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Drew:  You know, I’m trying, Victor, but I can’t come up with a single reason why I should meet with you.

Victor: I figured you’d be a — a tad reluctant.

Drew: Just a wee bit, yeah.

Victor: But I also know how much you value your family.

Drew: Tell me that you are not stupid enough to threaten my family.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Finn: You know, Jake, there’s nothing you can do that your mom can’t forgive.

Jake: You don’t know that.

Finn: Yeah, I do. You know, she loves you and your brothers more than anything. So no matter what you’ve done — look at me. If you’re struggling, she’s gonna want to help you.

Elizabeth: Jake. Grandma Monica said you were in here and that you ran out of your appointment with Dr. Massey.

[ Door closes ]

Elizabeth: What’s going on?

Cameron: If I didn’t set up the camera and leak it, there’s only two other people that could’ve — the girl you’re crushing on or your girlfriend.

Esme: Hi, babe.

Spencer: Esme. I’m glad you’re here.

Esme: Oh, I certainly hope so. What’s up?

Spencer: I need to talk to you.

Esme: That’s why I came here early — so we could get a little you-and-me time before my shift starts. I have updates — first about your dad and Ava. Spence, what is it?

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Spencer:  Cam was here. He’s really upset about that video of him and Joss.

Esme: And he should be. It’s such a violation. I hope Trina is ashamed of herself.

Spencer: Cam doesn’t think that Trina did it any more than I do.

Esme: Okay. Then who? Who else could have possibly done this?

Spencer: You.

[ Knock on door ]

Portia: Come in!

Trina: Hi, mom!

Portia: Aah! There she is! Oh, honey. Ooh! Is everything okay?

Trina: Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. Just college.

Portia: Okay.

Trina: So, why did you want me to stop by?

Portia: I have some exciting news. Curtis and I are buying a house together.

Trina: Oh, that’s great.

Portia: [ Laughs ] It’s right by the water, there’s plenty of room, and, well, it’s Joss’ father’s old place, so…

Trina: Oh. Well, that is a great house. And I’m sure you and Curtis will be happy there.

Portia: Okay. What’s wrong? I thought we talked about this. I thought you were okay with me and Curtis moving in together.

Trina: I am. It’s just… there’s been a lot on my mind.

Portia: Okay. Well, why don’t you tell me all about it?

[Music playing ] “What if I told you that I’m trapped and I am falling? So please just let me go”

Adam: Josslyn?

Josslyn: Adam. Hi. Thanks for meeting me.

Adam: Absolutely. You know, I kind of couldn’t believe it when you asked me to study with you.

Josslyn: Why?

Adam: We’ve just never hung out outside of class before.

Josslyn: Oh. Well, now we are. Yeah. Okay. So, the midterm — it’s right around the corner. And it seems like you really know what you’re doing.

Adam: Oh, I do.

Josslyn: Great. So I thought that we could maybe start by just quizzing each other.

Adam: Cool. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about chemistry lately.

Josslyn: Oh. Is that so? Yeah. Ever since I saw you — I saw you naked, I just…

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Carly: Cameron! I need to talk to you.

Cameron: Sure.

Carly: Josslyn told me what happened.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

[ Gun cocks ]

[ Gunshot ]

Victor: Threatening you, Mr. Cain? That would be a very foolish mistake. Fortunately, we’re both intelligent men.

Drew: Get to the point.

Victor: I don’t think I have to remind you that my son Valentin is CEO of ELQ. I want to talk to you about your voting shares.

Drew: I’m listening.

Victor: This is really something I’d need to talk to you about face-to-face. Why don’t we meet, um, say, pier 54 in an hour?

Drew: No deal. You want to meet with me, I choose the location.

Victor: Alright. Where?

Drew: There’s a footbridge over Blackstone Canyon. If you want to talk with me, that’s the only place I will meet.

Victor: Fine.

Drew: Be there in one hour.

Victor: I look forward to it.

