GH Short Recap Wednesday, March 16, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Josslyn and Cameron promise to get through this internet scandal together. Josslyn tells Cameron that her chemistry study partner Adam (played by Joshua Bernard real life son of Maurice Bernard who plays Sonny)_wanted to hook up with her because he saw the video.

Jake tells Elizabeth that he didn’t put Franco’s painting in the house because he was at the library using the computer to talk to his grandpa Jeff and grandma Caroline. Elizabeth tells Finn she is angry that her parents contacted Jake without her permission. Elizabeth is glad that Jake isn’t responsible for the strange things that have been happening to her. Elizabeth wonders who could be doing this to her.

Trina tells Portia about Cameron and Josslyn’s sex video and that Esme blames her for filming and posting the video. Portia advises Trina to walk away from Spencer and Esme because they are toxic people. Esme goes to Spring Ridge to visit Spencer and show him the bruises Carly left on her wrists.

Ryan is watching and listening to Spencer and Esme’s conversation and he looks angry. Esme tells Spencer that Nikolas and Ava are waiting until he is released from Spring Ridge to renew their wedding vows because they want him to be at the ceremony.

Trina goes to visit Spencer shortly after Esme leaves to nelp her decide if she should follow her mother’s advice.

Anna and Felicia get the upper hand on Kurt who kills himself with a cyanide capsule rather than answer their questions. Anna uses Kurt’s burner phone to call the only phone number inside the phone.

Deputy Mayor Eileen answers while meeting with Victor to tell him Laura thinks Luke was murdered. Victor meets with Drew later at the foot bridge thinking he will program Drew to help him with his plan.

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