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Lily: Well, that was delicious. What a fabulous dinner.

Billy: I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

Lily: I did. Thank you. And thank you for pulling me away from my desk. I didn’t even realize how hungry I was till you suggested coming here.

Billy: Well, you, my darling, are amazing at many, many things, but taking a break is not one of them.

Lily: I know. That’s only gotten worse since we’ve been working from home. It’s like we’re just surrounded by our jobs 24/7.

Billy: Yeah. That is the drawback.

Lily: Yeah. I feel like it’s worse for you, given the fact that you’ve been waking up in the middle of the night the past couple of weeks to work.

Billy: Well, that’s why it’s important that we take a break to recharge for the next morning — or in my case, the wee hours of the morning.

Lily: Look, I really know that you feel like your last recording session didn’t go the way that you hoped.

Billy: That would be an understatement.

Lily: But you’re still being too hard on yourself. There’s no firm start date to this thing. You can launch it when it’s ready. Just relax, you know? You’ll get in the zone again.

Billy: Yeah, I was thinking I’m gonna go see traci. She’s talked about writer’s block in the past. I’m sure she has tips for me.

Lily: Yeah, that’s a great idea.

Billy: And maybe I can get an update on jack because, since he and phyllis got to la, he has not answered any of my texts.

Lily: Are you worried?

Billy: I’m not worried. It’d just be nice to hear from him. You want to come with?

Lily: Uh, I would, but I told devon that I was gonna stop by and see dom, get my baby fix.

Billy: Mm, and just maybe try and hit him up about the merger again?

Lily: I mean, if the subject comes up, maybe.

Billy: Yeah, I was just kidding. I don’t think that’s a great idea.

Lily: What’s not a great idea? Convincing devon or the merger itself?

Billy: No, I’ve already told you, I think the merger itself is a brilliant idea. I’m behind it 100%.

Lily: Yeah, I know what you said, but I feel like there’s something that you’re not telling me. And now you told me not to talk to devon about it? I mean, what’s that about?

Traci: Come on, jack. Jack.

[ Line ringing ] No answer, okay. Phyllis.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Phyllis: Hey, traci.

Traci: Phyllis, hello. Um, listen, I’ve been trying jack and he hasn’t picked up his phone. Does he happen to be there with you right now?

Phyllis: Um, no, no, he’s not. Um…we, uh…we got to la, and then, you know, we had dinner and he went up to his room. It’s been a long day.

Traci: Oh, well, maybe it’s better that I didn’t get through to him and I got you first. I wouldn’t want him to have to relive anything. Um…were you able to get to keemo’s house?

Phyllis: Yeah, right from the airport.

Traci: Was anyone there?

Phyllis: No, no one was there. It was just a few pieces of furniture. Looked like somebody was getting the house ready to sell. And then there was a box left there, obviously meant for jack to see.

Traci: Really? How do you know? Was there a note or something?

Phyllis: No. Just a bunch of handwritten letters to jack from his son.

Jack: Oh, keemo, what i wouldn’t give for one more day with you. One more hour…to set things right.

[ Sighs ] If only we had more time. Perhaps your heart would’ve softened toward me. Maybe you’d have even changed your mind and sent these letters. Or some other way of reaching out to me. I understand now. You weren’t afraid of my reaction. You were worried what my getting these letters would do to you, worried that the rage that you held for so long…that had faded…would flare up again. I understand that. I would never have let that happen. It would’ve brought so much joy to my life to have you back in my life, to introduce you to your brother kyle. I would have done anything to heal that rift. If only you’d given me just a clue that you were open to that. Oh, god. I think that’s the part that hurts the most. That we came so close. I’m steve.

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Traci: [ Sighs ] I’m really grateful that keemo’s last letter to jack was at least kind. I mean, if it had been full of rage and bitterness, that would’ve been so much harder for jack to take.

Phyllis: For sure.

Traci: But to find out that — that his son was in the states this whole time, carrying on his life and never reached out to any of us, even after he’d forgiven jack. This is just heartbreaking. Things could’ve been so different.

Phyllis: Yeah, jack is having a tough time with that.

