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Taylor: Well, you left early. Did you sleep well?

Ridge: I slept great, the mattress in the guest house is amazing.

Taylor: Are you trying to make me jealous, because the mattress in the guest room, not so much.

Ridge: Really? Well, if you ever want to switch it up, I take bribes.

Taylor: No, no, I like sleeping in the main house. It’s close to the grandchildren– oh my gosh. Is this yours? It’s beautiful.

Ridge: I wish. This is thomas’ latest, pretty cool, right?

Taylor: Really? Oh, my– well, you taught him, well.

Ridge: Thank you.

Taylor: Yeah. Speaking of thomas, did you talk to him, did you find out what he was talking about?

Ridge: No, I haven’t talked to him since we were here. Um, yes, I know it’S… curious.

Taylor: Yeah, but he said he had a meeting. You’re the co-ceo, so you should know about his meetings.

Ridge: Uh, not if it’s a meeting for, I don’t know, maybe he’s trying to find a new house. Let’s not worry about it.

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: Until we have to worry about it.

Sheila: What are you doing here? How did you find me?

Thomas: Doesn’t matter. We need to talk.

Sheila: I think I made it perfectly clear I– I am not going to say anything–

Thomas: Sheila, I’ve got questions. And if you hadn’t ran out yesterday when steffy got home then I would’ve asked you–

Sheila: You didn’t say anything to steffy, did you? I swear to god, if you told anyone about what we spoke of–

Thomas: Sheila. Are you responsible for getting brooke to drink?

Sheila: I wasn’t going to say anything to you about any of that, but the way that you were talking to me, telling me that– that I wasn’t welcome at steffy’s and that I needed to stay away from steffy and finn? From hayes?

Thomas: Yes. But what? Were we supposed to just, like, roll out the welcome mat for you because you got brooke to drink?

Sheila: Your parents are getting back together again, aren’t they? Ridge has finally realized that his life would be so much better with taylor. So, yes, I do think I deserve a little respect here. Because none of that would be happening if I hadn’t put things in motion.

Thomas: You got an alcoholic to drink. Real respectable.

Sheila: It’s a beautiful thing. Bad things happen to bad people. Brooke had it coming. That bitch deserved every last drop.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Ridge: You chose deacon

over me.

Brooke: No. No,

I didn’t do that. No.

Ridge: I told you,

he was going to put a wedge

between–I told you he was

going to ruin everything.

And you invited him

into our house.

Into our bed, logan,

into our bed.

It’s gone,

there’s nothing sacred.

I can’t do this anymore.

Deacon: Brooke? Are you okay?

Brooke: You shouldn’t be here, deacon.

Deacon: I’m thinking I’m exactly where I need to be.

Ridge: I know I said not to worry about thomas, but now I keep thinking about this being surprised by something. What does that mean?

Taylor: I don’t know. You sure it wasn’t like a happy surprise?

Ridge: It didn’t sound like it on the phone. But you know what? Whatever it is… I’m sure he’ll tell us when he’s ready. Right?

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: Yeah.

Thomas: I don’t understand. You weren’t there, were you?

Sheila: I was nowhere near.

Thomas: Then you couldn’t have had anything to do with brooke drinking. You’re making it up.

Sheila: No, I’m not. I get full credit for her slipping off of the wagon. While you guys all sat around wringing your hands, lamenting over brooke’s position in your life? You know, I took action. Your parents have another chance together because of me. So stop your threats and stop telling me that I don’t belong. It might do you good to adjust your attitude and be a little more thankful that I’m around. I’m the kind of person you want working for you, thomas. Not against. Just ask brooke.

I may have moderate to

severe rheumatoid arthritis.

Sheila: This is our little secret, right? What I did to brooke? You know your father, and if he thinks that brooke was the victim, he’s going to run right back to her. Do you really want to put your mother through that kind of pain?

Thomas: Tell me how you did it. How did you get brooke to drink?

