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Nancy: [Sobbing]

Bonnie: Oh, nancy. Oh, honey, you can talk to me. I’ve been told I’m a really good listener.

Nancy: Like you really wanna hear my problems.

Bonnie: Well, sure, I do. And I swear whatever you tell me will stay with me. Honey, what’s got you so upset?

Nancy: Do you really wanna know what’s got me upset?

Bonnie: Yes.

Nancy: My big fat gay husband!


[Knock at door]

Craig: [Chuckles] Oh, um, can I help you?

Will: Actually, we are here to help you.

Craig: I don’t understand. Who-who are you?

Sonny: I’m sonny kiriakis. This is my husband, will, and we’re here to talk about your boyfriend, leo stark.

Craig: Thanks, but no thanks.

Sonny: Wait, I–

Brady: There you are, hey.

Chloe: Hey.

Brady: Where’s leo?

Chloe: Uh, on his way. What about sonny and will?

Brady: They should be at your dad’s room just about now.

Chloe: Oh, I hope to god that they can talk some sense into him.

Brady: Me too. We just have to buy him some time.

Chloe: Well, if I’m going to make nice with leo, I’m gonna need a drink. Or correction, several drinks.

Brady: Hey, hey, hey. We’re gonna get through this whole thing together, okay?

[Sighs] It’ll be worth it just to get that creep off your dad’s back.

Chloe: Well, let’s hope it works out.

Brady: Do you think leo suspects anything?

Chloe: [Sighs]

Leo: What’s going on here?

Chloe: Leo! Hey, I didn’t realize that you were right here.

Leo: That much seems obvious. So brady, what am I not supposed to be suspicious of? Hmm?

Eli: Well, this is a surprise. Paulina, lani didn’t say you were gonna come by.

Paulina: Oh, child, I’m family now; I can’t stand around waiting for an invitation.

Eli: You look like something’s wrong.

Paulina: That’s why you’re such a good cop–those keen powers of observation. Where’s lani?

Eli: She’s out right now. She’s at the twins’ to see her dad.

Lani: Oh, jules, I know, baby girl, I know. I know you are sleepy. Mama can put you down as soon as we get to granddad’s, okay?

Tr: Lani. Hello.

Lani: Uh, hi.

Tr: Well, you three are out late. Where you off to?

Lani: I’m taking the twins to spend the night with their grandfather.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Bonnie: Craig wesley is gay?

Nancy: I shouldn’t have made a joke. But that’s me, always going for the laugh. You probably didn’t even get the joke.

Bonnie: Oh, no, I got it. I saw the movie. “Big fat greek wedding.” It was very funny.

Nancy: But this isn’T. It’s very serious and sad. At least for me, anyway.

Bonnie: Oh, nancy, did you just find out?

Nancy: Yes. Although I’ve been suspicious for a while, I mean, you know, craig–craig was staying out late, and he said he was working, but I knew that was a lie.

Bonnie: And?

Nancy: And, um, a couple months ago, he came home from a convention and, um, well, I went through his briefcase– now, I know it was a sneaky thing to do, but–but anyway.

Bonnie: You went through his briefcase, and what?

Nancy: I found some condoms in there.

Bonnie: Oh, god, he didn’t– oh, nancy.

Nancy: Well, you can imagine my reaction–I mean, I was furious. I took ’em and I threw ’em in the trash can, and my heart was just pounding so hard.

Bonnie: Did you tell him? Did you tell him about the condoms?

Nancy: Of course I did! And then he yelled at me for being sneaky. Then I demanded an explanation. Oh, bonnie, he–he told me that they were giving them out as swag, that the convention had been a convention about safe sex.

Bonnie: Well, that’s a good one.

Nancy: Not good enough. I mean, I know it was a lie. I mean, aside from sounding ridiculous, it–I could just tell by the look on his face.

Bonnie: Nancy, I–I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. And you know, I would never compare my experiences to yours, of course not, but I think– I think I might know a little more about this than you think I might. When I was in school, there was this boy. Dennis. Oh, he was smart and funny, and I had the biggest crush on him. Until one day he told me that he didn’t like me the way I liked him. He told me he was batting for the other team. At least that’s how he put it. And it just made me so sad, you know, that he was ashamed of it.

Nancy: Well, I mean–well, how did you react after he confided in you?

Bonnie: Well, after admitting that I was completely devastated because of my crush and all, honey, I just told him that I loved him no matter what. You know what? It made us closer. Because he was honest with me.

