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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Craig opened his door at the Salem Inn to find Sonny and Will. They wanted to talk to him about Leo. He didn’t want to hear it and closed the¬†door. Sonny pounded on the door. Craig finally let them in the room. Sonny understood how it felt to be taken by Leo. He said Leo was always out for himself. Craig was willing to listen to them. Sonny told him how Leo was paid to seduce him and sued him for sexual harassment. He told him that he and Will tried to get rid of Leo’s body when they thought they killed him.¬†Craig said that Leo sounded like the victim. He said it was in the past. He thought Leo changed. Sonny had proof that Craig was wrong about Leo, but he knew about the emerald that Leo stole. Craig knew Leo’s father abused him for being gay. He said it led him to embrace who he was. He said who he is made him happy. He wanted them to leave. Sonny and Will passed Leo on their way out. He gloated because their plan didn’t work.

Sonny and Will met with Chloe and Brady they let them know that their plan didn’t work. They thought Craig was more convinced that Leo loved him. Chloe refused to give up. She wanted her father to see what type of man Leo was. Sonny told her that he had an idea. Bonnie and Nancy were at the pub. Bonnie wanted Nancy to talk to her about how she was feeling. Nancy told her that her husband was gay and having a great time with his boyfriend. Bonnie advised her to be with someone else. Nancy didn’t think it was a good idea. Bonnie saw TR walk in the room and wanted him to come to their table. She wanted him to buy Nancy a drink, but he said he was waiting for someone.¬† TR walked toward the bar. Nancy thought he was turned off by her. Bonnie told her that she was still in her prime. Bonnie had ideas to help Nancy. She wanted her to come to her house so she could help her out. TR waited for Lani to come to the pub. He was ready to give up on her when she walked in the room. She said Abe was her father and she would never forgive him for what he did to Paulina. She did say she was curious about him. She didn’t know where it would lead, but she was there.¬†Paulina went to see Eli about TR. She didn’t like how he would be in her life. He wasn’t happy to find out that she went to TR’s hotel room and hoped she wouldn’t do it again. She told him that TR claimed he changed. Eli wasn’t impressed with that. She reminded him that she was given a second chance. Eli said it was because she knew she was wrong and apologized for it. She wished there was a way to know if he really changed. Eli was willing to get in touch with his contacts to dig into his past. He said he would find something if TR hadn’t changed.

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