Traci: I almost wish that whoever sent these messages would’ve just left well enough alone.

Phyllis: Yeah, I’m not going to push an investigation. Not right now, definitely. Even though someone obviously wanted him to find that box of keepsakes in the house, but I’m not pushing anything, you know? Just too much loss for jack.

Traci: Well, I appreciate that, phyllis. And I’m very glad that jack has someone with him who knows him as well as you do. I have a question.

Phyllis: Yeah, what is it?

Traci: You said that there was a box of belongings. Were there things besides the bundle of letters?

Phyllis: Uh, no, not just letters. A scarf, some postcards, a necklace that he had given to luan on christmas, and then he gave it to keemo after luan died. And then, um…oh, proof of paternity that he had given to keemo on — on his wedding day with luan.

Traci: Wow. To have found all these things now…I just can’t imagine all the memories that these are bringing up for him.

Jack: Who are these people in this photo? I recognize mai, your sister. The rest of these people, i don’t have a clue. Are they neighbors? Friends, maybe? Family? And why would the person who left me this box leave this photo in it? Maybe just to drive home how little I knew about my own son. I know you let go of your rage at me. Your letters made that very clear. Maybe someone was in your life that…would be angry on your behalf. I… no, no. I…I can’t look at this as someone who’s lashing out at me. It — it was meant to be a gift. This person knew I would want to know as much about you as possible. And for whatever reason, they — they need to be anonymous. I suppose I have to accept that. I… maybe this has to be enough. Of course it was enough. Enough to know that you no longer despised me, enough to know that you accepted our history. Enough to know that…you considered reaching out to me. That it might’ve actually happened…if your life hadn’t ended so unexpectedly. I think this is all the information I’m gonna get. So maybe it…has to be enough.

Billy: I think what i should’ve said was that I don’t think pressuring devon is really a great idea. He was very clear that he wants to focus on dom right now.

Lily: Yeah, I know what he said.

Billy: Okay, but you don’t buy it?

Lily: I just know my brother, and I think that he was thrown off by the scale of what I was proposing. I think I just, you know, threw too much at him too soon. I was very excited and i couldn’t hold back.

Billy: That’s one thing, yeah. The other thing could be he really likes his position at hamilton-winters and he’s not interested in sharing it, not even with you.

Lily: [ Scoffs ] I mean, maybe.

Billy: Look, I know that you and my mom were really disappointed that the pitch didn’t go the way that you hoped, and that’s hard. I get it. It’s also hard when not everyone is as excited about your idea as you are.

Lily: What is that supposed to mean?

Billy: What do you mean?

Lily: You just said that jill and I were disappointed. Does that mean that you weren’t?

Billy: No, that’s not what I’m saying. I…

[ Sighs ] I hope devon comes around, i really do, ’cause it is a brilliant idea. I just don’t think he’s — you know, putting pressure on him is gonna make him do it any sooner. He knows where to find you when he wants to change his mind.

Lily: Okay, you would tell me if you didn’t like the idea of this merger, right? Like, I hope that you would be transparent with me the way i was transparent with you about me having reservations about your podcast idea.

Billy: Okay, um…in the interest of transparency, I love the idea. I really do think it is genius. And I love you, and I really hope that this works out exactly the way that you envision it. We hit the bike trails every weekend

Dominic: [ Fussing ]

Devon: It’s okay, buddy. Why are you not happy?

Lily: How long has he been like this?

Devon: For like 20 minutes.

Lily: Oh, dom. Let me try. Are you okay, honey? It’s alright. Shh. It’s okay, give me a little smile. That’s — sorry, I guess my soothing skills are rusty.

Devon: That’s okay. I don’t know if this is just, like, his normal fussiness or if it’s more than that. It might be teething.

Lily: Actually, that’s true. I saw a teething ring in his diaper bag. Hold on.

Devon: I just don’t know. And he’s still recovering, so i can’t be too careful. It might be something serious.

Lily: Well, look, why don’t you just call his doctor and see if she thinks anything is wrong?

Devon: Yeah, that’s actually a good idea.