Nancy: Are you still friends?

Bonnie: Oh, god, yes! Oh, honey, we talk all the time. And we video chat too. He’s married now to a great guy named brick, and they even adopted a kid. And you know what, nancy? He is one of the best people I know.

Nancy: And unlike craig, he never had to live a lie. Or feel that he had to marry a woman.

Bonnie: [Sighs] Oh, nancy. You know what? Just because your marriage is ending doesn’t mean what you had wasn’t real and wonderful. I mean, you and craig loved each other, right? You had fun, you had two beautiful children.

Nancy: Oh, we did have fun. Oh, bonnie, and we did make two beautiful children.

Bonnie: Exactly. You know, relationships end for all sorts of reasons, and just because they don’t work now doesn’t mean they never did, honey. Just have to treasure all those good memories. Anyway, that’s my two cents.

Nancy: Your two cents is worth far more than that to me. Thank you.

Bonnie: Honey, I’m so glad. So what are you and craig gonna do now?

Bonnie: Um, he’s already done it–he’s got himself a boyfriend.

Bonnie: Well, that was fast.

Nancy: A younger boyfriend. Someone he says he’s crazy in love with.

[Sighs] Bonnie, it’s gonna be a big adjustment for me. Being all alone. After sharing 30-plus years of my life with someone who was not only–who was not only my– my husband but bonnie, my best friend.

Bonnie: Nancy. You look at me–look at me. You do not give up that easy. If he’s got himself a new boy toy, you just get one too.

Nancy: Oh, bonnie, I don’t think that’s the answer.

Bonnie: Oh, honey, sure it is. You know what they say. What’s good for the gay gander is good for the goose. N-no, that’s just me trying to be funny, and…

Nancy: Not funny.

Bonnie: It’s not funny. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, honey.

Nancy: [Sighs]

Sonny: Dr. Wesley, my husband and I aren’t going anywhere until you hear what we have to say.

Craig: All right! Come in.

Sonny: Thank you.

Craig: I’m assuming my daughter and brady black sent you.

Will: Yes, they did. Because they care about you.

Sonny: And they don’t want you to get hurt by leo the same way I did.

Craig: Yeah, well, I already know that leo is far from being perfect.

Will: About as far as it gets, actually.

Craig: [Scoffs] Still doesn’t change the way I feel about him.

Sonny: Okay, but that’s maybe because you only know about his life in general terms. I can give you specifics. Okay, hey, hey. I know what it’s like to be taken in by leo, all right? And I learned the hard way that he’s always only out for himself.

Brady: Leo, how long were you standing over there?

Leo: I don’t think I’m the one who needs to be explaining himself right now.

Chloe: Uh, brady and I just ran into each other.

Brady: I had a meeting with a client here, and chloe just happened to be here.

Leo: Oh, save it. I know exactly why you two had your heads together.

Brady: You do? You always seem to have the answers, leo–tell us. Why are we here then?

Leo: Okay, this is a bar. A tiny, not very fun bar, but it does sell liquor. And you, mr. Black, are a platinum card-carrying, coke snorting, raging alcoholic.

Chloe: Hey, don’t talk to him like that!

Leo: Why not? Fallen off the wagon again, right?

Paulina: You let lani take those babies to see ray coates?

Eli: What? No! You know lani and I don’t think of ray as the kids’ grandfather or lani’s dad.

Paulina: Oh, so when you said “dad,” you meant–

Eli: Abe, yeah. The twins are gonna spend the night at his house.

Paulina: Oh, I’m sorry, eli. I–ray being in town just makes me as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Eli: Okay, well, listen, you have good reason to be nervous.

Paulina: Well, has he come sniffing around again?

Eli: Nah, lani says he hasn’t been back since you caught him here and ran him off.

Paulina: Well, I’m surprised. That man has never learned how to take “no” for an answer. The other night, when I saw him, he was determined as ever to make sure that he is a part of lani’s life.

Tr: So you’re gonna take them to see their granddad.

Lani: Yeah.

Tr: And his name is abe carver, right? I did my research.

Lani: I should get going.

Tr: Uh, lani, wait, please. Um, you–after you drop the twins off, uh, maybe you can join me for a drink or something.

Lani: I don’t think that would be a good idea. Paulina, my mother, wants me to stay very far away from you.

Tr: I–I understand. And I won’t push. Um, but I’ll be at this joint called brady pub. I hear they have great chowder.