Drew: (on phone) Victor took the bait. I’m meeting him in one hour.

Finn: It’s your story to tell, not mine.

Jake: I don’t need to see Dr. Massey, and I didn’t put that portrait on the mantel, and I can prove it.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Jake: I was at the library when it happened, and, you know, I-I was on the computers that I had to sign up to use. So you can check that I was there and not at home doing crazy things to freak you out.

Elizabeth: Well, that’s great.

Finn: Mystery solved, then.

Elizabeth: But w-why would you need to use the library computers instead of the one at home?

Jake: I…didn’t want you to know what I was doing.

Elizabeth: Why? What were you doing?

Jake: You’re gonna be mad.

Elizabeth: Well, maybe I will, but maybe I won’t.

Jake: You will.

Elizabeth: Well, I’m not happy that you were hiding things from me, but the only way to fix that is by telling me the truth. Honey, it’s really important that we’re honest with each other.

Jake: I was talking to Grandma Carolyn and Grandpa Jeff.

Carly: It is beyond horrible that such a private moment was recorded and sent out to the world.

Cameron: And I’m so sorry that Josslyn has to go through this, but, Mrs. Corinthos, I swear I had no idea that we were being recorded, and I would never do that to her.

Carly:  No, of course you wouldn’t. I don’t blame you. I’m angry for both you and Josslyn.

Cameron: [ Exhales deeply ] Thank you. Um, how is Josslyn?

Carly: You haven’t talked to her?

Cameron: I mean, we’ve texted a little bit, but, um… I feel like she’s kind of avoiding me.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Carly: Talk to her. You guys really need each other right now.

Josslyn: What the hell did you just say to me?

Adam: Oh. I saw the video. I just — I didn’t really think you were the type, Josslyn.

Josslyn: What type?

Adam: You know, to post something like that.

Josslyn: Well, Adam, you would be correct, because I didn’t post it.

Adam: Well, so who did? The — was it the guy in the video? Is he — is he your boyfriend?

Josslyn: No! I mean yes, he’s my boyfriend. But he didn’t record it, much less post it.

Adam: Look, I really don’t know why you’re getting all, like, whatever. I’m just — I’m just trying to pay you a compliment. I thought you looked —

Josslyn: Oh. Oh, I don’t — I thought you looked hot! I don’t give a damn what you think. In fact, the only thing I would like is for you to get the hell out of here.

Esme: Is that really what you think of me? That I’m somehow behind that sex video of Joss and Cam? I thought you knew me better than that.

Spencer: Of course I do. And just so you know — I told Cam that you couldn’t have done it.

Esme: No doubt Cam had some magical explanation for how I could have shot that video. Why is it so impossible for them to admit the truth? It was Trina. She had access. She had motive.

Spencer: Did she?

Esme: Stop covering for her. Trina was jealous of Josslyn ending up with Cam, jealous that everyone else was coupled up while she had no one. I’m telling you, Spence. Trina has everybody snowed.

Spencer: Well, whoever did this, it’s making Joss and Cam’s life hell.

Esme: I suppose I should be more forgiving, considering what they’re going through.

Spencer: No need. I set Cameron straight. I’m sure that he’s gonna do the same with Josslyn.

Esme: Thank you for defending me, Spence. Mm-hmm. You really are my knight in shining armor. [ Down-tempo music plays ] By the way, uh, I ran into your dad and Ava.

Spencer: Hopefully with Ava’s new car.

Esme: It was actually very nice. They were talking about their whole, um, vow renewal thing.

Spencer: Can we talk about something else? Have the woodchucks started spring training?

Esme: This is important. Fine. I know your father wanted to talk to you about this, but you and I don’t keep secrets, so… your father and Ava have decided to have their ceremony with just family.

Spencer: And what does that have to do with me?

Esme: They’re waiting until after your release. Your father really wants you to attend. I know it would mean the world to him. Spence, are you even listening to me?

