GH Short Recap Wednesday, March 9, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

TBrandon and Sasha run out of gas on the way to the wedding chapel since Brandon took the backroads to get to the chapel. A tow truck arrives just in time to help them get to the chapel.

Gladys calls Sasha, and she tells her she has bad reception because she is near the falls. Gladys figures out they are planning to elope at Niagara Falls and is determined to stop the wedding.

Maxie stops Britt from throwing away Peter’s personal effects and then Maxie and Britt help Drew Sam and Dante get the tarot card to Victor which Victor thinks will condition Drew again.

Esme talks to Ryan in his room at Spring Ridge and she scolds him because he almost ruined their plan by talking in a public space. Ryan tells his daughter that he is disappointed in her because she has failed in their plan to break up Ava and Nikolas. Ryan tells Esme she must make herself more likeable to Ava and Nikolas so their new plan can work. Esme tells Ryan she will do anything to prove her loyalty to him.

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