Lani: I already had dinner.

Tr: Oh. All right, well, uh, I won’t keep you, um, but you know where I’ll be if you change your mind.

Lani: Don’t count on it.

Tr: All right, I won’t, um. Y’all have a great night. Migraine attacks?

Brady: Ah, you think I’m drinking again.

Leo: And don’t worry, I won’t breathe a word. When it comes to the 12 steps, not a fan.

Brady: [Sighs] Okay, well, for your information, leo, I’m sober, have been for a long time, and I plan to keep it that way. I did meet a client and i happened to run into chloe. That’s the end of that story, but I am gonna get going.

Leo: Oh, well, don’t leave on my account. Chloe and I were just gonna have a little bonding session. Why don’t you join us?

Brady: No, I wouldn’t want to intrude on that.

Leo: Oh, you wouldn’t be. You’re important to chloe, which makes you important to me.

Brady: Well, you just made my day.

Leo: Come on, stick around. Hey, unless you have a problem with that.

Chloe: No, of-of course not. Stay?

Brady: Stay, yeah, okay. Leo, why don’t you sit here?

Chloe: Mm.

Brady: Stick around.

Chloe: So leo, you know, tell us everything about yourself.

Leo: Well, you already know the bad stuff.

Chloe: Well, yeah, but, um, you know, I wanna know the side that my father knows, you know? The real leo, so tell me everything. Start from the beginning.

Craig: Okay, you guys are wasting your time.

Sonny: Wh–how so?

Craig: Look, I know who leo is. We’re very happy together, so anything you say can’t change that.

Will: Okay, well, then you have nothing to lose by hearing what my husband has to say.

Craig: Fine–have a seat. So how did you meet leo?

Sonny: Okay. So I joined a dating app when will and I got divorced. Obviously, we’re back together now. Remarried. So leo and I started texting back and forth. We eventually agreed to meet up for drinks. And we hit it off. You know, he said that will’s loss was his gain. I mean, he was funny. He thought I was funny. I mean, it all went really, really well. Until I found out that it was no accident we happened to meet on that dating app.

Craig: What does that mean?

Sonny: He was paid to pull me in. To make me fall in love with him and then seduce me.

[Suspenseful music]

Bonnie: Honey, I know it’s hard, but the best way to get over somebody is to find somebody new.

Nancy: But I don’t want somebody new.

Bonnie: I know you don’t want that now; believe me, I’ve been there. But you gotta trust me on this. Being a little uncomfortable with somebody new is a hell of a lot better than moping over somebody that you can’t have.

Nancy: Well, that’s putting it bluntly.

Bonnie: Well, your life’s not over! I know there’s another man out there for you. I can feel it in–

[Gasps] I think he just walked in the door.

Nancy: Him?

Bonnie: Why not? He is gorgeous. Ooh, excuse me, sir?

Nancy: Bonnie, what are you doing?

Bonnie: Yes, you, hi.

Tr: Can I help you ladies?

Bonnie: Oh, well, I sure hope you can. See, my name is bonnie kiriakis, and this is my friend, nancy wesley.

Tr: Nice to meet you.

Bonnie: Oh, and you. Now, I’m a very happily married woman, but my friend here, well, she is single and ready to mingle. How about you buy her a drink?

Eli: Coates told you that he intends to be a part of lani’s life? When?

Paulina: In his hotel room on valentine’s day.

Eli: What were you doing in his hotel room?

Paulina: Well, he–he had the nerve to send me some flowers. I took them back to him.

Eli: You should’ve dumped them in the garbage and stayed the hell away from him.

Paulina: No, no, ’cause then he’d be telling himself that i kept them because I liked them.

Eli: Well, I tell you what I don’t like. I don’t like you being in a room alone with a guy who used to beat you, paulina.

Paulina: Well, I had to go up there and give him a piece of my mind, didn’t I? To warn him to stay away from lani?

Eli: What’d he say?

Paulina: Well, that the one who heard her was me.

Eli: You see, that’s how guys like him work. They get you feeling defensive and weak.

Paulina: Mm, well, that didn’t happen. Trying to say that my lying to lani about him is the same as him hitting me. The nerve of him!

Eli: Look, lani knows the only reason you lied to her is because you were trying to protect her from an abusive father.

Paulina: Well, I hope that she gets that. It means the world to me that you do.

Eli: So you told coates what he could do with his damn flowers and any ideas of who hurt lani the most, right? Good. You gonna stay away from him?