[ Sighs ] Hi. Could I get dr. Alston, please? This is — it’s very serious.

Traci: Two visits from my very favorite younger brother — it must be my lucky day.

Billy: I’m your only younger brother.

Traci: [ Laughs ]

Billy: Trust me, I’m the lucky one.

Traci: Alright, I’ll take that. Hey, you want something to drink?

Billy: No, I’m okay. I just left dinner with lily. She sends her love, by the way.

Traci: Oh, how nice. So what brings you by? Must be something.

Billy: It is something, but first I want to know if you talked to jack.

Traci: Of course. Not directly, but I did talk to phyllis.

Billy: And?

Traci: Well, they were able to go over to keemo’s house and they found a box of his belongings and a bunch of letters that keemo had been writing to jack for years and just never sent.

Billy: That’s very strange.

Traci: Yeah. Phyllis says it really shook him up. I think that he’s turned his phone off for the rest of the evening. He’s probably trying to process what he’s found.

Billy: I still think that one of us should’ve gone with him instead of phyllis, the queen of hidden agendas.

Traci: Well, to be fair, you know, so far, she has been protective and she’s been considerate of his feelings.

Billy: Yeah, yeah, all part of her mo.

Traci: Oh, cynic.

Billy: Yeah, and proud of it. Look, maybe you’re right, maybe this time she has his best interests at heart, but that does not mean that trouble won’t be ahead.

Jack: Seems like the place is cleared out. Everything I was supposed to find…is right here. I guess my search has come to an end. Unless, of course, I got a text from my anonymous tipster. Forgot to turn the phone back on after dinner. Okay. God, here they are. Everyone’s worried about me.

[ Grunts ] Better put their mind at ease.

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Billy: Mmm! Oh, my goodness, great call on the hot cocoa. It’s perfect.

Traci: Wow, I am two for two tonight.

[ Chuckles ]

Billy: I mean, you’re right 99% of the time, so…you’re right.

Traci: [ Laughs ]

Billy: It’s another reason why I wanted to talk to you.

Traci: Ah, see? I knew if I waited long enough, we’d get there.

Billy: Yeah, um…so I’m working on this project for chancellor — at least I was before I hit a wall, creatively speaking.

[ Sighs ] Long story short, I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night every night — well, roughly around 2:45 in the morning — with all these thoughts and ideas swirling around my head.

Traci: Hmm, well, you know, some of those midnight brainstorm sessions, they can be gold. I hope you’re writing everything down.

Billy: Well, I started that, and then I started recording them in a free-association kind of way.

Traci: Is there any theme developing?

Billy: Yeah, I guess. Turning your life around, you know, finding your purpose, letting go of old coping mechanisms that don’t serve you anymore, that are holding you back — that type of thing.

Traci: Wow, billy. I think you’ve got a book in you.

Billy: Oh, I don’t know. I mean, devon thought it was a good idea — in a different format, though. He mentioned podcast.

Traci: That’s an amazing idea.

Billy: Yeah, well, we’ll see. I built a makeshift recording studio in the apartment and i sat down for my first session, and…it was bad.

Traci: [ Laughs ]

Billy: Like, nothing really good came out at all. It was really quite horrendous.

Traci: Oh. Well, I hope you’re not giving up.

Billy: No, I’m not gonna give up, but I’m hoping maybe you have some pointers, you know? Maybe a suggestion in order to loosen up a little bit.

Traci: Well, have you ever tried meditation?

Billy: Meditation. That’s what I did wrong. I shouldn’t have built a recording studio — I should have built a zen den.

Traci: Oh, very funny. Come on, it’s not nearly as strange or mystical as it sounds. It’s really just — just putting your body in a state of relaxed awareness. You know, it’s calming your mind so that all your thoughts and your ideas can flow.

Billy: Yeah, I’m aware of the theory, but, honestly, sitting still for any moment of time makes me twitch.

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Well, it’s up to you, of course, but it sounds like exactly what you need to do to get over this hurdle you’ve described. And, billy, what have you got to lose?

Billy: Yeah, no, you’re right. Of course you’re right. You’re always right. 99% of the time, you’re right.

