Days Short Recap Tuesday, March 8, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Orpheus talked to Clyde about EJ being his cellmate. They talked Clyde killing EJ. He said that EJ was alive so he didn’t kill him. Orpheus said he didn’t kill him. Clyde denied killing EJ and doubted that he remembered what happened. He said that Rolf’s drug was why he didn’t remember what he did. Orpheus said EJ’s memories would come back one day. He wondered what Clyde would do if EJ remembered what happened. Clyde was up for parole and Orpheus thought it would ruin the outcome of it. They talked about helping each other out if Clyde got out and EJ didn’t get his memory back. EJ was with Belle to talk about his case. She said that things didn’t look good for him. She said she found the henchman who took Sami and tried to get him to confess to the truth, but he wouldn’t do it. EJ felt, but she said they could fight insufficient evidence. She thought he might have had a better chance if EJ hadn’t insisted on having a trial without a jury. He realized he made a mistake. He thanked her for her help. They talked about Chad. Belle believed he knew something that could help his case. She was going to find out what it was. She promised she would get him out of prison.

Ciara talked to Ben about Johnny being possessed by the devil. Susan showed up at their place to tell them she had a premonition about someone close to  her. She assumed they wanted to talk about EJ. They told her they wanted to talk to her about her grandson. Susan had trouble wrapping her head around the fact that Johnny was possessed. They told her about everything that happened. They wanted to know if she had any feelings about Johnny. She said if she had any knowledge of Johnny being possessed, she wouldn’t have left town. They apologized to her for being wrong about the possession. Susan told Ben and Ciara they didn’t need to apologize to her. She had a premonition that the devil was still in Salem. She told them about the feeling she had during the engagement party. She thought an evil force was behind it. She realized she should have seen it before. She wanted to confront Johnny and told Ben not to go with her. Johnny revealed himself as the devil to Jake. He admitted to manipulating and turning against her boyfriend. Jake tried to run, but Johnny stopped him. Johnny tried to hit Johnny.Chad was shocked when he saw Gabi at his desk. He wanted her out of his office, but she dropped a bomb on him. She told him about the shareholders meeting she had while he was gone chasing after Abby. Chad said he would hold his own meeting to undo the mess that was done. They were arguing when they heard a crash. Johnny knocked Jake out. Chad left Gabi to find out about the noise. Chad found Jake waking up. He had his memory wiped. Gabi walked in and wondered what happened. Jake wasn’t sure what happened. He insisted that Johnny was lying. Gabi asked Johnny to leave so she could talk to Jake alone. They realized their relationship was over and didn’t realize how it changes so much.

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