Sheila: No, no the less you know, the better. You need to stay innocent in all of this, all right? There was a problem, her name was brooke, and I took care of it. You know… a lot of what I did, I did because of you… because of your family, what I– what I did to you when you were young, taking your mother away from you and letting brooke just move right in. She’s threason ur parents hav en apart allse yrs. Thanks to me, brooke is going to be permanently out of the picture. Unless you open a door for him to go back to her. And I know you don’t want that to happen. I know you want to see your parents reunited. You just think of the future your parents could have, together, the future… that you can give them, if you just keep silent. Do you understand? Not a word of my involvement. Not a word to anyone.

Deacon: I know you must feel like you’re alone right now, but you’re not. I’m here.

Brooke: Thank you.

Deacon: It’s just hard to believe that he would take off like that. Just because you dared to tell him that I didn’t do anything to you.

Brooke: That was just the breaking point.

Deacon: I can only imagine how painful this is. It’s got to be hurtful having him go back to taylor and his family that he has with her.

Brooke: Yeah, yeah, that’s very hurtful. But it’s also understandable. I mean, he told me over and over again about his concerns about you, his feelings. And I didn’t listen. So I can understand why he reacted the way he did. Why he left me alone like this.

Deacon: Hey. You’re not alone. Not as long as I’m here.

Ridge: That’s it. One vanilla one caramel, but the caramel one you– yes, it’s a little complicated,

Taylor: It’s not complicated.

Ridge: It’s almond milk, very hot, and light on the syrup, just two pumps of that and that’s it. And make sure there’s a sleeve on the cup so it doesn’t get too hot. I know. Believe me. Thank you. Okay, thanks.

[ Sighs ]

Taylor: Very good. How do you remember that after all these years?

Ridge: I don’t know. I forget things, names, phone numbers, birthdays, but your latte order, it’s– it’s stuck. And if you want the pizza, I got that covered too.

Taylor: Yeah, that’s right extra–

Ridge: Extra– no.

Taylor: No.

Ridge: Extra sauce, easy on the cheese.

Taylor: You remember better than I do.

Thomas: Did someone say pizza? Because you can count me in.

Ridge: Hey, son.

Taylor: Hi.

Thomas: It’s good to see you both. Like, you’re so relaxed, it has been such a long time since you’ve been happy and laughing.

Ridge: Well, your mother definitely lifted my spirits. New densify from crest pro-health.

Brooke: You know, I really do appreciate your support. I do. You have to know that. It’s just– can I ask you for a favor?

Deacon: Anything.

Brooke: When you’re criticizing ridge, it doesn’t really feel like support. And it doesn’t feel great, either, when you talk about ridge going to taylor’s, so. I need to own this. I need to take responsibility. And I’m the one who opened that bottle. I’m the one who started drinking, who insisted that you drink with me. And we kissed and I lied about it. Well, I just didn’t tell ridge about it, but that’s the same as lying, right? So once again, I let ridge down.

Deacon: I just wish you wouldn’t do this, I wish you wouldn’t– put all the blame on yourself.

Brooke: What– who else is there to blame? I married ridge, I took vows. I made a commitment to him to be faithful. What do I do? The second he leaves town, I’m opening the bottle and drinking and kissing and– kissing a man that he despises.

Deacon: Okay, just listen to me. It’s totally okay to take responsibility for that, but, you know, ridge can take a little responsibility himself he doesn’t have to act the way that he is, flying off the handle at me every time, or worse? Deciding that the grass is greener with taylor.

Brooke: Maybe it is.

Deacon: What?

Brooke: I don’t know. Maybe it could be.

Deacon: Why would you say that?

Brooke: I’ve been talking to hope about this. And maybe thomas and steffy are right. Maybe I will never be able to break this pattern, this behavior of mine. So, yeah, maybe taylor is a better woman for ridge.

Ridge: Well.

Taylor: Give that intern a raise because she knows how to place an order.

Ridge: Noted. Mm, should’ve gotten you some coffee, but I didn’t know when you were coming in.

Thomas: All good.

Taylor: Are you going to ask him?

Ridge: Oh–

Thomas: Ask me what?

Ridge: Uh, you were on the phone yesterday talking about a meeting.

Taylor: Yeah, you– you told your father something, something surprised you, something surprising.

[ Phone beeps ]

Taylor: Oh, shoot.

Ridge: What’s the matter?