Spencer: Yeah. Sorry. Um… it’s just… do you really think that Trina made that video?

Esme: Unbelievable.

Kurt: You have nowhere to go.

Felicia: Heads up!

Kurt: [ Grunts ] [ Grunts ] [ Moans ]

Anna: Freeze! Give up. There’s nowhere to go.

[ Dramatic music plays ]

Josslyn: I said get out.

Adam: This is a public place. Why do I have to leave?

Josslyn: Because if you don’t, I’m gonna punch you in the face.

Adam: You know, you’re awfully touchy for a girl with a sex tape!

[ Mid-tempo music playing ]

Cameron: Josslyn. Hey, are you okay? I-if you don’t want me to be here, I can — I can —

Trina: Someone recorded Joss and Cam’s first time and sent it to the whole campus.

Portia: Everyone at PCU?

Trina: So far. I don’t know who else they sent it to.

Portia: Oh, my god. Poor Joss and Cameron. I-I can’t even imagine what they’re feeling right now.

Trina: Neither can I. I haven’t reached out to either of them since everything happened.

Portia: Honey, why not?

Trina: I don’t know what to say! Joss didn’t come back to the dorm after everything happened. She’s been staying with her mom. And I haven’t heard from Cam either. I didn’t know if they wanted space, so I thought maybe I should let them reach out to me or maybe I should reach out to them. But now it’s weird because I waited too long to contact them.

Portia: Honey, I-I get that. I really do. But I think Josslyn really needs her best friend right now.

Trina: I thought so, too. But on top of everything… Esme accused me of being the one that recorded the sex tape.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Spencer: [ Exhales deeply ] I’m sorry I brought up Trina again. You’re just gonna sit there? I thought that you got here early so that we could talk.

Esme: Not that you’ve asked, but I’ve had a totally awful day. First, Carly Corinthos attacks me, then you basically accuse me —

Spencer: Wait. Back up. Joss’ mom attacked you?

Esme: She was completely out of control. If your father hadn’t been there, I don’t know what would have happened.

Spencer: Father intervened?

Esme: Yeah. He was actually pretty great. I could see the father you described from your childhood, the caring man that stood by you. He saved me from Carly and Josslyn.

Spencer: I know that Joss’ mom has a temper, but… Carly did that?

Carly: Okay. Can you please tell Dr. Collins to call me ASAP? I really need to talk to him. Thank you.

Drew: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Drew: You okay?

Carly:  Uh, no. No, I’m not okay. Josslyn is hurting, and I have no idea how to help her.

Elizabeth: You were talking to my parents? How?

Jake: I know you don’t like talking about Grandma and Grandpa and when you were younger.

Elizabeth: I don’t talk about them because we don’t stay in touch. How did they contact you?

Jake: They posted a message on my wall when they found out my dad died.

Elizabeth: Well — well, that was m-months ago. Did they ask you to keep it a secret? Then why did you?

Finn: Jake was, um… Jake was worried you’d be angry.

Elizabeth: [ Sighs ] I’m — I’m not angry, Jake. But I really want to know — what did my parents want?

Anna: You’re in a lot of trouble, trying to kill a WSB agent.

Kurt:  I thought you were a burglar.

Anna: Kurt Markovic. So, according to this schedule, you were the safety inspector on the day of the cable car accident.

Kurt: I was.

Anna: A lot of people died that day.

Kurt: Not because of me.

Anna: Well…

Kurt: must have been sabotage.

Anna: Well, yes, it was. But if you weren’t involved, why did you try to shoot me?

Kurt: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Felicia: Why do people say that? It’s as good as a confession.

Anna: Yeah. She has a point. So, that day, the cable car’s departure was delayed. Why?

Kurt: Delays happen. Should be in the record.

Anna: Well, it isn’t. Were you instructed to hold a car until a certain person was onboard and it was vital that that individual was in a specific car because you had sabotaged it?

Officer: It might be his co-worker’s.

