Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, March 16, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Nick talks to Victoria and discovers that she is having doubts about Ashland, but she can’t bring herself to believe that he would do something so horrible to her. Ashland tells Nate to think long and hard before he tells Victor and Victoria about the so-called proof he has against him. Ashland tells Nate he will prove he is innocent of all the allegations Victor has made about him. Nate tells Ashland to tell the Newmans the truth or he will go to them and tell them the truth.

Lauren is worried about Michael and files a missing person’s report which officially puts Kevin and Rey on the case. Lauren gets even more worried when Sally tells her that Victor has private detectives in Peru looking for Michael.

Nick and Adam both agree that if Victoria face the truth about Ashland the family will have to come up with a way to get Ashland out of her life.

Nate tells Victor and Adam that he has found the smoking gun they need to prove Ashland lied about having cancer.

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