Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, March 8, 2022

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Faith: I’m looking at dresses online to wear to your wedding. What did you say the color scheme was?

Mariah: We don’t have anything set in stone, uh, but maybe something black?

Tessa: Or something sparkly?

Mariah: I mean, you can never go wrong with something black and sparkly. So…


Noah: Uh, where are my manners? Mom, this is Cindy.

Sharon: Nice to meet you.

Cindy: Same here. I have already heard so much about you.

Sharon: Oh!

Noah: All good things, i promise. I told her if she wanted to come get espressos, we had to go to my mom’s place because it’s not your typical coffee shop, not where they burn the beans and stuff. It’s special, and that’s because of you. Knowing everyone’s orders, ask about their families. I told her about the thanksgiving tradition.

Cindy: Which is so generous and sweet. I really should have come in here before now, but, you know, I’ve got a coffee shop near work. It just seemed easier. You know how it goes. But I’m gonna start coming in here from now on because I can tell that this is just an amazing place run by an amazing woman. Must be to have raised an incredible guy like Noel.

Sharon: Noel.

Cindy: And you passed down some killer genes, too. I mean, look at those eyes. So dreamy!

Sharon: Yeah, he’s pretty great all around. So, where did you say you work?

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