Anna: What? Well, there’s one way to find out. [ Cellphone beeps ] Why is it necessary for you to have two phones?

[ Dramatic music plays ]

Portia: Oh, hell no. Who does Esme think she is?

Trina: I just wanted to slap her.

Portia: And I wish you had! And I know. Violence is never the answer. But with this Esme, I’m done. I’ve had it.

Trina: I know, right?! I just wish Spencer could see Esme for who she truly is.

Portia: Spencer makes his own choices, and they’re usually very bad choices, which is why he is now serving time in prison.

Trina: Only for 30 days.

Portia: Trina.

Trina: Okay. Spencer has done some stupid stuff.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Portia: Terrorizing his stepmother, terrorizing his stepsister — a child. No, no, no. Honey, that’s more than stupid. That’s spoiled.

Trina: I told him that.

Portia: It’s entitled.

Trina: I told him that, too.

Portia: And frankly, it’s criminal.

Trina: I’ll let the prison sentence say that for me.

Portia: While Esme sets fire to Ava’s car and leaves a memento of Ava’s dead daughter by the wreckage?

Trina: Esme said that was Spencer’s idea.

Portia: And you believe what Esme says?

Trina: I don’t think anyone can believe that.

Portia: Which is exactly my point. Honey, if after all of that Spencer can’t see who Esme really is… I don’t think he ever will.

Trina: I just can’t help it. Spencer still has the potential to be a good guy —

Portia: Oh, my god.

Trina: Or at least sort of a good guy! He just needs to get away from Esme. Esme brings out the worst in him, and I can’t stand it.

Portia: Then don’t.

Trina: What do you mean, don’t?

Portia: Exactly what I said. Don’t. Walk away. Honey, I need you to trust me, okay? The further that you get away from Spencer and Esme, the better off you’re gonna be.

Eileen: Why are we meeting here?

Victor: For my convenience. You said you had information. What is it?

Eileen: Mayor Collins thinks Luke Spencer was murdered, and I’m pretty sure she thinks you’re behind it.

Carly: I was just hoping that I could, you know, talk to Kevin in between patients so I could get some advice on how to help Josslyn.

Drew: Is — is there anything I can do?

Carly: You haven’t heard anything about a video going around, right?

Drew: A video? No.

Carly: Oh, thank God. Maybe it hasn’t gotten any further than PCU.

Drew: What does some video have to do with Josslyn?

Carly: The only thing I can say is that someone managed… to record a very private moment and sent it to the entire campus.

Drew: [ Sighs ] My God. That would be awful for anyone. But a teenager…

Carly: I know. She’s — she’s in so much pain, and I don’t know what to do to help her.

Drew: What about Spinelli?

Carly: He’s already taken down all the public posts of the video, and he set up a program to keep doing the same if any more go up.

Drew: Okay. Good. He’s a genius like that.

Carly: He is, but as far as Josslyn’s concerned, the damage is done. I mean, she thinks every single person on campus has seen the video.

Drew: Do you have any idea who did it?

Carly: Oh, yeah. I know who did it. There’s no proof… but there will be.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Spencer: Joss’ mom grabbed you so hard that she left bruises. What the hell?

Esme: Carly was scary, and Josslyn just stood there, loving every second.

Spencer: That’s insane.

Esme: Exactly my point. I have told you and told you. Maybe now you’ll finally believe me. Josslyn hates me. And now her little minions, Trina and Cam, hate me too. She’s sicced her mother on me. Spence… …I am only in Port Charles because of you. Everything I did, I did for you, and I keep getting attacked for it.

Spencer: I’m so sorry. Don’t worry. I’m gonna be out of here soon, and we can be together.

Esme: That’s all I ever wanted.

Anna: Thank you. So, my team has managed to find evidence that you did sabotage that cable car. It won’t take them long to connect you directly to it. Doesn’t look good for you. So, is this how you received all your instructions — from this burner phone?

Kurt: You keep going on about these lives, as if they matter. One cable car is nothing compared to the lives that will be lost.

