy. It’s a juvenile counter-punch. Dad thinks that ashland created these lies, and ashland says that it’s our father.

Nick: So where does that leave you?

Victoria: Earlier today, dad showed me physical proof of money being paid to one of the peruvian doctors. It’s able to be traced back through a shell company. One of ashland’s small radio divisions inside of locke communications. You already know about this, don’t you?

Nick: Vick, it doesn’t matter what I know or what I think. The only thing that matter is what you think. What does the evidence say to you?

Elena: He lied about having cancer? Who does that?

Nate: Apparently ashland locke.

Elena: It’s such a senseless, horrible thing to do. Not only did he manipulate everyone around him, but think about the people who are actually suffering from that awful disease. What a slap in the face.

Nate: Yeah, I’m shocked, too.

Elena: Gosh, this is like something you hear on the news, not something involving one of our friends.

Nate: I know. It’s — it’s got me questioning my own judgment.

Elena: I am so glad you told me about this. I can’t believe you’ve been keeping this betrayal to yourself. This is way too much for you to grapple with on your own.

Nate: I didn’t believe it myself at first. That’s why I kept quiet. When victor shared his evidence with me, that’s when I had to look into it further.

Elena: So what did you do?

Nate: [ Sighs ] I accessed ashland’s medical records.

Elena: And?

Nate: I discovered that not only did ashland’s x-rays after his heart attack show no signs of cancer, he never had even one chemotherapy appointment at memorial.

Elena: I can’t wrap my head around any of this. Why would someone pretend to be dying?

Nate: According to victor, it was all an elaborate scheme to win over victoria and to merge their companies. Then take control of newman/locke.

Elena: That is pure evil.

Nate: I just told ashland, “I’m gonna take this to the newmans if you don’t come clean.”

Elena: I can’t imagine that went over well.

Nate: Well, he maintained his innocence in between a few veiled threats that I would be sorry if I followed through.

Elena: Wow, that’s frightening.

[ Scoffs ] How could anyone do something like this? We’re eating and drinking foods and beverages

Nate: I keep going over and over this whole thing. Trying to figure out how this could’ve happened. I wish I could believe ashland was set up. I mean, I called the man a friend. I was his best man. We toasted at his wedding. Hell, I was on the verge of changing careers just to go work for him.

Elena: I get it. It’s hard to accept that he was so warm and generous to us while he was pulling a number like this. I mean, he flew us out to italy for his wedding. And after all those dinners we had with him and victoria, even I found it hard to believe that this powerful businessman was so friendly and down to earth.

Nate: Turns out it was all an act. And who better to be his allies than two doctors? If he could fool us, he could fool anyone.

Elena: Except he put himself at risk because you had access to his files, and I’m sure it was a difficult line for you to cross.

Nate: I felt like I had to do it. There was no other option. I owe it to victoria and the newmans to tell them the truth.

Elena: Well, the evidence was overwhelming and there doesn’t seem to be any doubts. I’m just stunned at the scope of his deception.

Nate: That son of a bitch lied about having cancer.

Victor: Son, negative publicity — what are you talking about? What do you think this would do to her self-esteem?

Adam: She was barely fazed by all the bad press ashland had already received.

Victor: She wasn’t even mentioned in those articles.

Adam: Okay, I think you’re really underestimating how tough she is.

Victor: Do I need to remind you what a hit she took to her self-confidence after all that experience with J.T.? Hmm? Took her a long time to trust her own self-judgment again. That’s the whole damn reason that I’ve tried to keep this away from her. I didn’t want to tell her the truth about what ashland was up to.

Adam: But it’s too late for that, and finding out what the guy has done, it doesn’t even make a difference to her.

[ Scoffs ]

Victor: She’s in denial right now. She will come to accept the trutH.

Adam: Okay. Well, then maybe there’s a way to put out the story where she comes out unscathed.

Victor: That is impossible. Once reporters find out about this, they’re gonna do their own investigation, alright? And never mind the embarrassment to our company, when people find out that ashland locke was able to deceive us all this time.

Adam: Okay, well, if the guy is gone, we could start to actually repair the damage to newman.

Victor: But most important, if victoria found out that her own family was responsible for the leaks, she would never forgive us. We have got to find another way to deal with this.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Well, I guess murder is out of the question, then.

Victor: Funny.

Adam: Yeah, I know.

[ Clears throat ] It was a bad joke.

Victor: [ Sighs ] Let’s hope and pray that your brother nicholas will get through to — to your sister, okay?

Victoria: I hate to admit it, nick, but michael’s latest evidence has given me pause. It’s, um — it’s damning, and it’s extremely hard to just explain it away.

Nick: Agreed. How does that make you feel?

Victoria: I’m scared, nicholas.

Nick: Of what? Of ashland? Has he threatened you?

Victoria: No, no, no, no. He couldn’t be more gentle and loving, but…that’s why I’m just — I’m scared to let myself believe that he would do this to me.

Nick: Look, I know that it’s a frightening place to go… emotionally. Vick, but you could do a lot of damage to yourself just by fighting it, you know? Give you some deep-rooted doubt or a buried sense of mistrust that could eat away at you no matter how hard you try and suppress it.

