Days Short Recap Wednesday, March 16, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander told Maggie that Sarah was back. She said Sarah didn’t want anything to do with her. He said that wasn’t Sarah. He said that was Ava in a Sarah mask. Maggie was glad that Sarah was back. She said that meant that Sarah still loved him. He thought she might still love him. Anna confronted Tony about letting Sarah stay at the mansion. Tony tried to defend Sarah, but Anna didn’t want to hear it. She thought Sarah should see Marlena. Sarah came down and said Marlena was dealing with someone who was tied up. Abby ran into Gwen. Gwen was shocked to see her. Abby said she was back in town. Sarah gave Tony a contract so he could get a divorce from Anna. Xander told Maggie that Sarah was delusional because of a drug that Kristen gave her. They talked about Sarah getting treatment. He said they had to do it against her will. Maggie didn’t want to give her the medication without her permission. Xander said it was the only way. Maggie refused to sign it. Gwen told Abby that she was happy that she was a lie Abby didn’t believe it. Abby said Chad tried to get a name from Ava about her kidnapping. She said Ava and Kristen had no reason to help Tony. She said it was obvious that Gwen was the one who hit her on the head at the airstrip. Abe wanted Lani to tell him what happened to Eli. She told him about the shooting. T.R. told Beth he was going to make her a star. She didn’t believe it. He said she was going to be in his movie Possessed. She asked if she was going to play Marlena. He said she was going to be Celeste. Beth said Celeste wasn’t the star. He said word of mouth on the show was going to be huge. She asked if she was going to have to audition for the role. He said she would have to keep quiet about their past. She said it was too late because she told Eli. He said the cop was in no position to help her. Xander was surprised that Maggie wouldn’t sign the paper. Gwen told Abby that she didn’t know Ava or Kristen. Abby told Gwen that there were two people pretending to be Sarah. She said Kristen did it the first time, but Gwen did it the second. Lani continued to tell Abe about the shooting. Beth wondered how T.R. knew about the shooting when it just happened. She asked if he had something to do with it. Gwen told Abby that it was Kristen who hit her. She said it wasn’t Kristen because she was on the plane when it was happened. Gwen said it could have been anyone. She said what did it matter. Abby said Sarah was still missing and didn’t know who she was. She said she and Sarah were injected with the same needle. Gwen said it was her fault. Abby told her it was her fault. Sarah went to see Maggie. Maggie was happy to see her. Sarah told her that she aged,

Abe told Lani that Eli was going to be okay. She said he didn’t have a pulse when she found him. Gwen told Abby that she was trying to get her out of the picture so Xander could go back to Sarah. Abby said Xander loved Sarah until she broke his heart. Gwen thought this wasn’t about getting back at her. Sarah told Maggie that she wasn’t her daughter. She asked Maggie how Curtis was. Maggie said he was dead. Sarah told them that she and Tony were getting married after she got her divorce from Xander. Maggie decided to sign the paper Xander wanted to sign. Abby told Gwen that she wanted Sarah to get better because she was her cousin. Sarah refused to get any treatment. Someone called the police and Kayla. Sarah wanted Tony to do something. She blamed Xander for what was happening. Beth thought T.R. was bribing her with a movie role. She asked if what happened to Eli was going to happen to her. T.R. said he had nothing to do with the shooting. He said it would be in both of their interests if she did. Lani told Abe that she and Eli knew there was a chance something could happen because of their jobs so they always said they loved each other. She said they didn’t get to sleep in the same bed. She thought it might have been too late to say she loved him. Beth didn’t think T.R. would make her a star without wanting something. He said he would make her a star. She said it might not be what it was cracked up to be. Gwen told Abby to tell Maggie that Sarah was back. She said Gwen had something to do with it and she was going to prove it. Xander showed up and wanted to know what she was going to prove.

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