Anna: What lives?

Kurt: These people, these so-called victims — they are casualties. They’re collateral damage!

Anna: Is that how you’re gonna end up — collateral damage?

Kurt: I know exactly how I will end up. I am a soldier for a noble cause, a cause for which I am willing to give my life! [ Grunts ]

[ Dramatic music plays ]

Anna: Oh, God! No! Stop! Stop!

Jake: What do you mean, what did Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Carolyn want? To get to know me. Is that so hard to believe?

Elizabeth: No! N-no, of course not. I’m — I’m just surprised to hear that you’ve been talking to them for months and you didn’t say anything.

Jake: Because I knew you’d freak out, just like you’re doing right now.

Elizabeth: I’m not freaking out.

Jake: Yes, you are.

Elizabeth: There’s — there’s no need to freak out. No — no one’s freaking out, right? Um, I think your mom just, uh, wants to understand.

Jake: What’s there to understand?

Finn: Uh, well, maybe — maybe you want to tell her what you and your grandparents talk about, just show her it’s no big deal.

Jake: We just talk about… you know, stuff — like — like school and my art. Why can’t I talk to my grandparents?

Finn: You know you can always talk to Scott.

Jake: Yeah. Scott’s great. But, you know, he doesn’t care about art. I mean, he acts like he does. He tries. But he doesn’t really understand what I’m talking about.

Elizabeth: [ Scoffs ] And your grandparents do?

Jake: Yes.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Jake: Mom, do you really hate them so much, you want me to hate them, too?

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Spencer: I can’t wait to get out of here. And I promise I’m not taking any more risks, nothing else that could jeopardize my release.

Esme: Nothing else?

Spencer: Samuel snuck me out so that I could visit my mom’s grave on the anniversary of her death.

Esme: That was risky.

Spencer: I know. But it was important.

Esme: Of course. I know how much you missed visiting your mother’s grave while you were at school. But that’s over and done now, right? No one knows you left Spring Ridge.

Spencer: It wasn’t quite that simple. I almost got caught — by police Commissioner Ashford, of all people.

Esme: Oh, my god. Spence!

Spencer: It was close. If Trina hadn’t… covered…

Esme: Trina.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Cameron: [ Sighs ] That does sound better.

Josslyn: He seemed like such a nice guy. And then his attitude completely shifted. Everyone feels like they’re entitled to me now.

Cameron: It’s these random people on the internet, messaging me like we’re bros.

Josslyn: Oh, yeah. I’m getting messages from guys I barely know or don’t know at all, asking me to hook up. Like this video was some sort of invitation. Cam, my mom’s telling me not to hide. But how am I supposed to go back to class after knowing what these people think of me? Maybe I should just transfer.

Cameron: No. No way. You love PCU. You’re not gonna be alone. I’ll be right by your side.

Drew: You and Joss are as close and as strong as any mother and daughter — hell, as any parent/child can possibly be. She is so lucky to have you in her corner.

Carly: Thank you. I always feel better after talking to you.

Drew: Good. Just wish I could do more.

Carly: Oh, you listening, it means so much to me. I was, uh…freaking out. You know, I really felt alone.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Drew: [ Sighs ] I’m sorry.

Carly: I thought that was a bond that would never break.

Drew: Mm.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Carly: Wow. [ Laughing ] You’re so busy.

Drew: Yeah. Well, I… just working on something.

Carly: Oh. Are you taking an active role at aurora again?

Drew: That’s not what this is. No.

Carly: Oh. Well, it’s not business business. Is it personal business?

Drew: It’s — um, it’s kind of a need-to-know situation. I think it’s probably better that you don’t know. But the moment I can say anything, I-I will.

Carly: It’s that kind of business? Peter’s dead. Victor’s alive.

Drew: I should get going.

Carly: No, no, no, no. You do realize how dangerous Victor is?

Drew: Y– I can be pretty dangerous myself, Carly.