Victoria: Or maybe I’m protecting myself because…if this is true…

[ Sighs ]

Nick: If it’s true, then what?

Ashland: [ Groans ] You newmans are relentless.

Lauren: Okay, thank you.

[ Sighs ] Kevin’s gonna file a missing persons report and rey is going to reach out to law enforcement in peru.

Chloe: Good. I’m sure that they will get to the bottom of whatever’s going on.

Chelsea: They will find him. Michael will be home before you know it.

Chloe: And I know how nerve-wracking this is, but with kevin and rey putting the full force of their resources on this, they’re gonna figure out what’s going on.

Lauren: I just wish I had listened to my first instinct to talk michael out of working for victor again.

Chelsea: Don’t blame yourself. You never could’ve predicted this would happen.

Lauren: You know what? I did. I knew that michael going back to work for victor was going to be trouble. And what is the first thing that victor does for michael? Sends him out of the country and into what seems to be a lot of danger and…

[ Sighs ] I just — I — I feel so helpless. I feel so helpless just sitting here doing nothing. I feel like I need to get on a plane and go to peru. When tired, achy feet make your whole body want to stop,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Chloe: Okay, going to peru doesn’t sound like the best idea. I — what would you do when you get there? Where would you even start to look?

Lauren: I don’t know. But I just — I can’t bear just sitting here pretending everything’s okay and…talking about work.

Chloe: Okay, let’s just not talk about work. Let’s talk about how resourceful and clever your husband is, because if something is wrong, he will find a way out of it.

Chelsea: That’s right. There’s no one better at getting himself out of challenging predicaments.

Chloe: Think of all the jams that he has gotten our family out of. He is a survivor.

Chelsea: He can argue any side of anything. I mean, I can attest to that.

Lauren: He does have a silver tongue. It’s why he wins most of his cases.

Chloe: Exactly. That’s why kevin is always complaining that he will never win an argument with his brother.

Lauren: [ Chuckles ] It is one of his worst qualities. He will never, ever admit that he is wrong. Do you know, I caught him eating the last piece of chocolate cake, and he instantly went into a counter-argument. I call it the “offensive defense.” And by the time he was done, i was convinced I ate the cake and the chocolate crumbs around his mouth were my imagination.

[ Laughter ] It’s just uncanny how good he is.

Ashland: Nick, I should have known that you’d be the next newman to jump on the “let’s turn victoria against her husband” bandwagon. First there was victor, then adam, nikki, and now you. I can hardly wait to find out who’s next. God knows, it’s a deep bench.

Nick: When it comes to protecting our own, you’re damn right, we are relentless. But I’m not here to fight with you. I’m here ’cause of her. ‘Cause I love her and I will not allow anyone to hurt her. Call me if you need me.

Ashland: Your brother’s glare and demeanor cast doubt on his claim that he’s here to give friendly support to his sister. Victoria? Are you okay?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Nick: Hey, dad.

Victor: Son, I’m here with adam. We are anxious to find out how things went with victoria.

Nick: Well, I thought I was making some headway. The good news is victoria doesn’t seem to believe ashland’s accusations that you set him up in order to regain control of newman/locke. But then ashland walked in and interrupted us just as I think I was getting her to consider the truth. So I’m afraid I may have lost any ground that I gained. You know what, dad? I got to go. I’ll call you soon.

Victor: Alright, son.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Can you believe the audacity of that guy? To accuse you of being behind this.

Victor: He will stop at nothing to gain control of the newman/locke. He even convinced victoria to make him co-ceo of the company.

Adam: Wait, ashland is officially co-ceo? When did that happen? If you have type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure

Victor: Ashland signed the contract making him co-ceo yesterday.

Adam: And when were you planning on telling me that?

Victor: Has it occurred to you that I have a lot of things to deal with right now?

Adam: I thought we all were dealing with this as a family. And as the ceo of newman media, I should’ve been your first call, not nick.

Victor: I need to tell nicholas how important it was that he was trying to talk to his sister, okay?

Adam: I just — I just have to marvel at how calm and cool you’re acting, even in the face of a potential newman crisis.

Victor: This will blow over, son, in the end. We’ll all come out ahead.

Adam: After everything that has transpired, I just find your confidence rather curious. And I need to ask you something that has gnawing in the back of my mind. Are the accusations against ashland legitimate?

Sharon: Solving the daddy issues that any of the newmans have with victor is a fool’s errand. Many have tried. There’s a long list of casualties.

Sally: Well, I’m always up for a challenge. And I feel like if I can understand the dynamics a little bit more, then I can help adam.

Sharon: Well, I guess on some level, I admire your honesty and your commitment to your new boss. As much as I’ve seen of adam lately, seems like he’s in a good place. Maybe you have something to do with that. Or maybe he’s finally made peace with his father.

Sally: Yeah, if only that were true, but from what I can tell, it seems like peace with victor is a moving target. He loves to keep adam guessing about where he stands. Does he trust him? What are his motives and intentions? He seems to be a master at keeping adam guessing.

