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Brooke: As difficult as this is, ridge, I am letting you go. You deserve to move on with your life. And you can’t do that with the way things are.

Ridge: I realize that.

Brooke: I–I never expected this to happen. I didn’t want to have to make this decision. But it’s only fair to you. You don’t need to be with a person that is so self-sabotaging, destroys her happiness, along with the happiness of the people that she loves the most. And I do love you. I do. I love you so much, ridge. And I always will.

Steffy: Thanks, amelia.

Thomas: Bye.

Steffy: Have a good night! Okay, I’m going to go check on the kiddos and make sure they’re in dreamland.

Thomas: Yeah, you know, give ’em both a kiss for me, all right?

Steffy: No, no, no, no, you are staying here. I still have a bone to pick with you.

Thomas: About what?

Steffy: Earlier at the office, it seemed like you were backsliding about dad and brooke. And for the life of me, I can’t imagine why.

[ Baby whining ]

[ Steffy sighing ] I’ll be right back.

[ Baby whining ]

Sheila: So, I bought a

bottle of champagne

that was real.

And I switched the labels.

Thomas: You switched

the labels.

Sheila: It really was

some of my finest work.

Quinn: So, I was thinking we could mix and match, you know? I mean, keep it youthful and fun, but still in your face, um, kind of, what your design evokes, right? So, I was thinking maybe, I don’t know. Like, this? This piece with that ring, or, or maybe even, how about this? This with that? I like that.

Zende: I like them both. But the bracelet is a must, whatever direction we go, it is kick-ass.

Quinn: Ah! That’s what I was going for. You know who would look great in this? Paris. The dress, the bling, it’s totally her. Hey! What happened with that engagement ring you had me make for her?

Grace: Carter, I know you’re home. I’m not leaving until you open this door.

Paris: What is my mom doing here?

Grace: I mean it, carter. I will camp outside this door all night if I have to. But you and I, we’re going to talk. I will not be ignored!

Quinn: Oh, did I overstep? Should I not have asked about the engagement ring?

Zende: No, it’s– it’s fine. You designed it. It’s only natural you’d wonder, especially since paris isn’t wearing a ring, and we never announced an engagement.

Quinn: Mm, she turned you down.

Zende: Not in the way you mean, no.

Quinn: Okay, far be it from me to pry. I just know how excited you were to ask paris to marry you.

Zende: Unfortunately, I never got to pop the question. But hey, I still might give it a go anyway, see how she feels now.

[ Grace knocking on door ]

Paris: I don’t understand. Why is she here?

Grace: Open this door, now!

Carter: I– I don’t know, but she’s clearly upset.

Paris: About what?

Carter: You know, how about you go upstairs? You stay out of sight. I’ll talk to her, I’ll see what she wants.

[ Grace knocking on door]

Paris: No, no. That– that’s crazy. I’m not ashamed. I think that we should just tell her.

Carter: No, that’s not– that’s a bad idea.

Paris: Why? She wants me to be happy. She’ll understand. Hey, I got this.

[ Grace knocking on door ]

Grace: How dare you? How dare you do this?!

Steffy: Look, what you said about brooke earlier, that you weren’t willing to excuse all of her behaviors, kind of implies that you’re willing to excuse some of them because she was drinking. And if you do that, you create an opening for brooke. And she’ll use it.

[ Door clicking ]

Thomas: Hey, mom!

Taylor: Hi!

Thomas: How was your day?

Taylor: It was good! It was good. It was busy. You know what, I did have a really fun surprise today. Your father stopped by the office because he just wanted to see me.

Steffy: That’s so sweet. Of course he couldn’t stay away.

Taylor: Nah, it was– it was nice. But you know, he’s still really struggling with everything that happened with brooke.

Ridge: Setting me free? Offering me a divorce, just like that? Is that what you want?

Brooke: Isn’t that what you want? I mean, you’re already living there at steffy’s, and taylor’s there. I don’t really know what’s going on between you two.

Ridge: Nothing’s going on. That’s not– we’re not– I’m, I sleep in the guest house.

Brooke: Oh, okay. Uh… I just thought you’d be happy.

Ridge: Happy? Do I look happy to you? You think this makes me happy? You think any– any part of this makes me happy? If you can choose to be kind to your body

Quinn: So, what do you think she’s going to say?

Zende: If I actually do it this time, ask for her hand?

Quinn: Well, you said she’s not seeing anyone.

Zende: Not as far as I know.

Quinn: You’re not seeing anyone either, at least that’s kind of the way you made it sound.

Zende: I’ve been to drinks a few times with sequoyah, but–

Quinn: She’s not paris, and paris is the one.

Zende: I’ve spoken with her mom. She insists that paris will say yes if I pop the question.

Quinn: Well, that’s encouraging!

Zende: I’d like to think so, too.

Quinn: So, are you going to it? Are you gonna– are you gonna finally ask the girl for her hand?

Zenda: I don’t want to pressure paris into anything. I respect her too much. But I also want her to know that saying “I do” is not the end of anything. It’s the start of an exciting, new journey with the person you love most in the world. That’s who paris is for me: The woman I want to make my wife.

Grace: I can’t believe this! I can’t believe what I am seeing!

Carter: Grace–

Grace: I don’t wanna hear a word from you.

Paris: Mom, stop. Okay, I realize that this is probably a shock–

Grace: Probably a shock?

Paris: No, okay, I get it. I do. But you have to understand, carter and I have been getting closer recently, and I think that he’s an amazing, amazing man.

Grace: What about zende, huh? What about him? He loves you!

Paris: I know–

Grace: You two have been dating for months. And you have so much in common. How could you do this to him?

Paris: Mom, it’s not like that.