Traci: [ Laughs ]

Devon: Oh, that was a really great idea to call the doctor. I feel a whole lot better.

Lily: Oh, good. So she thinks it’s fine, the fussing doesn’t mean anything?

Devon: No, she actually thinks that it could be a sign that he’s getting his energy back, which is a huge relief.

Lily: Okay, good, I’m glad it’s nothing serious.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: Although I do think it’s gonna take you a little bit longer to calm down than it did dom.

Devon: Well, I mean, yeah, I’ve been on high alert with everything that he’s been through.

Lily: Well, look, you did great, okay? You were very calm. I’m proud of you.

Devon: Thanks to your advice. I’m glad that you stopped by.

Lily: Yeah, you know, they say timing is everything.

Devon: Mm. Was there a particular reason that you did come over?

Lily: Um, no, I just wanted to, you know, see dom, get my baby fix.

Devon: Oh, yeah? You don’t want to — you don’t want to talk about work? ‘Cause I was thinking of discussing the merger.

Lily: Really?

Devon: [ Chuckles ] You’re such a liar. I knew you came by to talk work.

Lily: [ Laughs ]

Devon: See?

Jack: Red?

Phyllis: Hey.

Jack: Did you maybe see someone on foot, maybe running away, just now when you pulled in?

Phyllis: Uh…no, I didn’T. I mean, I was talking to the driver. I wasn’t really looking. Was someone here?

Jack: I thought I heard someone out here, and, you know, maybe I was wrong.

Phyllis: Is everything okay?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I — you didn’t have to come.

Phyllis: No, hey, listen, you weren’t at the hotel. I figured you might be here. Um, I tried to call —

Jack: Yeah, I know, my phone wasn’t on. I’m sorry, that wasn’t intentional.

Phyllis: Don’t apologize.

Jack: I think I just needed a little time with my thoughts, and before I knew it, I was here.

Phyllis: Yeah, of course. Well, hey, just go back in there and be with your thoughts, and the driver’s waiting for me, so I’ll just tell him to — to, you know, go back to the hotel, no problem.

Jack: Okay, okay.

Phyllis: Okay?

Jack: Wait, stay. Stay. Most of your immune system lives right in your gut.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

I’ve got moderate to severe

plaque psoriasis.

Phyllis: When I mentioned before that maybe someone was watching us, I was kidding, you know.

Jack: Well, I don’t think i imagined it, but it’s possible.

Phyllis: Could it have been coyotes? There are a lot of coyotes in la, right? What did it sound like? Footsteps?

Jack: No, no, more like a thump. I don’t know what caused it. Maybe my texter is as curious about me as I am about them.

Phyllis: Well, they know why you’re here and what you’re doing. What’s motivating them is still a mystery to us.

Jack: Well, I’ve ruled out anything malicious. I don’t think this is a scam. Everything in this box was keemo’S. You think it’s possible somebody read these letters, was touched by them, and sad that I would never see them?

Phyllis: No. No.

Jack: You don’t buy it.

Phyllis: Nope, if that were the case, they would’ve boxed this whole thing up, along with the obituary, and would have sent it to you. They wanted you to come to california for some reason.

Jack: Yeah, they would’ve had my phone number. You’re probably right.

Phyllis: They wanted you here, and we still don’t know why.

Jack: Okay, if that’s the case, they should let me know. I don’t have enough information here to put it together. “I have been through everything in this house. Is there anything else to find?”

Lily: See, this is how you know I’m a good person, okay? I don’t have a poker face.

Devon: No, just means you’re a horrible liar.

[ Both laugh ]

Lily: Ugh, I know. Even when I told billy that i was coming over here, he knew right away that I wanted to talk to you about the merger. But, look, I get it, you know? You’re not ready. It’s fine. I’m not gonna push it.

Devon: It’s okay, and i really don’t mind you bringing it up, ’cause I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since I saw you.

Lily: Okay, that’s a positive sign.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] I haven’t changed my mind about it, but I had a good conversation with amanda.

Lily: And?

Devon: And she — you know, she laid out scenarios where we could have the best of both worlds. We could take advantage of our companies coming together without having to surrender control over what matters to us, you know?