Sharon: There are two things that adam needs more than anything else — committed love from his father and a feeling of harmony with him.

Sally: Well, I’m just worried that he may never be able to find that harmony because he does not see himself as an equal to victor. He’s still the son trying to impress his old man.

Sharon: That has always been adam’s achilles’ hell, from the day he came to genoa city.

Sally: Well, I am trying to break him of that.

Sharon: Well, good luck.

Sally: Seems like my time is up. Thank you very much for the talk, sharon. It helped. Just gonna grab a cup of coffee to go and head back to the office.

Nick: What was that about?

Nate: I just can’t believe it got to this point. Why didn’t I see something like this coming? In all the time I spent with ashland, I should’ve figured out something was off.

Elena: I don’t think anyone thought for a second anything like this was going on.

Nate: Oh, and I — I realize now that I was actually coaching him. I was helping him accurately portray his symptoms while he was so-called undergoing treatment. Why did I take him at his word?

Elena: None of this is your fault. You were ashland’s friend, not his doctor. You never officially consulted on his case. You only weighed in with your advice. Why in the world would you think to question or double-check his test results or his claims that he had terminal cancer?

Nate: I was too trusting. This billionaire who barely knows me asks me his best man, then offers me a job? And I never notice something was off?

Elena: Look, I’m not gonna let you do this. And I can’t tell you what you should do, but if it were me, no matter how I figured out the information, I would feel compelled to take everything i knew straight to victoria.

Nate: Well, that was my initial plan, to take this to the newmans. But this could — this could crush victoria. And I hate to be the bearer of this news. And I also got to consider if ashland is vicious enough to do something like this, what else could he do?

Lauren: Thank you for distracting me, guys, and for reminding me of michael’s strengths.

Chloe: Your husband is one strong, shrewd man. He’ll find a way out of this. He always has, he always will. I am certain of it.

Sally: Sorry to interrupt. I couldn’t help but overhear enough of your conversation to know that you’re talking about michael. If it makes you feel any better, I happen to know that victor has people actively searching for your husband in peru.

Chelsea: I didn’t realize that becoming coo would put you in the loop on business that doesn’t involve newman media.

Sally: Well, I’m getting to know victor pretty well. And if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s harnessing all of his resources to solve any problem he puts his mind to.

Lauren: Well, thank you for that information, sally. I’m very grateful that everything’s being done to find my husband, but I don’t exactly find that very reassuring.

Sally: Well, I thought you would want to hear what’s going on.

Lauren: Oh, no, I’m glad you told me. But thanks to you, I now realize that victor wasn’t being truthful with me when he told me that michael was fine and that he wouldn’t let anything happen to him. Now I’m even more worried because victor is now concerned. I never thought that i would have my ability

Lauren: Alright, I better go check in with kevin and tell him what I just learned about victor. If you’ll excuse me.

Sally: Look, I’m sorry if i upset lauren. I was just trying to help. If it was your husband, wouldn’t you want to know?

Chelsea: We had just calmed her down. Leave it to you to stir things up again.

Chloe: Okay, I’m sure that you didn’t mean any harm, sally. And frankly, you’re right, lauren should know that victor is looking for michael, but she is understandably on edge.

Sally: Of course. I mean, the last thing I wanted to do was make things worse. You know…I was really hoping that maybe we could hit the reset button and put the past aside. Chloe, I really miss your friendship. And, chelsea, I am sorry that we got off on the wrong foot, but maybe now that we are not in direct competition with each other on a daily basis, we can find some sort of truce.

Chelsea: I doubt we’ll ever be best friends.

Sally: Okay. Maybe tolerant acquaintances?

Chelsea: I suppose I could let bygones be bygones.

Sharon: Sally wanted some insight into the victor/adam dynamic.

Nick: Oh, well, if you figure that out, let me know, too.

Sharon: So you seem no better off than the last time I saw you. Any updates on the victoria and ashland situation?

Nick: I was just with vick. I feel like she was this close to admitting all of her doubts about ashland in the face of all the mounting evidence against him, but she just couldn’t quite get there.

Sharon: Well, I understand. It’s got to be really hard to accept that the man that you loved would do something so duplicitous and play with your heart like that.

Nick: He’s really got his hooks in her. She can’t seem to break away from him.

Sharon: If the evidence you have is as strong as you say it is, it’ll only be a matter of time. She’ll come to her senses. But you said you weren’t gonna get involved.

Nick: I don’t know. The more I look at it, the more I realize I can’t walk away.

Sharon: I’m glad you’re doing everything you can for your sister.

Nick: If victoria can’t open her eyes to who the man she married really is, the family’s gonna have to come up with a plan to get him out of her life for good.

Victor: What makes you suddenly doubt all of the evidence against ashland locke?

Adam: I just think the news that ashland’s now co-ceo adds new weight to his claim. I mean, could it be true that all of this was part of your master plan to regain control of newman/locke?

[ Knock on door ]

Nate: Gentlemen.

Victor: Nate, come in.

Nate: I hope I’m not interrupting, but I have something I think you should hear.

Victor: And what is that?

Nate: I have that smoking gun you were looking for. <

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