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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

TR tried to convince Eli that he changed. He tried to walk away, but Eli grabbed him. They fought and TR grabbed Eli’s gun. The gun went off. TR panicked after the gun went off. He placed Eli on the ground. TR texted the drug dealer to come back to him. The dealer saw Eli and tried to leave. TR pulled the gun out and said he needed his help.┬áLani found Beth in the interrogation room. Lani found out Beth was there to talk about TR. Lani told her that she’s his daughter. Beth told her that she used to date TR. Shawn arrived before Beth could say anything. He told her that he got a message that someone was shot in the park. He wanted Lani to check it out with him. They left Beth in the interrogation room.┬áLani and Shawn arrived at the park. They found Eli and the drug dealer on the ground. Lani performed CPR on Eli. Shawn performed it on the drug dealer. The paramedics arrived on the scene. Lani prayed that Eli would be okay. The paramedics took Eli to the hospital. Shawn learned that the drug dealer overdosed on his product. He wondered why Eli was there with the dealer.┬áTR went back to his hotel room with blood on his hands. He yelled at himself because he was better than that. He realized that he had to clean up his mess. He took off his clothes so he could burn them. He thought Lani wouldn’t know he was at the park. He realized he had to do something about Beth to keep her from talking to Lani. He refused to let anyone come between him and his daughter. He called Beth. She wanted to know how he got her new number. He told her that he always keeps track of the people he shares secrets with.

Beth told TR that she met Lani. She said she was going to give a full statement against him. TR wanted to make her an offer before she did that. He wanted her to meet him at his hotel room. Later, Beth arrived at his hotel room. He promised not to hurt her. She heard it before and warned him that she had the police number on her phone. He assured her that she was safe with him. He put the do not disturb sign on the door.Belle opened the door to Marlena. Marlena saw her yellow eyes. The devil told Marlena how he left her body and entered Belle. The devil had plans for Belle. He said Marlena was powerless to stop her. Marlena wasn’t afraid of him. She demanded that he leave Belle’s body immediately. The devil laughed and grabbed Marlena by the throat. Chanel found Johnny passed out on the floor. He woke up and wanted to talk to her about something. They heard a noise.┬áChanel went to the foyer and Belledevil thrusted an arm at her. Chanel was scared when she couldn’t move. Belledevil threatened to kill Chanel until Johnny knocked the devil out. Marlena rushed to Belle’s side. The devil went back into Johnny’s body. He wanted to know what they were going to do to save Belle. Chanel thought they should call someone, but Johnny said they couldn’t take the chance that Belle would come to. Marlena agreed they should neutralize her. Chanel didn’t sign up for that and wanted to leave. Jodevil convinced her to stay.┬áChanel and Jodevil tied Belle to the bed. Marlena hated seeing Belle like that. She wanted to get her medical bag to sedate her. Chanel left to meet with Allie. Jodevil was alone with Belle and his yellow eyes returned. Marlena returned to give Belle a sedative and left. Jodevil thought he had to sell the idea that Belle was possessed. He made the bed shake as he laughed

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