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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle talked to Chad about EJ. Chad told her that he tried to come on to Abby. Belle said EJ didn’t do anything. Chad said he saw it and Abby went through it. Johnny was shocked when Susan told him Ben and Ciara thought he was possessed. He said his movie is called that, but he wasn’t. He said he was there when the devil left Marlena. Susan said it could have still gotten into him. He said a lot of people were in the room. He said he got that the devil was after the baby, but it wasn’t him. He said he barely knew Ciara and just met Ben. Susan said Julie said the cross he gave Ben and Ciara kept moving. Ben told Jake that he thought Johnny was possessed. Ben told him the cross Johnny gave them kept moving around. Johnny said it would explain why Gabi thought he betrayed her. He said Johnny told him how he did it. Belle told Chad that it was possible that EJ didn’t do anything. Chad said he did kiss Abby. He said he saw it himself. She said that explained his testimony. Ciara ran into Tripp at the hospital. He talked to her about him and Allie breaking up. Ciara couldn’t believe they broke up. He said Allie cheated on him with Chanel. He said Johnny told him. She was disturbed.

Tripp told Ciara what happened when Johnny told him about Allie. Ciara couldn’t believe Johnny told him that. He said he shouldn’t be talking to her about it. Ciara said she cared about him. He said he was used to coming in second place with women. She said it wasn’t true. He said he lost her to Ben and now he lost Allie to Chanel. Belle wanted to know if Chad was withholding something from his testimony. He wanted her to focus on helping his with his situation or he would find somewhere else. Jake said Johnny told him how he set him up. He flashed back to Johnny saying he morphed into him. Jake told Johnny that he admitted to morphing into him. Jake thought it didn’t make sense for Johnny to be the devil. Ben wanted to know how they were going to prove it. Johnny tried to convince Susan that he wasn’t the devil. Susan thought her power might be on the fritz. He said she would know it if he were possessed by the devil. Jake told Ben about believing Susan. Ben said Susan was the reason why he found Ciara and how he found out Marlena was possessed. Johnny thought about how he stopped Susan from thinking he was possessed. When he finished having his flashback, he said she would know that he was the devil. She said she would know. He said she could tell Ben and Ciara that he wasn’t possessed. Johnny told Susan that she should go home to Roger. They hugged each other and she got a strange feeling. She said that evil was in that house. She said it was in the room. Ben told Johnny that he hoped Susan was okay. Johnny said Susan was his grandmother. He asked if he thought Johnny would hurt her. Ben said he didn’t know. Ciara came back home while they were talking. Ben said he told Jake about their Johnny theory. She asked if they thought they were crazy. He said he didn’t because he had a run in with him himself. He said Johnny got Gabi to break up with him. When Johnny left, Ciara said the devil had a thing with breaking up couples. While Johnny was talking to Susan, Belle showed up and said she was going to help EJ. Susan said she didn’t want EJ suffering for this. Johnny got a call he had to take. Susan asked him about the devil. He said they would talk about it later. When Belle was about to leave, 666 was written on her coat. Susan said she was the devil. Susan went to see Ben and Ciara. She told them the devil was in Belle.

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