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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny wasn’t happy to see Justin with Bonnie. He did want to talk to him alone. He let Justin know that he couldn’t forget what Bonnie did to his mother. Justin understood but he thought he was over the animosity with her. Sonny couldn’t forget about their wedding and how he had to bribe a judge. Justin said he would do it again for Bonnie. Sonny wasn’t thrilled about that. Bonnie walked in the room while they were talking. Justin wanted to know if Sonny had a problem with his wife. Sonny wouldn’t have chosen Bonnie as his wife, but he’s okay with it if she makes him happy. Bonnie hugged Sonny and thanked him for what he said. Will went to see Marlena. She told him that she lost a lot of her patients. She said her career might be over because she lost patients the first time she was possessed and it was happening again. He reminded her that she wasn’t possessed anymore. She said she gave out bad advice when she was possessed. She thought she might be fired if Johnny’s movie about her gets made. Will was surprised that Johnny was still making the movie.

Chloe told Nancy that she met Craig’s boyfriend. Nancy felt like she was betrayed. She accused Chloe of picking sides. Chloe said she loved both of her parents. They started crying so Nancy apologized for not putting Chloe’s feelings in a account. She apologized for everything. Nancy was upset to find out that Leo was a jerk. She wanted to protect Craig from him. She wanted to protect him from a golddigger. Craig and Leo were at the Salem Inn together. Craig admitted he wasn’t sure about them being together. Leo wanted to know if Brady turned his mind against him. Craig wasn’t worried about his past. He just didn’t want to lose Chloe over that. Leo thought he wasn’t ready to be with a man so he was looking for an excuse to get out of being with him. Leo knew it would be hard for Craig to turn his life upside down. He said he could embrace his true self. Craig was afraid he would lose Chloe over their relationship. Leo promised that wouldn’t happen. They said how they felt about each other and were about to make love. Nancy barged in the room and told Leo to get off of her husband.

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