Lily: Yeah, of course. I mean, look, I really think that we could work something out here.

Devon: Well, I mean, you might think that, but I’m not very sure, just ’cause I know this would be a huge, huge undertaking.

Lily: No, it would be, it’s true.

Devon: Yeah. I’m not against it, though.

Lily: Okay, well, that’s promising.

Devon: I do, however, think that we should do what I said and just focus on this podcast project that we have and see how that goes first.

Lily: Whatever you want. We can table this until you’re ready to discuss it. It’s fine.

Devon: Thank you. When dom went down for his nap earlier, I took one, too, and i had a — had a dream with neil in it.

Lily: Really?

Devon: Yeah. Yeah, he didn’t say anything, he was just standing there and smiling at me.

Lily: I miss his smile so much.

Devon: Yeah. So do I. And I can’t help but feel like that might be a sign that he approves of your idea and i shouldn’t say no to it.

Lily: I know, that’s what i keep thinking about, you know? I just — I — I keep thinking about all of the amazing opportunities that we could capitalize on. You know? But…look, I get it. I know this is a lot right now, so it’s fine, we can take our time, let you get comfortable before we take any further steps.

Devon: Appreciate that. I appreciate your patience.

Lily: Of course.

Traci: So tell me how everything is going for you and lily over at chancellor. I mean, it’s a big step up from chanccomm, and I imagine the pressure is a nightmare.

Billy: Well, yes and no. I mean, it’s great. You know lily, she decides to do something and she goes for it, and she is fantastic in this role. She really is. I’m very, very proud of her.

Traci: I can see that.

Billy: A couple days ago, she came up with an idea that is genius. My mom loves it. And if it works out, it’s gonna transform the company.

Traci: Well, I love hearing that.

Billy: Yeah.

Traci: That’s gonna be great for both of you.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Yeah.

Traci: Um, it is gonna be great for you, too, right?

Billy: That remains to be seen. But what’s important is lily. This is her time.

Traci: Well, I doubt that lily’s thinking of it in those terms.

Billy: Well, she should be. She really should. And to be honest, we haven’t discussed my involvement in this deal yet, and we don’t need to. My job is to advise her on what’s best for the company, not what’s best for me personally.

Traci: Well, it sounds like you’re talking about your obligations as her colleague, but what about as her partner?

Billy: Yeah, but that’s moot if the plan doesn’t fly.

Traci: What if it does fly? And lily doesn’t find out about it until it’s over with and it’s too late for her to do anything about it, that you had some issue? I think that’s not really fair.

Billy: No, I see your point.

Traci: Kind of puts her in a no-win situation, and I would consider telling her — sooner than later — and then just trust that she’ll want to know the truth. Hey! It’s me! Your dry skin!

Phyllis: Still nothing?

Jack: No, I think I have all the information I’m going to get.

Phyllis: Maybe. Maybe not. I mean, if you want to find out about this house and more about all of these things that are in that box, I’ll do that for you. I’ll research it. And I know that might sound aggressive to you. Maybe you want to let it go, you want to leave it alone, that’s your prerogative.

Jack: I think it’s just been a long day. I’m beat, I’m confused. I don’t know where to take this next.

Phyllis: Are you happy you came here?

Jack: I am shocked you would even ask that question.

Phyllis: Why?

Jack: Before you arrived, i was thinking about how close i am to not knowing anything about what happened to keemo. I got those texts, thought they were a scam. I decided to ignore them. You took it upon yourself to do all of the investigating. It is the only reason I am here. It is the thing that gave me the opportunity to read these letters from my son, and I am so grateful for this small connection to him.

Phyllis: That’s very painful for you.

Jack: Yeah, but, you know, it’s so much better than being in the dark about what happened to keemo. About his death, about…how he felt about me. Thank you for making this happen.

Phyllis: You don’t need to thank me. You know, overstepping — it’s sort of who I am.

Jack: I’m deeply grateful to you for being exactly who you are.

Lily: Hello.

Billy: Hi.

Lily: How’d it go with traci?