Paulina: Well–well, that’s what I was planning on doing, but then something happened.

Your home…

Eli: Did coates threaten you or something?

Paulina: No, no. He started telling me how he had changed.

Eli: That’s what they all say.

Paulina: He, uh, did time in prison.

Eli: [Scoffs] What, for assaulting a woman?

Paulina: No, no, he played around with some clients’ money, and he did it because he was using. Cleaned up on the inside, and he hasn’t raised his hand against a woman since.

Eli: So he says.

Paulina: Yes, yes, yes.

Eli: What are you thinking?

Paulina: I remember my plan to turn the horton town square into price town.

Eli: What does that have to do with anything, paulina? You realized you were wrong, and you apologized.

Paulina: Mm-hmm, I did. But you and lani and abe, you all forgave me. Even julie, and– and she’s a tough nut.

Eli: [Laughs] Yes, she-she is.

Paulina: I want to believe in second chances, eli. Because you all, you gave me one.

Eli: You know why we gave you a second chance, paulina? Because you realized what you did was wrong. You were genuinely sorry, and you apologized.

Paulina: Yeah, yeah, I did. I just wish there was a way to make sure that tr coates and my lowlife dog of an ex aren’t still the same man.

Tr: Nice to meet you, nancy, but the thing is, I’m sort of waiting for someone. Excuse me.

Nancy: Oh, my god! That was so embarrassing!

Bonnie: Why? All he said was that he was meeting somebody.

Nancy: Come on, bonnie. Did you see the way he looked at me? He was totally turned off.

Bonnie: O-m-g, nancy, he had plans! Doesn’t mean he was turned off. Oh, my god, you listen to me, girl, and you listen good. Got it?

Nancy: Got it.

Bonnie: Good, ’cause you’re an attractive, charming woman, and girl, you are still in your prime.

Nancy: But I’m not feeling real prime right now.

Bonnie: Well, honey, how could you? You spent a big part of your life married to a man who wanted to bat for the other team. Just you wait till I get you on those sexy new dating apps. Ooh, you’ll see.

Nancy: Bonnie, I don’t think those things are for me.

Bonnie: Oh, honey, I think they are. Now, we just gotta sprinkle you with a little bonnie magic.

Nancy: What does that mean?

Bonnie: That means I get to be your fairy godmother. So grab your purse, toots. You’re comin’ to my house.

Craig: So why would some woman pay leo to seduce you?

Sonny: Okay, just bear with me, okay? So she was trying to get back at my grandfather through his company, titan industries. I used to be the ceo back then. So when leo and I started seeing each other, he got a job at titan.

Will: As sonny’s assistant.

Sonny: That was vivian’s doing–vivian alamain.

Craig: And why are you telling me all this?

Sonny: Because I know where you are, okay? I had just lost the love of my life. You have been closeted your whole life. You and I were both vulnerable, and leo knew it. I just don’t want him to use you the same way he used me.

Craig: So, um, other than saying he liked you and taking a job, what did he do?

Sonny: Uh, well, I knew better than to mix my professional life with my personal life, so I told him that, you know, he would either have to give up said job or we’d have to stop seeing each other. He chose the job and then proceeded to make himself extremely attractive to me. We ended up having sex in my office, and I later found out he had planted a camera and planned on suing me for sexual harassment.

Will: Which was a complete lie.

Sonny: Yeah, but it was a scandal big enough to take down the company, which is exactly what vivian wanted.

Will: And leo was so happy to do it, assuming the price was right.

Leo: I’m no basquiat, but i did have a few gallery showings, and I have to say the buzz was good.

Chloe: Wow, I had no idea that you were an artist.

Brady: Yeah, me neither.

Chloe: So what kind of art did you do? Painting, sculpture?

Leo: I was a painter.

Chloe: Oh, amazing, what– what kind of style? Modern or landscapes?

Leo: I did it all.

Brady: What kind of medium? I mean, were you water colors or oils, or…?

Leo: Are you two really this fascinated by my love of art? Or are you stalling to give will and sonny more time to hate on a bitch to daddy?

It’s the most wonderful

time of the year,

Chloe: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Leo: Oh, save the innocent act for someone who buys it. I’ve read your bio. Did you really think I was dumb enough to think that you suddenly wanted to hang out with someone like me? Girl, bye. I’ve binged enough “housewives” to know a two-faced heffa when I see one, but you, ghoul girl, and your one, two, three faces, well, this takes the cake.