Carly: Drew, you’re back in Scout’s life. Don’t do anything that will take you away from your daughter again.

Eileen: I interrupted an unscheduled meeting Mayor Collins was having with D.A. Scorpio, detective Dante Falconeri, and Samantha McCall.

Victor: All people she’s known for decades.

Eileen: She put false information on her official calendar, and when I pressed her on it and explained to her that she put me in a compromised position, she confided in me that they all think Luke Spencer was murdered, and the mayor thinks she knows who’s behind it.

Victor: Did she mention me by name?

Eileen: She did not. But if they look into Luke’s death…

Victor: Anna Devane and Felicia Scorpio are doing just that. I’ve taken care of them. I just didn’t realize Laura was involved as well.

Felicia: What the hell is wrong with people?

Anna: Cyanide capsule. I didn’t think people used those now. I guess the autopsy will show more.

Felicia: I can understand dying for a cause, but for Victor Cassadine, when all he had to do was answer a few questions?

Anna: I-I do understand him wanting to end it here rather than face Victor, because he would have ended up dead anyway.

Felicia: Well, even so, run away! Make Victor work for it. Don’t just do it yourself.

Anna: You heard him. He was proud to die for a cause.

Felicia: Have any idea what that might have been?

Anna: Oh, I don’t have a clue.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Felicia: Find anything? Secret messages? Extremist browser history?

Anna: No.

Felicia: Culty stuff on social media?

Anna: There’s just one number programmed into — into this phone. And it is the same one that he used on his personal phone.

Felicia: Victor? I don’t know. Let’s find out.

[ Line ringing ]

[ Ringing continues ]

Cameron: I hate that there’s people on the internet critiquing my technique.

Josslyn: I’m sorry.

Cameron: And — and then one of Jake’s friends sends him the video.

Josslyn: Oh, my god. I think there’s laws against that. If there’s not, then…

Cameron: Well, um, looks like we’re famous. Has this been happening all day?

Josslyn: No, actually. Maybe it’s because we’re more recognizable when we’re together.

Cameron: Well, then maybe… we shouldn’t hang out in public together.

Spencer: Trina just happened to be there.

Esme: Did someone else in her family fake their death just to get away from her?

Spencer: It was for some class. Anyway, it was just a coincidence.

Esme: So in addition to Samuel, Trina knows you snuck out of here.

Spencer: And she was not happy to see me. Is that right? She tore into me for being entitled, for thinking the rules don’t apply to me. Yeah, she was mad.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Esme: So…Trina lied to the police commissioner to cover for you.

Spencer: I guess, technically.

Esme: Trina really put herself on the line for you.

Spencer: She’s a good friend.

Esme: I’ll say.

Trina: I can’t walk away from my friends.

Portia: Esme is your friend?

Trina: Oh, hell no. But Spencer —

Portia: Spencer keeps making one bad decision after another, including the one to keep dating Esme. Now, honey, I know you’re an adult. I know you can make your own decisions. But I can’t see one single reason why you would want to keep toxic people like Spencer and Esme in your life.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Elizabeth: Jake, I don’t want you to hate anyone. Let’s just talk about your grandparents later.

Jake: Oh, great. Can’t wait.

Elizabeth: Right now, I need you to go apologize to Dr. Massey for running out on your appointment.

Jake: Alright. Fine.

Finn: Hey, look. I know your parents wouldn’t have been your first choice, but obviously he’s just looking for some sense of connection, someone that understands his interests.

Elizabeth: I don’t blame Jake for any of this. But for my parents to pull an end run by going straight to him? That is unacceptable.

Felicia: Pick up, Victor. Pick up.

[ Line ringing ]

Eileen: Guten tag. How may I assist you? Hello? Guten tag. With whom am I speaking?

[ Dramatic music plays ]

Victor: Mm.

Felicia: I guess Kurt’s contact was one of Victor’s minions and not the man himself.

