GH Short Recap Tuesday, March 15, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Jake gives his therapist Dr. Massey the slip and tells Finn and Monica (temporarily being played by Holly Kaplan) that he doesn’t want to return to see Dr. Massey. Finn talks to Jake alone and Jake tells Finn that he would never torture his mother by doing all those horrible things to her. Jake tells Finn he has no problem with him and Elizabeth dating as long as she is happy. Jake also tells Finn he can’t tell Elizabeth where he was when Franco’s painting was put at his house because his mother would be angry with him.

Elizabeth tells Drew and Monica about Jake’s recent behavioral problems.

Willow gets her passport so she and Michael can go to Paris.

Sonny, Michael, and Willow argue about allowing Nina to visit Willey. Michael and Willow tell Sonny they can’t trust Nina and her visits may confuse Wiley. Michael thinks Sonny is once again putting Nina ahead of his family. Sonny tells Michael that he is always going to do what is best for his family.

Nina tells Ava that she isn’t sure she wants a relationship with Sonny because there are parts of his personality that scare her.

Monica tells Sonny, Willow, and Michael she intends to have Jason declared legally dead.

Laura’s deputy Mayor Eileen catches her meeting with Robert, Sam, and Dante so Laura tells Eileen that she is investigating if Luke’s death was an accident or murder.

Kurt, Victor’s man in Austria, tells Victor that Anna and Felicia are there investigating Luke’s accident. Victor orders Kurt to kill Anna and Felicia. Kurt waits for Anna to be alone in the Records Room and points his gun at her getting ready to shoot her in the back.

Victor calls Drew and asks to meet with him alone. Drew is happy that Victor took the bait and he is ready to give Victor a good show.

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