Grace: Oh, it absolutely is like that because of this person! This man who obviously has no morals. This will not go on a moment longer, do you hear me, carter? Not a moment longer.

Steffy: Mom, I know you can’t help being a psychiatrist, you want to care about everyone, but like I told thomas, when it comes to brooke, and I don’t mean to sound heartless, but she’s done this all on her own. The drinking, the turning to deacon, it was all brooke, no one else.

Brooke: I know how taylor feels about you. She never stopped loving you, ridge. She never gave up hope that some day she would have a life with you, a life that she always wanted.

Ridge: This isn’t about taylor. It’s not about what she wants or needs. It’s about you and me.

Brooke: Uh, it is. It’s also about taylor, and your kids. Because you want a life of peace. That’s what you told me, ridge. That’s why you went over there. And I so badly wanted to just tell you to stay here with me, that I’m your destiny. But then why would I do that? I really had to think about it, you know? ‘Cause I don’t want to hurt you anymore than I already have. I will always, always hate what I did that night. I will hate what I did to us, to our marriage, how I hurt you. I’ll never forgive myself for that, ridge. I just love you so, so much. And I wish– I wish to god that I deserved your love. I do. But I don’t, I don’t deserve it. So, that is why that– that is why I am setting you free. That is why I am letting you go.

Ridge: I– I can’T.

[ Sighing ] I’m going to have somebody else pick up my stuff.

Ridge: For the record, the only life I ever wanted was with you.

Brooke: Oh, god.

[ Gasping ] I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

Zende: There’s no other woman for me than paris. I have to assume there’s no other guy for her than me.

Paris: I don’t want to hurt zende. He is important to me.

Grace: I know he is. And carter knows that as well. But that didn’t stop him from making a move on you, and backstabbing zende.

Carter: Okay, with all due respect, that is not–

Grace: I don’t want to hear a word from you. None of this would be happening if it weren’t for you.

Paris: That’s not true. Zende and i were at a crossroads in our relationship, and we both decided to keep things casual. He’s been seeing one of the models.

Grace: He’s not interested in her, he’s interested in you! Zende loves you. He wants a life, he wants a future with you. Zende is the man you’re supposed to be here with, not carter. Carter was engaged to your sister, and he broke her heart. And I am not going to stand idly by and let him do the same thing to you!

Paris: That won’t happen.

Grace: Oh, it absolutely will happen. Look at his track record. Every relationship he has had has resulted in one casualty after another. Zoe, quinn forrester, and lord knows how many other women before them. There is a reason why this man is single. It’s because he’s a player. And he is playing you.

Paris: No, that’s not how it is. That’s– that’s not who carter is.

Grace: I am not going to debate this with you. This will not go on any longer. It never should have started.

Paris: Mother, please!

Grace: Come on, paris. It’s over. Whatever this is between you and carter, it is over, right here, right now! Do I make myself clear?

Taylor: Yeah, your father has so much to work through right now, so many things are getting thrown at him all at once. We don’t need to add any pressure to him.

Steffy: Maybe someone should tell that to brooke. She’d never let go of dad.

Thomas: Just stop picking on brooke, okay? She’s– she’s been through a lot recently.

[ Phone ringing ]

Thomas: You serious with these– really? Yeah. Uh, yeah, what’s up?

Taylor: Um, I’m going to head upstairs and decompress. Um, will you uh–

Steffy: Let you know once dad gets here? I will, absolutely.

Thomas: No. No, no, no, no, just– just uh, just stay there. I– I’m coming in. I’ll take care of it. Okay.

[ Phone beeping ]

Steffy: What was that all about?

Thomas: Something at work I gotta go head in and fix it.

Steffy: No, not– not ’til you tell me why you keep defending brooke?

Thomas: I’m not defending brooke, okay? I’m just– I’m just saying maybe we should think this through and not exactly assume that we know–

Steffy: Assume what? Assume what, that we got this all wrong? That somehow brooke isn’t responsible for what happened that night? Even though she’s repeated over and over that she is?

[ Door clicking ]

Thomas: Hey dad. How’s it going?

Steffy: Hey, what’s going on?

Ridge: Uh, I don’t know. This whole situation with brooke is just getting more and more upsetting.

Steffy: You want to talk about it?

Ridge: I don’T. I don’t want to talk about anything. I just want to– I just want to be here with you, with your brother, with your mom, and your kids, and just enjoy this solace and peace that I feel when I walk into your house. Is that okay?

Steffy: Mm hmm.

Thomas: You uh… you know I want what’s best for you, right?

Ridge: Yeah.

Thomas: All right, good, okay. I’m sorry, I have to cut out, go back to work, so. I’ll see you. My hygienist cleans with a round head. you are coming with me.

Paris: I am not leaving! I love him. And he loves me, too.

Steffy: You know, dad, you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to–

Ridge: Oh, thank you.

Steffy: Why did you go see brooke?

[ Ridge sighing ]

Steffy: I know you worry about her.

Ridge: Of course I worry about her. I worry about her falling off the wagon. She’s still my wife, you know?

Steffy: Yeah. But there is a woman in this home who would never do the things brooke has done to you. Someone you can trust. And who loves you so much.

Ridge: Your mother’s here?

Steffy: Yeah, she’s in her room. Go be with her. I’ll go check on the kids.

[ Door knocking ]

Taylor: Come in. Hey!

Ridge: Hey, doc.

Taylor: How was your day? What happened? Talk to me.

Ridge: I– I went to see brooke. And she’s letting me go. She offered me a divorce.

Taylor: What? You’ve got to have mixed feelings about that.

Ridge: Yeah, I’ve got mixed feelings about a lot of things. My being here in this house with you is…

Taylor: Wha– what? What being here in this house with me?

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