Taylor: Well, it’s– it’s a patient that I’m worried about. I need to get back to the office. Well, unless there’s something there that you want to talk to us about. Something you want to tell us?

Thomas: No, no, no. Not yet, anyway.

Taylor: Okay. Okay. I love you.

Thomas: I love you too.

Taylor: All right. Thanks for the coffee.

Ridge: Any time.

[ Ridge sighs ]

Thomas: Have you ever smiled this much?

Ridge: Yeah, maybe it’s been a while. A long while.

Thomas: Looks good on you. I hope it stays that way. I’m steve, I lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo

Deacon: No one knows what’s going to happen in the future, brooke. I mean, maybe ridge will wind up with taylor. But that does not mean that she’s the better woman. And I never want to hear you to say that again. Listen to me, you’re emotional right now, and you let your guilt tear you down. And just because ridge can’t see how terrific you are doesn’t mean that I can’T. And come on, you’re– you’re brooke frickin logan, the brooke logan. Any man would walk barefoot across a desert of hot, broken glass just to be with you. It was too much with the broken glass, wasn’t it? I know they’re not all winners. But the point is… I just think you’re amazing.

Taylor: Yeah, it sounds like you’re finding some clarity. That’s wonderful. Hey, I have you– I have you next down for next tuesday. Is that right? Okay, good. Okay. You’re welcome. Bye-bye. Sheila.

Sheila: Excuse me. I was just wondering if you had a moment.

Taylor: I do, I do. What– what brings you by? I just can’t stop thinking about what you told me the last time. How you and ridge are are, are working your way back to one another. And taylor, that makes me so happy. I know that it makes you very happy, sheila, because you’ve made that very clear, but I never told you any of that. You’re jumping to conclusions.

Sheila: No, it was written all over your face then just as it is now. I think that you and ridge are going to have a very long, joyful relationship.

Taylor: Are you a psychic now? Is that it? I appreciate your confidence. Thank you.

Sheila: Of course I’m confident. And brooke crossed a line, she kissed deacon, and there is no way that ridge is going to go back to her.

Taylor: Yeah, well, you know, we’re– we’re taking it one day at a time. There’s, there’s a lot of emotions going on right now and ridge is– he’s confused and hurt, frustrated.

Sheila: Well, that’s a good thing that you’re there for him.

Taylor: Yeah, yeah, I am. It’s been nice spending time with him. It really has that– kind of feels like a dream.

Sheila: Well… then you’re living proof that dreams can come true. Because of one night, one crazy night. That’s all it took for brooke to destroy her marriage.

Taylor: Yeah, yeah. Brooke brooke messed up kissing deacon. But, you know, she was drinking that night.

Sheila: Of course, I haven’t forgotten.

[ Phone ringing ]

Taylor: Yeah. She still doesn’t know what possessed her to drink alcohol.

Sheila: And she probably never will.

Taylor: Hello. Oh, are you calling about the new assistant position? Thank you so much. Um, what is your name?

Thomas: Dad, I got to say, mom brings out the best in you.

Ridge: She always has. There’s something about her. I don’t know. She just makes things lighter in a way, you know, especially with all the stuff happening with brooke. Maybe this sounds selfish, but I think I’m at an age now where I deserve some happiness. And brooke self-destructs. Always has, I guess, and she makes bad choices, and why am I telling you this? I’m sorry, you’ve got your own stuff too.

Thomas: No, no, no, no. Come on, I’m always here for you.

Ridge: I know that, and I appreciate it. But something’s going on, what is it? What is this thing you talk about surprising something. What was it?

Thomas: Yeah, it’s very surprising. Something that could… change everything.

[ Phone ringing ] I have to take this. Hello.

Sheila: Have you said anything?

Thomas: Not yet.

Sheila: Well, then you better make that never. Because I’m here with your mom right now. I got to tell you, I have never seen her happier. You don’t want to ruin that for her, thomas.

Thomas: I got to go. My dad’s waiting on me.

Sheila: You’re with him? Don’t say anything, thomas. Promise me.

Ridge: Now, you just said it’s something that can change everything, and then you take a phone call. What’s going on? I need to know what it is.

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