Brady: You should not do righteous indignation, leo. You don’t pull it off very well.

Leo: Eh, bye-bye, cocaine cowboy. This queen has had enough.

Brady: Not quite yet. How did you know that her, uh, nickname in high school was ghoul girl?

Chloe: Yeah, and how’d you figure out what I was doing here tonight?

Leo: Well, one, I wasn’t lying when I said I read her bio. Salem search is not your friend. And two, I was suspicious when you suddenly wanted to hang out. So I hung around the inn long enough to see will and sonny come in and ask for craig’s room number. I’m sure wayland and madame are giving daddy an earful right now.

Sonny: Did leo tell you he blackmailed me into marrying him?

Craig: I am well aware you two were married.

Sonny: He was dying to be mr. Sonny kiriakis, and you can bet he’s dying to be mr. Dr. Wesley, but I am telling you, it is always about the money with him.

Craig: And how was it that leo was able to blackmail you into marriage?

Sonny: Wh– uh, well, it’s a little complicated, but it all started when will found out about leo’s past as a male escort.

Will: Which would completely destroy his sexual harassment case.

Sonny: And when we confronted leo with the information, he attacked will, so i pushed leo off of will, and he fell and hit his head.

Will: And we thought he was dead.

Sonny: So we rolled him up in a rug.

Craig: What?

Will: Yeah, to get rid of the body. We’re not proud of it.

Craig: Gee, I wonder why.

Sonny: Look, we panicked, okay, and we made a horrible mistake.

Craig: You sure did.

Sonny: But leo was alive, obviously, and he healed just fine. However, when he got back to salem, he said that if i didn’t marry him, he would go to the police and have me charged with attempted murder.

Craig: Okay, okay, enough. I’ve heard enough. From where I’m standing, leo is the victim here, not the two of you. And besides, if I’m wrong, it was in the past. We’ve all done things in our lives that we’re not proud of to get what we want, but leo has changed.

Sonny: I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. And I can prove it.

Eli: I wanna know the truth about coates just as much as you do. You want a background check on him, I can make that happen. Legally. I have a contact at the isa. Whatever I can’t dig up, they can.

Paulina: All right now! Now, you sound like the solution to my problem.

Eli: All right. I’ll start digging tomorrow. If there’s anything that proves tr hasn’t changed, you better believe I’ll find it. A lot of folks ask me why their dishwasher

Chloe: I am not going to apologize for trying to protect my dad.

Leo: Protect him from what, exactly? A mutual love of escargot and the best sex of his life?

Brady: All right, that’s her father, watch your mouth.

Chloe: I don’t trust you, leo, and I never will. I think you’re only after my dad for his money.

Leo: Think whatever you want; I don’t care. I do care about what craig thinks, and he thinks I love him.

Brady: “He thinks”?

Leo: He knows I do. Because he’s never been happier. And just so you know, he hasn’t been happy in a really long time.

[Sighs] I do love him. With my entire heart and soul. And some pretty impressive tantric abilities. So I’m gonna go and be with the man I love. But this was fun! We should do this again sometime.

Brady: That went well.

Craig: I know all about leo stealing the emerald. From what I understand, several major cities around the world would’ve been vaporized if leo didn’t switch the emerald with the fake one, so in my book, he’s a hero.

Will: God, you really think leo stole the emerald to be a hero?

Craig: He is to me. And tell me something. While you were digging into leo’s past, did you happen to read anything about his mom, his dad?

Sonny: I actually did meet his mom.

Craig: Ah. Did you know that leo’s father used to physically and emotionally abuse him? Ridicule him because he was gay? And how leo dealt with that? Oh, yeah, he stood up to his father by embracing who he was 100%. That is a–that is a strength that I wish I had when I was his age. And you both think that I’m naive and gullible. Well, I’m not. I see leo stark for exactly who he is. And who he is makes me happy. Now, why don’t you get the hell out of my room?

Sonny: Can I just say one last thing? We didn’t come here because we think you’re naive. We came here because I wish like hell someone had warned me about leo.

[Tense music]

Leo: Nice try, bitches.

Nancy: [Grunts] Now first, we’re gonna work on your eyes ’cause girl, you have beautiful eyes.

Nancy: Bonnie, you really don’t have to do this.

Bonnie: Oh, honey, it’s no trouble at all. Justin texted me before, said he had a last-minute meeting with a client. And besides, us women gotta stick together, right?