Anna: I don’t know. Or Kurt told Victor that we were here and not to pick up. Either way, our trip to Austria is no longer secret. And now that the WSB is officially involved, we’re gonna have to answer some questions.

Felicia: Okay. So what’s the next step?

Anna: The WSB will probably try to trace that call. Won’t lead anywhere.

Felicia: So we still can’t tie Victor to Luke’s death.

Anna: No. Not yet.

Victor: Give me that.

Eileen: [ Exhales sharply ]

Victor: Kurt obviously failed to take care of Anna and Felicia.

Eileen: Will he talk?

Victor: That remains to be seen.

Eileen: What are you going to do about agent Devane and Felicia Scorpio?

Victor: I have a plan b — someone they’ll never see coming.

Drew: Look, I know…that Victor is up to something. I am simply gonna find out what it is. No heroics, just fact finding.

Carly: Okay. Here’s an idea. Why don’t you let Anna and the WSB handle it?

Drew: Because I’m gonna handle it. And — and I am gonna be careful. I… I promise I’ll be careful.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Carly: That’s what Jason used to say.

Josslyn: Is that what you want –for us to not be seen together?

Cameron: No. But if it will make things easier for you —

Josslyn: it won’t. Who cares if people recognize us?

Cameron: Then I guess the solution is that we just stay in more.

Josslyn: Yeah. I wouldn’t mind that.

Cameron: Me neither.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Cameron: We’ll get through this together.

Josslyn: Damn right.

Esme: I need to get to work. Please don’t do anything else that could get you in trouble.

Spencer: My days of making trouble for myself are over. From now on…

Esme: You’ll only make trouble for everyone else. I mean it, Spence. You’re all I have. As long as you’re in here, I have no one.

Spencer: It won’t be long now. We can count the days.

Esme: Oh, I am.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Spencer: Of course, it has, um, occurred to me that Esme could have done this.

Cameron: Great. Can you ask her about it?

Spencer: Then I realized that we were gone, so she couldn’t have done it.

Cameron: Right, ’cause she couldn’t figure out how to set up a timer or a motion sensor or simply leave the camera running. Spencer, she didn’t have to be there. I get you’re trying to save what you have with Esme, but don’t lose the people you care about in the process.

Trina: Spencer?

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Elizabeth: My father asked Terry to get a message to me, and she shut it down, and I’ve been radio silent ever since. That should have been the end of it. But instead of accepting that, they went straight to Jake. That is not okay.

Finn: You’re right. You’re right. I mean, you’re absolutely right. They should respect your boundaries. On the other hand, there’s a — there’s another pressing matter here.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I know. Jake.

Finn: And although he kept something from you…

Elizabeth: He didn’t shred my dress. He didn’t put the portrait in the house.

Finn: Which is all good news.

Elizabeth: Yes, and I am incredibly relieved.

Finn: Yes.

Elizabeth: But if it wasn’t him, we’re back to square one. And I have no idea who’s doing this to me.

Anna: We’ll meet you back at the Bureau and we’ll debrief there, yeah?

Agent: Of course, Agent Devane.

Anna: Thank you.

Felicia: Where are we with all this? Anywhere?

Anna: I don’t know. The one thing we know for certain is that Kurt sabotaged Luke’s cable car.

Felicia: And crazy Kurt died for his cause without telling us who he was working with.

Anna: WSB is gonna trace his movements over the last few months and just see where that leads.

Felicia: Do you think he might have met with Victor?

Anna: I don’t know. One of his men, probably. Like Johann.

Felicia: I just wish we could tie this all to Victor soon.

Anna: Yeah. What we have learned that’s important is this whole thing — that Kurt was willing to die for a cause.

Felicia: But we don’t even know what the cause is. For a man who wouldn’t shut up, Kurt wasn’t very specific.

Anna: Yeah. It does mean that whatever Victor is involved with, it’s a whole lot bigger than just a personal vendetta against Luke.

[ Dramatic music plays ]

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