Days Short Recap Monday, March 14, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eli talked to Lani about TR. She let him know that she wanted to get to know him better. Eli would support whatever she wanted to do. Lani was glad that he trusted her. He said he trusted her, but he didn’t trust TR. He said he was investigating him with Billie as well as the ISA. TR went to Sweet Bits with a new script for Chanel and Allie. They refused to do the movie because of Johnny. They also didn’t want to do it because of the way he treated Paulina. He planned on making things right with Paulina and Lani. He said if Johnny recasted the roles, he would let them out of their contracts. He said he changed. After TR talked to Chanel and Allie, he called Lani to meet for dinner. After the call, a drug dealer appeared to him and made an exchange. A woman named Beth arrived at the police station looking for Eli. She said she got a call from Billie about TR. She said she used to date him. Eli told her that TR is his wife’s biological father. They went to the interrogation room to talk. She said that TR didn’t change. She said he was still a heroine user and he beat her. She didn’t tell the police because he threatened to ruin her acting career. She said she ended up in the hospital the last time and they took pictures of her. She warned him to keep his wife and kids away from TR. He thanked her for her help.

Later, Eli managed to miss seeing TR with the drug dealer. TR dropped the drugs discretely when he saw Eli. Eli told him that he talked to Beth. He told TR that he knew that he used to beat her and that he’s a heroine addict. TR denied it, but Eli picked up the drugs. They stared each other down. Lani ran into Beth at the police station. Will ran into Johnny at the DiMera mansion. They ended up arguing because Johnny wanted to make the movie based on their grandmother’s life. He wanted Johnny to rewrite the story. He said the devil was the star. Will said the movie would hurt Marlena and her career. Johnny thought the movie would only hurt his career. Later, Will ran into Allie. He let her know that he was upset about his conversation with Johnny. She told him that Johnny revealed her fling with Chanel. She told him that she’s confused. She wondered if she was gay. Ben went to see Marlena. He wanted her to know that Belle was possessed by the devil. He told her that he thought Johnny was possessed, but Susan saw 666 on Belle’s coat. He said Susan felt the devil’s presence in Belle. Marlena was worried about Belle. Susan went to the pub and saw Belle and Shawn together. She found Belle’s coat and was going to check it when she approached her. She wanted to know what she was doing. Shawn approached them. Susan warned him that he could be in danger because he was married to the devil. Shawn thought he would notice that. Susan told him that the devil wouldn’t tip his hand after what happened with Marlena. She said the devil will show himself once he gets Ben and Ciara’s baby. Susan was going to stop the devil now. She pulled out her cross and pointed it at Belle. Belle rolled her eyes. Susan admitted that the cross didn’t work so she left the pub. Shawn wanted to warn Marlena what Susan said and Belle wanted to talk to Johnny. Belle went to the DiMera mansion to see Johnny. She told him that Susan accused her of being the devil. She told him everything that happened with Susan. She looked scared and tried to leave, but Johnny grabbed her wrist. Marlena arrived at the DiMera mansion after talking to Shawn. Belle answered the door with glowing eyes.

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