Nancy: I guess so.

Bonnie: Yes! Now, I am gonna give you the full bonnie, and when you’re done, you are just gonna love looking in the mirror.

[Laughs] First, we gotta ditch the funeral look and get you into some color. And then before you know it, you’re gonna have those dating site dudes just eating out of your manicured hands.

Nancy: Ah, great.

Bonnie: And I think we have to do something with your hair.

Nancy: My hair? What’s wrong with my hair?

Bonnie: Mm…

Tr: [Sighs] Give it up, brother. It’s not happening. Excuse me. Can I get the check? Lani. You came.

Trelegy for copd.

Tr: I am so glad you came.

Lani: It’s just one drink. Don’t read too much into it. And I want you to understand a few things from the get-go. Abe carver is my father, and that is not up for discussion.

Tr: Understood.

Lani: And I will never be okay with what you did to paulina. Under no circumstances is it ever okay for a man to put his hands on a woman. Do you hear me?

Tr: Lani, I swear, I will never do anything that horrible again.

Lani: Good, because if I find out that this new you is an act–

Tr: It isn’T.

Lani: Good. Because keep in mind, I’m a cop.

Tr: Got it.

Lani: Okay then. I will admit that a part of me is curious about you. But I do not know where this will lead, but against my better judgement, I’m here.

Tr: It’s a start. Thank you, lani. I mean that. You sure you’re not hungry?

Lani: I can eat.

Tr: Waitress?

Lani: [Chuckles]

Nancy: Oh, my god, bonnie. You think my hair is what scared that guy off?

Bonnie: No, of course not! I just remember back in the day you had this gorgeous red hair.

Nancy: You thought my hair was gorgeous?

Bonnie: Well, I surely did. Don’t you kinda miss it?

Nancy: I-I guess.

Bonnie: Uh-huh. Say no more.


Chloe: Please tell me you were able to get through to my dad.

Will: Not even close.

Sonny: No, if anything, craig’s even more convinced than before that leo loves him.

[Dramatic music]

[Line trilling]

Eli: Agent reed? Hey, this is detective grant from the salem pd. Director donovan told me that if my wife or I ever needed the isa’s help, you were the one to speak to. Okay, yeah, um, I’m gonna need everything you got on a guy I’m investigating. And I mean everything. It’s personal. His name is tr coates. Last name spelled c-o-a-t-e-S. Yeah, and the tr, it stands for terrell raymond. He used to go by the name ray as well.

Lani: Mmm, excuse me, um, may I have some mayo for my fries, please? I-I know, I know. What?

Tr: You eat your fries with mayo?

Lani: You think it’s gross too? Everyone does.

Tr: I was just about to ask the waitress for the same thing.


Lani: Get out. Are you for real?

Tr: Must be in the genes.

Lani: [Chuckles]

Tr: Ladies first.

Lani: [Chuckles]

Bonnie: Come on, jessica rabbit. Show ms. Bonnie what you’re working with.

[Gasps] Ooh. Whew, excuse me, but aren’t you a backup dancer for beyoncé?

Nancy: [Giggles] Oh, come on.

Nancy: I am so serious! We are gonna get you a young, hot hunk, or my name isn’t bonnie kiriakis. Mm-hmm.

Craig: How was your time with chloe?

Leo: It was fine. Brady was there.

Craig: Right. Chloe asked me questions and seemed interested in getting to know me.

Craig: Well, I am sorry to inform you that chloe’s only pretending to be interested. While you were with her, she sent two of her friends to pay me a visit. Will and sonny.

Leo: Yeah, I saw them on my way out. I figured they were here to see you.

Craig: Wait a minute. You knew that they were here while you were with– did you tell her?

Leo: Craig, chloe is your daughter. The last thing I want is to get between the two of you.

Craig: I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I did it right. Come here.

Chloe: All that subterfuge for nothing.

Brady: No, it wasn’t– it wasn’t for nothing. Your dad heard about leo from the two that he hurt the most.

Sonny: Give leo stark that one. Guy’s not stupid.

Chloe: What do you mean?

Will: He made sure your dad knows about his rotten childhood with his homophobic father.

Chloe: Oh, god, that would get to my dad.

Will: Well, we didn’t get to him, I can tell you that.

Brady: Guess we’re dealing with a pro.

Chloe: I-I’m not giving up. I have to make my dad see leo for who he really is.

Sonny: I-I was thinking about that on the way over here. I think I have an idea.

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