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Brook Lynn and Chase discuss her quick getaway from Port Charles. Chase wants to know why she split as soon as they had their first kiss. Brook Lynn said that none of it was real, including the kiss. She says that they were caught up in a game of playing house and now that Bailey has been returned to her rightful mother there is really no need in prolonging the charade. Chase tells her that he is glad she is back and returns a song book that she had left at their apartment. She asks him if he read any of it and he says that he read some of it. He sings one of the songs for her and reminds her that she is definitely capable of being a successful songwriter.
Carly and Josslyn confront Esme regarding the leaked tape of Josslyn and Cameron in bed. Esme feigns concern for Joss.¬† She says that if it were her, she could not be seen in public after such a public humiliation. Esme attempts to leave but Carly won’t hear of it. Esme then attempts to blame the tape on Trina, but Carly accuses Esme of making the tape and threatens her saying that if Esme doesn’t own the situation that Carly will unleash all of her resources to take Esme down.¬† Esme spots Nikolas in the corner of the Metro Court bar and attempts to make a dramatic exit but Carly grabs her arm and Esme screams in contrived pain.¬† But, the act achieves its¬†purpose and Nikolas comes to Esme’s aid. Nikolas escorts Esme to have her arm checked out by a doctor.
Nikolas takes Esme to General Hospital and she fakes a sprained wrist in order to get pain pills. She tells Nikolas she is the resident scapegoat in¬†Port Charles. Nikolas quickly reminds her that she doesn’t exactly have the best track record. Esme tells Nikolas she will do whatever she can to repair Spencer’s strained relationship with Nikolas.
Back at the Metro Court, Carly tells Josslyn that Esme got away this time but she won’t be able to hide behind others forever. Joslynn replies that she can’t hide behind Carly forever. She has to learn how to fight her own battles.¬† Joss opens her phone and reacts to the vile messages being received. Carly says that what happened to Joss and Cam was not only cruel, it was criminal and that the guilty party has to pay. After Josslyn steps away, Carly makes a call to Dianne and says that she needs to see her right away.
Selina and Curtis have a discussion regarding her desire to become Curtis’ business partner at the Savoy. Curtis reminds Selina that the Savoy is a legitimate business and all of his affairs are above board.¬† Selina says that she will only require the use of the club two nights a month for a game of high stakes poker. Curtis says he will have to think it over.¬† Selina leaves but later sends Curtis a small tree to commemorate their growing friendship.
Brit and Brad have drinks at the Metro Court bar and Brad pitches Brit an idea.  He will come back to work for General Hospital if she will go to bat for him with Human Resources.  Brit says that she will give it a shot but that getting him back on board will be a tall order given his criminal record and a past checkered with terrible decision making.
Cameron brings Spencer a cupcake to Spring Ridge as a belated birthday present.¬† Spencer says he can’t accept Cameron’s peace offering and tells him to take it and leave. Cameron apologizes for not having come to visit sooner but Spencer makes it clear that his¬†visit is not the issue. Spencer accuses Cameron of making the tape of himself and Josslyn in bed.¬† Spencer says that since he and Esme were gone and Trina was passed out from the alcohol that the only possible explanation is that Cameron made the tape himself.¬† Cameron convinces Spencer that he did not make the tape and Spencer agrees that a sex tape is not Cameron’s style. Spencer says he knows Trina was not behind the tape and that only leaves Esme. Cameron asks Spencer to seriously consider the possibility that Esme made the tape.

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