Billy: It was good. She filled me in on jack. Apparently, they found a bunch of unsent letters from keemo, where he forgave jack, and unfortunately, it’s too late for them to reconnect.

Lily: Oh, my god, the whole thing is honestly so sad. I know how much family means to jack, so I’m sure he was really hoping to have a chance to reconcile.

Billy: It’s just so typical, you know? My nephew holds a grudge for decades, and where does that get you?

Lily: True.

Billy: Feels like a cautionary tale, doesn’t it?

Lily: Yep. Meditation courses? What’s that?

Billy: [ Laughs ] Traci’s idea. Apparently it’s highly effective for tapping into your inner voice.

Lily: Oh, really?

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Lily: Well, you know, never hurts to try it.

Billy: Yeah, that’s what i was thinking.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: How was your get-together with devon?

Lily: Um, it was good, actually. Went better than I could’ve hoped.

Billy: Yeah?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Billy: Tell me.

Lily: Well, you know, he was very open to talking about the merger. Actually, he was the one who brought it up, so…

Billy: You’re not kidding.

Lily: Mm-hmm. Yeah, he told me that he had a dream about our dad, which made him willing to reconsider it. Which makes me really happy, ’cause the one thing I keep thinking about over and over is how much my dad would love this idea. So…I’m glad that devon is realizing that, too.

Billy: Does it sound like he’s gonna say yes?

Lily: I think I got him to a maybe.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, my god, it’s late.

Billy: Yeah, it is.

Lily: Yeah, and if you were planning on waking up at 2:48 again, we should probably get to bed.

Billy: Hey.

[ Clears throat ] Before you go…I need to talk to you about something.

Lily: So what’s wrong?

Billy: No, it’s not a huge deal.

Lily: Well, just tell me.

Billy: Okay, um…I’m feeling a little guilty because I wasn’t totally honest with you at the restaurant when we were talking about the merger.

Lily: Okay, so I was right. You were holding back.

Billy: Well, yeah, I mean, i was answering you as your coo, from a business perspective, and from a business perspective, i love this idea, honestly. I think it’s fantastic. It’s a great concept.

Lily: But you’re not in favor of it for some reason?

Billy: I’m really embarrassed, actually. I feel silly even saying this out loud, let alone to you.

Lily: It’s fine, just tell me.

Billy: It’s hard for me to be objective because I’m sitting here and I’m wondering what this means for me. Where do I fit in in all of this? I mean, you and devon are obviously gonna run this company together, and he’s gonna bring his own people, so what does that mean, you know? I mean, you might not even need a coo. I might be a redundancy, on the outside, looking in.

Lily: I hear you. Well, look, first, thank you for telling me that. I really appreciate it. And I get it. It’s a very valid concern.

Billy: Because that’s what’s gonna happen?

Lily: No, it’s valid because it’s normal to, you know, wonder how a change is going to impact you.

Billy: Right.

Lily: Listen, I want you to know, no matter what happens with chancellor, you will always be the person that I depend on the most. Okay? You’re my right-hand man.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Lily: Alright? And don’t you forget it.

Billy: Such a good answer.

Lily: I know, right?

[ Laughs ]

Billy: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Lily: Well, are you feeling reassured?

Billy: Yes, very.

Lily: Okay, good. ‘Cause there’s more where that came from.

[ Both chuckle ]

Jack: Ugh, I’m beat. I’m beat. We’re not gonna get anything more done tonight. If the texter were going to respond, he or she would have written to us by now.

Phyllis: Yeah, you’re right, you’re right.

Jack: Go back to the hotel, get some sleep.

Phyllis: Yeah, and in the morning, you’ll have a new perspective, right?

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: Jack?

Jack: Keemo lived here. I know nothing about his life here. Did friends come and go? Did he have celebrations? Was he alone and lonely? I don’t know. I don’t know. He was one short plane ride away from an extended family in genoa city. And I didn’t have a clue. Days, weeks, years go by… and I know nothing about them. I didn’t know him. I didn’t know his thoughts. I didn’t what he felt about anything. Now I’ll never know. My own son. My own son. [ Crying ]

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